What I Ate Wednesday (and maybe a song, too)

I’ve never done one of these before, but a few readers requested it so here goes! In February, I mentioned that I dropped some weight (as of last Friday, I’m down 12 pounds!) and really focused on cleaning up my diet during this training block. Part of what I lost, I gained during the holiday/recovery season. The last few pounds were pounds I always wanted to drop to get to what I believe would be my ideal racing weight. I don’t really know how these posts work so I picked a day, and started documenting what I’ve been mowing down – the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you’ve followed along for awhile, you know I call myself “Paleo-ish”. I like the concept behind the Paleo lifestyle but I don’t follow it 100%. Mostly because subscribing strictly to one dietary label doesn’t work for menot saying it doesn’t work well for others. I’ve learned that if I restrict myself too much, it’s game over pretty early on.

I’m a religious Fitness Pal user. I’ve been using it since the spring of 2012. I go through phases where I’m diligent about documenting, but for the most part I log something everyday. I don’t log every single thing on my cheat days, which occur over the weekend. I almost always eat more than my allotted calories/exercise calories on my cheat days. I tend to get crazy when I see the red numbers yelling at me for eating too much, so most times I don’t log the extras on my cheat days. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.

Here’s a snapshot of what I ate the day before I started this post. It’s a good example because it’s what I like my weekdays to look like in terms of calories in vs. calories out. On this day, I ran 10 easy miles and went to pole fitness. I use a Fitbit to track my activity and calorie burn.

The Coffee Situation

There are [at least] three occurrences of coffee per day. It all starts with the two cups that I brew at home. These are pretty strong and get a tiny splash of real half and half or heavy cream…whatever I have on hand! I don’t always remember to log this one because I barely put anything in it, and I feel like it’s as necessary as oxygen is to survival. Anyone who’s seen me before I’ve had this cup of coffee can tell you that I’m completely incapable of being nice or functioning like a normal human in society.


Then, there’s the sacred morning Misto. Venti Pike roast with steamed whole milk. I can’t adult without it. It’s 160 calories, so I can’t skip logging it. I consider it part of my breakfast.

imageAfter work on days when do my hard workouts (but mostly I just get one everyday because…coffee♥) comes the short Pike roast with cream. If you didn’t know, the short is a smaller coffee at Starbucks that’s on their secret menu. They will make you any drink in a short. It’s 8oz. Also a great idea when they have new lattes and you want one but don’t want all of the calories, or to pay a million dollars for a coffee 🙂

imageAnd look, they even put my dream marathon finish time on the cup. Great coffee and motivation!

On Sundays, I change up my order for a post-long run treat…Have you tried the Latte Macchiato yet? Life changing.


People post pictures of booze, I post pictures of coffee. Don’t judge me.


I know, I know. The bottles are wasteful. But the water at my house and work both taste like garbage. I usually aim to down six of these during my work day, if possible. Seven, if I’m really motivated.


And even though I don’t know if it’s the best things going for you, I work with kids and computers and germs all day so I always have at least one packet of Emergen-C (sometimes two if I’m feeling extra germaphobic):


I like the orange, pink lemonade, and tangerine.


I’m boring. Lately I’ve been making that Paleo Pumpkin Custard I posted about. I think I’ve made a batch every week for the past two months. It travels to work well so on the days where I’m lazy or working out, I just pack it and eat it at work. Even though it doesn’t take the prettiest picture and looks like a bowl of mush, I swear it’s pretty tasty and filling. I’ve been making it with almond flour instead of almond butter (I ran out, so I substituted) and I think I like it better!


Or, I’ll make a breakfast scramble with whatever I have on hand to change things up. I usually add some veggies, but I was lazy and running really late on the day I took this picture. It’s just ground turkey and scrambled eggs, all mixed up. I like to add spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc…but…late. Story of my life.



I try to make something fun for lunch and switch it up often. This week, I’m on an egg salad kick. I make my own paleo mayo to mix it up with. My intention was to have this as a wrap with some lettuce on my Almond Sweet Potato Flatbreads but they kept breaking, so I now call this Egg Salad Flatbread Pizza. Normally, I try not to eat so many eggs for everything but it’s Lent and I do meal prep on Sundays. I don’t have the time or energy to think of something else to eat on Friday’s when we aren’t supposed to have meat…so…eggs.


Training Staples

If I’m doing a hard workout, I usually have Lemon Tea Nuun tablets (which are discontinued, but I think I bought the remainder of their supply so I have a ton of them!):


And GU:


Both packages came from the bottom of my bag so they look like they’ve seen better days.

I made sweet potato waffles for my long run this week (spoiler alert: you might get the recipe on Friday), which don’t look pretty but they taste great:



I LOVE soda (especially diet soda, which is full of all of the bad processed things I try to avoid), but I rarely ever drink it. Instead, I get really wild and crazy at dinnertime and have a stiff drink:


I had a meal from Hello Fresh, and it was a Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto (the “ish” to my Paleo):


Another Hello Fresh meal, Dukkah Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Snap Peas (I will totally make this again!)


Or my own post track workout creation, inspired by Pinterest – the shrimp is cooked with bacon, mushrooms, smoked salmon and coconut cream. I made it with roasted veggies that I tossed with a homemade tangy coconut dressing and zucchini “rice”. Delish!!

Whether I plan my dinner or Hello Fresh does, I make very similar types of meals. Usually lighter on the grains (Paleo-ish!), but I do make sweet potatoes, risotto, farro, couscous, etc., when I feel like I need it. Or, I try to make some kind of “casserole” type dish that can be prepared ahead of time and serve it with a salad.


There are my daily carrots that I eat each day around 10:30. I have a love/hate relationship with them. Some days, they’re the perfect snack and other days I can’t stand the sight of them. I never know what kind of day it’s going to be until I open the container.


Then my afternoon snack of an apple or a banana. Now that my mileage is getting higher, I add two tablespoons of Just Great Stuff Chocolate Peanut Butter (it’s powdered like PB2, but it’s made with coconut sugar so it’s a little closer to being Paleo…except the peanut part:)




I am a huuuuuugggggeeee night time snacker so if I can’t deal and need a treat after dinner, I try to have a cup of tea. That hasn’t been cutting it since my mileage has been increasing (so no picture of tea for you), so it’s either a microwaved Quest Bar (have you ever heated these things up? I read about another blogger doing this. MAGICAL), or a random bar that I impulse purchased when grocery shopping, or a Siggi’s 4% yogurt. My recent favorite, which is a bit higher in calories, are the Quest Peanut Butter Cups. I’m not going to tell you that they rival Reese’s by any means. They are a bit dry but have a ton of protein in them. When you need a candy substitute, they work pretty well!


Microwaved (I already took a bite before I realized I didn’t snap a picture…#rungerprobs):




During the week, my diet is heavy on protein and fat. I don’t choose low fat items because I find that I get too hungry and then I start to pick on whatever is in my path, and that gets pretty destructive.

Weekend Eats

The weekends are a different story. Game on.

Pizza Friday! Best day of the week.


Sweet Potato Quesadillas with a black bean salsa!


Chimmichuri Steak and Couscous with Roasted Vegetables for dinner (another Hello Fresh meal):


On Sunday nights, I make some sort of “junk food” or “comfort food” dinner. This week I tried a recipe for Ravioli Lasagna. It was basically a vehicle to consume as much cheese as possible. Cheese raviolis, ricotta, pecorino romano, shredded mozzarella and fresh mozzarella layered up into lasagna. I added ground sausage to the sauce. Sooooo good! I used this recipe but I added my own little tweaks to it. I eliminated the jarred sauce and after browning the sausage in the pan I added fresh garlic and crushed tomatoes and let it simmer for awhile. I added a layer of pecorino romono cheese, and basil in the sauce and layered in… because basil ♥


Over the weekend, I spend a little time each day meal prepping for the upcoming week. Last weekend, I made another batch of mayo and egg salad, flatbreads, the waffles pictured above, and pumpkin custard. I used avocado oil for the mayo and it was a pretty color:


I had my final week of Hello Fresh last week, so I had to prep some of my dinners over the past weekend. I made my goat cheese stuffed meatloaf and a tray of eggplant lasagna since I haven’t made those since I posted about them. This way, if I’m running far and/or going to pole class I can call my husband, have him pop dinner in the oven. Voila, I got in my workout, dinner has magically materialized on the table, and no one was inconvenienced. We can eat when I get home, making us less likely to eat out or eat junk. It really helps me stay on track if I spend some time food prepping on the weekend. Plus, then we get to enjoy home cooked meals together on weeknights, which get busy for both of us.

Annnnd that’s some of what I was eating over the past week! It was fun to do this, but I already miss giving you guys your weekly dose of music. So while I do have a music post with a super fun song all drafted up for next week, I’m going to give you an old favorite of mine this week. This song is not new by any means, but it never leaves my iPod. It’s one of my favorite jams for when I’m doing a hard workout/racing and put myself in the hurt locker:

“Send the Pain Below”

“I liked,
Having hurt,
So send the pain below,
Where I need it.”

How do you eat when you are training? What are some of your diet staples? Do you do any food prepping on the weekend? What song do you like to listen to when you’re in the pain cave?


37 Replies to “What I Ate Wednesday (and maybe a song, too)”

  1. I’m so glad my belly was full before I read this!! 🙂 A normal day of eats for me: coffee in the morning, a hearty bowl of raisin bran after my run, chicken + sweet taters + broccoli for lunch, wine w/ cheese and crackers before dinner, and then whatever I want for dinner- nothing junky, but I change it up. I normally have dessert, which is straight up sugar. No “fake” desserts like Greek yogurt + berries hahaha. Snacks during the day are pnut butter pretzels, apple, or nanner!

  2. Whoa, this post looks like it took you a long time to write, but I’m so glad you did! I NEEDED TO READ THIS. I love how your baby carrots tell your emotional temperature. Ha ha! So cute. I tried Quest bars but they have too much fibre for me. My stomach can’t handle them.

      1. I just sent the link to this post to my sister because she really struggles with her weight and I think she’d like that app and your no-nonsense approach to it all. She’s a teacher too!

      2. Oh, I hope it helps her! I think a big part of why some people struggle is that they pick a dietary label and try to stick with it, but then they “mess up” (for example, having pasta on the Paleo diet would be a no no) and throw in the towel completely (so someone eats pasta and says fuck it, I can’t be Paleo and then eats all of the carbs). I think it helps if people set reasonable expectations and know they are human and will likely cheat on their diet at some point. It doesn’t mean they’ve failed and that they should just give up. It just means they try again at the next meal – don’t say it messed up your whole day or week, just get right back on the train and keep trying! Good luck to her!!

  3. And then, I eat all the food on the weekend! (ok, that’s me saying that actually!) I really need to get back on LoseIt to track calories for myself. But I hate seeing them add up so I fib. How lame!! Thanks for that tip on Starbucks. I actually decided not to go there this morning in “reward” for my 12 mile run because my weight isn’t where I’d like it, and I get Frappucinos with lots of calories. Typically I lose a little weight during marathon training, but this round, nope. I really just need 2 or 3 pounds, but it’s not moving. Congrats to you being such a mindful eater! It sounds very healthy.

    1. I never heard of LoseIt! I need to check that one out. I like Fitness Pal because I can add recipes and import recipes from Pinterest, making it really easy to stay on top of tracking everything. I know the struggle of the fib – I want to lie to it all the time, so I let myself on the weekends! I think that’s part of what keeps me on track, I get those days where I will eat what I want, and lie to my Fitness Pal, and it gives me some real satisfaction. Haha!!

  4. I LOVE your love for Starbucks coffee! Because I have an addiction to it too of course – although I’m realizing mine might not be as strong as yours haha. I usually have my one grande cup of pike a day 🙂

    Also, I admire your discipline to eating right, fueling your body, and making it so balanced. I am just so lazy in this aspect of my life – I need your inspiration!

    1. We must go to Starbucks post- April Fools Run!!! There is one on the way back to my house 🙂 I am not always this motivated, just since the New Year!! Just a few more weeks and then I plan to feast on fries, diet coke, unlimited pizza, and some sort of cake with buttercream icing. Or maybe a cake made completely of buttercream icing. I really just want icing!

  5. I loved reading this as I suck at eating and need all the help I can get. I’m trying, slowly, to do better but it’s just SO hard. Your weekends are my everyday life. Sigh….

    1. I think it’s hard if you start to make changes but do it all at once. I had to incorporate things slowly and work up to sticking with a healthier diet during the week – I have a huge sweet tooth and LOVE junk food. It took 8 years of running to only eat 2 slices of pizza on Fridays instead of my normal 4-5!!

  6. I love those new Think Thin fiber bars. They’re so good, and I like that they’re smaller than the normal protein bars. I think most of my extra calories come from snacks – carrots just don’t satisfy me. But I can’t use trackers like that or I get obsessive in an unhealthy way.

    I love that Chevelle song. I have Jars on my running playlist…it’s a favorite, too!

    1. The Think Thin bars are great! I am a huge snacker so it doesn’t matter if my meals are 400 calories or 1400 calories – I am always looking for something to snack on. I try to keep my meals on the smaller side so I can still snack, since I’ll do it either way. I just like to eat. The struggle is REAL.

  7. I find it so interesting to hear what other people eat. I, for one, suck at eating good things. Like something fierce. It makes me wonder how much better at life I could be if I even came close to 50% DV of my vitamins.

    1. I actually should have taken a picture of the vitamins I take. I have a calcium deficiency and I’m on a pretty specific plan. I started my regimen about 2 1/2 years ago (a pharmacist friend of mine came up with it for me) and honestly can’t believe how much better I feel when I take them. It’s pretty crazy.

  8. I love Starbucks too! My brother got me $50 giftcard for Christmas and it was gone way too fast.

    Your weekday meals are so balanced and inspiring. I really need to work on my eating habits, though I’m much better than I used to be for sure. I’m also glad to see that you splurge on the weekends which I can totally relate to. I have to be careful with my late night snacking because that gets out of hand pretty quickly. Chocolate has a bad habit of finding its way into my mouth and in large quantities. People wonder how I can make pastries and stay thin. I tell them that’s why I run so much, because I eat all of the things. The struggle is real!

    Chevelle is great. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yayyy another Starbucks lover!!! OMG I could NOT be successful at staying on track during the week if I didn’t let it all go on the weekends. I wouldn’t say my weekend diet is a free for all, but if I go out to eat somewhere good I will order whatever I want (no trying to be paleo or eat something healthy) and if I want candy or real snacks (not quest PB cups or microwaved bars, LOL) then I go for it. I have a super fast local runner friend that is also a pastry chef, and she is also thin – the says she tastes everything, but rarely eats a lot of it. I don’t know how you guys do it. I love anything with sugar and can’t keep baked goodies in my house (unless it’s the weekend, haha!) or I will just eat it until it’s gone – in one sitting. No joke. You guys really impress me with your willpower!

  9. This post makes me so hungry. And Polar Water?! I can’t wait to be back in NYC in a few weeks and drink all of the Polar Water! I love all of their amazing flavors. Can we talk about pumpkin custard too? BTW 12 pounds is amazing. Post baby, I feel like I need a little boost. I was pre-baby weight shortly after having Mary but I still feel this extra something that needs to go! Hoping marathon training and your inspiration to clean my diet up helps!

    1. Thank you!!! I have been working hard to stay on track these past two months. But interestingly enough, when I started using Fitness Pal in 2012, I dropped weight. Then, I put some back on. I think I started overestimating how much I was working out and underestimating what I was eating. Then last year I got a Fitbit. Now, when I buckle down and stick to it, I see movement on the scale. The Fitbit really helped me understand heart rate and it’s effect on calorie burn! I remember when you had Mary how quickly you dropped the weight – I think that is so amazing and I saw that picture of you in your adorable Fabletics outfit – I think you look GREAT!

      Make the pumpkin custard! I seriously look forward to it every morning. I think I’ve eaten it since the beginning of February, haha! It looks ugly but it actually fills me up – though I do drink it with my big coffee that has a bunch of milk in it, so that is also kind of filling.

      OMG my sister in laws and I are HUGE Polar fans. We usually buy all the bottled seasonal flavors and make cocktails with them at family holidays, or by the pool in the summer! They have some really great drink recipes!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing Allison. I have that app on my phone but I always think it’s too much effort to log everything. Is that me just rationalizing not doing it? I got all of those Hello Fresh meals and thought they were all delicious but especially the chicken – it doesn’t look like much but is so tasty.

    1. I remember when you would get the Hello Fresh meals! I agree – the chicken dishes are so awesome. They never looked really pretty but sooooooo delish!!! In the beginning, fitness pal is SO time consuming. But once you get into a routine, I can have my whole week of meals logged on a Monday morning when drinking my coffee. I have most of my recipes already saved in there and if I food prep on the weekend, I have an idea what I’m eating each day. Of course it changes everyday a little, but the majority of it is done and logged so it makes it easy. I don’t think you are rationalizing not doing it at all – it is super time consuming initially!

  11. I get the carrot feelings exactly. I ate them every day was I was getting in shape a few years ago and now I rarely want them. I keep buying them every week though. So no the same as chips. 🙂 I’ve used My Fitness Pal and Lose It over the years. Neither seem to be helping me these days. The scale just won’t move. Lose it seems more user friendly but I am hoping the tracker change will shake things up a bit.

    1. Oh, the daily carrot struggle 🙂 So funny that you are the same way! I wasn’t seeing scale movement until I purchased a Fitbit. Really helped open my eyes to calorie burn for different activities and the effect of heart rate! I need to check out Lose It. You are the second person to mention it and I’ve never heard of it before!

  12. I found this really interesting. I am always curious to see what other runners eat. I’ve tried to make sweet potato waffles (pumpkin too) but they fall apart pretty easily for me. I can’t wait to see the recipe so I can try yours.

    I find I get hungry eating low fat as well.

  13. Thanks for sharing this! I’m with you on not being able to be 100% strict on a diet or “label”, that does indeed make it game over quick. I have cleaned up my diet a lot especially over the last few months, and certainly noticed a difference. I plan all of my lunches and dinners at the beginning of the week and do my shopping that way, this saves time money and effort…winning all around. It’s also helped me stay more on track during the week. My breakfast is pretty much always the same, at least for a few months now I have religiously brought greek yogurt with berries and some granola to work. It’s protein and carbs and helps keep me from eating my lunch at 10AM because I’m starving.

    1. Isn’t it the best when you wake up on a Monday and know you don’t have to think about what you are packing for breakfast/lunch all week? It’s like a huge relief. It makes Monday and going to work a little bit easier!!!

  14. Just saw a link to this from your recent post…I went paleo-ish starting January 11th this year. I did 21 days before “cheating” any and it has been awesome. Some go-to foods are def eggs and sausage, buffalo chicken wraps, learning to love spaghetti squash and butternut squash. BTW, I was just introduced to Cafe Misto this weekend – good stuff! Go to song for adrenaline needs – The Pretender, Foo Fighters.

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