Recovery Week 4: 5/23-5/29

You guys, I am going to do some serious writing, commenting and catching up this week. Last week was unbelievably busy. At work, it’s the end of the school year and I teach mixed grade levels. So figuring out who is supposed to be taking my final, reviewing for my final, cleaning out their locker, and whatever else needs to happen at the end of the year made my brain hurt a little. At home, we opened our pool and pretty much finished our kitchen. We spent the weekend moving our stuff in and then to top it off, we had a BBQ on Sunday. WHEW. I owe you guys race recaps, pole competition recaps, end of the month recaps, music (I MISSED LAST WEEK and I have SO MANY NEW BEATS FOR YOU!!), food conquests, etc. I will get my shit together.

Monday: Rest

Wasn’t supposed to be a rest day but we voted on our new teacher contract and I was at school pretty late. I got out too late to make it to pole class. It was a long, emotional day so I just went with it. “Going with it” included going out for dinner and getting fries. I needed them.

Tuesday: 6 Miles + Pole Fitness

I wanted to do some intervals like the week before but was pretty drained from the day before, so I opted for an easy run and pole class. It’s recovery right now, and part of what I want to embrace is just doing whatever I want. I ran easy on the Plainfield trail, and I felt great:


I also went to pole and worked on a few new combos and old stuff I neglected during competition prep.

Wednesday:Core/Strength/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness

Did my core work and had plans to run after work. Drove to Plainfield, changed my clothes, got out of the car and got right back in. I sat in the air conditioning until pole class. Yep. It was so hot and humid. So…NOPE! Pole was great and I had fun working on some combos I found on Instagram that day.

Thursday: 8 Miles w/45 seconds @ “5K” pace 

I tried something new. I got up at a god awful early morning hour and drove my ass to Saucon Park before work. I had to have enough time to drive there, do my run, drive home and shower and then go to work. I accomplished all of this and was in the car by 6:35am. I did, however, do my make up en route to work. Since it gets light so early, this worked out pretty well and I’ve decided that for the remainder of the school year I’m going to run before work…even if my alarm clock and makes me want to vomit when I set it. I like it SO MUCH BETTER.

Last week, I did some 30 second intervals so I thought I would do a similar workout but bump the time up to 45 seconds. My first track workout for Hansons is the week of 6/13 and it’s 400s. I think my goal for 400s is 1:28 (? I have to actually look it up, I’m just throwing a number out there) so you can see where I’m going with these little pickups. Anyway, I just went on the roads of Saucon – rolling hills – in lieu of a actually going to a track. This is not meant to be a formal workout, just reminding my legs that hey, we do have work to do soon.

My goal was to do 12 pickups at “5K” pace. I use “5K” loosely because I know what Hanson’s says my 5K pace should be for my marathon goal (5:47-5:57), but I also know what my last 5K pace actually was (6:03/mile). Still too many numbers for my “recovery” season, so I just picked up the pace and looked at the numbers later. My pace for each 45 second interval:

  • 5:37, 5:45, 5:54, 5:50, 5:50, 5:54, 5:43, 5:54, 5:54, 6:08, 5:47, 5:40

Not sure what happened with the one that was “off pace” but I felt really good on this workout. I had fun with it and thought 45 seconds at this pace was pretty reasonable.

After work, we opened up the pool and I threw my husband in, which was really fun until we realized his phone was in his pocket. WHOOPS. It was hot and the water was 55 degrees, so even after the phone debacle we went for a swim.


Friday: 6 Miles Easy + Core/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness

Did my new get up super early and run before work routine and it was GREAT. I ran at Lehigh Parkway and had a fabulous run. I did some core work over my lunch period and then headed to pole after work. I FINALLY got my Iron X! NOT the most flattering picture but OMG I was SO PUMPED!! I did it twice in a row and held it for a pretty long time both times. Sooooo excited!


Also, we learned this pretty variation of a Sneaky V:


Saturday: Coopersburg 5K ( 2ish mile warm up and cool down, 7 total miles)

I’ll recap this one soon but let me tell you – I was sucking WIND on this one! Ha! It was a really fun morning, despite it being one of the hilliest 5Ks I’ve ever done.


Sunday: 10 Miles, Hills! + Core/MYRTLs

I live at the base of a pretty steep mountain, so I decided this was the week I would start incorporating some elevation. My pace was slow, but this was my run:


The end of the run was pretty nice. I want to try running that one in reverse at some point. It was a great course and I plan on doing something like this every single week. I did my MYRTLs and a quick core workout before having a bunch of people over for a Memorial Day BBQ.

I sucked at core and strength this week, but overall I had a good week. I’m really happy with how recovery is going but I’m looking forward to building up some speed again soon – Hansons Round 2 begins again in a few weeks and I am pretty excited for it!

♥ Run: 37 Miles ♥  

How was your week? 

17 Replies to “Recovery Week 4: 5/23-5/29”

  1. I did 10 hilly miles on Sunday too! It was so freaking hot. When are you done with school? Our kids have a half day on Friday, teachers come back Monday and then we’re done! I’m on vaycay from June 9-14 but maybe after that we could get together for a run? If I pick a tempo day and you pick an easy day, we can both get a good workout in. 😉

  2. Can’t wait for the recaps, especially J-burg!! This time of year is so crazy for teachers….I totally understand having no time!!! I’ve been pretty bad about running lately. Darn heat. I think I should be able to start either early morning runs or evening ones through, since sleep seems to be getting more routine around here 😃

  3. Haha, it cracks me up that this is a “recovery” week for you! 😉 Sounds like it was a great week! I can’t wait for your pole competition recap – I’m so curious to hear how it went!! Are there more pole competitions in your future??

  4. It’s great to see a recap from you! But I figured you were recovering and busy with the end of the school year and that’s why you didn’t blog or reply, we all understand because that is how life goes :). And it’s certainly a busy few weeks for you teachers at the end of the year, but I’m glad summer is here (or right around the corner) for you and you’ll have more time to devote to blogging, responding, and training. It looks like you had a great week of workouts and I don’t blame you to put off running in the heat and humidity- gotta save something in teh tank for when those crazy hard Hansons Marathon workouts start, anyway!

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see which songs you’re going to share with us… I don’t usually respond to those posts but I look forward to them each week and almost always listen to whatever you recommend :).

  5. I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with your pole pics! So. Dope!!! Hanson’s starts for me again in a few and not a moment too soon. I need some damn structure, Girl! Xoxo

  6. Every time I see one of your pole pics I cannot get over how freaking strong you are!! I still have to do modified push up and there you are holding yourself upside or sideways. Ao amazing! Good luck with the end of your school year!

  7. My playlist has been shit lately, and I hold you accountable. 😉 Your life sounds crazy busy right now like whoa. And that story about the cell phone in the pool? I felt SO BAD FOR YOU WHEN I READ THAT. I wanted to die. That’s totally and completely something I would do.

    I’m excited for you to start Hansons round two again too. Ever since you left me alone on this ride I have shit the bed. I NEED YOU ALLISON.

  8. I love to hear everything is going well for you. It sounds like your training and recovery has gone well too. It’s been so hot out around here!

  9. I can totally relate to setting my alarm clock for a time that makes me want to vomit, but it is so much better to get workouts in early this time of year. I love the Iron X pic. You are amazingly strong!

  10. I saw that picture on your insta of the pool pole and loved it! I am constantly wanting to hand and swing off of random objects now with my baby aerial skills. No tree branch or playground is safe! This is going to sound funny since I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but what are MYRTLs? Obvi I need to start doing them…

  11. Cool running. Way to hold everything together these last weeks of school. It’s a crazy time.
    But running before work makes the days better. It’s always lurking on the horizon, otherwise, and another thing that needs to get done after an already busy day. Before work, it’s like the whole day has been accomplished.

  12. Had the chance to watch your pole performance – so impressive!! I totally hear you on being crazy busy. I feel I’ve been sorta behind on my blogging too. All I can say about those hills is WOW – great for building strength!

  13. I can’t wait for the pole competition recap! I went to my first pole class and was sore for the whole week after. So tough! But fun! I’ll be going again. 🙂 Love that a recovery week is 37 miles!

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