What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

“The Cascade”
Moving Mountains

I realized something. I’ve been doing these music posts for a year now, and I still haven’t shared one of my most favorite bands with you. What?!

This was the first week where I didn’t have a song scheduled. I was out running on Monday, and this came on. It’s one of those that have been on my iPod for an indefinite amount of time and I never skip it. Moving Mountains isn’t a very well known band, but they should be. The only way I can describe them is grand. They are extremely talented musicians, and their music always just has this beautiful build to it. The lead singer has such an interesting voice – sometimes he comes across as very soft and lilting, but other times he actually does a little screaming and it just works.

My brother introduced me to these guys, and their instrumentals are unmatched. Some of their songs are almost 10 minutes long, but those aren’t about the vocals. They are just so damn good. I’ve seen them in concert twice, and actually met them last time. My brother and I are on the ends, the band members in the middle:


I’m actually considering using this song for my next pole routine, whenever that is. I already have some ideas for moves that would look awesome with this song. If you prefer a “softer” song, check out Sol Solis – it’s one of the prettiest songs I know 🙂 If you prefer something on the heavier side, check out My Life is a Chase Dream. The video for this song, The Cascade, is really pretty and was filmed in Iceland.

Have you ever met any famous bands/musicians?

9 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

    1. I meant to text you and ask you what you thought! I had a feeling you’d like it. Another good one off the Waves album – Tired Tiger. If you like those, check out their four song EP – it’s called Foreword. The build in some of those songs…amazing!

    1. They broke up awhile ago and just got back together and came out with an EP with a band called Prawn. They are amazing but not that well known! I love the albums waves, pneuma, and foreword. Their newer stuff is awesome but a bit more subdued. Enjoy!!!!

  1. I’ve only been to two concerts…for the same person. Gregory Alan Isakov is my FAVORITE OF ALL TIME. I got to meet him at my first concert, and we talked about gardening. It was amazing.

  2. I love your music posts and through them, have added to my iPod collection.

    I have met some musicians…George Benson (shared a glass of wine in his dressing room), the late Buddy Rich, when he was playing at a local club..he sat down at our table and bought us a round, Maynard Ferguson (my fav jazz trumpeter) and through a friend, who works on Bway, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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