Boston Marathon Training: Hansons, Week 6

Did you guys hear about winter storm Jonas, #Blizzard2016? Even if you weren’t affected, just log onto any social media outlet and you are bound to see pictures of the magnificent event that occurred over the past weekend. I know it’s not Wednesday, but since the storm has been named Jonas I’ve had this stuck in my head…

Who couldn’t use a little old school Weezer on a Monday morning anyway? Plus, I have tickets to go see them in June ❤

So, I live in northeastern PA – the Lehigh Valley – and we got 32″ of snow! What!! I know I should be whining and crying about it (especially since it doesn’t make Boston training very easy), but I love snow. I love winter, and I love the snow. I swear half the reason I became a teacher was so I could fully enjoy the snow and the summer.

Training went really well this week, even with the blizzard. I’ll get into it, but between tacking on some extra miles on my easy runs this week and adding to my long run, I ended up only being about 3 miles short of where I wanted to be because of the snow. I had very productive track and tempo runs, and a surprisingly successful long run in the aftermath of the snow. I’ll take it!

Here’s my pace guide:

Marathon Goal –  3:05
Marathon Pace/Tempo Runs –  7:03/mile
Recovery Runs – 9:11/mile
Aerobic A/Easy – 8:36
Aerobic B/Easy – 8:01
Long Run: 7:42

Monday, 1/18: Skiing + Pole Fitness

Mondays are scheduled easy run days on the Hansons plan, and Wednesdays are rest days. It was FREEZING out and I had to meet my dad at 7:15 am for our annual “Daddy Daughter Ski Day” at Blue Mountain. We usually do this Christmas week, but considering the 70 degree temps and lack of snow, we had to move it. I decided I would run after skiing, but then skiing kicked my ASS. I came home and completely passed out – the cold, the wind, and just being on skis for the first time this season was rough. I knew it meant I would have to make it up on Wednesday. I’m trying to follow Hansons to a T, but sometimes life happens. It’s not like I’m skipping the miles, just moving them.

That’s my dad on the far left in blue, and me next to him in the plaid jacket freezing my butt off:


And of course, a quick morning coffee break to warm up – me in the front left, my dad is in the back in the blue vest (no hat):

I grew up skiing, and my dad is the ski patrol director at Jack Frost Mountain. He’s retired, so it’s a great gig for him. He’s pretty much the coolest 63 year old guy I know. Not only does he ski, but he plays lead guitar in two different bands and plays out several times per week. I am completely serious when I say that my parents are way cooler than I am.

After lunch with a group and a nap at home, I made it to pole class. After a nap and some dinner, I made it to the 6:15 class. I had a great class and learned a new transition into a Janeiro (my favorite). It’s more of a video kind of thing, so you have to check out Instagram for that!

Tuesday, 1/19: Track Workout: 3 mile warm up, 4×1200 w/400 recoveries, 3 mile cool down (about 10 miles) + Myrtls/Core

I did my track workout on the treadmill AGAIN. It was cold and windy and I was being a baby. It’s not the warm up or the intervals in the cold that bothers me, but the cool down. I’ve been trying to really do the longer end of these “something of substance” runs. The last time it was this cold and I headed to the track (two weeks ago), I had a really hard time with the cool down. It was like my legs went numb from the cold – it was so strange. Hansons recommends a 1.5-3 mile cool down, and I think I barely made it to the 1.5 that day. I feel like the past two weeks on the treadmill have been more quality miles, but I do want to get back on the actual track.

But to keep it real and honest, I’ve been having a hard time with my interval paces lately and I could deal with it better on the treadmill. I had a goal of hitting 4:27-4:42 for each interval, which is about a 5:58-6:18 pace. I did 4:34, 4:36, 4:35, 4:35! I actually felt really strong. I knew we might get a huge storm this weekend and might be confined to speed work on the treadmill for awhile now, but I feel more confident about taking my interval work back to the track.

I followed the run up with MYTRLs and some core work. I felt pretty good! I think I really like 1200s.

Wednesday, 1/19:  7 Mile Easy Run + Skiing

First of all, I had to run in the morning and started the day to a dead Garmin – like dead as in RIP, I need a new one. 😦


I used it as a glorified stopwatch on my run, but no GPS signal. When I run on my road in the morning, I know where to turn around for various distances so I just ran and logged the time overall, no splits. It was around an 8:30 pace.

I’m so bummed that I can’t go to pole on Wednesdays for a while, but I am one of the advisers for the high school ski club. I have a 6 week obligation to be at the mountain on Wednesdays.

It was a good night up at the mountain. It was cold, but not too cold and we skied for a good two hours. It wasn’t crowded so we got a lot of good runs in. Blue Mountain is our local mountain and they offer night skiing. I have my own equipment and get passes at a discounted rate (it ends up costing me less than $20 to ski each time I go), so most times I don’t go for a full day of skiing. The mountains around here aren’t too big to begin with and the lack of snow this season has made it tough for the resorts to get all of the trails open, so we get bored pretty quickly. We had a blast, and I was home at a reasonable hour.

Thursday, 1/14: 12 Mile Tempo Run w/7 Miles @ Goal Marathon Pace + Pole Fitness

I was so nervous for this run all day. Hansons recommends a 1.5-3 mile warmup and cool down, so I should run anywhere from 10-13 miles. I wanted to run at least 11 since that’s what I did last week, but no more than 12. I was already upping the intensity of this run by adding another marathon paced mile, so I wanted to be careful about tacking on too much distance. That’s usually when problems arise for me.

At work, I was tired and chilled all day. I was concerned that I was getting sick. I grabbed a coffee after work and headed to the Plainfield trail. My brother lent me his Garmin (the FR405, which I liked!) since mine was busted, and I got started. I kept the pace easy for the first three miles to warm up – 8:30-8:40 pace. I still wasn’t sure how I felt, but when I hit mile 3 I knew it was go time. I picked up the pace and cranked out my 7 miles: 7:01, 7:03, 7:05, 6:44, 6:54, 7:01, 6:45!!! The 7:05 is technically two seconds slow, but it was slightly uphill and I was under my goal for five of the miles, so it all averages out and it was a success in my book.

It was so strange because I really felt so good. The past few weeks of tempo runs have made me believe I should rethink my goal. And maybe I should, but this run gave me so much confidence. Even though I was successful with last week’s tempo, it felt MUCH harder and it was a mile shorter. I thought adding a mile would make this even more torturous, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. At one point, I was at mile 6 of the run (but only 3 miles into my 7 mile tempo) and I had a string of really great songs come on my shuffle. I had my old Garmin set to vibrate AND beep at each mile, but my brother’s was just set to beep and I didn’t realize that when I started running. So I looked down at mile 6, and then started to zone out to some music. The next time I looked down, I was at mile 8 – only two more tempo miles to go! It was like I forgot to look since my wrist didn’t vibrate with each mile. What a treat. My cooldown was 2 miles and in the 8:20s. I didn’t feel spent, I felt good. Overall pace, 7:36.

Don’t get me wrong. It was still a really hard run for me. I don’t want to paint a picture of myself breezing through a 7 minute pace like it was nothing, because it certainly wasn’t. It was hard, but it was the first time that it felt manageable. To me, that was the biggest win. I’ve been struggling with confidence lately, and I’ve had some really good runs over the past two weeks that have helped boost it a little. I am thankful for those miles, and I can only hope they continue.

I headed to the pole studio after, since adding Wednesday night ski club meant I missed pole the night before. I don’t necessarily want to go on Thursday nights since I like doing my tempo run and being done. But now that I signed up for a little pole competition (more on that coming very soon), I want to make sure I still get to the studio 3-4 times per week. Saturday was up in the air because of an impending snow storm, so I sucked it up and went. I didn’t learn anything new except for something called a Pegasus, which I didn’t quite get into but I got close. I worked on some combos and reviewed some of the things we learned earlier in the week.

Friday, 1/15: 7 Mile Recovery Run + Pole Fitness 

I was dreading this run because it was at the ass crack of dawn and less than 12 hours after my tempo run. My legs felt surprisingly decent, and I stayed right in my easy run range (8:26). It was cold out and by the end of the run I was ready to be done, but I actually enjoyed this run. Not much else to say about it!

I went to pole after school but I ended up a bit frustrated. I started working on my competition piece but I had the pole dancer equivalence to writer’s block. I had fun, but I felt a bit stuck. After class, however, I did finally decide on a new Garmin… 🙂


I went to Aardvark (our local running store) and ended up buying the Garmin 235! I was previously leaning towards the 230, but the more I read about the 235, the more I thought this was what I was looking for. Also, irishrunnerchick posted a GREAT review that really helped with my decision. I was going to go with the 230 because I thought I didn’t need the heart rate data until she showed the heart rate charts that she gets. I will post some initial thoughts later this week as I become acquainted with my new running buddy, but so far it was love at first run.

After our usual pizza Friday dinner, I dragged my husband to the grocery store with me in case we really did get hit with Snowopacalypse. Since it was later at night, it wasn’t as insane as I expected. But fighting the crowd was still like a workout in itself!

Saturday, 1/16: 3 Mile “Run” + 60 Minute Trainer Ride

I had plans to meet Mark and Kathy for an 8-10 mile run. The snow was supposed to start closer to daybreak so I thought I had a shot. I ended waking up and finding that we already had upwards of 6″ on the ground. I mulled over what to do with a cup of coffee. I knew I wasn’t driving over to their place to meet them – I’d never get back home and would end up stranded on the highway. It was extremely windy, so the roads would be really unpredictable. I was going to run on my road, but I live on a pretty main road and there were people out driving, even with the snow. It was still dark out, so I resolved to wait until the sun came up so the drivers could see me.

As the sun came up, I saw the plows had been plowing my road, but there wasn’t a whole lot of room. It was windy, and we were experiencing white out conditions. I have yak trax for my shoes, so the actual run wasn’t what worried me – it was the drivers on the road in these conditions. My husband woke up and we started some snow removal. We have a huge driveway, so I was running the snowblower and he was running the plow on our little tractor. It still took us two hours and there was already a foot of snow on the ground at this point. It was so beautiful, though. This is our barn in our backyard:


As we were snow clearing, I decided the best thing to do would be to swap the run for a trainer ride indoors. When I finished running the snowblower, I grabbed my bike out of the garage and set it up on my trainer. I HATE the trainer. If I had to pick my top three least favorite activities, it would go trainer, elliptical, treadmill (in that order). I wished I could get in just a few miles running, and then I remembered my new Garmin tracks indoor running.

I live in a 2600 square foot farmhouse that technically has four floors – if you count the basement and the attic, which are easily accessible by stairs.  I have two different staircases (the main one and an au pair staircase off of the kitchen) that go to my second floor. Most of the house is under construction, so there isn’t much furniture in the way.

I queued up a great playlist on my Sonos, and laced up my sneakers. I strapped on my new Garmin and put it in “indoor running” mode. I proceeded to run a 5K in my house. Yep, that happened. First I ran one mile because I thought it would be funny. Then, I added another one because I wasn’t bored or tired yet. I was pretty over it after two miles, but I talked myself into another mile to make it a 5K! I averaged 10:24 pace!

I still followed it up with about an hour on the trainer. If I went with the bare minimum, my original plan was an 8 mile run. I figured an hour on the trainer and a 3 mile “run” would be a good substitute. Also I can’t stomach even one second over an hour on the trainer, so it had to be okay. We did another two hours of snow removal, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon making snow day junk food…diet or no diet the storm of the century deserves a proper celebration!

Gnocchi Mac and Cheese:

And for dessert, caramel stuffed Snickerdoodles:


I always pick a few easy junk food recipes on Pinterest before snowstorms just in case. If I get lucky and my husband is snowed in with me (he usually goes to work in anything), I make us treats. 32″ of snow =  a two treat kind of storm.

Sunday: 1/17: 12.5 Mile Long Run + Pole Fitness

I woke up to a winter wonderland:

Our house…

The barn…


The summer kitchen (where my kitties live – poor things were nearly trapped in there):


The snow level…

image image

The road I live on – it’s normally pretty busy:


I got up as the sun was coming up to snap a few pictures and to decide what I was going to do about my run. I messaged my friend Chris G., a local speedy marathon runner who lives in a different township but where I do almost all of my runs, asking how the roads were by him. He told me decent, and asked if he could join me! He’s a 2:45 marathoner. I’ve run with him a few times before, but only when I’m in good shape! We decided I would meet at his house at 11 am.

On my drive over, I saw a lot of this:


Most of the roads looked like this:


He wanted to do something like 16 miles, but had spent the morning shoveling and had zero motivation. We cranked out 12.5 miles at a 7:39 pace! I had to wear yak trax on my shoes and it was extremely slippery – I couldn’t believe we held that pace in the snow. I certainly had to work for it. I actually rolled my ankle and ate shit about halfway through our run, but I got up and kept going. My ankle is a little sore but it doesn’t bother me to run. I didn’t even realize it was sore until hours later when I was stretching.

The problem with this run was that the Hanson’s plan only designates long run pace every OTHER week. This was supposed to be an easier, off week in terms of the long run. Technically, I wasn’t supposed to do more than 10. I didn’t mind running a few extra miles because of the missed miles the day before, but I didn’t think we’d be able to crank out that pace in those conditions. It was about 25 seconds per mile faster than that run should have been. I’m not complaining – I’m happy about hitting the pace and having good company for the run – but I really want to avoid injury. I need to be more vigilant about the “other” weeks. I’m considering this week as a win because of the conditions. I’m not sure I would have done more than 10 by myself because it wasn’t an easy run.

The owner of the pole studio opened in the afternoon for some open gym time, so my sister in laws and I went to play on the poles with her. We stayed for 2 1/2 hours! I actually got a great jump on my routine and felt so much better about the whole ordeal. I choreographed about the first 1:16 of the song I chose and still really need to clean it up, but I like where I’m going with it. I didn’t post any pictures of that, but I did post a video of me playing with some spins on spin pole. There was so much snow on the roof of the building that the poles actually wouldn’t really spin! I was trying to use that spin as a segway into something fancier for my routine but the pole would just stop spinning abruptly. Regardless, it was a very productive afternoon and I had so much fun playing on the poles.

Things I slacked on this week: MYRTLs, abs, foam rolling.  I need to really get on that! Other than that, I think this week was pretty successful, snow and all.

Winter storm JONAS! Did you guys get to feel any of his wrath?? Are you a snow lover or hater? I promise I’ll still love the haters.

Swim:  0 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 51.5 miles

59 Replies to “Boston Marathon Training: Hansons, Week 6”

  1. Oh yea! We got about 18 inches on our mountain which resulted in too many treadmill runs. But I got them in! And guess what? I ran my easy runs easier like you said and I hit 59 miles! You’re a wise runner friend. And DANG. You so fast. One day… You inspire the heck out of me. I hit one core workout so it’s safe to say I slacked quite a bit too… Who wants to do core work when it’s snowy and I can consume ridiculous amounts of coffee?!!? I’ve never ever been skiing. Looks so fun. It’s on my bucket list. We live pretty close to a resort it’s just the act of getting there and paying all the money for the gear or rent it I guess??

    1. Ahhhh 18″ is awesome!!! I KNEW you would benefit from slowing it down on your easy days. Just think of it as a way to get your body adapted to the high mileage. You need to save your energy for those days with pace goals! I so slacked on core last week, but this week GAME ON!!! Get it, sister! I do get to ski a lot but it is a pricey sport. I get some really sweet deals through ski club at school and through my dad being a ski patroller, otherwise I would definitely not be able to do that too. So many fun activities….never enough time or $$ to do it all!! The struggle is REEEEAAALLLL.

  2. Woohoo! Sounds like a great week, despite the weather. I’m definitely a snow hater… and 4 inches sent me crying over to the treadmill last week. I hope your ankle feels better soon! It’s always fun to run with someone who is a little quick for you. I used to run with a guy who ran a 2:44 marathon on his easy runs… those were usually my tempo runs. Haha!

    Also, your new watch is so cute! I bet you’re gonna love it.

    1. Thanks!!! Aw, I totally get not loving the snow. I think if I wasn’t a teacher, I would resent it a bit more. The whole snow day thing really helps 🙂 I am so loving the watch! I’ll post a review soon for sure!

  3. You finally got your snow! I’m happy for you, but mostly happy it’s happening over there and not over here! 😛

    I love that you ran a 5k in your house. That’s the best thing I’ve read in a while. I’m impressed with how you made it all work with your training this week, even with the giant snow storm. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your pole competition… that sounds like such a fun, unique thing to get involved in. 🙂

    1. LOL! I’m happy it happened over here too! I was going through snow withdrawal! I wish I saved the video I took of the 5K – I sent my friend a snap chat but that was it. It was really funny! But a bit boring – I don’t know if I could do that again, LOL!

  4. Hooray for a great week of training and a new garmin (I love the green wristband of it). I think it’s neat your high school has a ski club and you get to be the sponsor of it even if it means missing some runs. It probably means a lot to the kids and you get to ski :).

    Your MP tempo run looked great- even if a split or two wasn’t quite there. No one runs the exact same pace for a whole race anyway (especially not a marathon), and you have to run the course, around people, wind, etc so just averaging out is great!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I am loving the new Garmin and will post a review in the near future for sure. Ski club makes fitting in running and pole tricky but it is SO worth it. It’s a ton of fun! I love what you said about the MP run – how you have to run the course. You said that in a comment to me once before and you are so right. A hillier race might mean some slower splits mixed in with faster ones to even things out. It’s going to be something I really think about when planning my race in Boston this year! Thanks!!

  5. I love how you say that your parents are way cooler than you are and that you’re so uncool and then the next sentence you say oh and then I went to pole class. LOL And I love that you ran 3 milrd indoors. And I love your house and the barn. It should be in a magazine! So beautiful! And those caramel stuffed snickerdoodles?! Are you kidding me?!?!? Look amazing. Not worth the snow though (I HATE SNOW).

    1. LOL – but they really are cooler than me!! I swear!! I do love our house, but the snow makes everything pretty. That porch is actually an eyesore – it doesn’t look that way there, but it needs WORK. The whole house does! Maybe in about 20 years when we finish it we can put it in a magazine 🙂 It is cozy though. And yes – here is the recipe – its one of those super easy ones that use crescent rolls, but that’s the kind of thing I make on a snow day. Easy junk food that I can consume in mass quantities 🙂 I did make one change – I melted butter and dipped the balls (hehe balls) in butter before coating them in the cinnamon sugar!

  6. Yeah, def snow hater here. I can’t do cold. You are crazy woman for running in that!!! And so fast!! That Gnocchi mac and cheese looks interesting–I’m not a fan but my husband is and it would be fun to surprise him with it. You say you found it on pinterest? I might have to search for it and give it a go.
    Great week and as always, I’m very impressed by your discipline!

    1. Do you guys get snow there? Funny story – when I was in AZ last winter for Lost Dutchman, it was FREEZING in PA. It was the coldest weekend of the year, and we got to spend it in the 80-90 degree temps out west. It was glorious. We were driving on some road from Flagstaff to Apache Junction – we took kind of an off the beaten path way to get there because we had lots of time – and there was an area with SNOW! It was very little and patchy but we actually pulled the car over and had to check it out. I forget exactly where it was. It was since it was so warm out, but it was there!!

  7. Great week! You rock! We got so much snow. Not gonna lie, I hate it! I’m so stressed out because I’m likely going to have to run on the treadmill until May before our sidewalks are cleared for running. There’s too much traffic to run safely in the road around here. That Gnocchi Mac and Cheese sounds so yummy! I think I need that in my belly. I hope you love the new watch! I may need one of those as well. 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! I know, most people don’t love the snow – I think the not having to go to work thing helps me love it more. I’ll run outside sometimes but I will definitely need to take 2-3 runs/week to the treadmill until the conditions significantly improve. And yes – get some gnocchi mac and cheese – it’s fab! I found the recipe on Pinterest initially but I changed mine up a bit using a mac and cheese recipe from Cooks Illustrated that I love. But here is the original inspiration:

  8. You are amazing!! I’m so happy training has picked up nicely for you. I do love the snow…until the next day when I have to shovel it. That wasn’t fun and now my entire body is sore from those crazy 3-4 hours of shoveling. I am so worried about injury and drivers on the roads right now that I’m happily picking the treadmill over the roads.

    1. Thanks girl!!! I’m with you – the scariest part of running in the winter weather is the drivers on the roads. Throw on some yak trax and almost anything is runnable, but you can’t be too careful about the drivers!

  9. Where are you seeing Weezer? I can’t believe you “ran” a 5k in your house!! That is hilarious! My house is so tiny if I did that- well, first of all I would scare the crap out of my cats, but it would basically be running a circle through my kitchen, dining room, and music room. I wonder how many loops is a mile!?

    I loved being snowed in on Saturday. We got about the same amount as you. On Sunday I ventured 1 mile to the grocery store. Today I was able to drive to the gym and get on the treadmill for a good workout. The roads in my neighborhood are HORRID. I actually had trouble getting out of my neighborhood because there’s a build up of snow from people turning and stuff at all the exits. So to get out I pretty much have to GUN it in my little Chevy Cobalt! I am going to be stuck on the treadmill for awhile now. I do not run in the slippy.

    1. Good question- my sister in law bought the tickets so I am guessing Philly? I know they are playing with Panic! At the Disco, which is also equally as fun! You should go!!! It was so fun being snowed in this weekend. How much snow did you guys get by you? I am also going to be treadmill bound for a bunch of my runs 😦 At least the track and tempo runs, but it’s likely I will have to venture to the gym for Friday morning’s easy run too. I don’t think it will be safe to run in the dark on my road because it will get icy when the melted snow freezes overnight!

      1. I lied! The show I’m seeing is in Scranton BUT they have a show in Philly too…AND it’s also Andrew McMahon. So three great acts in one show! Yesterday, I got a Groupon for it (of course I already got my tickets, ugh!) and I was just trying to find it for you. I’m not having any luck but if I do, I will absolutely pass it on!!

  10. It sounds like you made the best of the situation. Jonas effected so many runners and you are seriously my idol for getting out there in those conditions. I plan to use the treadmill until it’s completely melted (because I’ve fallen enough).

    Hansons plan would make so nervous for a marathon because of the minimal amount of miles.

    1. Thanks, Hollie! I actually ended up having some good runs. I took a good spill on Sunday but it was okay! The minimal miles in the Hansons plan are a common misconception. I should still top out around 70-75 miles per week like I did last time, and I could do more if I wanted. I’m loving the plan so far and highly recommend it! Although we’ll see how I run in Boston, that’s the real test!

  11. The POLES spin?! I thought you just spun and I always wondered how your skin didn’t get stuck on it and make a squeak noise, HA. You learn something new every day! We didn’t get any snow in Buffalo (for once). Actually, most of the snow is melting right now because of our 40 degree days, yahoo.

    1. Yeah! They spin sometimes. There is a pin you pull out to make them spin, or you can keep it in to make it static. I usually learn most tricks on static and then do them on spin. Its really hard when they are spinning, but it hurts a lot more on static!

  12. Wow, great week in spite of the snow!!! I can’t imagine holding a 7:39 pace in that kind of weather. The views of your house and barn are so pretty!!! I do love how pretty the first real snowfall is, but I have to say I’m pretty happy we only got about 3 or 4 inches in Boston! I need to be better about foam rolling too in my marathon training. It’s just not as fun as the actual running part! 😉

    1. I couldn’t imagine holding that pace solo either – so happy that I had my friend to push me! It was a great workout!! You guys had your fair share of blizzard like storms last year – I think 3-4″ is plenty for you guys this winter 🙂

  13. Great summary Allison! The pictures look great, and it sounds like the Hanson’s plan is working out quite well for you. I might give it a try sometime but probably not in my next cycle…not sure what I’m going to do for that yet but need to decide soon. Snow, yeah not so much for us given that we were in Maui all week, recovering post-marathon 🙂 We arrived back to light rain but decent running conditions. Up her we don’t get a lot of snow being so close to the water, every once in a while we will see snow, but it only takes about an inch to shutdown the entire Seattle metro area! Congrats on the new watch…I use a Vivoactive which for the most part I really like, but haven’t checked out the latest models for this year – I’m sure it will be great, I almost went with the 225 last year.

  14. I love your house! So glad you survived the storm. But sorry to hear you are stuck on the dreadmill. I also LOVE that watch. I am sort of wishing that is what I had gotten. Can’t wait to hear how much you love it!

    1. Thank you! I foresee a lot of dreadmill running for track and tempo runs, at least for this week. It’s okay though – I am so psyched that we got that much snow. It was fun! I’ll definitely post a review on the watch soon!

  15. Holy crap that’s a lot of snow! But I think I am more shocked by you running a 3 miles in your house! I wonder what the GPS data would have looked like if it was on. 🙂 Love Weezer! They were an awesome concert a few years ago. They will be in Santa Barbara in August and I am thinking about getting tickets. That watch looks pretty awesome!

    1. LOL! I have the Garmin data for the run, I just need to take a closer look at it. It’s funny. I didn’t look to see if they provided a “map” – I will totally check! I’m so stoked about Weezer! I saw them once before and they are fabulous in concert!

  16. Daddy Daughter ski day sounds like a fun annual tradition! I snowboard and it can definitely tire you out especially an entire day on the slopes. The snow looks beautiful! I used to live in Lehigh Valley (Allentown). My parents still live in Macungie – my mom sent a pic of my dad digging their car out of the snow.
    Like the new watch and how awesome that it tracks indoor running. 5K inside your house- that’s a first!… Looks like you had a great week of running despite all the snow.

    1. It’s such a fun tradition! And I live in Allentown – where did you live? I am actually in Salisbury township, so I’m pretty close to Macungie. I love it out there, and that’s where I ride when I get out on my road bike in the summer! Such a great area. It was a TON of snow…but I loved it!

      1. Yup, I know exactly where that is. The St. Lukes Half Marathon starts at that high school! I’m not downtown, more on the outskirts. They did some cool things with Hamilton Blvd lately. I love it over there!!

  17. Nice work on getting the miles in – running in your house, ha! That’s great. Don’t you love when a tempo run just clicks and you’re good to go? It’s the best feeling and definitely a huge confidence booster.

    I LOVE YOUR HOUSE. It’s adorable. I also love those snicker doodle caramel cookies. Googling a recipe ASAP…

  18. Oh girrrrll I am a HATER to the max and I don’t care who knows it. That snow is AWFUL and I would just die. HAHA. Those stuffed snickerdoodles and SHINY NEW GARMIN THOUGH..YEs.

  19. I was so excited when I saw Blue Mountain… I just booked a trip there – the one in Canada that is! Guess it’s a popular name. So cool that you are a ski adviser! I have fun memories from high school of attending ski trips with classmates.
    I just got that same Garmin. I get a little buyers remorse when I see the aqua colored one… did I get the men’s version?? (I got black/red… it matches my running clothes!). I have been using the “indoor running” mode to track my HR on my treadmill. The mileage is usually off by a half mile or so though, but I find the HR stats interesting. I have been wearing it all day to count steps and compete with my daughter and her FitBit steps!
    It totally sucks here in Ohio… we got NO snow. Sad lame, brown ground. Wish we could have shared in that snow storm… I welcome it!!!

    1. I used my Garmin on the treadmill yesterday and found it was about 3/4 mile off. I anticipated it to be somewhat off for that. I am hoping that Garmin works on it and has a software update that makes it more accurate, but I really loved having it for my treadmill run this week regardless of accuracy!!!

      1. Sadly I found out today that my attempt at a tempo run put me in zone 5 for 5 miles, which I could not sustain the pace for more than a mile continuously. My selected pace was not realistic. If I’m found dead on the treadmill, I suspect my little heart just burst 😦 Made me feel out of shape for sure!!

      2. I am definitely confused by the zones but I’m wondering if its just adjusting to me as a runner. It put me in zone 5 for my whole long run on Sunday – but I was talking the whole time. Yes, it was hard sometimes but for the most part I was comfortably uncomfortable. My easy run on Monday – it had me in zone 5 for a lot of it, but I didn’t feel bad. Then, for my track workout yesterday, it had me mostly in zone 3 and 4. Weird. I’d assume it goes by heart rate, but who knows! According to my watch and the four runs I’ve used it for, I’ve been overreaching in most of my runs and need 72 hours of recovery time, and I could run a 3:36 marathon. Hmmmm. I think it still needs time to get to know me! LOL!

      3. It does have interesting info for the predictor. Says I can run 12 mins faster for the full. (woooo, Boston here I come!!) I better get a move on it! Half is almost right now, but 5K is a minute faster too. Clearly I am a slacker. Next I need to figure out the VO2 max info. Damn, 2016 will be a technical year for both of us!! 😉

      4. It told me my vo2 max is like 46 or something. It gave me a time for the marathon that is 31 minutes slower than what I’m working towards! But again. 4 runs. I’m guessing since half of them were recovery runs that might be why! Yay for a technical 2016!

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