Review: Marley Spoon


Disclaimer: I purchased this product on my own and have no affiliation with Marley Spoon. This review is based on my personal opinion of my recent experience with this company.

A few weeks ago, I tried and reviewed Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I loved it so much that when my friend sent me a promo for Marley Spoon, I was all over it.

Marley Spoon is a meal delivery service. You choose from an assortment of recipes and can get three to four meals per week delivered to your door, based on a plan for a two person household. They have options for families where members can get more or less delivered each week. Subscribers receive all of the recipes and all of the ingredients for each meal. Even with having to chop the ingredients, the whole process of prepping and cooking each meal was under 30 minutes.

The offer I came across offered a week’s worth of meals. I could choose from three meals for $21, or four meals for $36. I’m kind of obsessed with these services so I was all about getting four meals. I’m such a sucker. $36/week for four meals (each feeds two people) is pretty good, considering the types of meals I would be receiving (shrimp, chicken, beef, etc).

My first delivery was set for Thursday, February 25th. Deliveries could be scheduled from Monday-Thursday. The food comes packed neatly in a medium sized box. Inside the box is biodegradable insulation, and it contains all of the food plus enormous ice packs. If I wasn’t home to receive this, I would feel comfortable leaving it packaged this way for a whole day and not worrying about it spoiling.

The recipes I received were:

  • Creamy White Bean Soup with Kale and Mozzarella Toasts
  • Skewered Sesame Shrimp with Ramen and Wilted Spinach
  • Tangy Yogurt Noodles with Spiced Beef and Shitakes
  • Sage and Pancetta Chicken with Farro and Spinach


Side note: that mini piece of chicken is not a serving. It broke off so I added it’s own little piece of pancetta to it! What you see in that picture is considered one serving.

The recipes come on separate card stock sheets with clear, concise directions. The protein comes in vacuum sealed bags, and every item is clearly labeled. Each recipe comes with a special bag that contains all of the little extras you may need, like random spices and seasonings. You do need to keep the basics at home, like olive oil, salt and pepper but they give you everything else.

I can’t decide which meal I liked best! I really loved the soup and the kale toasts – that was really delicious. I forgot to take a picture of the actual soup because I was so enamored with the kale toasts. I’d eat any of these meals again, and I will recreate these in the future. I guess my only complaint was that these meals were a bit more carb heavy and calorie dense than the other two services. I try to do the Paleo thing, but I’ve been making an exception for these boxes. This week, I probably ate more carbs overall and more calories at dinner each night than I have in a long time.

The difference between Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Marley Spoon is minimal and really comes down to what your personal preferences are. I still think flavors and cooking style in the Blue Apron box were a bit more suited to my taste and lifestyle. Hello Fresh has proven to be the most affordable and offer lots of opportunities for discounts (check out my post on Hello Fresh for $40 off your first box!!). The recipes from Marley Spoon were also extremely creative and enjoyable, but on the heavier side.

Serious foodies looking to try a meal delivery service should consider Blue Apron or Marley Spoon. Families and those who might not be as adventurous with food but would like to change up their weeknight menus would probably enjoy Hello Fresh. As with all of the boxes so far, it was a joy to come home and know I had a brand new meal to prepare that wasn’t going to take me all night to cook. Oh yeah, and I didn’t have to meal plan or food shop for any of it – it’s all shipped right to your door!

I deactivated my account after my final delivery because they will automatically charge you and ship you more food. It was very simple to cancel the service (and to restart it).

There was no discount code given to me for this one to share, but they offer some Groupons and promotions if this has piqued your interest. I like that it forced me to cook with ingredients that I usually pass up. For example, between Blue Apron and Marley Spoon, I’ve cooked with farro. I usually shy away from grains because Paleo, but this is one I would regularly incorporate and really love. It gave me some great ideas for side dishes during the week, which is what I usually struggle with. While I don’t eat bread often, the next time I serve it as a side dish I will totally dress it up with some fresh mozzarella and sauteed kale. I’m still drooling over that one.

Have you ever tried a meal delivery service? What are your thoughts on this type of business? I’m obsessed!


5 Replies to “Review: Marley Spoon”

  1. I enjoy how honest your reviews are. This looks like it would be nice but a little bit to complicated for me I think. The food looks delicious though!

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