What I’m Working to Wednesday

“The Sound of Silence”

Hold the recent pop music posts that I’ve been spamming you guys with – how did I miss that Disturbed came out with an album last year? I suppose I’ve been too consumed with listening to music for pole fitness routines that I missed it. I haven’t posted too much “heavy” music here, but I love me a good screaming song. This song, however, is not that. This is a beautiful remake of the popular Simon and Garfunkel hit, and I love it. It’s great to hear Dave Draiman (lead vocals) sing this song. He has a pretty distinct voice and I often think their songs all sound the same because he never changes it up. I like them anyway, and their songs get me pumped to run. While this is a slower one, I can totally see myself rocking out to it on a long run or a tempo run and beasting out some miles.

Any older songs that were remade that you think were done well?


21 Replies to “What I’m Working to Wednesday”

  1. I can barely believe this is Disturbed – what!! I like some of their songs but you’re right in that they do mostly all sound the same – and some are a little too screamy for me. This is really fantastic though and really different for them – I love it too!

  2. I love a good cover. Favorites are The Boys of Summer by The Ataris and Beat It by Fall Out Boy. And slightly embarrassed to state that I have Seether’s version of Careless Whisper.

  3. This is such a beautiful song. I’ve never heard this cover and was prepared not to like it (I never tend to like covers much)… but I love it! It’s so beautiful.

    1. My pole fitness instructor showed it to me. She’s 24, and (wait for it) had no idea this was a remake (nooooo ughhh!!!). She was telling me how she was thinking of using a Disturbed song for her upcoming competition and said the name of it, and I was all, “Like the Simon and Garfunkel song?” She didn’t know it. I felt old. And sad since the original is amazing. But when she played it, I was also prepared to hate it!!! Except I didn’t, at all!!

      1. Oh she can’t use young as an excuse! I am not much older than her. That’s poor parenting. lol My mom brought me to a Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert when I was a kid. She also always played good music in the house, that way I would grow up to have good taste. haha! That’s a really great cover though.

      2. You have just restored my faith in humanity 🙂 But like you, I was brought up on good music and I think that’s the key here. My dad is a pretty serious musician so there was definitely good music happening when I was growing up – probably why I love music so much as an adult! Except I will listen to everything, even if it lacks talent. Everything except most country music. Just can’t get into it!

  4. Sorry – that I’m just gettig caught up with your story. I’ve been away for three weeks. What did I miss? Oh yea – first f’en place in the KY marathon! Unreal! Congrats!
    Now a prediction – you will go under 3 this fall – guaranteed. I did it once – you can and will do it multiple times.

    40 3 M4549 2:59:37 2:59:28 6:51 41:06 6:37 1:06:14 6:38 2:13:34 6:41 1813 Joesph Brosseau 45 M Hebron CT

    My awkward “proof” from the 2007 Hartford marathon. So I’m an “expert”.

    Congratulations Allison! You rock!

    1. Thank you so much Joe! How have you been? What are you training for?

      Sub-3 is the DREAM! You are awesome – look at those splits!! Amazing. Maybe someday! I will certainly be going after it next!!!!!

  5. Love Disturbed’s cover of Land of Confusion…you should stop by my weekly Monday music post when you get a minute!! Have a great weekend!

    1. I will check that out! Thanks 🙂 And I do see your music posts, but for some reason can’t always comment on them at work. I don’t understand why? I follow two other blogs that are the same way. It’s really weird!!

      1. Yeah, I think it could be related to my site being self-hosted…I use WordPress as my platform but not their hosting service, which could explain on certain browsers or systems why it is hard to comment – I’ve heard that from others too. Hope you are enjoying recovery time!

      2. I follow one other girl who definitely uses WordPress as her platform, but not their hosting service. I can comment on her posts in Firefox, but not chrome! It’s so weird! I’m loving the recovery!!!

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