Recovery Week 2: 5/9-5/15

Last week, I took some serious down time to kick off recovery. I’m still recovering – running easy paces and short distances. I used my resting heart rate as an indication of when I could start lacing up my sneakers again. After Kentucky, it shot up and stayed at 50 bpm, which is high for me. It stayed that way through last Wednesday, and then started to fall again. By Sunday, it was down to 47 bpm. That’s still slightly higher than normal, but as I began running and the week went on, it continued to drop. It hovered between 44-45, where it normally hangs out. I won’t log it in my future workout posts, but it’s something I focused heavily on this week so I included it.

Honestly, I can sum this week up by saying I ran a few easy miles and went to pole almost daily. I think my cooking conquests were far more interesting than the workouts, so I blogged about that last week. Even though I’m not “training” I still want to talk about running and recovery, so here’s my weekly recap. Try not to fall asleep.

  • Monday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 3 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness 

Back at it! I added a few additional challenges to my regular core routine. For the rest of May, I’m going to keep doing planks, bridges, hip drops, and leg raises (my usual daily routine). I added squats, single leg squats, lunges, wall sits, and calf raises. Just for now, while my mileage is reduced to help build some more lower body strength. I did those plus NTC’s Alpha Abs. After work, I headed to Lehigh Parkway for the most glorious three miles ever. It felt so good to run, and my legs felt rested and fresh. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I wanted to run more, but I stopped remembering my streak of post race calf strains. Headed to pole and we reviewed some moves we learned recently but hadn’t spent much time practicing, which was fun! Resting heart rate: 47 bpm.

  • Tuesday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 3 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness   

I did the same core/lower body workouts as Monday, plus NTC’s Perfect Alignment workout. After work, I headed to the Penn Pump trail for another easy three miles. It felt nice to run, and I’m enjoying the shorter distances for now. I headed to pole to practice my competition piece. The competition is on 5/21, so now it’s just a matter of running through it a few times each class to keep it fresh! Resting heart rate: 46 bpm.

  • Wednesday:Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 4 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness

Same core/strength workouts, plus NTC’s Core Stability workout. Ran on the D&L trail after work and felt pretty good. I went to pole to practice my competition piece again. Resting heart rate: 45 bpm.

  • Thursday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + 5 Miles Easy + Pole Fitness  

Core/strength the same as every other day, plus NTC’s Alpha Abs again. That one’s my favorite. After work, I ran five easy miles around Lehigh Parkway and went to pole to run through my routine a few times. Resting heart rate: 44 bpm. 

  • Friday: Core/Strength/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness 

I was debating whether or not I wanted to run for a fifth day in a row. It was raining after work and I was tired, so I skipped it. I’m not following any sort of plan right now and realized I hadn’t taken any days off of running that week. While part of my plan for fall training is going to be to incorporate running seven days per week, I didn’t think I should jump back into it on my first week back from taking a break. Resting heart rate: 44 bpm.

  • Saturday: 10 Miles + Pole Fitness + Core/Strength/MYRTLs

I told myself I would run no more than 10 miles during this month, and that it would all be easy paced. I stuck to the first part, but Megan asked me to run and the pace thing went out the window. 10 miles, 7:10 pace, and I felt pretty good. I was ready to be done by the end, but for the most part it felt nice. That was encouraging since I hadn’t run much at all since the marathon, and my last tempo run was over a month ago. Muscle memory, I guess? Either way. I was glad to knock off some fast miles, but I knew it meant I should rest on Sunday. Resting heart rate: 44 bpm.


  • Sunday: Rest

Resting heart rate: 45 bpm. I was headed into Philly to see Cirque du Soleil’s production of Ovo with my mom, so given the faster paced run on Saturday combined with a busy Sunday, I decided to rest. I knew we would be doing a lot of walking in the city anyway, so it wasn’t like I was going to be sitting around all day. It was a good idea.

I’d gotten her the tickets in December for her 60th birthday, and she’d never seen a Cirque show before. I’ve seen Corteo and Quidam, so I knew what to expect. She really had no idea what the show really was, and she REALLY loved it! We left early in the morning, went to brunch in Rittenhouse Square, shopped on Walnut Street and headed to the show. It was a great day. The performance was absolutely incredible! We had front row seats. Of course they randomly picked someone in the audience to go up on stage and guess who they picked? Yep, me. They must have realized that I missed my calling and should have done something like that for a living anyway!


This guy was doing pole dancing moves! He was incredible:imageimage image image

I really embraced just trying to do whatever I felt like doing each day this week. I really enjoyed running easy miles, and felt pretty good doing it! I wasn’t feeling like running in the rain or getting up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to fit in miles so I didn’t. I’m embracing recovery.

I noticed that even though the lower body exercises I added are pretty low volume and only use body weight at this point, my quads were SORE. I think spending this month and focusing on lower body strength is going to be really beneficial. I need to figure out what days I can incorporate a “leg day” into my Hansons training for the next round. I am hoping to get a post out this week about Hanson’s training in general, and about how I’m planning to use it in my next round of training.

♥ Run: 25 ♥  

How was your week? Have you ever seen Cirque du Soleil?


28 Replies to “Recovery Week 2: 5/9-5/15”

  1. I would love to see Cirque du Soleil one day. That’s so awesome that they picked you! I’m glad that you had such a nice day with your mom.

  2. I woke up this morning and it was 34 degrees so I went back to sleep instead of going for a run. I love down time between training cycles for the very reason that if I don’t feel like running, I don’t have to run! I love that you got to go up on stage at the show. It seems like a nice afternoon out. I need to get my butt back into the habit of doing some basic running strength work, but I’m still being lazy in recovery mode.

  3. Cirque du Soleil looks *amazing*. I’m kinda jealous you got to go to that and maybe one day they will come here and I can go. I’ve only seen it on TV. I really like that you blogged about recovery because so many runners don’t recover at all after a really big race, and this sets a good example of how to do it. Plus with the pole competition coming up, I can totally understand why you’re running less and doing more pole. Can’t wait to see your Hansons post later this week!

  4. You got to go up on stage?!?! HA HA HA I LOVE IT! Such a cool gift that you got your mom, and I love that you two did that together. Awe, the best. Great job on your recovery week. Your legs must be itching to run!

    1. Haha! My mom totally loved it. She had no idea what it was before I took her, so she was shocked and in love!! I am excited to train again but I am loving a minute of low mileage and slow paces – it feels good mentally and physically. Plus with the end of the school year coming up fast, it’s really hectic so to not have to worry about marathon training is kind of nice right now!

  5. What a week! You have one incredible resting heart rate! So glad you are starting to feel recovered and are taking care of yourself. Cirque with mom sounds awesome. Love that you got to be a star!

  6. Sounds like a great week! I love that they picked you to go up on stage… how fun!!! Also, I can’t believe how low your resting heart rate is. That’s pretty impressive!

  7. Looks like an awesome week to me! I’m glad you’re still taking your recovery seriously, too. You kicked so much ass this training cycle, you’ve gotta get your rest on! I need to be better about doing strength stuff. Seeing that it’s just a normal part of your day makes me feel like I could do it too.

  8. I’ve never been to Cirque du Soleil but it looks amazing! My week was terrible as I was sick with a head cold, still battling something but managed to at least get in my long run yesterday so I’m taking that for the win!

  9. Glad you’re embracing recovery and enjoying those easy runs! I love my easy runs, and now that I’m not training I love them even more. Awesome that you got to go on stage for the show! I’m looking forward to your post on Hansons. Tomorrow night is my first pole class! 🙂

    1. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ ABOUT YOUR CLASS. I saw you blogged about it – I read it in my email – but haven’t gotten to comment yet. I was thinking of you last night when I was in my own class!

  10. Sounds like a great recovery week and fun time with your mom!
    I love post-marathon recovery and feeling like I don’t “have” to run if I don’t want to.

  11. I’m glad you’re enjoying recovery and taking it seriously. It’s funny how we sometimes feel totally better after a race but then you get out there to run (or squat) and realize your body is still weaker than usual and needs more time.

    Cool Cirque pictures!!

  12. Still photos don’t really capture Cirque du Soleil. You have to see it live to appreciate the combination of grace and athleticism. So cool that you got on stage – what did you do?
    By the way, a ten miler at 7:10 pace is not recovery – at least not for normal humans. Then again…

    1. They totally don’t capture the beauty of the show at all – but my mom was all “Did you take a picture of that? Did you get that? How about that?” It was so cute. And no way – that 10 miler was not recovery at all! Megan promised me we would run easy. 10 miles later..I did take the next day completely off though. I’d planned to run a few easy miles but said “nope!”

  13. I would love to see Cirque! Maybe this would be a fun thing for Paul and I to do this summer. We’d have time to travel to another city, maybe spend a short weekend or something. Ooh you are giving me ideas!!! 🙂

    Your recovery sounds awesome. I bet it is so wonderful to NOT have to get up early and NOT have to run in the rain.

    I am interested why you are going to start running 7 days per week???

    1. You guys should DEFINITELY DO THAT!!! I am loving recovery right now. It’s really nice to wake up and say, “eh, not today” if I want to. I want to run 7 days per week so I can increase my weekly mileage. I wrote a little about it in my Hanson’s post, I am not planning to do that every single week but I’d like to incorporate it every other week!

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