What I’m Working Out To Wednesday

Melanie Martinez

I keep hearing this song at pole class. I finally went home and downloaded the whole album. It was really hard for me to pick just one song off of this album to share – I really like the whole thing! I actually knew a whole bunch of songs off of the album, I just didn’t realize they were all hers. I guess she was a competitor on The Voice, which I never watch so I didn’t know that until I did a little research on her.

The lyrics to her songs are surprisingly dark. If you just have it on as background music, you’d think you are listening to some lighthearted pop music. Which is what I thought since it was usually playing as background music at the pole studio. Her voice is really beautiful, so if you aren’t paying attention to what she’s saying the songs just sound pretty and fun. Her songs have titles like, “Sippy Cup” (the lyrics for that are pretty cray) and “Mrs. Potato Head”. Your initial reaction is that there isn’t too much depth there. Give them a closer listen, and something tells me this young lady had a tough childhood.

She looks insane in the video, but the song is great:

Check out Mad Hatter, Sippy Cup, Dollhouse, Pity Party, Mrs. Potato Head…I just had to stop myself or I would have listed every song on the whole album!!

Melanie? Dark lyrics? Yay or nay?

9 Replies to “What I’m Working Out To Wednesday”

  1. so i just Googled her and totally remember her from The Voice, with the two-toned hair. i haven’t heard any of her stuff, i don’t think, but i’ll check it out. LOVE The Voice. surprised someone who wasn’t in a top position ended up having some songs out — i feel like so many of them just disappear.

  2. Ha ha! Oh you KNOW I love this! Dark lyrics are perfect for running and getting all that anger and frustration out. Just as long as I’m not like, ruminating on them. And filling up my bathtub and grabbing the toaster. Ha ha!

  3. I didn’t recognize her in the video, but when I looked her up I totally remembered her from The Voice! Really pretty voice and I don’t mind dark lyrics. You are right though, she does look crazy in this video!! 🙂

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