Recovery Week 3: 5/16 – 5/22

Okay, I am super behind – it’s the end of the school year AND we were negotiating a new contract and things got a bit emotional. The weekend was really no break either, since it was my pole competition AND a trail race. Yep. So, I suck as a blogger these days. The contract negotiations actually got settled last night so that’s one less thing to worry about, but really now I just have to make it three weeks until I can breathe again.

Week one of recovery was devoted to zero running, and week two was devoted to incorporating some leisurely miles. I avoided running when I didn’t feel like it, and it was nice. In week 2, I made it my my mission to run but if I just didn’t feel like it, I didn’t do it. Towards the end of the week when everything was insane, I needed some rest and recovery.

I haven’t done any “speed” workouts since before Boston. I think my last speed workout was on 4/7, my final tempo run. Other than that, I raced two marathons but speed workouts? Nope. I miss the structure of the Hanson’s plan, but I don’t start again for a few more weeks. I was getting bored of just running miles, so I decided to add some intervals this week to my Tuesday run. Nothing crazy, not like a track workout or anything – just fartleks, and I didn’t look at the pace of the actual intervals until after the workout.

Monday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 5 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness 

I did my core, lower body work, MYRTLs, and NTC’s Alpha Abs. It was a nice day so I headed over to the Saucon Trail after work. I hadn’t run on the trail in a few weeks and it was nice to just run easy and not worry about pace. I spent most of my strength workouts there so I associate that trail with struggle. At pole class, we learned some new stuff – mostly some new combos – and it was really fun. I felt good in general.

Tuesday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 8 Miles Easy w/12 x 30 @ “5K” pace + Pole Fitness   

It took me a little over two weeks until I got bored just running, and I actually considered heading to a track. I decided against it. I’m running a 5K on 5/28, so I kind of wanted to pick up the pace a bit and remind my legs what it felt like to go fast. I didn’t really want to do a full blown workout though. It’s not time for that yet.

I headed to Saucon to run the roads and told myself to do pick-ups on my run and just see how things go. I stuck with Tuesday because my body was used to “Track Tuesday”. My goal was to do 6-12 pickups at “5K” pace. If they felt shitty, I planned to do less or just not do them at all. I use “5K” loosely because I know what Hanson’s says my 5K pace should be for my marathon goal (5:47-5:57), but I also know what my last 5K pace actually was (6:03/mile). That was too many numbers for a Tuesday afternoon where I’m not supposed to be training.

I resolved to warm up for two miles and make it my goal to do two pickups each mile for the rest of the run if it felt okay. I hit lap at the beginning and end of each 30 second increment so I could review it later. I was actually pretty happy with the pace for each pick up:

  • 5:56, 6:18, 5:51, 5:51, 5:51, 5:55, 6:04, 5:53, 5:48, 5:58, 5:48, 5:49

Three of them were technically “off pace”, but I was pretty happy with the result. It felt pretty good to pick up the pace but 30 seconds was just long enough that I wasn’t too fatigued or out of breath, but it got my legs moving. I went home and did my lower body, core, MYRTLs, and NTC’s Perfect Alignment workout.

Wednesday:Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 2 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness

Wednesday’s are my “rest” days from running following the Hanson’s schedule, but I’m playing around with the program modifications for round two to try to run seven days per week every other week during training. I want to see how my body feels doing this before I begin training and see if the added miles are worth it. I want to be able to run more volume, but I would rather feel fresh for my Thursday tempo runs. My legs were confused as to why I was running on a Wednesday, and I kept it in my new recovery range for my new marathon goal. It was fine, but it was only two miles so we’ll see. But later in the week, I ended up taking some rest days so I probably could have done a few extra miles. Oh well.  It was a good attempt and it’s still recovery time, so I’m only doing what I feel like doing.

I did my legs, core, MYRTLs and strength work before work, and headed to pole after. The competition is Saturday, and I had a good run through of my routine. I’m so ready for the competition to be over so I can begin working on new things!

Thursday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 5 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness  

Core/strength happened before work, and my post run pole class went really well – nothing to report on there. But in between work and pole, I went for a run in the parkway. Three miles into my five miler, a guy was jogging in the opposite direction of me. I usually smile at everyone I pass – especially there, because most days the faces I see there are familiar, regular runners. The guy turned and tried to fall into step with me and this was the conversation that went down:

Random guy: “Hi, what’s your name?”

Me (confused, pulls out one of my earbuds), “um, Allison.” I start to put my earbud back in.

Random guy: “Hi, I’m Ned, so you are jogging today?”

Me (annoyed at this point because I just want to finish my run and don’t have a lot of time before I have to get to pole class): “Yep.” I start to put my earbud back in again and pick up the pace.

Ned (starting to sound winded): “Well, how old are you?”

Me: “Uh, 33.”


…and he takes off in the other direction. So apparently, all I need to do to scare people off is tell them my age!

Friday: Rest

We started negotiating our teacher contract and I didn’t get home from work until pretty late. So it was sushi and rest.

Saturday: Pole Competition!

I suppose I should do a separate post on this at some point 🙂 It was REALLLY fun, though! Spoiler: I didn’t win but I did really well!

Sunday: Jacobsburg 10 Mile Trail Race

I didn’t run this as a “race” and I’ll do a post on that soon. I LOVED running the trails at Jacobsburg!

♥ Run: 30 Miles ♥  

How was your week? 


18 Replies to “Recovery Week 3: 5/16 – 5/22”

  1. Love this! I’ve been a bad blogger too and I’m starting to not care. I think I’d rather comment on everyone else’s posts than write my own up right now funnily enough. I def get bored of too many easy runs/miles too so I can understand you wanting to do some unstructured speed – awesome job with that! Can’t wait to hear about your pole competition ❤

    1. I’m the same! I’m having more fun reading than writing, ja! Plus, I also feel since I’m not really training for anything, everyone is doing more exciting things than me anyway lol!

  2. We negotiated last year. It’s HORRIBLE. They wanted to take away spousal health insurance benefits. Can you believe that? I’m sure you can if your school board is as shitty as ours.

    I watched your comp video and you rocked it! I am no pole expert, but I can tell you keep getting better and better from your videos. 🙂

  3. Ha! I’m dying at the story of the guy who ran off when he heard your age! I was running yesterday. I ran past a guy (we were going opposite directions), and he put his hand up. I was like, “Is he waving? Do I know him? Wait, does he want a high-five? Do I know him? Why does he want to high-five a stranger? I don’t want to high-five a stranger!” So I didn’t, but during my entire internal dialogue, I was staring at him, so I basically just stared at him with a weird, confused look on my face and then ignored him.

    1. I love your comment, Katie! This reminds me of the time (twice) that a cyclist signaled a right hand turn and I waved back. ARGH. I totally thought they were waving hi at me, and I’m all “OMG HI!!!!!!” frantically waving back at them. I AM A LOSER. Because all they were doing was turning right. 😦 Sigh….

  4. your running splits are unbelievable!! you’re so inspiring. hilarious about the guy running with you and asking your age — we can totally bond over these stories. i have aplenty. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to hear details about your pole competition!
    I know you’ve probably mentioned it, but do you do your core/strength stuff most days? Do you have links? I just started PT for tendinitis (ughhhhh – two weeks before my race) and have decided to get serious about functional strength when my next training cycle starts.

  6. You’re such a cougar! Lol. Whatever. You’re a hot little thing and you know it. So, yeah I was wondering how your race went this weekend but I did totally forget about your polec comp. Can’t wait to hear about it! Rawr.

  7. Those pickup paces are awesome. Pretty consistently fast…
    You’re just 33? Youngster!
    Hope the contract negotiations went okay. It’s really a tough time for teachers everywhere.

  8. Bahahaha on that conversation with Ned!! I’ve been stalking you to see something about the competition. Can’t wait to hear about it! Glad the negotiations are done. Sadly, I get no benefits other than a iPhone and a gym membership from my job so anything else would be a luxury for me!

  9. Haha! That dude is so crazy! I guess 33 was more than he could handle… what a jerk!

    Nice week! I am in the second week of my recovery and I am not really hitting too many miles (actually, none to be exact). I need to get myself together and get back to it. I’m starting to get worried that I’ll be out of shape by the time I start Chicago training.

  10. I can’t wait to hear about the pole competition!!!!

    I always “surprise” people when I tell them my age. I’ve accepted long ago that I look like I’m twelve, lol. I really shock ’em though when I tell them I have two kids, ja!

  11. Clearly I’m way behind on my blog reading, but I just LOL at the conversation with the guy on your run. Did he look older? Maybe he was just surprised because you’re running so fast 😉

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