Boston Recovery/Kentucky Derby Marathon Taper, Week 1

Recovery, taper…what’s the difference? These two things are interchangeable, right? Back in 2014, I had a season (the season that ended with the marathon PR that I can’t seem to touch) where I ran one marathon every three weeks. That went on from March through May (four marathons from the beginning of March through mid-May). Then I went and changed it up and threw in a half-Ironman, followed by my final marathon of the season. I think I did something like five marathons, a 10 miler, a half marathon (as a pacer), a 5K and my first half-Ironman in that time period. I checked off a lot of states that year.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder for me to have seasons like this for a few reasons. The obvious one: I’m not getting paid to do this, and marathons cost money. I’m almost out of marathons I can road trip to for a long weekend and most are going to require flights. Secondly, I got a bit faster in 2014. I’ve found that with more speed comes the need for more recovery. I didn’t think much about signing up for the Kentucky Derby Marathon. I knew it was two weeks after Boston. As a matter of fact, I signed up for it because it was two weeks after Boston. It’s the race I want to do for Kentucky, and it often falls on the same weekend as Boston. Not this year, so I signed up.

I’ve done two marathons in one week several times before – two weeks is fine. Once, I ran a marathon on a Sunday in Vancouver and then a marathon that following Saturday in Anchorage. But that was before – before I was getting closer to that three hour mark. I also didn’t factor in that Boston is Monday; Kentucky is Saturday. So it’s not even two weeks in between. Oops.

I didn’t really think too hard about signing up, or about the timing until after Boston was over. When planning my season, I chose to make Boston my A-race, based on how my fall ended. I did Hartford as a tune up for Indianapolis, but got injured in between so I felt like I never really got to race a fall marathon. If I were going to continue multiple marathoning, I would do the first one as my goal race and take the pressure off for marathon #2.

My goal for Kentucky is simple: Check another state off my list and enjoy a weekend away with friends. If I line up at the start and feel amazing, then I’ll give it my all. If not, it’s a catered long run with a shirt and a medal. Either way, it’s going to be fun. We’re leaving super early on Friday morning and road tripping our way down south.

There isn’t much you can do to help your marathon training once inside that 10 day window, but you can do everything to hurt it. Being as Boston was on 4/18 and Kentucky is on 4/29, that 10 day window began the day after Boston. I’m treating this race as if Boston was my last long run before the marathon, followed by a hard taper. I’m doing zero speed work before this race and I’m simply focused on getting my legs back under me. My quads were pretty sore post-Boston, and it took until Saturday before I felt normal running again. I took it pretty easy [for most of] last week.

Monday, 4/18: Boston

We already discussed this 🙂

Tuesday, 4/19: REST

My day consisted mainly of this:


And lots of this:


Wednesday, 4/20: Pole Fitness + Core

After consuming a disgusting amount of junk food on Tuesday and spending the whole entire day on my couch, I figured I should do some abs and go to pole. I showed up, but it was unproductive.

Thursday, 4/21: Easy Run, 4 Miles + Pole 

First run back and I felt surprisingly good. I ran four easy miles around Lehigh Parkway and even though my quads were a little sore, I felt better after my run. I went to pole at a different studio – the one sponsoring the pole competition in May – and got to play around on the poles I’ll be using to compete. They’re different than what I’m used to, so it’s important to get some experience on them. The instructor there liked my routine but hated my floor work (big shocker there, since I try my best to stay away from floor work at all costs). I left feeling a little frustrated.

Friday, 4/22: Pole 

Headed to my regular pole studio and discussed what went down on Thursday with my regular instructor. I went over my routine but felt pretty fatigued. Unproductive again.

Saturday, 4/23: Easy Run, 4 Miles + Pole

Had a great run on the Plainfield trail, and spent a few hours at the pole studio. I re-worked my entire floor work section, so it was more productive than the rest of the week. I felt heavy and tired all week long. I think the carb loading and junk food caught up with me, and I was still fatigued from Boston.

Sunday, 4/24: St. Luke’s Half Marathon + Core/MYRTLs

Yep, ran a half marathon! I was the 1:45 pacer. Somehow that seemed like a great idea when I agreed to it. When my alarm went off on Sunday morning, I thought differently. It ended up being great, and I’ll do a whole post on it for you. My mom took this picture and it pretty much sums up the race:


I managed to get my ass off the couch later that day for core work. Nothing crazy: planks, bridges, leg raises, hip lifts, MYRTLs and NTC’s Core Strength workout (it’s only seven minutes long). I even did some meal prep for the following week! Slowly returning back to normal.

♥ Total Miles ♥ 47.2 ♥

Ever run multiple races in a relatively short time frame?

47 Replies to “Boston Recovery/Kentucky Derby Marathon Taper, Week 1”

  1. Loved seeing all the St. Luke’s pics on FB yesterday. I WILL do it next year. Actually I have a pattern with that race (run it 2 years, don’t run it 2 years) so I definitely need to run 2017&18. I’m all abut patterns.
    The only multiple races I’ve done is the hat trick….other than the occasions month of 5ks every weekend 🙂

  2. It looks like you had a good recovery week and I’m glad you were able to pace the half marathon too- a good distance with Kentucky Derby coming up. Yay for knocking another state off your list, too.

    I don’t blame you to just enjoy the trip and race after a stressful big-city marathon like Boston. You still did amazing even if you didn’t PR!

  3. I forgot you were doing this! I’m glad you were able to recover well though and cheers to week 2. We need to catch up though! I can’t eat oreos because I just eat an entire bag.

  4. See when I race back to back, I get injured, lol!!! Of course, I was nowhere near as in shape as you, jaja!!

    The Kentucky Derby Marathon is my Kentucky race as well. A really good friend of mine lives in Louisville and she can’t wait for me to bite the bullet and just do it! I wish I’d known earlier you were going; I could’ve met you!!!! I guess I can wait for New York ❤

    1. WHY DID I NOT TALK MORE ABOUT THIS RACE AND KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE GONE?! I am kind of devastated hahaha. I usually do more than one marathon in a season but I have marathon tunnel vision. Like the other one isn’t really happening or something until I get past the first one!

  5. You guys look like you are having so much fun in that picture! I love your race recaps, so of course I look forward to reading that. I love how you are approaching KY. Hey, I love to taper hard! I don’t think I ever ran races that close to each other, but then again I rarely race and I am just trying to get back into it. 2012 = one. 2013 = one. 2014 = two. 2015 = two. I already ran 3 in 2016 so maybe my goal should be to run 7 in 2016 so that I can say I ran more than 2012-2015 combined!!

    1. It was so much fun!!! I am really loving the “hard taper”, too LOL! I think 7 races is a good goal for this year. DO ITTTTTTT! And let’s do some together, yes? You live close enough that our schedules are BOUND to overlap! Like at VIA!!!

  6. I used to think even running more than one marathon a year was insane…Doing two within a couple months (December and February) showed me that it’s possible, but then you need rest! I’m so impressed that you could do 4 back-to-back that way, but you’re right – they cost money and TIME and energy! Sometimes it’s more fun to take a break and only run the one or two races you REALLY have your heart set on.

    1. I am enjoying just that – picking races that I have my heart set on and being able to focus on training for one or two, rather than a whole handful. I am looking at the Southernmost Marathon for fall, and I think that will be my only marathon at this point. It’s nice to have a trip like that to look forward to!!

  7. Ha! I can hardly do two half marathons in a season let alone marathons in two weeks! But this year I am doing two halves in three weeks and am kind of excited for that.

  8. I can not belieeeeeeve you ran that many races in such short a time!!! I’ve never known anyone to do this!!! HOLY CRAP! You’re beastly. I’m dying to know how you’ll do next week. If you kill it, I think you need to write a book. Seriously.

    1. Hahaha I never even thought about the half in there but you are right. It also dawned on me that this will be my 5th weekend of racing. I’m going to sleep next weekend – the WHOLE weekend and do NOTHING!

      1. I am dude! I swear! If only the Kentucky people would finish posting photos. Those southern people have their own concept of time (I realize it’s only Monday)!!!

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