I was spending some time today browsing my reader and saw that Jess posted about becoming a nuun ambassador, and I remembered that I also submitted an application back in November. I use their products almost daily. I think I have a lifetime supply of their discontinued flavor, Iced Tea Lemonade and drink that almost daily. I add nuun to my water before I run, go to pole classes, bike, or swim. It helps me drink more water because I sometimes forget to drink water and know I end up dehydrated. Adding nuun to my water only adds eight calories but lots of flavor and electrolytes to keep me adequately hydrated.

So, I revisited my email and did a quick search…apparently, the email went right to the trash when I was deleting promotional emails! Lately, I’ve been getting so many with the holiday that I barely even skim the subject lines. A quick search turned up an email from nuun with the subject, “welcome to the ambassador family”!

I’m a 2016 nuun ambassador! I’m still figuring out what that all means, but I am so excited! I love nuun and I’m excited to help promote their products!

Anyone else joining up with nuun for 2016?!


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  1. Congrats on being selected! A few of my friends are Nuun ambassadors (including Jess & Run Pink who commented above me). I’m not really an ambassador for much, because there are only a few products I really like and they don’t seem to have ambassador programs, but I hear nuun is good… not just for running but also as a hangover remedy ;).

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