What I’m Working Out to Wednesday and a Week in Review!

Totally meant to publish this on Monday, but got busy and never had the opportunity. Since I’m trying to get back into a routine for the school year, I might as well start with regular weekly updates – whether it ends up being about pole, running, food, or just ramblings is yet to be determined! If you don’t care about any of it, scroll down to the bottom and check out the tune I have for you!

  • Monday 9/4 – Easy 3 miles, Pole Competition Practice
  • Tuesday 9/5 – Easy 3 miles, Pole, Booty Work Class
  • ¬†Wednesday 9/6 – AM Conditioning, PM Pole
  • Thursday 9/7 – Easy 3 Miles, Competition Prep
  • Friday 9/8 – Easy 3 Miles, Competition Prep and Flexibility
  • Saturday 9/9- Easy 3 miles, Weekend Pole Project from Power Pole Sports (if you follow me on Instagram, you can check it out! @alliemarie83)
  • Sunday 9/10 – VIA Marathon Relay, Competition Practice

So, the only day worth really discussing in depth was Sunday! I ran my first race since I ran the Belmar 5 Miler in the beginning of July. I haven’t done any speed training since then and had low expectations for myself. As the day got closer, I realized one of my teammates expected us to be blazing fast so we could break three hours and win our division. I was a late addition to the team because I was filling in for someone who was injured and agreed to do the relay thinking it would be just for fun and didn’t realize it was super competitive. Had I known this, I probably would have not joined the team. But it was too late to back out and I’m not one to go down without a fight. I was running leg two of the relay so when my teammate came blazing through the exchange point, I took off and gave it my all.

My leg was 5.8 miles and I averaged a 6:42! My miles were pretty consistent and I felt really good. I didn’t feel like I was working at my max but I wasn’t sure when I would burn out so I ran cautiously. I was pleasantly surprised by the result considering my low key approach lately. I feel good about where I am right now pace wise, and it makes me excited to train for Boston. I got accepted into the 2018 Boston Marathon on Monday, so it was the perfect time for a little confidence booster and motivation to start building my base up again!

Our team won our division – it was the mixed masters division, which is weird because I’m only 34. But it was the average of our ages so I could be part of the team since a few of the people were well over 40 and it all averaged out fine. We ran a 2:55 marathon (collectively)! If only I could do that on my own…

Sunday was also super exciting because right after the race, I headed down to the studio. I tried a super hard trick that I’ve never attempted before because it just looked so damn hard, and got it! It’s called a Chinese Phoenix. It’s pretty sick and the video is also on Instagram.

And now, without any further rambling, I bring you a song to brighten up your Wednesday! It’s not new but I think its pretty and catchy and I like spinning on the pole to it.

Lord Huron
The Night We Met

Anyone run any races last weekend? Ever run a marathon relay?