RIP Garmin :(


We had a good run, and I knew I was on borrowed time with this baby. It’s the only running watch I’ve ever owned, and it lasted me 6 years. It saw over 10,000 miles, 32 of the 38 marathons I’ve run, and all of the shorter distance races I’ve run since I got it. It’s run Boston with me every single time I’ve run it. It’s been all over the place – all the way from PA to Alaska!

It’s run with me on my best days, and it’s run with me on my worst days. I feel like I’m going through a bad breakup. Sounds so dumb. I knew something was up with it yesterday, but it was today that it joined me on our last run together. I started my watch this morning for my easy seven miler, and no satellites. I checked – they were enabled – but it wasn’t even trying to find them. I did a soft reset, nothing. I said screw it since I know my seven mile loop by heart, but used it as a stopwatch. The only thing it recorded was my time running. AfterΒ my run, a master reset. Still nothing.

I’m devastated.

I can borrow my brother’s for the time being but I need a replacement.

Sooo…running watch suggestions…GO!Β 

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  1. I can’t believe yours lasted that long! I had this same model and loved it but over the years I moved my way down to Garmin’s most basic model. I like it the best. Nice and simple.

    1. Which model is that, the FR10? I was considering buying the 310xt again since I liked it so much, but one thing I like about some of the newer models is the uploading to Garmin Connect by using a smartphone. Sometimes, the 310 would get so full of data that I would have go to run and find that the watch was full, but I wasn’t at my house to upload the data. I would have to either choose to run without the watch that day so I could upload the files, or delete the data on my watch! I’m a bit of a data geek.

  2. Aww, this is a sad day! I splurged (like mega, embarrassingly splurged) on the rose gold Garmin Fenix 3 when it was on sale for $100 off the week after Thanksgiving. I had been eyeing the model for a year and couldn’t make the commitment to the price. But then they came out with a feminine looking one that I could wear all day (even if it is big) and I pulled the trigger. I love it. I love it so much.

    1. It is such a sad day! And that is not a bad splurge AT ALL. I’m about to impulse buy something today myself, haha! I can’t be without a watch. I only wish I could find some good deals or rebates. I’m currently texting my friend that works at our local running store in hopes that he can give me a little discount πŸ™‚ Plus, I have a $25 gift certificate to the store anyway so every little bit helps!!!

  3. I have the VivoActive and really like it. It’s very lightweight and perfect if you want to wear your running watch for daily wear too. It does log bike miles so it might work for you since you do triathlons… it was fairly cheap but I also upgraded from a Garmin 10, so yeah.

    I hated having to buy a new one… so much that I didn’t. I asked Santa!

    1. Ugh, if it would have crapped out on me a month or two ago, Santa would have been my main man for the job! LOL! You are the second person to recommend the VivoActive. I saw the VivoActive for something like $269, I think. Maybe I was looking at the wrong thing. I am currently eyeing the FR230. I was texting with my friend that works at the local running store and between that and the 235, he recommended the 230. I’m leaning that way but when I go in, I am going to check out the VivoActive, too! Thanks!

  4. Aw, RIP to your watch. At least it had a very good and active life πŸ˜€ LOL. I love my Garmin 220 so far. It’s very user friendly and simple which I love because I don’t often mess around with it much. However, if you’re looking for a watch for biking and swimming too, it probably wouldn’t be too great. I don’t have any suggestions for that because I don’t do those activities LOL

    1. I was eyeing the 220. I like it – but I have the 230 on hold at the running store for me. That does cycling too, which I really like about it. Plus it’s purple. And I have a gift certificate to the store. Ha ha. If it wasn’t for cycling, I’d be all over the 220!

      1. I wasn’t sold on needing the swimming option, because I never really used that one anyway. It was never completely accurate! That’s why the 230 is in my sights right now πŸ™‚

  5. I am sorry! I never thought about how I would feel if I had to get a new Garmin. I think if it was *exactly* the same as my old Garmin, it wouldn’t feel like such a loss. But since I plan on using this puppy until it dies, I am sure there will be way better models out there and they won’t even make mine anymore! I wish I could tell you what I have but I don’t know. 😦 I like that the start and stop have rubbed off yours. You can tell it’s been loved. πŸ™‚

    1. That’s the problem. I could totally get this model again. BUT there are new ones out there at the same price point (or even less!) that have so many sweet capabilities! I knew this day was coming, I just wish I had more tiiimmmeeee. I am so whiny about this!

  6. No!!! Although it seems it had a long and action-packed life. I got the 235 for Christmas and I love it. I wear it all days as an activity tracker too. I actually just wrote up a review that I can send you. I don’t bike or swim so I can’t really comment on those though.

    1. I am going to stalk your review for sure!!! I have the 230 on hold right now at my local running store. I was texting with my friend that works there and he said the main difference is that the 235 does heart rate. I never used heart rate on my watch before so he suggested the 230. I have a Fitbit that I wear as an activity tracker, and I would switch and just use the Garmin except all of my work friends have the Fitbit. We do step challenges and stuff, and I love that too. The struggle is REAL. LOL.

      1. I think I’ll post it tomorrow for sure! I don’t have any other tracker so it was a tw0-in-one win for me. I never used HR before because I cannot stand to wear the chest strap but it actually gives some pretty useful information. But I understand that you need to kick ass in your fitbit league!

  7. I just got the 225 and I love it. IT’s almost too much data though! I’ve been wearing it as a regular watch too since it’s an activity and sleep tracker counter too so I feel like I’m definitely getting my money’s worth. I really liked the Forerunner 110 because it was really straightforward. Maybe I’ll send mine to you so you have something in the in-between πŸ™‚

    1. You are so sweet!!! My brother is lending me his for my run tomorrow, and I am going to try to get over to my local running store tomorrow or Friday to pick up the FR230 they are holding for me. I am *praying* that since my friend works there he might hook me up with some sort of discount. What an ordeal. LOL! I keep hearing good things about the 220 and 225, though. Does that have a setting for cycling?

      1. I don’t think so but I’m not sure, I only use it for running/walking/sleeping. I hope you get a deal, you have definitely earned it after having yours for so long!

  8. Awe! That’s so sad! It looks like a pretty well used watch though… exactly what it was meant to do. I have a forerunner 220 and it works great. There are fancier ones out now, but the 220 does it’s job and does it well. Hope you get a new one soon!

    1. I keep hearing good things about the 220 and the 225. I will check those out when I head to my local running store. They have the 230 on hold for me. It tracks cycling, which I like. I don’t think the 220 tracks cycling, and I am not sure about the 225. So many options!!!!!!!!

      1. The heart rate monitor is remarkably good on the 235. I’d tried chest monitors and then both a Schotche (sp?) and Mio wrist monitor but the 235 works more consistently so far. You just have to make sure the optical scanner is flat against your wrist. I was worried because I have tiny wrists, but it works well.

      2. I should add that I don’t really do “heart rate training,” but rather use the data to make sure I’m running easy days easy. It also has become useful for me to see when my body is getting over-stressed and on the verge of getting sick or injured or overtrained because my heart rate shows a general trend of increasing for similar paces. I just need to pay better attention when it starts happening :-/

        Hope you find something that makes you happy like your old watch πŸ™‚

      3. That is an interesting perspective. I just read another bloggers review of the 235 and she mentioned how she uses the data from the heart rate too, and now I’m even more intrigued. CRAP!!!

  9. I have the older Garmin 110. It’s super basic and I love it! But they don’t make this model any more. It almost died once but luckily my master reset button worked. If I had to let go of this one I think I’d cry. It’s seen me from marathon number 1! Id go with the 210 probably if I had to buy new. I don’t need fancy. Just simple and accurate. Sorry about Garmin!! I know how much we runners love our watches.

    1. awww shoooot, girl. buuut on the upside, new run watch shopping is fun!! i have the Garmin Forerunner 110 (no clue if this is even still manufactured) and it’s basic but awesome and i really dig it. good luck shopping!

      1. Thanks!! I hear good things about that one but I feel like it was discontinued, ughhhh! I know I could get my same watch again but I like the idea of being able to sync it with my phone. #firstWorldProbs.

  10. So sorry for your loss 😭 I feel so weird sometimes because I’m not even a little bit of a data geek! I have a 220 that I wear only when I have tempos or specific paced long runs. Otherwise I just run my known routes by feel or use a stopwatch at the track. I do also wear the Garmin for most races, but definitely not all of them. I don’t want to give you a heart attack, but I haven’t even looked at the data from my 3:11 in October!! So, I should probably just mail you mine since I’m the worst GPS owner ever! Good luck with whatever you choose, lady!

    1. Hahaha! Everyone has their own way of gauging how things are going – and you certainly know what works best for you because you crush it, lady! The data from my 3:12 in October is probably the last data I looked at. Everything went to crap after than! I think I uploaded Hartford to my Garmin Connect…I hope I did…or it’s gone forever!! I feel lost without my watch!

    1. Thank you! I am leaning towards the 230. I like the 235 too though. It will be a snap decision for sure! Ughhh I hate that I have to make it though. I really thought my 310 would live forever!

  11. Wow! That’s a old watch! But I’m sorry it died.
    I have a Tom Tom runner. It has great battery life, excellent satellite connection, but its one major flaw is data. There are no mile splits, or interval records while running. But otherwise, I really like it.

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I have to look into some Tom Toms. I feel like those are so underrated and I read some awesome reviews about their watches. When I think of running watches, I immediately think of Garmin (good job to their marketing team!) and never consider other options. I’m going to check those out today!

      1. Well, I’m not promising a lot… But it’s true that Garmin has really good marketing going for it. It’s a good watch series though, so if you can afford it, I’m tempted to say it’s better than TomTom’s. But if you want super dependable satellites, then TomTom it is. Waiting to hear what you picked!

  12. Wow, so impressed your Garmin lasted that long! If you really loved that model, why not get the same exact one? Unless you’re looking to mix things up a bit now! I have a pretty basic Garmin Forerunner 10. I absolutely love it, just wish it had a heart rate monitor.

    1. I know, I have seriously considered re-buying this one since it is still around. But the one thing it doesn’t do is sync wirelessly with my phone. It’s the only feature that it’s missing. I’m looking at the FR230/235 and I’m excited to try something new!

  13. I’m on my third Garmin – the Forerunner 220, which I like for my needs. My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday two years ago…he originally got the 620, but I didn’t want/need the extra features, so I downgraded to the 220. (And save him $100, you’re welcome!) I feel your pain though – I was so sad when my first Garmin bit the dust. So many miles together!

    1. I looked into the 620 because a blog I follow, DCRainmaker, said his wife loves that model best. It’s definitely more $ than I need to spend! I’m so bummed that mine took a crap on me but I think I will like trying something new!

  14. You know, when you have a piece of tech that you use all the time, is reliable, and has literally been with you for YEARS of your journey, it’s pretty hard to say goodbye! I have a friend who cried when she had to give up her first running watch, and it was just a normal Timex with no fancy features or GPS! I hope whatever you find brings you joy and strong miles. There are SO many options out there now, I know you’ll love whatever you go with.

    1. Thank you! I’m excited to try something new. I absolutely shed a tear over this thing yesterday – I was running and using it as a glorified stopwatch and I definitely had tears in my eyes! I’m such a loser. Haha.

    1. Oh man, the price tag on that thing is gross!!! I can’t even look into that one. It does look freaking fabulous though! I keep hearing 220. I have the 230 on hold at my local running store, but if they carry the 220 I am so looking at it too. You are like the tenth person to recommend it!

  15. I also have the Garmin 220 – love the purple color! No complaints so far and I’ve had it for 2 years. Wow, your watch lasted for a long time – hope mine lasts for several more years. I recently discovered the “cadence” feature (never knew it had it…) which helped me maintain my stride rate around 180. Hope you find a replacement soon!

  16. I have the same Garmin Forerunner 310xt from my triathlon days; geez, I’ve had it for over 10 years? I’m afraid it’s going to full out die these days since I’ve been experiencing lost data a lot lately and have had to hard reset it every week. I will be looking for another watch at some point too (probably just a running watch rather than multisport since I “retired” from triathlon 2 years ago; looking forward to hearing your experiences with a new watch!

    1. I was so bummed when mine died – I really thought that watch was invincible. I am really happy with the new one as it tracks running, indoor running and cycling. I’ll write up a review soon!

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