Boston Marathon Training: Hansons, Week 16

I had some scheduled posts last week, but you might have noticed mostly radio silence out of me. That usually indicates one of two things: things are busy at work, or something bad happened.

It was both. It’s the end of a marking period so massive amounts of grading is happening, but there is also the issue of my recently fucked up big toe. Yep. Fuck my life. I’m in a bit of a rough place here.

I came down off of my peak week high very abruptly when everything came crashing down (quite literally) on Monday night. I was in pole class. Earlier that day, our instructor had tagged us in a photo on Instagram that looked scary and I thought, nope, save that for after Boston. It looked scary because it was a really bendy one for your hamstrings. When our instructor showed us how to do it in class, it was apparent that you could just not extend into the move the whole way and avoid overstretching. So I tried it. And I did it – twice. It wasn’t perfect, and I’m a perfectionist. So I tried it again. On the third try, I fell off the pole. I have the fall on video – nothing about it looks scary, it looks controlled. I’ve had WAY scarier falls before. But as I was walking around class, something felt weird in my big toe. As I drove home, it started to hurt. As the night wore on, it swelled up like a balloon.

So this should be a happy, “oh yay taper week one is in the books!” post. Instead, it’s a post with daily toe updates. The good news is that it actually doesn’t really hurt running. The bad news is that it is only getting marginally better each day. It’s a nightmare. Also, this is not the first time that I’ve approached a marathon with a fucked up toe. I did something very similar a few years ago to the other toe in a yoga class (of all places). I jumped out of a forearm stand and jammed my opposite toe the exact same way. Do you see a trend here? Apparently I go a little too hard in everything…including yoga. As it turns out, I ran the Philly Marathon a week later anyway. However, I was pacing someone so it wasn’t a PR attempt.

I realize that by doing activities other than running, I’m taking a risk. But I’m not an Olympian and there are hobbies other than running bring me great joy – like pole dancing. Am I scared to keep pole dancing? No. I’ve been back to class on my regularly scheduled days. The only days I plan to skip are a few days leading up to Boston. I am not the kind of person who lives my life in fear, and I won’t avoid an activity that I love because it might injure me. I might get injured driving to work. My friend tripped stepping off a sidewalk last week and has one of the worst ankle sprains I’ve ever seen – and she was just going about her life. I truly believe that I’ve reaped a lot of benefits from pole dancing. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I think that it’s helped my running tremendously. The timing of this, however, SUCKS.

When bad things happen to me, I suck at coping with them. I go into shut down mode. Normally this means skipping basically everything and eating anything I can get my hands on. I spent the week hanging onto all of my progress by a thread: the diet, the sleep schedule, the core/hip/glute work – it still happened, but it took a LOT of convincing to keep up with it all. It was rough. I didn’t blog – total honesty here: not only did I not write in my own blog, but I really did not read anyone else’s. I haven’t written back to your comments and I am so sorry. I’m going to get on that today. I just needed to take a step back for a hot minute. There’s only so much a girl can take, especially after turning my life upside down (once again!) for the past 16 weeks.

Anyway, life goes on, and so does my taper. Here’s the pace guide I’m using:

Marathon Goal –  3:05
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs –  7:03/mile
Recovery Runs – 9:11/mile
Aerobic A/Easy – 8:36
Aerobic B/Easy – 8:01
Long Run: 7:42

Monday, 3/28:  8 Mile Easy Run + Core/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness 

I was off of work for Easter Break, and dropped my regular Monday 10 miler to an 8 miler. Hansons said to do 6, but that’s what they recommend each week. It’s one place where I’d been jacking up my miles (as recommended in their program modifications). In light of tapering and the speedy 20 miler I’d logged the day before, I dropped it to 8 miles. I was tired, but the run felt okay. I came home, did some core work (MYRTLs, and NTC’s Alpha Abs workout) and headed to pole.

Here’s the move I was attempting:


And here is a still shot of the moment that fucked up my toe. Sorry for the ass shot. It’s the foot on the left:


I didn’t bend it at a weird angle, which is good. It is not at all bruised – as in discolored. It’s technically like the “knuckle” at the base of the big toe. Based on the angle I bent my foot and how flat my toes are on the ground there, I think I hyperextended a tendon. Basically, a sprained big toe. It’s the only thing that makes sense. As you read on, you’ll see my mileage and paces did not suffer. Being as it is the big toe, if it were broken, I don’t think the mileage and pace would have been possible.

Tuesday, 3/29: Track Workout: 3 mile warm up, 4×1.5 miles (@ MP -10 seconds/mile) w/800 meter recoveries, 3 mile cooldown (14 miles) + Core/Strength/MYRTLs

I woke up Tuesday morning and was crying as I hobbled around my house. You have got to be fucking kidding me. This is bad. It still wasn’t discolored from a bruise, but it was swollen for sure.

I wore my Danskos to work thinking the support would be a good thing, but where the toe of the shoe cuts off dug right into the painful area. I was barely able to walk all day and I was sick over the injury. Towards the end of the school day, I was alone in my classroom for my planning period and I took my shoes off. Made a huge difference. I jogged around my classroom. Not bad at all. I decided I would show up to the trail and try the warm up. If that sucked, I would pull the plug. Not worth doing more damage.

I slipped on my Pure Flows and immediately thought, “these feel great. Why did I bother with the Danskos all day?” This was promising. I began my warm up with a mile around the park so I was always in close proximity of my car in case I needed to be done. For as painful walking was all day long, this felt…almost fine? Weird. I guess it SORT of makes sense – this was not caused by running, so it’s not weird that running doesn’t aggravate it. The weird part is that walking hurts, but running doesn’t. So I started to head out on the trail. My warm up miles were 8:02, 8:03, and 7:55. I felt great running, but fearful.

I began my repeats and expected the worst. Much to my surprise, it went extremely well. I was scheduled to do 4×1.5 miles at marathon pace minus 10 seconds/mile. My goal was to run each repeat at a 6:50 pace. This meant that each 1.5 mile segment should happen in 10:15 or less.

  • 1.5 mile repeat #1 – 9:56 (6:37 pace)
  • 1.5 mile repeat #2 – 9:58 (6:38 pace)
  • 1.5 mile repeat #3 – 9:55 (6:36 pace)
  • 1.5 mile repeat #4 – 9:51 (6:31 pace)

I would walk for 400, and jog for 400 in between and I felt no pain running – but when I walked, it felt sore. What the HELL. My cooldown miles were 7:57, 8:20 and 8:14. It was really odd. My foot actually felt less swollen as I ran. I left feeling a bit relieved, still very leery, and still a bit anxious. I went home, did I did MYRTLs, core, and NTC’s Runner Strength and Balance. That NTC workout is only 16 minutes and the last two minutes are stretching. The parts of the workouts where you had to do some lunges did NOT feel great on my toe at all. I did my usual planks and could barely balance on that foot. I started to get cranky and concerned, so I began icing the shit out of my foot and taking ibuprofen in mass quantities (something I rarely do but I was scared).

About the workout though: this was the same workout that I did in Week 12. Not only did it feel easier, the paces were quicker. Normally, this is something I would look up prior to the run but since I was so consumed with toe worry, I hadn’t even thought about it until after. I was so pleased with the pace when I compared the first workout with this workout! Almost like a glimmer of hope.

Wednesday, 3/30: Core + Barre Strength + 2.3 Mile Walk + Pole Fitness 

My foot felt no worse for the wear as I got out of bed on Wednesday, which relieved me a bit. After 14 miles with some speed in there, I was worried how it would feel. But it was no worse than when I woke up Tuesday morning.

I had a 10 mile race on the schedule for Saturday – I was going to use it as my tempo run. So I could either rest or run easy on Wednesday. I chose rest. I made it through the speed workout the day before, so I gave it the chance to calm down. I went to pole after work and ran through my routine. It didn’t happen during competition prep, so none of those moves bugged it. I actually had a super solid run through of my piece, which brightened my night a lot. I hadn’t done core yet and really just wanted to curl up on my couch. I talked myself into my usual planks/bridges/leg raises/hip drops and a seven minute NTC workout called Core Strength. It took everything in me to actually do it, but I’m glad I did.

Thursday, 3/31:  Easy Run, 8 miles + Pole + Abs/MYRTLs 

I stopped with the ibuprofen because my stomach was starting to feel jacked up. But I remembered that I had a box of Flector patches at home, which are really just ibuprofen patches. It’s an NSAID in a patch that you place over the affected area instead of ingesting. I don’t know if it works better than taking it in pill form, but it feels easier on my stomach. I also increased the amount of turmeric supplements I already take to help with the inflammation.

Headed to the trail I walked on last Wednesday, Penn Pump. It was much warmer out than I’d expected and I had all of the wrong clothes. .3 of a mile into my run and my Garmin died. I was wearing my Brooks Launches thinking the more cushioning would be good on my injury but my foot felt worse running than it had since the whole thing happened. Ugh. I grabbed my phone so I could use the Fitbit app to track this horrific run. I didn’t look at the app the whole time and figured I was probably running like 11 minute miles, but Fitbit says I ran 8:06 pace. Whatever – my stomach was HORRIBLE and I had to make a poop stop, my foot hurt everywhere (I think the Launches made me alter my stride since they didn’t feel so good on my toe) and I hated life.

I went to pole and felt exhausted. I think I was just emotionally drained. I talked myself into doing core, MYRTLs, and NTC’s Perfect Alignment workout (probably the easiest on the Nike app) before falling asleep on the couch for the night.

Friday, 4/1: 6 Miles Easy + Core/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness

Pretty much made myself sick to my stomach with the foot thing and knew I had a race looming over my head for the next day. If Charissa wasn’t coming to run it, I would have easily passed on the race and just gone to my usual trail for a tempo run attempt. But since she was coming from out of town, I figured I was already committed to at least going to cheer her on. So, I felt sick and overwhelmed. I took a half sick day from work.

I went home from work early, and took a nap since all I wanted all week was my couch. I woke up and did core/MYRTLs and NTC’s Core Stability and headed to the trail. This run was also around an 8:06 pace and felt a little better than the day before. I was still wearing my Brooks Launch and though they felt better, they didn’t feel great. I headed right to pole class. I felt super exhausted and drained and barely accomplished anything, so going to class was probably pointless.

Charissa and I caught up with each other while carb loading with some pizza and wine. I had been so drained all week that I warned her how lame I would be and wanted to be in bed early, so by 9pm we went to bed. I wanted to try my best to catch up on some sleep. I’d spent most of the week feeling drained and falling asleep on my couch, which is never a great night’s sleep for me.

Saturday, 4/2: Tempo Run (15 miles): Kutztown Fool’s Run (2.5 mile warm up, 10 mile tempo, 2.5 mile cooldown) + Core/MYRTLs

Let’s pause the toe talk for a moment: The spring race schedule in the Lehigh Valley and Hanson’s Marathon Method compliment each other well. This was the second 10 miler in my area and perfect timing for my long tempo runs. Not so perfect for my toe, but the timing of these races couldn’t be more perfect. It was always my intention to “race” the first one of these, but to run the second one on effort and to back off since it was relatively close to Boston. The last 10 miler was far enough away that racing it was fine and allowed enough recovery time, but this was close enough to the race that I needed to take the focus off of trying for a 10 mile PR (let’s not get greedy here, I just did that a few weeks ago!) and back to the task at hand: a marathon PR.

I’d discussed the race last weekend with Megan D., my super speedy friends that I have been running with often in this cycle. She’s already been through all of this. She ran several sub-3 hour marathons. She qualified for the Olympic Trials. I really value her advice. Last weekend, as we did my long run, we talked about pacing for Boston. She said not to “breathe” until mile 20 – as in, running so hard that you are breathing heavy. Breathe before mile 20, and you’ve blown your race. She also advised me against racing Kutztown altogether, but she knew I had the tempo run and thought if I could keep things under control, that I would be okay.

Based on my foot, it was mentally easier to go to this race without the intention of racing it. I’ll do a whole post on the race but here’s what I will tell you: I went with the intention that I might not start. I told myself I would see how I felt on the warm up and decide. Once I decided I was doing it, I didn’t look at my watch and told myself to practice what Megan said about marathon pacing. “Don’t breathe” was my mantra. I’m not going to tell you anymore, but if you follow me on Instagram or FB you know what happened 😉

Post race and post lunch with Charissa, I went home and spent the rest of my day on the couch. I got up to do core/MYRTLs and NTC’s Core Control (can’t stop won’t stop!), go to the grocery store, get sushi, take an Epsom salt bath but then headed right back to the couch. My toe, while still painful, still felt no worse for the wear. It was a little more painful when I was walking around the grocery store later, but that was kind of expected. I did put 15 miles on my feet, and 10 of them were at a more aggressive pace.

Interestingly enough, I wore my Pure Flows for the race and felt almost no toe pain. I’ve decided that until this clears up, my Launches are benched. I love both shoes and actually think the Launch is more comfortable in general, but right now I don’t want to aggravate my toe more.

Sunday: 4/3:  Easy Run, 9 Miles + Core/MYRTLs

It was windy. Like 65 mph windy. I stayed in bed all morning. My husband was also feeling lazy, so around noon we headed to church, to Lowes (still renovating our kitchen and have to post pictures soon, it’s fabulous!), Starbucks, and to the running store for a new pair of Pure Flows. I’d resolved to only wear the Pure Flow’s while the toe was healing. As for the toe, it was certainly no better but it also wasn’t worse. Status quo, which was to be expected after the race the day before.

At this point, it was getting late. I either needed to declare a rest day or go run my miles. I was going for anywhere from 6-10 (or less if my foot hurt). It was still windy as hell but I got dressed and headed to Saucon. I did 9 miles because it meant I could end the week on a nice round number. My toe felt decent running. A little sore towards the end of my run, but what did I expect? I averaged around 8:05 pace, I think. My legs felt great, which was encouraging. I did core/MYRTLs and my Barre workout. I could do the exercises where I raised up on my toes, but the lunging stuff hurt and I had to back down a little. It didn’t hurt as much as when I tried doing lunges on Tuesday, so that was a good sign.

I don’t think I’m going to go to the doctor. I honestly don’t think it’s broken and I really don’t think anything is torn. I can bear weight on it. If you tear a tendon or a ligament, you usually lose range of motion. I still have full range of motion, and no discoloration. I do have some swelling. There’s nothing a doctor can do for it, so whether I keep running or not I’m just going to continue treating it with ice and my Flector patches.  One thing I notice (and I think this is a good thing) is that when it happened initially, it almost felt like my toe needed to be cracked. Then, it felt kind of “loose” in the hours following, accompanied by a sharp pain. It felt that way through about Wednesday. Now, it just feels sore so the nature of the pain has changed from scary to just sore sore. I hope that means it’s healing. 

It seems to get better each day and would probably get better faster if I would stop aggravating it by running, but running itself doesn’t hurt and doesn’t cause me to alter my stride. I’m taking one day at a time and since it’s the taper, my volume will continue to decrease and I hope that will speed up the healing. If it hurts during a workout, I will stop. I’ve done the work. Nothing I do now will make me faster or stronger, but I want to try to stick to the plan if my foot allows me to. I have two hard workouts left, and I’m scheduled to pace a half marathon on Saturday. Here’s to hoping I continue to see improvements and can see this thing through.

Ever have a non running injury that affected your running?

♥ Total ♥ 60 miles ♥


66 Replies to “Boston Marathon Training: Hansons, Week 16”

  1. Oh man, what a bummer. I didn’t mention this on my blog, but during our first week of marathon training Rock slammed his foot into our bed and his pinky toe swelled up and was incredibly painful to walk on. He was PISSED! He waited a week to run on it but like you, he knew it wasn’t broken or torn. I think he almost jammed something (sort of like a hyperextension). We are now 10 weeks into training and he still has to buddy tape it and it throbs after long runs, but he is able to do all of his training and pretty well. I think, like a sprain, it will continue to hurt and swell for a long time. But you know your body and I say, just listen to it. And I think your approach for continuing to train and look at the race is a very healthy one. I too, don’t cope well with being injured and unable to do things. Ask Rock 😉

    1. OMG POOR ROCK! I am not happy to hear he did that, but a bit relieved to hear about how he is running with it regardless. I don’t like how the buddy taping feels for the big toe – I did try that. Many of the symptoms you described are exactly what mine are – jammed, hyperextension – what I suspect mine is. No discoloring and full range of motion so I doubt it is broken or torn. So…one day at a time and hoping for the best!!!

    2. So my good friend (huge runner) slammed his pinky toe into a door frame when he was taking his dog out. He had to go get an x-ray. I literally just screenshotted your comment about Rock and sent it to him. His toe is not broken according to the x-ray but what the heck! This is like the season of toe trauma!

  2. Congratulations on Saturday :). Way to make everyone go find you on Instagram or Facebook instead of spoiling it for us ;).

    Last year my friend was training for Boston and hurt her toe… by dropping the vacuum cleaner on it. It was a good deal before Boston so she cross trained (she’s a triathlete) until she could run again and still managed to run. But it made me think about what you said with other activities, you can get hurt doing anything, not just running, cross training, or exercising.

    I am glad the toe doesn’t seem to be broken and you have been able to continue training. I don’t blame you to just decrease the mileage and take it easier from now until Boston- after all it is taper. I have the Launches and Pureflows… I like the Launches for recovery days as well!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I am also a triathlete but since I backed off the biking and the swimming, I’ve been scared to cross train and do something I haven’t done in months at this point. But, if it gets to the point where running isn’t happening, I will do it. I am planning to follow Hansons taper to a T at this point and not add mileage on as I’d planned to initially. If it clears up for Boston, I think it actually could be a blessing in disguise because it caused me to rest a bit more. I’m just trying to find the positives here 🙂 I need to!

      1. Yeah- I remember when you were doing more triathlon training when I started reading, but it seems like you kinda backed off to do more marathons to meet the state goal (totally understandable) and when you found pole (I remember reading your post about pole when you went for a free trial and didn’t know you’d love it so much!). Definitely better to rest a little too much before the race than to rest too little, right?

      2. Yes!!! I still can’t believe that I kept up with the pole classes. I think it’s a good balance to running. With the tri stuff, it’s all cardio – no strength. But doing pole adds strength to my life, which I was lacking regularly!!! I might do my regular August tri this summer. I haven’t decided yet. I’m leaning towards no but I can’t imagine ending the summer any other way!

  3. Ugh, sorry, this sucks. 😦

    I’m with you on doing other things in life besides running. My career and life doesn’t depend on running and I *like* having other interests and hobbies. I can easily imagine that one day I’ll hurt myself while powerlifting, but like you, I think these activities add and help with running.

    In the last 2-3 years, I haven’t had an injury that derailed training, but I’ve been afflicted with bronchitis. Two years ago, I had bronchitis that lasted six months (fun) and this year I’m now on Month 4 of the same fun chronic bronchitis. I can’t run if I can’t breathe. Bleh.

    1. Holy crap, the bronchitis sounds horrible! I am so sorry you are struggling with it. I always think running injuries are THE WORST, but I think getting sidelined because of something else is actually worse. I really hope your bronchitis clears up SOON! Healing vibes to you!

  4. Oh no! This makes me so sad. So unfair, you do not deserve this rotten luck!

    It’s good to hear that it doesn’t seem to be affecting your running though. When I saw the opener of this post I was so confused like “wait what? Something bad happened…but then you won a race this weekend…does not compute…” Fingers crossed you start feeling better and that you’re pain-free by race day

    1. Thanks Hanna! I know, it was like radio silence from me last week because I was afraid if I talked about it, it would make it real. Well, it’s real. So I’m talking. But it does seem to be improving, which gives me hope!!! Congrats on your awesome race this past weekend. Saw on FB and instagram. Now to read your post and hear all about it since I wasn’t super on it in the blog world since this damn toe became an issue!

  5. Damn hang in there Allison! You are definitely being smart by taking it day by day. And you said it yourself- you put all the work in. Did you figure out how to do your planks? When my IT band hurts, I only use one foot on the ground and cross the other one over the back of the one I am using. Maybe you can do that to plank? Can’t wait for your race recap!!

    1. I LOVE your plank suggestion! I did that in the beginning because it was way too painful to put pressure on it. Now, I am back to doing them almost normally – I almost use that time as gentle stretching, if that makes any sense. Damn toes. Messing up my planking.

  6. Well, I told you this but maybe it’ll help someone else who reads it. My life blew up last year and I had a fit and kicked my heavy duty running stroller as hard as I could and broke and dislocated my big toe. I kept running on it, it hurt, it healed eventually. I can still feel it a bit, like it doesn’t have full mobility and it feels creaky, kinda. And mine was way worse than yours in that it turned my whole toe and top of my foot blue and purple and yellow.

    Breaking my toe was out of emotional pain, my red flag that let me know I was in the extreme danger zone regarding stress and so I made huge changes in my life and set myself up with a support system. In the meantime, I kept running, and I survived.

    I have a strong hunch that you won’t even feel your toe on race day. Once in a while I will feel mine, and rather than slowing me down, it gives me energy to overcome, and I speed right the fuck off and leave that shit behind me.

    Those 1.5 mile repeats are SICK. And you know it. xo

    1. The way your toe feels is the way my opposite one feels when I jammed it in a yoga class a few years back. Still creaky. I’m cool with it. I like your hunch and I hope you are right!!! I’m going to be channeling my inner Suzy when my toe hurts and try to make it give me energy ❤ And thanks – I like that workout!! You crushed that one, too. It's such a good one!!!!

  7. Oh no!!!! Dude! I am so sorry this happened. I’m glad to hear that it doesn’t hurt your running, but that really sucks. I got hurt last year after I fell off my mountain bike while I was in peak training for Chicago. It was devastating, and I ended up having to defer my entry. It’s great that you are running though… I couldn’t even walk after my injury, no less run. Good luck over the next few weeks and stay healthy!!!

    1. Thanks Kerry! I am so sorry that happened to you mountain biking. That is terrible!! I am definitely a bit more apprehensive in pole class now, but I think having a healthy fear of some of those things might be a good thing. I’m trying to look for the positives here, hehe 🙂

  8. UGH!!! The big toe!!! I’m glad to hear that it’s getting a little better and I’m hopeful there’s enough time for it to be unnoticeable come race time.

    I got bronchitis a few weeks leading up to Phoenix Marathon last year. I trained my little heart for that race wanting a PR so bad. But I got my first DNF instead. Sad times. Lol!

    Sending healthy big toe vibes your way!!! ❤

    1. UGH I remember reading about that happening to you! It might have been after the fact since I don’t know if I followed you then (or maybe just started following you?) but I do remember you talking about it. THE WORST. But you got through it and are so positive that regardless of what happens with my toe, I hope that I can come away with this with half as good of an attitude as you have! You are awesome!

  9. This timing really sucks, I’m so sorry. Like you, I tend to shut down when bad things happen. I’m sending you virtual brownies. (Best part…virtual brownies can be paleo-ish)
    Have you tried arnica? I’ve heard many good things about it, and certainly wouldn’t give you stomach troubles.
    Sending good thoughts your way!

    1. YUM VIRTUAL BROWNIES! Thanks 🙂 I did try arnica, and an essential oil blend. It didn’t seem to bring down the swelling but the Flector patch seems to help. At least, in my head it helps. Haha. Sometimes I think if you can mentally convince yourself something is working, that’s all you need!

  10. I’m glad you are maintaining a good attitude about it. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is with your toe. I’ve fallen and landed strangely before and hurt the side of my foot before. Hopefully you see some sort of relief before Boston but I’m seriously glad it doesn’t hurt while running.

  11. I fell while rollerblading a month or so ago and my left knee felt weird but like you, it didn’t bother me running. I’m not doing any creative cross training until my race is over, though. Hopefully you continue to heal!

    1. Thank you! Okay ROLLERBLADING. Everyone is doing this again. I keep seeing people out doing it. I am going to find mine in my attic as soon as Boston is over and get out there. WAY too much fun.

  12. Big toe injuries are the WORST!!! How can something so small manage to be so painful/annoying?! I’m glad it’s not affecting you on runs, that’s a really incredible piece of luck! I totally get not wanting to give up the other activities in your life b/c of fear of injury – that’s no way to go through life. But maybe just take it easy on those new moves in your pole class for the next couple weeks? 🙂

    1. Haha, agreed – last night was our Monday night class where we learn new things. The first thing she showed us was this thing called a brass monkey flip. I love anything that comes from a brass monkey but saw the flip part and said “I will do that on April 19th” (the day after Boston). I was much more cautious last night for sure! Definitely not staying off the pole altogether though. I just can’t!! I love it!

  13. I hope your toe gets better soon! Your accident is exactly why I don’t do any jumps to plank or to forward fold in yoga class. I have a yoga instructor who told me she’s jammed her big toe up more than once doing it — and she knows what’s she’s doing (unlike me, very sad at yoga)

    1. Yup, your instructor is right – I jammed my right one that way and it is TERRIBLE. My good friend actually dislocated hers when we were at a class in Philly once and HOLY CRAP was it bad. It was at a weird angle and just looked horrendous. Yuck.

  14. Ouch!!! I hope your toes heals quickly! I broke 2 of my toes right before a big softball game when I was younger. The batter behind me almost lapped me on the bases. 🙂 Even with a horrible toe your mileage and paces were impressive. Particularly your race. Ok, odd thing here. The Launch’s. They feel great on my feet but not great when running. I’ve been trying to figure out if it was me or the shoes. They feel so comfortable until I start running. This shoe thing is driving me nuts!

    1. Ahhh, the Launches! I do love how they feel on my feet and running, but they do not feel great right now. I’m hoping I can wear them again soon because I do like them on my easy days. That is really weird though. I forget – have you tried the Pure Flow or the Pure Cadence? I did not like the Cadence but a friend of mine loves them! Might be worth looking into. They have the 4 version still available even though they are on the 5s now, so you might be able to get your hands on a cheaper pair to check them out.

      1. I tried the Pure Cadence but wasn’t a fan. I actually returned them. I really don’t want to do that with the Launch’s but I just can’t figure it out! I loved my first pair of Pure Flow 4’s but the second pair have been all issues. The running store guy thinks I got a defective pair but how do I prove that?!

      2. Ahhh, I remember all of this. We discussed that before. I have the Pure Flow 5 and I do love them, however they did give me pretty bad blisters at first. But overall, I like the shoe a lot and it is the only running shoe that is working with my bum toe! How frustrating. What about a different model, like the Ravenna or the Adrenaline?

    1. Thank you, Alanna! It was a great day and I also hope it gets better. I am starting to see some improvements and the swelling has gone down (not completely) so I hope it keeps improving 🙂

  15. Wow. What timing! If you can run 60 miles with it not hurting while running, I bet you’ll be just fine on race day. Also, awesome job on those Tuesday repeats!

    1. Oh I hope so, Jennifer! I am really keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Thanks so much! For as shitty as I felt mentally going into that run, I felt decent getting it done. I have my last one today and I’m praying it goes the same way!

  16. Hoping the toe is still getting better!!! You still had an amazing first taper week and you should be so proud for fighting through. I don’t think the toe will be an issue for too much longer (it better not be because you def don’t deserve to have anything stand in your way of Boston). Less than two weeks to go and I know you are going to go out there and crush it. Plus, it’s been fun hearing about how smart you are planning to run it. I’m so excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks girl!! It seems to be getting better. Did a 9 miler on Sunday and my legs felt great, toe was a little cranky but I expected it. It seems to feel marginally better each day. Fingers crossed it makes it through this week! It’s the last one with workouts before it’s all easy miles 🙂 Great seeing you this weekend!!!

  17. Props on having the determination to keep up on all your stuff even when you were not feeling motivated and had to force yourself. And I’m sorry to hear about your toe. 😦 The phrase “daily toe updates” made me laugh, though!

    1. Haha! I feel like that’s what my life is now resigned to. My husband just texted me to ask how my day is going. Instead of replying with “good”, I gave him a full toe report.

  18. I saw your Instagram post so I was shocked when I read this post. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your running, right!? Hopefully it is healing up and the pain will be gone in the next couple of weeks. Well, despite the injury, it looks like you had another great week of running. The pic of the move with the hamstring stretch made me wince – my hamstring would definitely hate me if I stretch it that far.

    1. Thanks, Elaine! It was a rocky week emotionally and everyday I worry about what my foot will feel like running because it definitely doesn’t feel great walking. Ugh! It’s always something. I needed a minute to sulk but I am trying to remain positive!

  19. Boo, that totally stinks! I busted a toe really badly while I was in Paris studying street theatre–I came down hard off a trapeze and had a tough time walking the city the rest of the trip. I hope your toe continues to improve, and I’m glad it doesn’t seem to be derailing your training too much. Also glad you had a nice visit with Charissa–I’m jealous!

    1. Trapeze, pole – very similar! I came down weird and BAM. And can we talk about how you went to Paris…to study street theatre?!?!?!!? You might be the most interesting person ever. That is awesome!

  20. I’m so sorry to hear about your toe, but it’s definitely a plus that it doesn’t hurt while running. Obviously be careful, but if you don’t have pain, I think it’s fine.

    I definitely agree with doing things outside of running – it’s not our career/life, and it’s totally okay to like other things too! I went skiing a month or two before the last time I ran Boston, and I was so nervous I was really going to hurt myself…mostly because I’m really bad at skiing and I don’t necessarily like it that much, so it would have been a wasted injury. (Nothing bad happened, as is common on the bunny hills…)

    1. Thanks Susan 🙂 I don’t really feel it running so I think it’s okay to run. I think if the pain and swelling would increase with activity then I would need to stop. It’s just another thing to think about during the next few weeks which is kind of annoying, but that’s okay. As long as I can still run!! I saw your ski pictures from your recent trip – looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!! We had crappy snow this winter here so you were so lucky to get out west!!!!!

  21. 1 – Doing other activities other then running isn’t a bad thing – you are so much stronger for it. Anyone, anywhere, any day can get injured. For me it was playing soccer (a risk sure) but I’ve also been out walking and injured my foot before. 2 – Arthritis! I injured my foot (or so I though) two years ago right before a half marathon. I could run on it but not walk on it without pain. That pain lasted for months, then would come and go. Fast forward a year and an ankle x-ray later….the doctor told me I had arthritis in my toe and might experience some pain with that (ankle was sprained). Maybe you aggravated your toe and caused arthritis to flare up…just a thought.
    Thinking positive thoughts for you.

    1. I definitely think arthritis will be a thing for this toe moving forward – I have it in the right toe, the original toe I jammed! I think based on how it is responding to running and my methods of treating the swelling/symptoms, it is a hyperextended/sprained tendon. I am still trying to get the swelling to be gone completely, and it’s getting better each day. Once the swelling is completely gone, I’ll be trying to do gentle stretches. But I do think I will have some arthritis after it’s all cleared up! The other toe is like that. When it flares up, it hurts to walk but not run. Thank you for your thoughts!!!

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