Boston Marathon Training: Hansons, Week 12

Best. Week. Ever.

Started out with a work trip that got me out of my classroom for three days and ended with a race and my birthday! The work trip isn’t necessarily easier than actually going to work but it’s a nice change of pace. My coworker is the adviser for a business club called DECA. At our school, DECA is a big deal and about 300 kids are involved. 180 kids qualified for the state competition in Hershey, PA (just about an hour and a half away from home) and I’ve chaperoned the trip for the past five years. It’s lots of fun, but super exhausting. This year was no different. I always try to make sure that a recovery week falls on states week, because I know it is unlikely that I can squeeze in more than 8-10 miles while I’m there.

Including last week, I’d done long runs for three weeks in a row due to weather/scheduling. Typically, Hansons has you do long runs every other weekend. The program modification states that you can do one every single weekend if you want to add volume. With the planned recovery, the work trip, and the absence of the weekend long run in my actual training plan, I didn’t do a traditional “long” run this week. I use that term a bit loosely because my track and tempo workouts are rather long at this point, totaling 13-14 miles respectively. So yeah, there are long runs but not loooooonnnnngggg runs. My mileage has been consistently building since week 4, so I was ready for a slight reduction in miles and it fell at a great time.

Here’s the pace guide I’m using:

Marathon Goal –  3:05
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs –  7:03/mile
Recovery Runs – 9:11/mile
Aerobic A/Easy – 8:36
Aerobic B/Easy – 8:01
Long Run: 7:42

Monday, 2/29: Track Workout: 3 mile warm up, 4×1.5 miles (@ MP-10 seconds/mile) w/400 meter recoveries, 3 mile cooldown (13 miles) + Pole Fitness + Core/MYRTLs

I was leaving for my work trip on Tuesday, so I knew the chance of me getting this run in on my usual Track Tuesday was slim. I’d moved my long run last weekend to Saturday to accommodate the workout and the trip, meaning this workout happened on Monday after work. I headed to the Plainfield Trail and got started. Missy came along and we began our warm up together. She backed off a little as I got prepared to do my repeats. My goal was to run each repeat at a 6:50 pace: that’s marathon pace minus 10 seconds/mile. This meant that each 1.5 mile segment should happen in 10:15 or less.

  • 1.5 mile repeat #1 – 10:09 (6:46 pace)
  • 1.5 mile repeat #2 – 10:14 (6:49 pace)
  • 1.5 mile repeat #3 – 9:51 (6:34 pace)
  • 1.5 mile repeat #4 – 10:02 (6:41 pace)

In between each repeat, I walked a 400. I want to tell you that I started jogging during that 400 but I was lazy and a little tired (it felt weird doing this workout on a Monday) so I walked. I found out when I got back to my car that I was actually supposed to do 800 meter recoveries – oops! But I did the maximum warm up and cool down (Hansons suggests 1.5-3 mile warm up and cool down, I try to do the 3 miles on either end of the workout) so I don’t feel like I shortchanged myself on distance – just on recovery time! If I’d realized my error sooner, I would have walked 400 meters and jogged for 400 meters before beginning the next repeat.

I used one GU (chocolate peanut butter, mmm!) after the first repeat, to practice fueling while running hard. Post run, I drove to the pole studio. On Mondays, we learn new things and we learned a pretty new grip, called a football hold:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

When I got home, I didn’t want to anything else at ALL but it was our last day of our StrongBody Streak. I got on my yoga mat and did MYRTLs, and just some basic core moves (planks, hip drops, bridges, leg raises). I’ve seen a lot of benefit in doing those 15 minutes of strength daily and don’t want to lose momentum now.

Tuesday, 3/1: 11 Mile Easy Run (8 Miles AM; 3 miles PM) + MYRTLs/Core

Before I headed out to the conference, I got in an early morning easy 8 miler. It was about all I could manage before I had to head to school, help load up 180 kids plus all of their crap and get to Hershey. We were checked in and settled by about 2:30pm, and that gave us about two hours to ourselves. My two friends/coworkers, Leigh and Andy, wanted to go for a run. Jo was on the trip; she’s a senior this year, and I know her well but never actually had her as a student. She is one of our top cross country/track runners and I often run with her, so she came with us. There is a nice little path across from the Hershey Lodge (where we stayed) and Jo and I did an easy 3 miles. I hadn’t run with her in awhile so it was fun to get a few miles in with her.

Before getting ready for the evening festivities, Leigh and I went back to our room and did core. I did MYRTLs and a quick Nike Training Club workout, Core Strength. Then we spent the rest of the evening looking like this while watching the kiddos:


Wednesday, 3/2:  8 Mile Easy Run + MYRTLs/Core 

Pretty low key day. Woke up and did core after breakfast using the Nike Training Club app. The workout I used is one of my favorites, called Alpha Abs. I followed it up with some MYRTLs. Later that morning, I went for a quick run outside and found a great trail close by. It was SUPER windy and chilly and I wished I had some warmer clothes. I had capris, a thin long sleeve, and a headband which would have been okay if I’d remembered to bring gloves. I sucked it up and went outside anyway, because it was sunny and gorgeous. I ended up running too fast, averaging 7:48 pace. That’s how it usually goes there because I am personally in charge of 16 kids. Though I’m allowed to leave at that time, I get nervous something will happen and I’ll be miles away. Other than the fact that I loved the little trail I found, there isn’t too much to say about the actual run.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Thursday, 3/3: Pole + Abs/MYRTLs 

My usual off day from running is Wednesday, but I decided it would work better on Thursday this week since we would be traveling home from the conference. I’m always extremely tired by this day anyway, and I don’t have any free time so it would have been really stressful to try to run. Once we got home, I went to pole class and worked on my routine and did some easy abs/MYRTLs at home.

Friday, 3/4: 6 Mile Recovery Run + Core/MYRTLs + Pole Fitness

I went for a lovely run around Lehigh Parkway – it was so gorgeous out! I kept the pace easy because I knew I was racing the next day. I did some abs – NTC workout Perfect Alignment – and MYRTLs, and headed to pole class.

Saturday, 3/5: Tempo Run – Quakertown 10 Miler (14 miles total) + Core/MYRTLs

It was my birthday AND I got to run a race!!! I never ran a race on my birthday before. But, you’ll have to read my race review to hear about what happened (unless we are friends on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably already know!). Here is a little spoiler:
Look! It has my birthday on it! How cool is that?!?! After the race (and after my stomach started cooperating again) I did MYRTLs, core, and Runner’s Strength and Stability (Nike Training Club workout).

Sunday: 3/6:  12 Miles Easy + Core/MYRTLs

I expected to feel like total ass and knew that this run might not be 12 miles. I was fully prepared to start running, feel like shit, and just try for 6-8. I wouldn’t normally have that mindset but since I raced the day before and technically wrapping up a recovery week, I didn’t mind. But it was pretty nice out – even though it was overcast and a bit chilly when I started, it was nice once I warmed up. And my legs felt surprisingly good and weren’t too sore – just my quads.

I ran the Saucon Trail since I hadn’t run on the actual trail in awhile, just the surrounding area. I started in Hellertown so I had the slight uphill grade on the way out and saved the downhill for the way back. I wanted to make this run as easy on myself as possible. I kept the pace comfortable on the way out, but accidentally sped up on the way back. I blame the downhill grade because it’s easy to pick up the pace without realizing it, but there was also guy that was on my tail and I was trying to drop for a few miles!

I passed him when I turned around in Coopersburg, so I was already over halfway through my run. I saw him start his run at the Coopersburg end of the trail, and once I passed him he was on my tail the rest for the rest of the run. When we got to Hellertown, I turned to go to my car but the poor guy still had to run the entire length of the trail back to Coopersburg, where he came from. It was all in good fun though, he waved and said, “thanks for the push!” as I veered off the trail. I was still in my easy run range and averaged 8:07 pace.

How was your week? Run any races? Ever pick up a random running partner when you are out on a run?

♥ Total ♥ 64 miles ♥


40 Replies to “Boston Marathon Training: Hansons, Week 12”

    1. GOOD CALL!!! It helped SO much in my race, my legs felt FRESH! I haven’t really done a cutback week since I’ve been building my mileage but now I will incorporate them a bit more since I’m getting close to that 70-80 mile per week range on my peak weeks. I want to make sure I get enough recovery to make good use of all of those miles!!!

  1. I’m glad that you had such a good week. Congrats on the 2nd place! That’s so awesome, especially on your birthday! I like it when I pick up random running partners the last mile or so of my run. It makes me push myself harder when I don’t necessarily feel like I want to.

  2. Congrats on a great race. And isn’t it nice to change things up every once in awhile? I think it makes all of the difference, even if it is just work in a different spot.

  3. Oh my goodness, Allison! Those 1.5 mile repeats! How on EARTH did you do one in 6:34 pace?!?! Absolutely incredible. And then the 10 mile race, is like whoa. Okay so I’ve been doing planks and bridges and leg raises too and I find they are really helping my form and strength and hips. What are hip drops? Is that when we’re in a bridge and then we drop our hips and lift them back up to the bridge position?

    1. You can so do those repeats! You would eat a 6:34 for breakfast. Yes! Planks, bridges, leg raises and hip drops everyday! You are correct – hip drops are basically from a bridge position, bring your legs up to a 90 degree angle and drop to either side. Keep your back flat on the floor!! Try them. There is this app called “30 Days” and I keep challenges going all the time for those four things. It’s kind of a ghetto app, but it does the job 🙂

  4. Congrats on a great race AND a birthday race at that :). It looks like you had a good week of training and glad that you got to go on the trip and run with one of the XC kids on it. Even without a traditional long run, you had a solid training week and sometimes I think longer workouts are better because you get to practice the race paces more than a traditional “LSD” type run. Can’t wait to see how Hansons works for you in the end, too.

    1. Thank you!!! I do love running with the XC kiddos. They are fun because they will just run whatever pace for as long as you want. It’s refreshing! I am loving Hansons so far (if I haven’t said it enough times)!

  5. Happy belated birthday and congrats on your birthday PR! That is so awesome! My birthday is not a very popular race weekend: January 7. It is the middle of winter and most early January races are on New Year’s Day. Someday I will run a birthday race!

  6. I know I told you congrats, but again, AWESOME job on your 20 miler! I can’t wait to read all about it. 🙂 You sure were able to get in lots of miles despite a busy week. I think I know what trail you are talking about in Hershey. My running club used to meet there and run.

    1. Thank you!! I think the trail was called the John Eisenhower trail? It was pretty nice, especially since I used to just run towards the town of Hershey and it was a bit dangerous on the road. I was happy to find that!

  7. Happy birthday and congrats!!! I am the queen of tagging onto some stranger for an extra push, I feel really creepy about it sometimes and then I get embarrassed and that forces me to literally run away from them. Pretty great strategy! You are making me want to re-read my Hanson’s book….

  8. Congrats on the race! Must have been so satisfying on your birthday. I gotta say you’re kicking ass with Hanson’s! I’m amazed that you manage to do pole fitness even with all the training. I had to channel you during my ashtanga yoga yesterday cos I was struggling so much (hardcore yoga the day after the LSR- not a good idea) ! Hope that doesnt sound too weird lol…

    1. Not weird at all, I am honored!!! Hardcore yoga ❤ When Boston training is over, I need a few sessions like that. With Hansons, all I've really had time for is adding in the pole fitness – I've stopped all other cross training altogether! I used to swim, bike, and do a lot of yoga but haven't done any of that in months! I miss it!

    1. Thank you so much! It was a wonderful week. It wasn’t too hard to keep this schedule traveling since it was really just one full day away from home – it just required a little planning to make sure I had my week structured right to fit it all in. However, I do know that traveling is really hard when you are training and certain circumstances make it impossible to fit everything in! It helps that my co workers are all active people so it helps that no one made me feel badly about running 🙂

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