What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

“King of the World”

The White Album!!! It’s here!!! Well, it’s been here since April, but I’m sharing this with you now because I am going to SEE THEM!! SUNDAY!! I can’t even contain my excitement. They are touring with Panic! At the Disco and Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. I. Can’t. Even.

Any good summer concerts on your agenda?


3 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. ahhh that’ll be such a sick show! i saw Weezer (with Saves the Day) back in college – my boyfriend at the time was obsessed with that album Pinkerton about Japanese culture (which he swore RC wrote about falling in love with a Japanese girl, and given the extent of his music-freak knowledge, i never doubted him), and they were so tight. Panic! is so fun and i love Andrew McMahon’s music — i miss Something Corporate but his solo stuff is great too. ENJOY!

  2. Love Weezer! I saw them a few years ago when they came to our local fair, they brought Hurley (the actor) with them- it was awesome. I wanted to go them this summer for the current tour but it sold out too fast. Boo.

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