What I’m Working Out To Wednesday

Begging for Thread

I have an old school iPod Classic that I keep in my car. It has something like 12,000 songs on it. My brother in law was making fun of me the other day because I guess that’s not how you’re supposed to transport music anymore. I asked how everyone else does it, and he said that now we are putting our music on our phones. I guess that makes sense, but how can I have all 12,000 songs on my phone? So, iPod Classic it is. First world problems (hate that phrase, but if the shoe fits…).

I haven’t downloaded anything new lately. The holiday season kicked my ASS this year. But I have been going through my iPod and found a beat that I forgot about and figured I’d share it. Banks had a few EPs in 2013 and then a full album (Goddess) in 2014. This was one of her hits off of her album. Enjoy!

Now that we are in 2016, are there any new beats on your radar?


26 Replies to “What I’m Working Out To Wednesday”

  1. i’m all about Spotify and love finding new music! one of my friends is such a crazy indie music junkie and we love to talk about it in the gym in our bldg, so i always follow the playlists he creates. do you use Spotify? if so, i’ll give you his name to follow him – he’s one of my best resources!

  2. I’ve got Sirius XM in my car, so I get to hear a lot of new stuff that way. I’d be so lost without my Sirius! Because of that, I think I only have 6 songs on my iPhone, and they are only played in case I can’t find anything else! My iPod holds all the running tunes.

  3. I’ve still got an iPod Classic too. I’d love to just use my phone, but there’s no way i can store all my music on it and my route to work doesn’t have a good enough signal to stream music. #firstworldproblems indeed!

  4. I am addicted to this song. (The more I read your “what I’m working out to” posts, the more I realize our music taste is so dang similar.) Beggin’ for Thread has been on my running playlist since last year’s marathon!

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Bowie this week.

  5. Hey Alison, great to see you back on the blog…hope you a nice break! I’m a bit of a late developer with music tech but I finally got everything into my iPhone so that’s pretty much all I use now though I need to figure out these streaming services some day! Also think I finally may have found a decent Bluetooth headphone solution for running but need a few more test runs! Cheers!!

    1. Hi! Thanks, glad to be back! Bear with me as I finally get caught up over the next few days! Let me know how the Bluetooth headphones go – would love to get a pair for my husband! He just started running and uses his phone too.

      1. Will do!! I’m sure I’ll post a quick review over the next week or so…way cool on your husband getting started!

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