Recovery Week 5, 12/7-12/13

I have a lot to catch up on with everyone. I have my Wednesday posts all scheduled out for the rest of the year, but I’ve been busy knitting ornaments, wrapping Christmas presents, and party planning. I throw a pretty big Christmas Eve bash for my family at my house. We also have a day where we do “Fiorini Christmas” because my husband is one of 10 brothers and sisters. If we don’t have a separate day for Christmas, we will never all be together. My mom’s 60th birthday is on Sunday, so my dad and I are in the midst of preparations for that. Excuses, excuses. I’ve been a bad blogger. I’m sorry! I’ve made some good ornament knitting progress, though:


**For anyone trying my pattern: I was having trouble getting the stitches to look pretty on the DPNs so I switched to a circular needle. It’s a US size 2, 9″ needle so the ornament fits perfectly. I cast on using the DPNs and switch to the circular needle when I am done with my increases. The Fair Isle looks a lot cleaner this way.

But seriously guys, what should I get my mom for her 60th birthday?! I am so lost on this one. My mom really doesn’t do much on her own, and I have lots of ideas but none are really exciting me. She isn’t much of a “day at the spa” kind of woman and I have looked into that, I just can’t see my mom in that setting.

As I was writing this title, I can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks since my last disaster marathon. A LOT has happened in that time. I came off of the race determined to make the most of my recovery and follow a “schedule”, but getting hit with a monstrous cold changed that. I just refused to train while I wasn’t feeling well if I wasn’t actually training for anything. This was my final week of recovery before I start to transition back into a training mindset. My goals were to embrace the easy workouts and reduced volume, take at least one complete rest day, and continue to enjoy life.

My runs have been a struggle. The pace feels really hard, and I’m not running hard. I didn’t write much about each run unless I did something worth mentioning because they’ve all been slow and painful. I didn’t feel like this when I started training for Hartford, but I really only took a week after Grandma’s to “recover” before I began again. I guess this is what it feels like to “start from scratch”. I don’t know if I like it. I’ll get back to you on that.

So I lost a bunch of fitness and gained a few pounds. I’m going to enjoy the rest of the food for the holiday season, but it’s time to start cleaning things up again and prepare for Boston. Here’s how this past week went down:

Monday, 12/7: 6 Mile Recovery Run+ Core + Pole Fitness

Easy run felt not so easy, but I’m not panicking yet. It was my first week “back”. Pole class was fun and we learned some great new combos. I post more of that stuff on Instagram since it’s mostly videos lately, but I did take one picture of a fun new one. It’s an outside leg hang bridge. Outside leg hang because you are hanging on by your outside leg, and it’s a bridge because you grab for the pole with your hands. 

I fell off the pole and stubbed my toe doing one of the combos (of course I did, why wouldn’t I? I’m a disaster) so that was interesting. I was sure I broke it. It still hurts today, but it doesn’t bother me running. Just when I try to curl up my toes.

Tuesday, 12/8: Rest


Wednesday, 12/9:  5 Mile Recovery run+ Pole Fitness 

Another easy run that didn’t feel so easy. Headed right to pole class and learned some new combos, and also something called a Lux:

imageThursday, 12/10: 8 Mile “Tempo” Run + Pole Fitness

I’m going to use the word tempo very loosely here. I don’t start official tempo runs for a few weeks but I’m pretty sure my first one is something like six miles at goal marathon pace. Goal marathon pace = 7:04/mile. I decided I would do one mile at marathon pace to just see if my body remembered how. Oh, it remembered and it was mad at me. I almost threw up. But, I did it and the rest of the miles after didn’t feel horrific. Here’s to hoping my body remembers how to do it in weeks to come. Headed to pole class after, but just worked on the the new stuff from Monday and Wednesday classes.

Friday, 12/11: 5 Mile Recovery Run + Pole Fitness 

Here’s a funny story. I overslept on Friday morning because I was at my sister-in-laws house pretty late the night before planning our Christmas Eve extravaganza. No morning run for me, and pole class was at 4pm. No problem, I can run over my lunch break.

I’m a teacher and I get 43 minutes for lunch, but my lunch (6th period) is backed up by my planning period. Here’s my logic: I comfortably run 5 miles in 40-ish minutes. If I leave when my lunch starts and get out the door asap, I am back before 7th period. 7th period is my planning period, so while I won’t run over my planning period, I can eat my lunch, get some work done and cool off before having to change back into my work clothing. I teach 8th period, and then go home so I only have to be gross for one class.

I left and began my run. I leave out of a side door because I don’t like to parade through the school and advertise that I run over my lunch. People at my school can get weird about that even though I’m allowed to leave over lunch. It was a beautiful day. As I hit one mile, I got a text (I run with my phone when I run over my lunch break just in case something were to happen). It was a security guard from the school that I’m friends with saying we were having a fire drill at 1:15. He saw me leave on the video cameras and wanted to make sure I was back on time. No problem, I get back before 1 pm.

For a brief moment I thought, perhaps I should cut my run at four miles instead of doing the full five to make sure I was back on time. I convinced myself that I was just using the fire drill as an excuse to be lazy and that there was no reason for me not to finish the run. I got back to school, and just like I always do, I stood outside until the bell rings, students were in class, and the halls were clear. It was 12:59, and two minutes into my prep. Just as I went to swipe my badge to re-enter the building, the alarm for the fire drill went off. Here I am, standing outside in shorts and a t-shirt and sweating my face off. It might be December, but it’s been hovering between 60-70 degrees in northeastern PA these days.

The kids start pouring out of the school, and I literally have nowhere to go. I can’t go back in the building because we have to exit the building for a fire drill. I wasn’t in charge of any kids (thank GOD) since it was my planning period but staying in the building is not an option. I’m the only person in the school that would run over my lunch break. I can’t be standing outside, in my sweaty running clothes and pouring with sweat as my co-workers (who are the least bit amused by my running to begin with) walk by. Now I was in full on panic mode.

I swiped my badge, and hid in the stairwell of the building until everyone was gone. I exited the building and walked around the side of the building so I could see when they released the kids from the stadium to come back into the building. This entire time, I was on camera so any hall monitor or security guard watching was probably cracking up.

As I’m hiding behind the building, another teacher that I don’t know well (he’s new to our building) came walking past and was on his lunch break. I just looked at him and said, “This didn’t go the way I planned” and explained what happened. He winked at me and said, “I’m going to go distract the assistant principal. You keep hiding.” There was an assistant principal in relatively close proximity to us, so he walked over. As soon as the kids were released and I could hear them coming, I sprinted back to my room and hid for the rest of my prep.

The best part is that I never actually had a run on my schedule and just thought I did, so I didn’t even have to do those miles!

Saturday, 12/12: 5 Mile Recovery Run +Pole Fitness 

I could have opted not to run since I had done the extra 5 miler the day before, but I was meeting a friend that I hadn’t run with in awhile so I went anyway. Again, felt wayyyy harder than it should have. In pole, I worked on another variation of a Brass Monkey that I’m loving:


A brass monkey is something I learned over the summer, and it’s something I am really comfortable with so these variations come pretty easily to me. Most of the other moves take a lot longer for me to master.

Sunday: 12/13: General Aerobic Run, 10 miles

This run had some good and bad points. The good? It was 65 degrees and I ran in a tank and shorts. I felt good in the beginning but the pace was still not great. I ran a super hilly route, which I haven’t done since October. It didn’t bother my calf.

I was pretty fatigued by mile six, but I finished the run. I wasn’t very sore after, which was good considering the elevation of the run.

I think part of the problem here was the mental hurdle of getting back into the swing of things this week. My pace feels ROUGH. Every run feels hard. I keep wanting to quit but I know I’ve come back from WAY worse and have gotten faster. This was a conscious effort to take time off, so things have to start improving soon…right? I sure hope so, because the miles I ran this week were not that fun. It didn’t matter what pace I was running, it felt HARD. The one marathon paced mile I did during my tempo run felt hard, but the rest of the miles I ran all week long at a “recovery” pace felt equally as challenging.

Here’s to hoping that next week is better!

Swim:  0 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 39 miles

Most embarrassing running story? What’s something fun I can get for my mom? Something for us to do together? I’m really at a loss!


58 Replies to “Recovery Week 5, 12/7-12/13”

  1. Ooh, get her something you guys can do together. Does she like any particular kind of food? Maybe you could take her out to a really nice restaurant where you guys get all dressed up and stuff?

    And I can’t believe it is so warm there! I’m working from home today and looking out the window at 3-4 inches of snow. I’ll be honest– I’m a little bit jealous as I’m trying to figure out how to do my speed workout tomorrow… I’m guessing schools probably don’t go through the effort to plow their tracks.

    1. I AM SO SO JEALOUS OF YOUR SNOW. OMG. However, not jealous of trying to figure out the speed workout. I know how frustrating that is and they definitely don’t plow the tracks, UGH. What about the treadmill? I know, so not fun.

      I have the restaurant idea on my list for sure!!!!

      1. I hate the treadmill, so it’s a last resort! It will probably be what I end up doing, though. UGH. The snow is suuuuper pretty, but I got stuck in the parking lot at the pool this morning for, like, half an hour and had to clear out a track behind my wheels with my scraper… it was a mess! If only the snow could be beautiful but not on the roads, parking lots, or tracks…

      2. What did you end up doing? I am so behind on here and going to try to get caught up today! I have my first track workout for Boston training next week…12×400! It should be a good one to ease back into some speed work!

      3. I actually went to the Olympic Oval here in Salt Lake where the speed skating was held in 2002. They have an indoor track around the ice now. It was a really nice track… a great back-up option to have now!

        Good luck with your 400s! I kind of like 400s. It’s the longer speed intervals that really get to me!

      4. It was really cool! And it felt super cool running in there, knowing people had won Olympic medals in the building (I mean, for a sport I’ve never done, but still!).

  2. Maybe get her a massage or a facial gift card? I like to gift experiences rather than stuff. Or you could even plan a girls spa day for you and your mom? That way you could go together and both pamper yourselves. My mom would like that and I know it’s not something she’d want to spend her own money on, either.

    Looks like you had a great week of workouts and pole fitness, plus making good progress on the ornaments! We have had multiple Christmas celebrations and have a few coming up- with a few families to visit it’s a busy time of year.

  3. I love the fire drill story! My friend is a teacher too and sometimes tries to fit in a run over lunch break. All her coworkers always freak out at her for running so much. She comes back dripping with sweat. Ha! And not to worry, your pace and fitness will be back to normal and then some in NO time. You’re a natural.

    1. I can totally understand your friend – I seriously tell no one when I run over lunch because people think it’s gross that I’m gross to do my job (for one whole class period, come on people) and because they think I should be working over my lunch. I think getting some fresh air and exercise in the middle of the day makes me a better teacher and don’t care what anyone else does on their free time!!!

  4. That IS a funny story! That new teacher sounds like an angel. But why do your coworkers hate you running so much you have to hide in stairwells and sneak around? It’s like you’re having an affair with running, LOL.

    Maybe your cold is the reason your paces feel so hard. Symptoms can linger before and after and have an affect on fatigue and energy levels, among other things. Try not to be so hard on yourself, although I totally get it. Eventually it starts to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the more you get discouraged and think about your lack of speed, the more it starts to mess with your head and continue to show in your runs. I have my best runs when I just go out there and run without caring about pace. It’s hard not to care but I just keep telling myself “it doesn’t matter how slow it is, it matters that you at least got the miles in. Plus, it’s an off season run so who cares?”

    1. OMG my work environment is SO not tolerant of my running. We actually got an email recently (well before the fire drill incident) that I believe was directed at me, because I am one of the only people who leaves over lunch. By contract, I am allowed to leave over lunch. I get 43 minutes. I am careful not to take advantage of it. The principal sent an email addressing people who leave over lunch to remind us that “when we are here working, we should be here”. No one has addressed me personally, but I can’t imagine who else they are referring to. I am not friends with many coworkers (except for the ones who are my actual friends) on social media, and I NEVER talk about running at work anymore. I learned quickly in my first few years that most people where I work are really not supportive. A few of my coworkers have even done the local half marathon and I went out specifically to cheer for them and show support, but that hasn’t seemed to change their attitude! I don’t get it. I used to try to get people to run with me, but now I just don’t talk about it at all at work. I love being a teacher and I love my job, but that is a little weird.

  5. I never know what to get for my mother either. They are tough ladies to buy for I tell ya! My mom is really into crafting so I usually use that as a fall back plan. Doing something together is always nice though.

    I hope next week goes better for you! I wonder if this crazy weather could be causing you some problems. I did an 8k Jingle Bell Jog yesterday and it certainly wasn’t my best performance. I think all of my embarrassing running stories are bathroom related. lol

    Your ornaments are looking so beautiful!

  6. Hey you’ve been keeping up with weekly updates which is more than I can say for myself! Sorry the running seems so hard lately but I think just give it a few weeks and you’ll get your groove back. You’re definitely not starting from scratch. Every time I’ve come back from a lull or break, the beginning weeks seem a little awful but just do what you’re doing and within a month I think you’ll be close to where you were again 😀

    As for your mom’s birthday…does she like Broadway shows?! You could make a trip to NYC with her and get her good tickets for a show she likes or has been wanting to see. Happy Birthday to your mom!! 🙂

    1. Ugh I have been trying to keep up with a weekly post but I’ve been terrible about keeping up with everyone else. I’m trying to spend a good chunk of today responding and seeing what everyone else is up to! My mom does like Broadway shows and that was definitely a contender on my list – I ended up with tickets to Cirque du Soliel – front row seats when they come to Philly in the spring! I am so excited!

  7. That fire drill story is too funny! That sounds like something that would happen to me. Your paces will come back soon – your body is probably just enjoying the recovery period and repairing itself so you can crush it at Boston! Moms are so hard to shop for! Maybe a subscription service to something she could use throughout the year, like Audible for audiobooks or Thrive for groceries? My mom loves those.

    1. I hope you are right! It’s feeling a bit better this week. Not awesome, but I’m seeing some progress. Moms are SO HARD. Thank you so much for the suggestions, those are awesome ideas! I need to check out Audible for sure!

  8. Omg that run is hysterical. I am envious you run on your lunch! I’d probably be scarred from lunch runs though, kids get soooo weird when they see teachers in public settings. My sister was in middle school when I was just starting subbing so I’d have her friends (and a couple times, even her!) and seeing them at my house in the summer was awful. I basically hid, which sucked because I wanted to use my parents pool and enjoy beers!!

    1. Well, since it’s during the day I am not really worried too much about the kids seeing me – I am usually so stealthy about sneaking in and out. But this time, there I was, dripping in sweat, while the whole school walked by. Haha! The ones I have (or had in past years) in class know that I’m a runner and any of those kids that passed me more more like, “Wow, you go running during lunch?” But others gave me some really funny looks, too!!!

  9. Moms are the worst to shop for! I think I’m sending framed pictures of her fur grand-babies this year. It’s not really creative, but it’s what I’ve got to work with this year. 🙂
    I love the outside leg hang bridge, it looks awesome!

      1. They were going pretty well, but we’re on break now. Probably for the best, I mean can you see how long it took me to get back to this comment? I have been extremely anti-productive lately. Hope the present for your mom ended up going over well. Happy late Christmas!!

      2. Girlfriend, I’m reading your comment and laughing because here I am, 18 days later and just getting back to you. I am so getting back on the blog train now. I was so burned out through the holidays!!! Needed a break!

  10. I had a terrible run on Sunday (9k) but at least it was with my running buddy and was fun. What a struggle though.
    Love your running story. I always feel weird leaving my building for a run however my office is “Active Living Department” with the Gov’t so at least I’m living the work we do 😉

    1. Ugh, sorry to hear about your not so great run!!! It is better with a buddy. Regardless, when running feels harder than it already is, it does feel discouraging! So freaking cool that you work for the Active Living Department. You totally get a free pass to be active over lunch!!!!!

  11. You have a long lunch! Mine is 27 minutes. Your lunch-run-fire-drill story had me rolling…I definitely know the feeling of returning to school at the WORST time, just as car line is starting or during a drill or whatnot.

    Those ornaments are so cute!

    1. I know before we went to the schedule we have now, lunches were more like 30 minutes at my school! It really was the worst possible time to come back to school. I should have been dishonest and run into my prep – would have saved me the embarrassment and panic!! LOL! I almost brought my running stuff to run at lunch today, but I think I might wait a few weeks before I do that again. Ha!

  12. Ha that is a hilarious story about the firedrill. It’s definitely something I would have done too. I’m glad you are able to run healthy and I bet motivation will come back soon.

    1. Thanks Hollie! I saw you posted about the Whitehall diner! I am going to try to get caught up today but I did read it in my email. Love it! We need to plan our get together over the holiday season! Maybe a run and some food?

  13. I got my mom a subscription to Hello Fresh one time. I had a coupon for a discounted week and gave her that and then she cancelled after that since full price is a bit expensive. She made the stuff with her boyfriend and had a lot of fun!

  14. You know what? It’s actually heartening in a weird way to realise that even amazingly fit (and fast) people like u have tough days and doubts too. That’s not to say I’m glad u have them. Just to say I’m glad u share them. And that is WEIRD about your colleagues! Your lunch break is your lunch break. I iften find I’m doing extra bits and pieces over lunch (chasing up or supporting pupils mostly) but if I’m not, I’ll happily leave site. But I haven’t actually gone out for a run yet. Might think about it when marathon gets closer. ..

    1. Oh man, thank you so much but I don’t feel amazingly fit or fast lately! I know what you mean though – you don’t ever want to see anyone struggle but it’s nice to be reminded that everyone is human and we all go through ups and downs! I plan to keep sharing the process, whether it’s good or bad! My colleagues are a bit strange here – but I agree, it’s my lunch break!! I will resume occasional lunch time runs in 2016…until then, I might chill out and go before work 🙂

  15. Love the fire drill story! I actually laughed out loud. 🙂
    My mom is tough to shop for, too, and she’s not the spa type, either. What about taking her to tea? Like a British cream tea? Super lush, loads of fun, but not too fussy, depending on the place you go.

    1. I can laugh about it now that a week has passed – it was funny! I love the tea idea and I am going to incorporate that into my present. I got her front row tickets to Cirque du Soliel. I think I will do tea with her before the show!!! I am so excited. Thank you for the suggestion!

  16. Bahahahaha, your story about hiding during the school fire drill had me cracking up! 😀 That’s so awesome that the other teacher covered for you. Maybe the runs felt harder than usual because you’re still a little worn down from your cold, even if you’re back to feeling 100%. Either way, I wouldn’t worry too much – I’m guessing your training will kick in very soon and these runs will start to feel like nothing again!

  17. Stories like your fire drill run are a part of the reason I haven’t tried running on my lunch. We don’t have a side or back door so I would have to walk right through customers all sweaty right after a run. Sorry, you’re feeling like you’re in a running funk but 39 miles is still pretty awesome for a rough week. Your ornaments look great!

    1. Thank you! I know, I did get in a decent number of miles – they all just felt so crappy and HARD! This week has been a bit better. If I had to walk in the front door post run, I wouldn’t run at work either. I’m taking a little break from the lunch time runs for now 🙂

  18. That’s quite a lunchtime saga only to realize it was a rest/recovery day! Sounds like crazy busy but you are already building a great volume and it won’t take long to get back to your target pace. Even now, those are some pace/tempos you are bailing and hopefully pain free. Have a good week!

    1. LOL! It was quite the lunch time run for sure!! It was a decent week mileage wise, just not so good pace wise. I felt crappy. This week, I feel better but the paces still all feel rough. Hope you are doing well! I am making it my mission to get caught up today!

  19. I am so sorry your runs have been feeling tough. I’ve been there. 😦 I have no doubt your body is just wanting to bask in this recovery and you will be “back” in no time!

    As a teacher, I was on the edge of my seat for your story! We are allowed to leave at lunch but it is only 30 min so not much time for a run!

    1. I think you are right – I think my body is all like, “Hey, we were resting, wtf dude?” As for leaving during the run, I don’t think my story had much of an ending but it was really funny (at least now I can say it was funny!). No one has said anything to me about it yet so either they have no idea what happened or just don’t care. Either way, I will wait a few weeks before I resume my lunch runs again 🙂 Are you getting ready to enjoy your Christmas break?! I can’t WAIT!

  20. holy splits, woman! you are one flexible lady. hmmm, mom shopping…i always just sort of adopt the mentality at this point that my mom doesn’t NEED anything, so i just try to get her a few things i think she’ll like/use/that i like for her…jewelry or some fun clothes or whatnot. an experience is fun too, though, that you two can do together — i like that idea.

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