A Case of the Mondays.

I usually just save my daily posts for one big weekly training recap. But by noon on Monday, there were already too many things to say and I hadn’t even done one plank or gone for a run yet.

First of all, it was March 14th. Happy Birthday, Taylor Hanson.


No, not Hansons Marathon Method that I keep going on and on about. Like the MMMbop kid. Every year I remember his damn birthday because I had a huge slight obsession with him in middle school. I think I blogged once in a Wednesday music post about how I once baked him a cake to sing happy birthday with two of my friends, and after I iced it I put it back in the oven (which was turned off) so no one would eat it and the icing melted into the cake. The oven, though it was off, was still warm. I want to say that I invented the cake pop first. I’m soooo hipster. Unfortunately, I was in 8th grade and had no idea what I’d discovered.

Maybe if I run a PR at Boston, I’ll bake a cake for Keith and Kevin Hanson (and Luke Humphery too, of course) and worship the ground they walk on the way I used to worship Taylor.

Monday was also the day after Daylight Savings Time, so I should have been ready for it. I was tired. I was cranky. I didn’t want to leave my couch and my coffee. It was dark and raining as I left at normal time for work. While I leave for work on time, I tend to do my makeup on the way in (so bad. I know, I know). I have two eyeshadows in my little travel bag – both by Urban Decay. One is called “Easy Baked” and I can wear it whether I’m going to work or out for a night of heavy drinking/bar hopping (like I ever do that anymore, come on). The other is called “Midnight Cowboy Rides Again” and is laced with glitter that ends up EVERYWHERE when you apply it and should be worn out on a night of heavy drinking/bar hopping.

I’m sitting at a stoplight and its dark out, and I start caking on my eye shadow. I was extra tired, so I felt like I needed extra make up. It was so dark, and I think to myself, “WOW that would suck if this were actually Midnight Cowboy“. I flip it over. Yep, it was. My face was covered in glitter. All I needed were a few $2 bills and some fruit spray and I would really be a convincing stripper, seeing as I have the pole experience under my belt. As I drove to work, I looked a lot like this:


Luckily, many of the teenage girls at our school believe this sort of make up is acceptable for a regular school day, so no one looked twice at me as I sprinted to my classroom so I could figure out how to un-fuck the situation.

I would have snapped a picture, but I was already 10 minutes late to work at this point thanks to the many timid drivers. You know, the ones who thought that because it was dark and raining meant we could drive 15 mph the whole way to work. I rushed in the building through side door with my hood up (making it look more like I was doing a walk of shame) and went directly to my classroom, where I grabbed a piece of scotch tape and got as much glitter off of my face as possible. It was an awesome morning, and it wasn’t even 7:30 yet.

For the coup de grace, it was drizzling, damp and in the low 40s for my run after work. I just wasn’t into it. I got through it, but I really just wanted to snuggle on my couch and eat all the food. I woke up this morning with the same attitude. I was feeling tired and unmotivated, but I checked my email and found this:


Perfect way to change my attitude and get my Tuesday off to a better start. ♥

I also triple checked the eye shadow I was applying this morning before actually applying it.


45 Replies to “A Case of the Mondays.”

  1. Do you know how many times I refer to a Hanson brother and Rock asks me to clarify? You’ve got running, music and for us the brother’s from the movie Slapshot. Tells you how often we are referencing one of them in our daily conversations. We almost named our dog Hanson. Almost.

  2. Haha your story has me cracking up here. Maybe you should put the glitter eye shadow in a different place just to be sure 😉 Rainy days can either make me feel really lazy or really refreshed – usually when it’s both cold and rainy (like yesterday), it’s the former. But yes, today is a new day to give it your all! Go attack your Tuesday 😀

  3. Too funny on the eyeshadow! I wouldn’t have thought of using tape. So resourceful! Mascara and eye liner are my only makeup items for my eyes. Quick but must be done before I leave the house or people would think I’m still asleep!
    It is too damn dark out in the morning now. 😦

  4. That is SO FUNNY. I’m laughing even harder at the comments. I love that you asked Siri and I love that Lisa changed her Siri to a man and that he doesn’t have great ideas. I needed this laugh this morning! You the best.

  5. I’m glad I work at a software company because that means the only thing I have to do in the morning is put on jeans and a t-shirt and maaaaaaybe comb my hair. If I’m feeling up to it.

    1. How do I get that job?! I teach Web Design! We don’t have a dress code but it’s like an unwritten rule that we look semi presentable. Some people look like they are dressed to the nines every single day. I try to dress as close to being dressed down as possible.In my head, colored jeans are an acceptable form of dress pants 🙂

      1. Just apply to any ol’ software company! It was great when I realized I could get away with jeans, t-shirts, and no make-up. I think since the culture around coding tends to be geekier/more into gaming, the companies that develop software have adjusted to accommodate it.

  6. Hi! I saw your comment on Hanna’s blog (Milennnial Next Door) and had to come visit! Another Hansons’ fan! Yay! (The marathon method I’m talking about, though I love your MMM Bop reference too!) This is my second time using the half marathon method. While I’m currently cursing the Hansons after my toughest peak week, I’m a believer and don’t think I’ll ever do another plan. I’m planning to do my first marathon this fall and want to use the plan, though I want to work with a coach to find the best of their plans for me. I’m a slow runner, and it takes me so much time to devote to runs that I just don’t think I can do more mileage that the beginner full marathon plan calls for. Anyway, I’m happy to find your blog and will be following along!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for stopping by! I love Hanna’s blog! I got to meet her in June when we ran Grandma’s Marathon, she is awesome! I am soooo excited to hear of another Hansons fan (the authors, haha!!) and that you are going to run your first marathon! Do you know which one you are going to run? I am loving their plan for the marathon distance. I just bought their half marathon book and I plan to use it the next time I target a half marathon! I worked with a coach from fall 2014- spring 2015 and after Grandma’s Marathon, I discontinued working with him. I think the important thing with finding a coach is that you find someone who assesses your strengths and weaknesses as a runner to develop your plan. He was a great coach, but his methods didn’t work for me. I am finding Hansons to be a good fit because it addresses my weaknesses, which are race pace tempo runs and consistent speed work. I LOVE how it constantly forces you to do those workouts! So glad to find someone else who drinks the Hansons Kool Aid 🙂 Good luck with training, I look forward to following along!

  7. I loved Hanson and *still* love them. Their newer songs are pretty good, too. When I was a teen I had their Christmas album and my family and I would listen to it in the car all season long (it was a cassette tape bc our car did not have a CD player). It was the soundtrack to all our car rides to look at lights and to and from Christmas parades. I would do anything to go back to those times with family and the simple life of being a kid. Even though so many feel like Hanson is uncool, their music was the soundtrack of my teen years (along with other bands, of course) and will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Hansons Half Marathon Method also holds a special place in my heart… for another reason: helping me achieve PRs. I sure hope that after Boston you can say the same thing!

    1. It was SO ROUGH with the time change on Monday. But, I had a meeting after work yesterday and had to start a long workout an hour later than normal. Having extra light on my run last night was CLUTCHHH!!!!

  8. I love that you know it was Taylor Hanson’s birthday. 🙂 Sorry about the glitter situation but it made me laugh. I’ve had problems with my eye liner before- I leave the house thinking it looks normal and then realize my mistake the first time I use the bathrooms at work. Oops! Hope your week gets better!

    1. Another really good one is when I get mascara in my eye and it seems to want to water into next Tuesday. I bought this new stuff by the brand, IT, and it’s AWESOME but it burns the crap out of my eyes if I get even a tiny bit in them. That’s a dealbreaker for me. When it’s done, I won’t buy it again. Urban Decay makes one called Perversion that I love and will buy again next time! That’s what I get for switching it up!

  9. Urban Decay eyeshadow for the win! my fave also. your Taylor Hanson story is hilarious and i can entirely relate to loving them/him especially/singing MmmmBop a million times…although you totally win, with that cake-baking story. gosh i want to hang out with you. 🙂

  10. Oh man, makeup disasters at school. I think for me, because I love bright lipstick, the worst is getting through half a day before I realize I’ve got like…a weird buildup in the corner of my lip or something. Ew.

    I used to LOVE Hanson. They were the first band I actually remember thinking, “I love this song, I wonder who sings it!” and then getting the CD. So embarrassing haha!

    1. Haaaa the lipstick omg. I love red lipstick and I know your pain when I wear it! I have a pretty neutral gloss that I put on in the morning, but by the time I’m done with my coffee it’s usually gone. Hanson –> so embarrassing, yet so good!

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