What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

“Wild Things”
Alessia Cara

Okay so I know I posted “Here” just a few weeks ago. Since downloading Ms. Cara’s album, I actually think that might be my LEAST favorite song on it – and I really like that song! Seriously, this album is awesome. I really recommend the whole thing. I’m only a little sorry for repeating the same artist so soon. It was either this, or I was going to leave you with some more Bieber. Because yes, I downloaded his stupid album (Purpose) and now I seem to have come down with a really bad case of Bieber Fever. I am so disappointed in myself.

So I hope I haven’t discredited myself in your eyes with my recent taste in music. Either way, I hope you check out this beat if you don’t already know it. And if you haven’t just gone and downloaded her whole album, well, I think you should. Sister can belt it out, and I like her lyrics. I’m sold.

What’s on your playlist that you are loving lately?


16 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. hahah I came home one evening from a run and buried my head in my hands…cameron asked “what’s wrong” and i said “i like justin bieber!” he laughed and i was in tears. So disappointed in myself. lol. I totally got your back. (oh and I LOVE alessia.)

    1. I can’t help it…I love him and I am so ashamed, ha! But Alessia. Have you checked out the rest of her album? Great lyrics. I don’t know a lot about her but I think she’s pretty young, but I still think she’s pretty great!

  2. I’ve just learned to embrace the fever. I love Alessia Cara, I have to be alone in the car when I listen so no one is subjected to my terrible singing along. I swear all of my top jams lately are by people who are under 19 yrs old.

  3. It’s funny – every time I see these posts I think I’ve never heard that song until I realize that almost everything is on my Pandora channel and I just never look down to see the artist or the name of the song #totallyoblivious

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