Recovery Week 5: 5/30-6/5

Final week of recovery!! Next week’s post will be all about Hansons Round 2, marathon training, and summer break! I got some posts out and scheduled last week but I still have to catch up on comments and see what everyone else has going on! That was my game plan for the weekend, but we ended up having quite the situation (read: disaster) at home. I’ll get to it. Thankfully, this was my final week for recovery so it didn’t matter if I missed a few miles or workouts. Bear with me, because I suck at blogging lately and I pretty much rambled on and on about everything in this post and wrote it in between grading final exams for my web design class. Totally didn’t proofread.

Monday: 8 Miles Easy w/ 6×10 Second Hill Sprints + Core/MYRTLs

I had off of work and slept in, and ended up running closer to noon. I thought it was going to suck since it was pretty warm and humid, but I enjoyed the run. I ran 8 miles easy, about 8:14 pace and then decided to do some hill sprints. I want to try to do those weekly, but really the problem is having a hill to do them on. They are quick and fun, but you need a short, steep hill. I did six of them, and then headed home for abs and MYRTLs.

Tuesday: 8 Miles Easy w/12×1 minute @ “5K” pace + Core/Strength/MYRTLs +Pole Fitness

I got up before work and got my “speed” work in for the week. I almost skipped it because I was planning to run a 5 mile race on Saturday, but I decided to do it anyway. Last week, I did some 45 second intervals so I thought I would do a similar workout but bump the time up to one minute. My first track workout for Hansons is the week of 6/13 and it’s 400s. I think my goal for 400s is 1:28, and I still will have two more Tuesdays of easy runs before I head to the track, so I think you can see where I’m going with these little sprints.

My goal was to do 12 pickups at “5K” pace. I use “5K” loosely because I know what Hanson’s says my 5K pace should be for my marathon goal (5:47-5:57), but I also know what my last 5K pace actually was (6:03/mile). Also, you’ll get to read a race report on the Coopersburg 5K very soon and I definitely was WAY off of my 5K “pace”. It’s still the “recovery” season, so I just picked up the pace and looked at the numbers later. My pace for each one minute interval:

  • 5:46, 5:43, 5:58, 5:59, 5:50, 5:54, 5:45, 5:43, 5:41, 6:09, 5:40, 5:50

I guess if I were paying more attention I might have picked it up on the earlier ones to be in my zone, but again – these are just informal pick ups. It’s funny to see this because the repeat that was a 6:09 this week was the only one that was off pace last week, and was a 6:08. Maybe that one has more of an uphill grade or something…although I always feel like that part of the road is more downhill. I honestly didn’t feel great on this run, but I’m glad I picked up the pace and did it anyway. I averaged a 7:44 pace overall.

I did some core, legs and MYRTLs after work and then headed to pole. The studio was closed for Memorial Day on Monday, so a few of us decided to go to the Tuesday class. I also made this delicious salmon with roasted carrot “noodles” for dinner, and it was reallllly good:


Wednesday: 3 Miles Easy +Core/Strength/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness 

Wasn’t planning to run but realized it was Global Running Day, so I headed out for three recovery paced miles before work. I averaged about 8:37 pace and felt great.


After work, I did my core/MYRTLs and went to pole.

Thursday: 8 Miles Easy 

Ran before work in Saucon Valley and did a mix of roads and trail. I was tired but felt pretty good towards the end. Averaged about an 8:12 pace.

Friday: Pole Fitness

I decided not to run because I was signed up to run the Fun 5 Miler on Saturday. I was pretty excited but didn’t expect any sort of amazing time, I was just doing it for fun and for the cool swag:

image image

I went home and had some pizza with my husband and some of his friends that were over, and then wanted to spend the night relaxing. Little did I know, a shit storm was actually about to begin. My husband and his friends were out back messing around with these little dirt bikes. Over dinner, my husband mentioned that he hurt his foot when he went to kick the dirt bike to start it, and that it just felt bruised. When he was done outside, he asked me to look at his foot and tell him if I saw anything. I looked where he pointed – no bruise, nothing. We fell asleep on the couch and I thought nothing more of his “bruise”.

Saturday: Rest

We’d passed out at on the couch and woke up to go to bed and my husband couldn’t even walk. He said it felt like something was in his foot. I looked at it again under better light and I still couldn’t see anything, but I did see a teeeny puncture wound. I tried to poke at it and see if I could get anything out, but it was super painful. We headed to the ER at 2 am, and 10 HOURS LATER, he was discharged. YES. 10 HOURS. We went to St. Luke’s in Bethlehem, which is usually a GREAT hospital. Unfortunately, the beginning of our stay was not so great.

The visit began with x-rays, which confirmed that they could see SOMETHING in there. The doctor that was on that night was TERRIBLE. He couldn’t get it out (we still didn’t know what “it” was) and he and made a MESS of my husband’s foot. We got lucky that the an attending podiatric surgeon was coming in to round on a few patients. The podiatry resident that came down (AFTER the incompetent ER doctor mutilated the bottom of my husband’s foot) to look at it was able to get the attending surgeon to help my poor husband. The surgeon was amazing, and within a half an hour HE PULLED A BROKEN NAIL OUT OF MY HUSBAND’S FOOT. We think it was stuck in the sole of his shoe and when he went to kick the dirt bike to start it, it rifled into his foot. I should also mention that while my husband is a wonderful, intelligent man, he was wearing Crocs to ride the dirt bike. Lesson learned.

Two sets of x-rays, an ultrasound, a tetanus shot, two rounds of lidocaine, three different prescriptions (Cipro, prescription ibuprofen, and painkillers), stitches (I don’t know how many because we aren’t allowed to unwrap the dressing until his follow up appointment) and 10 hours later, we were able to leave. We were starving so the first stop was to get some food. His lidocaine started to wear off and he was in a lot of pain, so instead of going to the race (it was weird – a 2pm start), I went to CVS and got his prescriptions filled and spent the afternoon with my husband. And napping. We sort of pulled an all nighter, except for the few hours we slept on the couch.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the nail or even kept it but we were so exhausted when it finally came out that when the doctor showed it to us, it was in the medical waste area before I had a chance to say “wait!”. But it was a broken nail. We think it was in his shoe from when he was demolishing our old kitchen last summer. What a nightmare! He’s supposed to be non-weight bearing for three weeks, but of course he’s at work today. He’s limping and walking on his toes. I actually called about a follow up appointment for my husband, and apparently this podiatrist is really amazing and popular and it’s crazy that he even happened to be at the hospital that day. So on the bright side, if I ever need a podiatrist, I think I found one!

Sunday: 11 Miles, Hills

It was my final day of recovery and I already bailed on abs/strength the past few days, so I spent the morning on the hills near my house and called it a day after that. I felt really good running, and actually averaged an 8:24 for this run. Last week it was a 9:01. It’s 1,409 feet of climbing and looks like this:


I really love this run and want to keep doing it each week during marathon training in some capacity. It ends a half mile from my house, and last week I did a cool down walk instead of running extra. This week, since I missed the race the day before, I added a half mile to make it 11 total miles.

So, our kitchen is ALMOST done (just waiting on the faucet for over our stove and part of the hood to come in) and I spent the afternoon cooking up a STORM to celebrate! Here’s the kitchen:

image image imageimage

So to celebrate, I made shrimp tempura with a dipping sauce, pan seared NY strip steaks with a red wine mushroom reduction, roasted cauliflower, homemade buttermilk biscuits and free form summer berry tartlets. I didn’t take pictures of everything but I was pretty proud of my tempura and the tartlets:

image image

I definitely need marathon training to start ASAP. It’s almost summer break, and with my new kitchen I fear for my diet. I love to cook, and now I have so much room for activities!

♥ Run: 38.5 Miles ♥  

How was your week? When do you start race training?

15 Replies to “Recovery Week 5: 5/30-6/5”

  1. I am so sorry about your husband’s foot! Despite the bad shoe choice (crocs!!!???) it still sounds like sort of a freak accident!!

    My podiatrist is REALLY hot. Luckily I don’t need to go often. Knock on wood.

    I can’t wait to follow more Hansons training of your’s! I’m on Week 5 right now and it’s going to be ALL SCREWY because we are going to CO and I don’t run in elevation. I mean I do, but it is SLOW and I am sucking wind.

  2. I’m glad that your husband is okay. That’s really crazy! Your kitchen looks absolutely beautiful! I hope to have a much larger kitchen one day. Our current one is not very conducive to cake decorating. Those berry tartlets look very yummy btw. 🙂

  3. That is so crazy about the nail in your husband’s foot and how he didn’t even realize it at the time! I can’t believe they road dirt bikes in crocs though. Sounds like it was a real mess at the ER (usually is if the trip is late at night) with having stay there for so many hours and then missing the race. But at least you picked up your shirt and got the awesome race shirt and pint glass- and I would totally wear that shirt even if I didn’t run it because it’s not really your fault you couldn’t run. You made the smart decision.

    Looks like you had a great week of running and pole fitness workouts, too! And awesome meals… your post with the carrot noodles and the tempura shrimp is kinda making me hungry now!

  4. Omg, about your husband!! That sucks!! But I’m glad he’s okay…

    Your kitchen looks absolutely amazing. I love my kitchen too and I wish I’d cook in it as much you do, lol!!!

  5. Yikes about your husband, I’m glad he’s okay!

    Your kitchen looks beautiful!

    I haven’t really started too but I have a 5K in September, I need to start training for. I’m not a huge runner but I figured why not, it’s the Color Run. It will be my third time doing it. The last time, it was all hills and I didn’t train for it so I mostly walked. This time I am hoping to run most of it! I just need to get running!

  6. Yikes! I’m glad the second doctor was able to get the nail out of your husband’s foot. My husband’s family dirt bikes basically every chance they get and 99% of the time we wear all of our riding/safety gear. But the one day our cousin was riding around in the backyard with just sneakers on: one dislocated toe, two fractured metatarsals, and six weeks in a walking cast.

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