What I’m Working Out to Wednesday – The Holiday Edition, Pt. 3

Baby Please Come Home


When I was in middle school, there was this strange trio that came out with a hit song. Do you remember Hanson? Yep, the brothers with the infamous, “Mmmbop” song that you either loved or hated.

Well, I loved it. I loved the band, especially Taylor Hanson, and all of their music (are you currently questioning why you ever took any music recommendations from me?). In fact, I was certain I was going to marry Taylor and record a hit song with him. My room was wallpapered with posters of his face. Anytime they were going to be on TV, I had a VHS tape that I would record whatever it was. I still have that in my attic somewhere.  Each year, I remember that Taylor’s birthday is on 3/14, and that day reminds me of the year that me and my two Hanson obsessed friends had a birthday party at my house for him. I baked a cake out of a box and iced it with store-bought icing. To make sure my cat wouldn’t eat it I put it back in the oven. The oven was off, but still warm. The icing absorbed into the cake, so I truly believe that I was the first person to invent the recently trendy cake ball. I’m so hipster.

I swear this has a point relating to Christmas and Anberlin. You see, these Hanson boys came out with a holiday album called “Snowed In”, which of course I owned. “Baby Please Come Home was one of the tracks featured on the album. I never paid much attention to other versions of that Christmas song before, but it became my new favorite when Taylor would belt it out.

When I got older and realized that my obsession with the Hanson trio was really weird, I heard this version of the song. I was already loving Anberlin and their hit, “Feel Good Drag“, when I found that they recorded their own rendition of the song. Not only did I feel way cooler blasting that in my car, but I liked it even better. Plus it was like I could still secretly pine away for Taylor when I listened to it.

And just in case you needed a good Hanson fix…No judgement here.

Did you love any bands/artists growing up that you are almost ashamed to admit to now?

22 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday – The Holiday Edition, Pt. 3”

  1. I loved Hanson as a preteen/teen and I still really like them. They are talented guys and that Christmas album is one of my favorites. Growing up, my mom and I used to listen to it in the car driving around looking at Christmas lights. I miss those times and their music reminds me of that. I have the album on spotify and still listen to it in December! Some of their newer adult music is pretty good too; I feel like they will always be known for Mmmbop and the first album, but the teens who were fans and are now adults that give them a chance will like the newer stuff :).

  2. Oh, yes indeed, I remember Hanson! My parents would have inflicted total deafness on me sooner than let me listen to them, but that’s what friends’ parents’ cars are for, right?

  3. HA HA HA HA HA HA OMG YOU BAKED HIM A CAKE?!?! I love you. You’re the best for a) actually baking him a birthday cake and b) telling us all about it. I LOVE IT. Okay so when I was growing up I was only allowed to listen to Christian music. Sometimes I’d put my ear against my ghettoblaster and turn the radio on really quiet so I could listen to something other than DC Talk or Amy Grant. I remember one time my sister Tracey was babysitting me (she’s 8 years older) and she blared George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” and we danced around her room and jumped on her bed. Sinners.

    1. HA yes! I am not ashamed to admit it!!! My parents let me listen to almost whatever I want but they were strict about stuff with “explicit” lyrics. Somehow, when I was in 6th grade, I got my hands on a Warren G cassette tape – you know, the dude who sang Regulators? I played that thing over and over in my walkman and thought I was so sneaky. I can still sing Regulators from start to finish. It’s the only rap song I can “rap”!

  4. loooooove Anberlin!! my brother and i got way into them like 10+ years ago and i still keep them on my running playlists and iPhone. such a stellar band! i have all their albums.

  5. Ohmigosh! That is the cutest story! And not weird at all. 😉

    But, really don’t worry…I was OBSESSED with Chris Kirkpatrick from Nsync for years! I was convinced he and I would one day runaway together and live happily ever after! OMG!

  6. So kind of you to write a post exactly describing pre-teen me. And I mean exactly. The posters, the VHS tapes of tv appearances, the celebrating of Taylor’s birthday (also my Mom’s birthday, so I think about it every year). It is just not the holiday season until I’ve listened to Snowed In on repeat, lol.

  7. I love Anberlin! I’m so glad other people know about them! I’ve been to at least 4 or 5 of their concerts, and have all of their albums. I still listen to them on my runs and it reminds me of high school and college, all the good times and bad.

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