❤️ StrongBody Streak Update!



Our 29 day strength streak starts today!! Are you in??? Commit to loving your strength training for the month of February by doing 15 minutes of strength training (activities of your choice) every day!

Personally, I’m targeting my core, hips and legs since I seem to have neglected them.

Join us on Facebook!! Request to join our closed group and participate in daily posts. We can swap workout ideas, too!!

What strength goals are you working towards?



26 Replies to “❤️ StrongBody Streak Update!”

  1. good luck with this! so if i commit to doing even 5 minutes of planks, or squats, or push-ups, or ANYTHING, every day, that counts? i only do full-body sessions twice a week usually, with other stuff thrown in. i LOVE doing abs/planks lately.

  2. Oooh I LOVE this! I’ve been doing BGG (have you heard of it?) and am super proud to be on the last week of the first guide so my feb goal will be to start with the second! Yay for being strong! 💪😍

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