❤️ StrongBody Streak


When I think of February, I think of Valentine’s Day. Which makes me think of chocolate love. One thing I haven’t been loving so much lately (and really should)? Strength training. What happens when I stop loving up on my strength training? Injuries. Well, it’s a new year and I have a new attitude, and I would like to stay injury free for a little while.

Over the past month, I’ve gone from having zero inspiration to run/workout to being somewhat back to my normal self. I’ve cleaned up my diet and gotten back into a routine. I’ve lost the weight I gained over the holidays, and I feel better in general. I’m still struggling with getting my run speed back, but it’s a work in progress. Ultimately, I think I am thankful I took a break over the holidays. A few weeks ago when I was huffing and puffing on my runs, I might have said otherwise.

One thing I’ve been neglecting is strength work, and my body is letting me know. I have the usual aches and pains that come along with marathon training. Some tweaks that I feel are just because marathon training does put wear and tear on your body, but some are because I’ve let a few things go to the wayside. I do a lot of upper body strength work with my pole fitness addiction. But I’ve sort of lost sight of regular core work outside of pole fitness (remember when I was doing 6 minute planks? My abs don’t), hips, and lifting for my lower body.

Overall, I could use a good strength focus to reinforce some good habits. I’m teaming up with Elaine over at myRUNexperiment to work on this, and we would like all of you to join us!! If you haven’t check out her blog, head on over and say hello! She did a successful strength streak over the holidays, and it was inspirational to me.

For the month of February, we invite you to participate in our 29 day ❤️ StrongBody Streak! All you have to do is commit to 15 minutes per day of strength training. You decide what sort of activity you want to do during those 15 minutes and make it happen. If you need a little inspiration, you can request to join our soon to be up and running Facebook group. We are going to post daily to hold ourselves accountable and share ideas for some great workouts! Maybe you want to choose part of your body that you want to strengthen and use that as your focus. Or perhaps you want get into some full body strength training and need a place to start. And hey, if you want to do a 15 minute plank everyday, that counts! Or 15×1 minute planks – go for it!! It’s all fair game.

The challenge begins on February 1st. Let’s make 2016 a strong, injury free year starting with a ❤️ StrongBody as our foundation!

Who’s in?  Let us know by posting in the comment section, then look for our up and coming Facebook group, ❤️StrongBody Streak and request to join.


36 Replies to “❤️ StrongBody Streak”

  1. sounds like a fun and totally attainable challenge – we should all have at least 15 minutes, and it’s a good reminder to work at forming habits we want to keep. i love strength training and wish i had more time in the mornings to devote to both strength and running.

  2. Ha! I was already planning on doing something like this in February. I was going to go for 10 minutes of strength training everyday plus only taking the stairs at work. I’ve been aiming for 5-10 minutes everyday in January, but missed a few days here and there due to vacation/laziness. I was aiming for a solid streak in Feb and will just bump it up to 15 minutes so I can hang with you cook kids.

  3. YES! This is such a great idea. For whatever reason I get really excited about doing core and strength and then…I fall off the wagon. I think 29 days straight will be enough to build a good habit!

    Also I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented on your blog before, but I really enjoy it! So hi!

  4. Dear Looorrdd this winter knocked me on my ass in terms of motivations/fitness/food and I am hopeful with this new month (and rejoining my gym TODAY) that I am going to get my groove back.

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