What I’m Working Out (Poling!) to Wednesday


Next week, I am going to take a week off of my weekly music posts to do a “What I Ate Wednesday”. When I published my February month in review, a few readers requested that I do post like that. I want to give you a good honest look at what a regular day would entail, but also what I do on the weekends to make sure I don’t get too strict and cray cray! Last weekend was my birthday so I certainly was indulging more than usual, and last week I was away at a work conference so I figured I would gather my thoughts this week and post that next week.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be competing in my first pole competition and that I’d picked the Skrillex/Beiber version of “Where Are You Now” to choreograph a routine to. I was pretty set on it for awhile, but as I developed the routine it just wasn’t working for me. I had the choreography, but there was something about it that I just wasn’t feeling.  My friend, Suzy, wrote a post around that time that mentioned the X-Ambassadors song, “Unsteady”. It came on my iPod when I was running that same day, and I thought to myself, “Why is this not my competition song?”

Part of the problem with the Bieber song was the pace – it was too fast for all of the tricks I was trying to do so it looked sloppy. I couldn’t really get through the whole thing and make it look good. I had so many cool moves but I couldn’t hold them long enough for anyone to appreciate them. But the other part of the problem was that I couldn’t relate to the song, so I was just adding in moves because they were cool.  I’m not a dancer by ANY means, so it’s hard enough for me to be expressive to begin with. I’ve been married for 10 years, and the Bieber song is about heartbreak. I know it hurts, but it’s not a pain that I’m as familiar with at this point in my life.

Now in the literal sense of the song, the X-Ambassadors sing about a kid who watches their parents fight and doesn’t want them to break up. Also something I can’t relate to, but I can relate to the parts where they sing things like, “Hold on to me, cause I’m a little unsteady” and “If you love me, don’t let go”. It just makes me think of an imperfect person begging someone to stick by their side, even though they fuck things up sometimes. Now that is something I can totally get down with. That statement describes me.

I wanted to post a video of my routine, though it is quite imperfect at the moment, as the video in my post today. I think the imperfect version would be fitting based on my interpretation of the song and my rationale for choosing it. I actually have a half decent take of it from last night, but the angle that I set up my camera shows too much crotch. It’s covered, but it’s still a bit much. 🙂 I’ll post something soon though! In the meantime, enjoy 🙂

Tell me a song that you think speaks to you or describes you!


16 Replies to “What I’m Working Out (Poling!) to Wednesday”

  1. One of my faves. I’ll never forget the first time I heard it, when I watched that high school girl dance her heart out to it. I messy-cried. I love that you’re using this for your routine!

    1. I was going to send the very messy video to you on FB but there are some serious crotch shots going on. I will try to get a better angle tonight 🙂 After all, it was inspired by you! xo

  2. Ooh! I like this one a lot! But, I really don’t think I’ve heard an X-Ambassadors song I didn’t like.

    YES! You have to post a video of your routine! I can’t wait to see it! You’ve been working so hard for this.

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