Better late than never! 2015 in Review

Hello!!! I’m back! Did you miss me?  I needed a minute to breathe over the holidays. It’s always a really busy time for me. I kept it together until the day after Christmas, and then I got reeeallly sick. Yup, sick again. I was so sick with a horrible cold over Thanksgiving, so I thought I was done for the year. I was so wrong. I actually think I never quite recovered from cold #1, making cold #2 that much worse. Or maybe it was all the same cold. I don’t ever want to relive that to find out!

I didn’t do any blogging because I was mainly on my couch with a box of tissues, Mucinex and other various decongestants, and all of the comfort food I could possibly eat. I watched a disgusting amount of Netflix and knitted almost an entire baby blanket. I’ll post a picture when I’m done with it.

I figured I’d start the year off with a running/training recap of 2015. I think it’s more just for me to reflect on the good that happened during the year, so I can stop swelling on the shit storm it ended with! I didn’t accomplish my goal original goal, which was to break three hours in the marathon. I didn’t even come close. I did, however, have a lot of great races, amazing experiences, and wonderful memories with friends and family that I’m thankful for.

January 2015

Started off the year with a healthy dose of Achilles Tendinitis and had a crazy amount of snow in these parts. I was working with a coach as the year began. I was unable to put in a lot of miles due to injury, but by the end of the month, I remember having a really awesome run that I thought meant I was in the clear:


February 2015

The snow continued, as did my battle with Achilles Tendinitis. It was awful, and forced me to take a few weeks of almost no running right before the Lost Dutchman Marathon. I was able to spend a lot of time at our local ski area, Blue Mountain and that distracted me from my lack of running. I flew out to Arizona, lined up at the start, and ran a sub-3 pace for 15 miles until I seriously blew up and had to walk/run it in. I ran a stupid race that day, but I was so upset and frustrated with my injury that I didn’t know what else to do.


March 2015

Feeling broken and defeated, I took the whole month off of blogging and two full weeks off of running to try to figure it out. At the beginning of the month, we were still getting pounded with snow so my husband and a group of friends and I shipped up to Jay Peak, VT for some serious glade skiing.


A week after we got back, I started to run again. Slowly. It was still super painful but I knew I had to do something to get ready for Boston. My coach wanted me to stay on the treadmill, but I spent so much time on the treadmill trying to baby my achilles that I had to get out. My first semi pain free run was actually right after a snowstorm and it never felt so good.


April 2015

I was slowly building mileage and started the month off by pacing the 1:45 crew Garden Spot Half Marathon. It went well, but I remember it feeling harder than it did the year before, which worried me for Boston.

But, Boston ❤ This was a miracle race. Not a PR, but somehow I managed to finish in 3:13. I’d done a few long runs, but nothing super fast. I hadn’t done any speed work. I was just running, and trying to get back some endurance. It was a magical day. My husband had a work obligation so I brought my friend, Ashley, with me.

IMG_9026 IMG_9051

I got my two seconds of fame when I was on our local TV network, WFMZ, since this was my fifth consecutive Boston and I was present the year that the race and the runners were attacked by terrorists. They interviewed me after the race in 2013, followed a group of us up to Boston in 2014, and then since I returned in 2015 they spoke to me again.


I was a guest bartender for a charity function to support J’s run:


A week after Boston, I paced the 1:50 crew at the Lehigh Valley Half Marathon. That was special for me since that was my first ever road race. I just got word that I was invited back for the 2016 race!


May 2015

It got warm really fast so I was able to get back out on my bike as I got ready for Grandma’s Marathon. I did a lot of strength and cross training to help prepare. I was sure that I could hit a 3:05 at Grandma’s. My achilles was still an issue, but it was improving with each run so I kept moving forward. I got back on the track, and back on some trails to build strength.

image image

June 2015

The school year ended with a celebration at my house with my friends from work.


I tapered for Grandma’s Marathon. I was READY. I was sure this was going to be a shiny new PR. I got to meet Charissa AND Hanna

all because of Grandma’s, and meet up with Katelyn (who I met in 2014 at Clarence DeMar)! I was glad for that, because I didn’t run the race that I’d anticipated. A 3:17. 11 minutes off of my PR and slower than Boston, just a few months before. I stopped working with my coach, recovered and began plotting my return for fall.


Katelyn, Hanna, Charissa, and me!

I also began taking pole fitness classes, which has quickly become one of my favorite activities.image

July 2015

I began racing again. I won first overall female at the Race Street 15K:

image image


It was on the 4th of July, so naturally I brought Jell-O shots to a party later that day to celebrate:


I completed the annual Steelman Open Water swim. I hadn’t been swimming much so my swim time was average, but I had a blast.image

I also won my age group at the Quadzilla 15K trail race, which is a challenging course.  image


I went to two weddings – one was for a family friend that I’ve known since he was born, and the other was for one of my close friends. image


I also learned how to invert in pole class (go upside down!) and do a butterfly.imageAugust 2015

It began with a vacation to our lake house and ended with the start of the new school year. At the lake, I trained for my upcoming races and matched my time spent training with a lot of relaxation.

image image image image

I won my age group at a local Olympic triathlon that I participate in every single year.imageimageimageimageKathy and I visited Runner’s World (local for us) for a tour and a lunch time run with David Willey, the editor in chief.


I raced my first half marathon in about five years and ran the first of several half marathon PRs. I won first overall female. It was the hilliest course I’ve ever run and I ran a 1:34. My real PR in this distance came later, but I was over the moon ecstatic.image

I learned some of my most favorite pole moves to date: a brass monkey (you can do so many cool things from it!), a dragon tail, and an ayesha. The ayesha happened by accident but I was stoked.imageimage image

The end of the month (and most days since then) looked a lot like this:


September 2015

With school back in full swing, we entered a super hot month of training. I had two of my highest mileage week ever, topping out around 75 miles.


I ran my official half marathon PR at the VIA Half Marathon, a 1:29!! I was so excited to break the 1:30 barrier. It was a great day and I hope I can feel that good running again soon.image

I also ran my first ever cross country style race, the Celtic Fest 10K and won first overall female! This was also the first time that I ever got lost during a race. I can laugh about it now!image

I learned another favorite move, the janiero (comes from a brass monkey, of course). I also finally got my superman and my cupid, two moves that I was taught in July but couldn’t quite get the hang of.imageimage

October 2015

Started out great, but ended with a shit storm that I’m still recovering from.

It started with the Hartford Marathon. I wanted so badly to PR there but again, ran a stupid race. I did run my fastest marathon of the year, though. It was a 3:12.


A week later, the Runner’s World Festival was held in my town. I got to meet and hang with Hollie!image

But like a dumbass, I ran the race. A week after the marathon.image

Mid race, I pulled my calf and had to back off. I was on track for another big half PR, but I finished with my friend Kathy in 1:30. It still ended up as my second fastest half ever. Awesome time, except the pulled calf has haunted me since and ruined the rest of my fall running. It’s my own dumb fault.
race_1619_photo_27282678 image

I learned something called a Marion Amber, another pole move that I love and use often.image

Also, there were Halloween inspired Jell-O shots for a party I went to:


November 2015

Things got rough. I suffered through pacing the 1:45 crew at the D&L Half Marathon a week before my final marathon of the year. Even with the calf pain, I had fun pacing Charissa to her then-half PR!


My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage!

image I thought I ran my worst marathon of the year back in February, but I was so wrong. My calf hurt but didn’t worsen, and I came in under four hours. It was, however, state #30 for me and I got to spend a weekend away with great friends.imageimage

Then, after the awful race, I came home and found my poor kitty Zola was sick. Turns out she had a liver infection and I was syringe feeding her for the next month! November was definitely my lowest point of the year.


I had a really nasty cold for Thanksgiving, but we had great weather and deep fried our turkey for the second year in a row. So much fun!


Missy took me to the Andrew McMahon concert, which was the first show we’d seen together in awhile.


I learned a Fleur de Lis, another brass monkey/janiero variation that I’m in love with:


December 2015

Finally, the year came to an end – and it ended just as rough as it began. I spent the final week of the year sick on my couch. There was a lot of fun non-running related activities, though.

My sister in law is a hairdresser and she does gel nails. I embraced being girly (which I mostly neglected for the past four years) and let her give me some great gel manicures.

image imageI knitted. A LOT!

I spent over 10 hours wrapping gifts – not because I had that many of them, but because it’s like art to me (I love doing it!).

image We got dressed up and went to dinner for my mom’s 60th birthday and had Fiorini Christmas at my in-laws a few days before real Christmas. I started wearing red lipstick, which I was never brave enough to do before.imageimage

I threw a Christmas Eve party for 25 people in my unfinished kitchen. The kichen is a project for another post, but the party was a success and it looked pretty in the rustic, bare room. It was 70 degrees outside (Northeastern PA. Christmas. What the actual fuck?) so the lack of insulation in the room ended up being fine!


Oh yeah, and there were Jell-O shots (actually made these exact same ones twice in the month of December!):


I got quite possibly the best cat sweatshirt as a joke from my brother for Christmas.


And my final Jell-O shots of the year…Champagne 🙂 It was a mix of champagne, cake vodka, and cream soda. So good!


As for running, I did finally crest that 2,000 mile marker like I wanted to! Barely, but I clocked 2007.5 miles! Next goal is to hit 2,500 in a year. It took me awhile to crest that 2,000 mile marker, though.

I’m not going to do a goal post for 2016. Not much has changed on the running front – still aiming for a sub-3 marathon someday. Also, I have a goal of trying to make as many flavor combinations of Jell-O shots as I possibly can.

Overall, how was your year? How were the holidays? I have lots of catching up to do, so I hope to read some year end recaps on your blogs!


60 Replies to “Better late than never! 2015 in Review”

  1. I missed you!!! I hope you are finally feeling all better and ready to kick-ass at Boston training 😀 I know you had a tough year, but I can’t get over just HOW MUCH you did. You’re amazing! and don’t ever think otherwise. I’m so glad I got to meet you last year and then see you not just once but a few times – perks of living semi-close to one another! 😀 Hope there’s more of that in 2016. I’ve still gotta make it out to that crazy hard trail with you one day. Oh and those champagne jell-o shots look like just about the best thing on this planet!
    By the way, when is St. Luke’s half this year? My race schedule is a little sparse since I’ve only got one half marathon planned for spring so far (NJ half) and I may want to add to that.

    1. Funny you should ask about St. Lukes – they just asked me to pace again and asked what time I wanted. My top 3 choices were 1:40, 1:45, and 1:50! I am hoping for 1:45. You should do it!!! I think it’s on 4/24!!

      I am SO GLAD we got to meet and hang. Maybe after Boston we can plan a trail run? I probably won’t go to that trail before the marathon, plus part of the fun is that you go through a creek crossing and it’s so fun to do on a hot day. We should plan to do it in May! My race schedule is also a bit sparse right now. I have a 10K, those 10 milers on the schedule, and possibly the Frozen Penguin Half in Brooklyn? I don’t know much about it but a friend asked me to do it. I am not deciding yet. I am also interested in the Kentucky Derby Marathon…there is a half, too…want to go? Two of my girlfriends and I are tentatively in!! Road trip!

      1. St. Luke’s I could probably do then!! Is that one hilly? If so, I’d probably be around a 1:45 for a hilly course LOL. Trail run in May sounds perfect. Then I will be done with all my half marathon racing too. I just looked up the Kentucky Derby date and that’s the same weekend as NJ half so that I can’t do, but the frozen penguin half – what a name! I’ve actually been looking for a March half so that one could be a possibility for a good fitness test for me. Yay for race planning!

      2. I think St. Lukes is a great course. There is one section that is run on cinders and that’s the “hilly” section. It’s in Lehigh Parkway, which is somewhere I go when I want to run flat 🙂 So personally, I don’t think it’s hilly. It’s on the streets of Allentown until about mile 8, and then it’s in the Parkway until mile 11. I love the course and recommend it! Of course, you know you have a place to stay if you don’t mind my under construction house 🙂

  2. I know that you had a rough year, but you still did so much! You rock! I really hope that you are feeling better! Those colds can be so brutal. I joke that with my daughter being in daycare that I’m either getting sick, sick, or recovering from being sick so that I can get sick again this time of year. lol. So I do feel your pain there. I got a cold over Christmas and it still lingers on. Anyway, I hope that you have a great year! Those Champagne jell-o shots sound and look amazing! I think that I need a lake house one day. Unfortunately, I did not win that Powerball so that will have to wait. 🙂

    1. Thank you Alanna!! I hope you have a great year, too 🙂 Sooo many people have nasty colds right now, ugh! Something has got to give! Ahhh yes, the lake house is a lovely place to visit. It belongs to my mother in law, and I am thankful that she lets us visit every summer. It’s beautiful up there! I was not one of the Powerball winners, either 😦 Next time! LOL!

  3. It’s good to see you back, and I hope you’ve left the worst of it all behind you! Nice job hitting 2,000 miles this year, even with the injuries and stuff.

    Oh, and I love that Jello shots is, like, your “thing.” Super athlete teacher lady who brings a mean Jello shot to your holiday party. 🙂

    1. LOL! I love that! Hahaha! The funny thing is, I’m not a huge drinker. I made them for my Christmas Eve 2014 party and they were easy and a huge hit, so now I bring them to every party I go to!! I’m sure people are like “ENOUGH WITH THE JELL-O ALREADY”…but there are so many flavor possibilities that I can’t stop!

  4. I missed you and I was glad you recapped this. I know you ended on a somewhat sour note but I have no doubt you will achieve goals in 2016. I cannot wait to see how it goes! Also I love that post race half photo of us!

  5. I’ve missed you too! Your year has certainly had it’s ups and downs. If I’m reading this correctly, I could achieve your super greatness in pole fitness in less than a year?? (just kidding, I could never do that. You rock it! I can’t even touch my toes…) Love all of the Jello shots flavors. I know who to ask when I am in need of some party recipes! I forgot, are you running Boston again in 2016? You have a good streak going. I think my husband has the same streak going. (sometimes I just hear Boston, blah blah blah. Sorry, still bitter!! haha)

    1. You could absolutely achieve pole greatness in less than a year!!! You need to try it 🙂 I am starting to like it as much as I like running. And since running has felt crappy, I might like it more right now! Ha! Let me know if you need Jell-O shot recipes – I have lots of fun ones! Plus lots of fun ones that I pinned but haven’t yet tried! I am running Boston again this year, it will be my 6th consecutive. You should absolutely be bitter. I am bitter for you. I firmly believe that anyone who qualifies should be able to run. If they can’t accommodate the amount of people that are applying, they need to either get approval from the towns to increase the field size or make the qualifying times harder. Not that I want it to be harder for anyone to qualify, but what is the point of a 30 year old female running a 3:34:59 if she has zero chance at making it? My friend, Ashley, ran something like a 3:32:30 in Indy this past November. I am PRAYING she gets in to 2017. She deserves it and works so damn hard. As did you, and every other person I know that qualified. The only time I ever said “good” when I heard that someone who qualified did not get in was this local runner who actually does steroids. He qualified by like 2 minutes and didn’t make the cut. I think steroids are cheating so I was glad he didn’t make it. But anyone who qualifies should run. Bottom line. People work so hard for that goal and it is absolutely not fair! I love the BAA and think they know how to put on a great race, but I truly wish they would rethink their qualifying standards. Sorry for the rant!!! That one always gets me going!

      1. I hear ya! I had to cringe when I heard two of my already registered friends saying they couldn’t make Boston due to long term injuries right now. Ugggh. Wish there was a “transfer your bib to a qualified runner friend” program!! Fingers crossed my spring marathon will get me back there 🙂

      2. OMG THAT IS A FANTASTIC IDEA. Seriously!!! You SHOULD be able to transfer to a qualified runner! Although I wonder how many people out there that are super speedy would register, and then transfer to a friend because they already ran. Because streak or no streak, I would do that for someone. Maybe you need something like “proof” of injury (a doctor’s note or something) and then the runner you are transferring to has to have a qualifying time. Or, the BAA could keep the list of people who were turned away and they could handle it all. Like if I got hurt, notify the BAA and they give someone on the list my bib. That would get more people in for sure! You are a genius.The BAA should hire you. And give you a damn bib since you freaking earned it.

  6. I know that in many ways it wasn’t the year you wanted, but you still accomplished an awful lot, and have gotten really good at pole fitness! I hope this cold leaves you alone and you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks Rae! It wasn’t the year I wanted in terms of achieving running goals but it was a good year. I am glad I recapped it because it reminded me of how many great moments there were. Here’s to making 2016 even better!

  7. I stumbled on your blog just a couple months ago, so reading your year in review was fun. Congrats on the half PR and getting in over 2k miles!
    Sooo…do you SHARE these jello recipes somewhere? Do I just pour champagne, vodka and cream soda in a bowl and hope for the best? Help a girl out!

    1. I am going to start posting recipes on Fridays. I will do a Jell-O shot one as soon as I make Jell-O shots again this year! I want to make some for Valentine’s Day with pink and purple, or pink and red but I need a good reason (although Jell-O shots are always a good idea, so maybe I’ll just make them anyway). However, this is the base recipe I use:

      I have done them in layers and without the cups before. The white layers tend to separate from the colored layers and it gets a bit messy. They are so pretty that way though. For the champagne ones, I made that recipe up by combining a few different ones. I need to look at what I did when I go home and write it down! It was mainly cream soda and champagne, but I used 3-4 packs of Knox gelatin (I forget but I will look!) and I added cake vodka to it. Smirnoff makes a caramel vodka that would probably be absolutely divine in that flavor combo, but I thought I would be able to use the cake vodka in future Jell-O shots more 🙂

  8. I was really starting to panic when I kept coming here and didn’t see you post anything. It’ll take me a while to get over that. 😛 I love this post, and I love all the photos and it was cool to see all the stuff that I missed from the beginning of the year. And I certainly know who to go to if I ever need jello shots!

  9. loved reading your recap and although you had some not-so-hot moments this year, there were so many good things to celebrate! congrats on 10 years with the husband, and some truly amazing running — you’re so inspiring! and those pole moves — gahhh i don’t know how you get your body to do that (i know i’m a broken record with this!) but i’d kill to be able to get anywhere near a split! i need to work on flexibility. great post, girl.

    1. Thanks lady! All in all, it was a great year! And I’m telling you, come for a visit and I will take you to a pole class. Or check one out in the city because I would bet you have some awesome studios there!

  10. Yay! I’m glad you’re back! Sounds like you had a great 2015. By the way… I love that cat sweater your brother got you. I would certainly sport that every day if I had it. My 2015 was pretty good, although I really got derailed after my ankle injury. I’m just now trying to get myself back to consistent running again… and honestly, the ankle is still not perfect. I can’t do trikonasana with the bad ankle in the front. I’m really hoping that things get a bit smoother in 2016… no more injuries! Can’t wait to read how your training is going this year!

    1. I hear you, I feel the same with my calf – it derailed me and now I’m still not quite back. I still feel tweaks in my calf and my Achilles and I get frustrated! One day at a time though, right?

  11. Missed you so much!! I’m so glad we got to meet this year, hanging out with you before and after the race was such a blast! Wish you could have stuck around longer!

    You had such an eventful year! Shame it couldn’t all be good events, but, that’s life I guess. Glad you’re back, and that I can follow your WHOLE year for 2016!

    1. Awwww thanks Hanna! I am SO GLAD we got to meet and hang! I am still thinking about a fall Wisconsin marathon over your way 🙂 I am excited to follow your year too, I think it’s going to be EPIC!

    1. I live about 5 miles from the HQ and Bart Yasso is my neighbor! If you ever race in my area I can introduce you! So far, just Boston and a few little local ones! Maybe the Kentucky Derby Marathon. What about you?!

      1. i forgot you mentioned the derby marathon to me earlier! so far i’m eyeing virginia beach at the end of march (1/2) and a few local 5ks. But the only races in stone are the spartan beast the first week of may and the zooma annapolis the first weekend of june.

  12. Oh my gosh I have so much to say! I am going to have to try to write them all out, then scroll up and scan through your post again to see what I missed!

    First of all, I DID miss you, and I am glad you are back and hopefully over your sickness soon. I did think about your kitty Zola too and I am hoping she is feeling better now? My Chrissy Boy had a huge health scare a couple years ago and it was horrible. He pulled through though, and at the end of this year, he had a more “froo froo” affliction- Feline Acne. LOL! It can get serious though if you don’t treat it- infection and stuff. Luckily it has cleared up and he could be a cat model again. 🙂

    I loved reading your recap because I feel like I only just started reading your blog at the end of summer, so there was a lot about your year that I missed. I didn’t realize that you only started pole class within the past year. I just assumed you have been doing it forever because you are so good at it! I am sure you yoga helps though, right!? That pic of you in the handstand- I would need medical assistance if I tried that!

    I saw the Pretzel City Sports sign in your one race pic- I ran a few races with them! It is crazy how close we are to each other!

    Lehigh Valley Half is one of the first races I DNS due to an injury. I will really butt hurt about it too because it was extremely expensive AND I paid the extra money to pick up my race packet the day of the race. I never heard of that before- having to pay extra. But it is about an 1.5 hr drive for me, so picking it up race day was my only option. Then I ended up getting hurt, so I spent like 100 dollars on a race I didn’t run. SOOOOO FREAKING PISSED. But my friend ran it and I paced her for the last 4 miles or so. I was supposed to run the whole thing with her but obviously injured = not running 13.1. This was so many years ago, I swear I blocked out this whole memory but your mentioning of the race reminded me of it!

    I love seeing pics of you and your hubby dressed up. I know as running bloggers, we generally post “workout clothes” pics, but I like to see people in “real life”!

    Your Jello shots crack me up. 🙂

    I have that same orange Boston jacket and at first I didn’t like it but now I thing it is a really cool color!!!

    Rando question… I got calf cramps during my last two races I was RACING. Never had them before in my life. Do you think wearing compression socks/sleeves would help that? Because I have no clue what is going on, and now of course with two races in a row with calf cramps, I am convinced I was just suffer from them at every race from now until the end of time….

    1. Awww you are SO SWEET, Meg! Thank you for thinking of my kitty ❤ You are my fellow cat lover! She is a LOT better. It was a liver infection and it was so scary. I really thought I was going to lose her! But after a week, she began to perk up. Then she started to fight me a little more when I would try to syringe feed her. I was feeding her twice per day via syringe for like a month! I was giving her lots of water, chicken broth and the meaty baby foods. Now she is housing food all on her own 🙂 Thank god. She is literally the sweetest baby. You could hold her for hours – anyone, not even just me – and she will just purr and purr and make you pet her. She is a doll face. ❤ OMG come back and do the St. Lukes Half again! I'm pacing, just don't know for sure which time slot. It is a great race. I am so sorry you had such a bad experience with it! It looks like Charissa is going to be doing it, too. I love seeing bloggers in real life clothes, too!! I think 95% of what I post on any social media is me in workout clothing, haha. I also hated my orange Boston jacket but now I love it, too. I really like it for fall and spring cycling because you stand out on the roads!

      As for your question, yes, I do think compression socks would help but I would also consider your hydration. Cramps are usually a sign of an imbalance with your electrolytes. What's your fueling like? Do you take in something with electrolytes? Sodium could be the key here – I have salt tabs but I've not tried them myself yet. I do know many people that have had trouble with cramps have had success with those. For the socks, I love the CEP brand but they are not as cute as some of the other ones out there! Ugh, that is so frustrating. I hate hearing about anyone struggling with calf issues – I have had my fair share and they SUCK!!! Let me know if you try the socks! Or the salt tabs!

      1. Thanks for the rec! It’s weird I eat the same things before/during a race as I do during training runs and I still got the cramps. And it really pissed me off because I wasn’t pushing myself to run faster than what I trained for- like I SHOULD have been able to run those races with no cramps. It was weird. I used to take salt tabs all the time. The first race with the cramps I didn’t take them, so then for my second race I did take them but maybe I didn’t take enough. I have some compreshies so maybe I will wear them next time I race. I generally just wear them after for recovery.

        Yay Zola! She sounds so sweet and beautiful. 🙂

  13. What a year! So much accomplished. You certainly know how to push yourself. I forgot that you were working with a coach before Grandma’s. Are you glad you are on your own now? I feel like you seem happier going it alone? Your shots and Christmas decorations both look incredible!

    1. Thank you! I am glad to be on my own for sure. I am also really beginning to enjoy the Hansons plan, which is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’ve never had such a structured running week. I’ve already done more tempos and track work than I ever would have in the past!! I never would have tried it if I were still working with my former coach. But I do see a lot of value in runners using a coach, I just think finding the right one is really important!

    1. Awww, thanks Helly!!! Love you! We did have a rough year – but those are the kinds of races/years that make the good ones that much better, right??? Here’s to a GREAT 2016 for both of us!

  14. Great year! I know it wasn’t the year that you had hoped for but you still had some awesome accomplishments. Over 2000 miles in a year- you rock! And your pole moves are amazing, every time one pops up on IG, I wonder how it is even physically possible. 🙂 I hope both you an your kitty are feeling better. Being sick is no fun- I spent the first week of this year there-ugh. Hope you have a great 2016!

    1. Thank you Fallon!! I was really excited to crest the 2,000 mile mark. I usually come up like 100-200 miles short but I’ve been trying for years! Both me and my kitty are feeling a lot better! She was really sick for about a month and had a liver infection but is doing so much better. ❤

  15. I started following you (that sounds creepy) in August this year when you were up at the lake – sounds like the entire year has been full of ups and downs, but overall you’ve had a strong year with some solid numbers! PRs are always the best, but sometimes those hard battles prepare us for what’s next – hopefully a healthy 2016! And those jello shots – I’m majorly impressed.

    1. I wish I had a picture of our quick meeting in the bathroom at the RW half to include, haha! Here’s to a healthy 2016 for BOTH of us! Let our calves calm down and leave us alone for awhile 🙂

  16. Minus the illnesses and injuries…you accomplished a lot! Such strength with pole fitness, mastering jello shots (they look amazing) and pounding the pavement to over 2000 miles. Missed your blog posts 🙂
    All the best in 2016!

  17. Wow! What a great year in racing you had! After Boston last year, I pretty much fell off the face of the earth, lol. But I’m
    Looking forward to a new year of racing and hopefully a pr or two… Ps. I’m
    Obsessed with all of your Jell-O shots! Soooo stinkin cute!

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