Product Review: Graze

Disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own and have no affiliation with Graze. This review is based on my personal opinion of my recent experience with this company.

In my newfound love for subscription boxes, I also tried Graze. It’s a snack box. They will deliver snacks to your door weekly for $11.99/week. For that price, you get eight snacks, or about $1.50/snack.  I typically snack on things like Quest bars or other similar types of items, and those often run about $2.50/bar so this seemed like it was worth a try. You can go right over to their site and get your first box completely free – and you should. Free snacks! Head over to Graze and use this referral code: RMM76KZ2P to try it out.

I ordered this product back in February. I was unimpressed with it from the start and never planned to write a review. The site is a bit confusing to navigate at first. You can rate snacks, but I still have no idea how they decide what you’re getting. I get that you can “trash” the ones that you are uninterested in trying, but the other ratings are things like, “try, like, love”. If I’m right, you get a majority of items that you “love” and a few of the others mixed in. I’m still not sure.

Your first box (the free one) is really just a sampler. It came with four snacks, but a regular box that you pay for has eight snacks. I had no clue when the box was coming because there was no tracking info. I kept looking outside on my doorstep each day, but no box. I got an email saying it was on it’s way, but there was no way to track where it was.

As it turns out, the snacks come in smaller boxes and get delivered in the mailbox. It sat in my mailbox for several days, since we don’t always remember to check our mail each day. Fine for the time of year, but what about in the summer? They didn’t include ice packs or anything to keep it cool. Some of the snacks have chocolate in them that could melt if the weather was warmer. Weird.

I thought the box never came so I canceled the service before I even tried it. Once I figured out where my box was and got to try the snacks, I was semi-impressed. Semi, because though the snacks were really delicious and interesting, but they were small. I’m hangry 97.2% of the time, people. Don’t give me a handful of honey roasted cashews and try to pass it off as a filling snack. You can’t fool me.

I took zero pictures of the first box because I was just “meh” on the service. Also because I opened the box on a Friday and as you know, it’s game on for eating on the weekend for me. My husband and I ate the entire box of snacks before we even got to our usual Friday night pizza (you know, like an appetizer). I was sure Graze was a thing of the past and the only other thought I gave it was to cancel it.

Then, it redeemed itself. It sent you a survey asking why I canceled the service. I filled it out and I got a response offering me 50% off of two weeks worth of boxes. So eight snacks for $5.99? Okay, I like having a little treat in my pantry to snack on now that my mileage is up. I can get down with that.

Again, I got an email saying it was coming, but no idea when it would be delivered. I checked my mail the day I got the email and it was there, so that was a plus. Here is what a regular box looks like:



In a regular sized box, there are two layers of snacks:imageimage

Note: you can choose all kinds of dietary preferences, including gluten free. I wanted them to send me some real treats so I just liked any snacks that looked different and fun, and this is what they sent me.

I really enjoyed the snacks they sent this time around, and I received my second discounted box this past Monday. I went on the site to cancel the service upon receipt of the box. As I was clicking “cancel”, they offered me another box at 50% off ($5.99)! I’m going to keep “canceling” after each delivery and see how long I can ride the 50% off train. I don’t think this service is worth full price. To have random, fun, healthy (ish) treats in the house – especially during my peak week of marathon training – is worth the $5.99.

Usually, first impressions are everything and can make or break how I feel about a company. I wasn’t impressed with the sampler box, but Graze redeemed itself with the snack selections and continuous discounts. I don’t recommend going and purchasing the service, but I do recommend getting yourself a freebie treat since your first box is free using RMM76KZ2P. It’s free regardless, but they gave me that code so I figured I would share it. And who knows – do it, cancel it, and they might offer you some 50% off deals!

Another bonus: while you do have to put in your credit card information to get them to send you the service, but it’s super easy to “snooze” boxes and cancel the service when you are ready to discontinue.

Overall, it was a fun way to try some different treats in moderation, but not something I would purchase on the regular.

Would you ever try a snack box service?

19 Replies to “Product Review: Graze”

  1. I think I would have been unimpressed as well. It sounds like they still have a few bugs to work out. $6 isn’t a bad price but I think I would prefer to choose my own snacks.

  2. I tried Graze a year ago and at first I was really excited about it. Back then you got 4 snacks in each box, and each box was $6.99. I generally really liked the snacks, but they were too low in calories and protein to really be worthwhile for me. They weren’t doing anything to help keep me full in any way, so I cancelled the service.

    1. Agreed – the snacks were way small. And small enough in calories that I stress ate my whole last box of 8 snacks in one sitting. I cancelled the service – regardless of additional discounts – after that!

  3. I love that you keep cancelling and getting more discounts.

    Do they let you just order a particular snack if you find one you like, or is it all samplers? After sampling, I would want to order just what I wanted and be guaranteed to get that item.

    1. It seems like it’s all samplers, but you can go and “rate” the snacks you receive. You can trash the ones you don’t like or “love” the ones you’d like to see again! I did like it, but the servings were small. I stress ate the whole last Graze box (8 snacks) in one sitting 🙂 🙂

  4. I gifted a 6 month plan of Love with Food snacks to a friend. I thought it was a good deal for a one time payment of around $46 and they donate a box to hungry children. I think it comes with 8 snacks. My friend said she and her hubby likes them so I might try it or put it on my wish list for my birthday (ha!).

      1. That would be great. Would love to hear what you think of it. Maybe I’ll try it as well – and see if my girls will like some of the snacks.

      2. I am excited – the second box should come soon. I got the tasting box at a reduced price last month and the full sized box this month for a reduced price. I hope it comes soon!

  5. Thanks for the review! A friend had sent me the link to it, so I looked into it a while back. But I couldn’t see there being a way to choose for non-dairy things. And I agree it was confusing. But shoot, even if I can’t eat it my husband would, so I should just try the freebies.

    1. There actually is a way to choose non dairy – I forget because the site was so confusing but they do have the option. Definitely get the freebies and cancel for sure. Free = for me!

  6. I tried Graze last year and it was just meh. I had it delivered to work so it would be kind of a treat for my employees but there were a lot of things we didn’t like and the snacks were very small so I ended up canceling.

  7. Interesting. I don’t see this one lasting long. It sounds fun in theory but I think the meal delivery is where it is at. I feel like such a blob lately. Marathon training makes me want to eat ALL of the time. How people lose weight during training is beyond me 😉

    1. HA! I know, I feel that way over the past few weeks. My runger was in check until the last few weeks. I AM STARVING ALL THE TIME. I ate a whole Graze box in one sitting (all eight snacks) after my last delivery. I didn’t care if they offered me another one free, I canceled it. I can’t be doing that!!

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