Recovery Week 4: 11/30-12/6

I’m still keeping my weekly recaps vague since my activity level is low and technically, I’m not training. So I guess it’s more like a look at what my life is like outside of all of the craziness.

I am still not back to normal from my big nasty cold, but I started to feel better this past week around Thursday. Two weeks later and I’m still not 100%. At least now I feel a little more motivated to get up and do something, whereas I spent a lot of time on my couch the week prior.

As for my workouts, I went to pole classes a lot but didn’t accomplish anything new, so no good pictures to share in that department. We are mostly working on combos – stringing a bunch of moves together – and those are all videos and still pretty rocky. I am working on a pretty tough move called an Iron X, which looks like this:


I’m getting closer to it, but not there yet. And I certainly don’t look as pretty or relaxed as that girl when I’m trying it. I look like I’m either in pain or constipated.

I still felt a little crappy but I went to pole class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I feel like it’s a fabulous way to build strength so I’m going pretty often while my run volume is low.  I ran several times, mostly in the 6-8 mile range and I kept the pace really easy. Early in the week, we had some rain and I was still getting over being sick so I just didn’t go out. Normally I’m not opposed to running in the rain, but it was just unnecessary since I was feeling crappy.

I took advantage of the down time and decorated my house for the holiday. I’ve mentioned before that we have a brick farmhouse from the 1890s. We’ve owned it for three years now, and though we did replace the roof and the windows, we haven’t done anything else on the exterior so it looks a little run down. I don’t put lights up outside during the holiday season since it is a bit of an eyesore, but my husband got it in his head that he wanted candles in every window. I came home to this on Tuesday and love it:

imageMy friends and I placed a big order for pole clothing from the Bad Kitty site (yep, that’s really the name of it) and it came. On Wednesday, $366 worth of pole clothing (split between a large group of us) came in a tiny package that fit in my mailbox. I know the clothing is tiny, but I thought it was really funny:

On Thursday, I got a snap chat from a friend that lives about an hour north of me that was getting a good snowfall. Now I’m obsessively checking the weather in hope that we will have a snow day soon. In the winter, you’d think I moonlight as an amateur meteorologist. I love snowy days off. I’m sad to report that there’s no snow in the immediate forecast.


I hadn’t had sushi in awhile, so since I had a good run on Thursday followed by pole class I decided to get some for dinner. That combined with the fact that it was after 8pm and my husband had band practice gave me zero desire to cook.


On Saturday, I started the morning with a run on the Plainfield trail and then headed to pole class. At night, I went to the Melting Pot with some friends I’ve known since elementary school. I don’t love that restaurant. There are so many good restaurants in my area and the Melting Pot is just as expensive as any of them. I would prefer to go to one of the other places that I haven’t tried yet, but my friends and I settled on the Melting Pot and had a blast cooking our food.


On Saturday, a bunch of my friends from work and my husband went to surprise another co-worker at her house to cheer her up. This girl has had the absolute worst year. She got married in July. Two weeks before her wedding, she got rear ended. Three days into her honeymoon in Costa Rica, she was on a rafting trip and a tree actually fell on her raft. She ended up in the hospital for the remainder of her trip. While in Costa Rica, she needed a double fasciatomy on her calf to relieve the compartment syndrome the crush injury caused so she wouldn’t lose her leg. I can’t imagine how scary it must be to be stuck in a foreign country and have major surgery. She was in PT for this through the end of October. Next, her husband totaled his car, and just last week she totaled her car. She was in need of a little cheering up. We brought a little party to her house (her husband helped keep it a secret) and my contribution (as usual) were the Jell-O shots:
It was such a fun night and I didn’t get home until 2am. So not like me! I felt like this the next day:

imageHowever, I must be coming out of my slump because I got up and ran eight miles with a hangover on Sunday. I felt like crap, but it was nice outside. I even wore shorts and a t-shirt (so much for being snow-hopeful) and had a decent run, considering how awful I felt.

I’m hoping now that I’m feeling a little better that I can find a little bit more structure this week. Nothing crazy, just easing myself back into regular core work, strength training, cross training, etc. Boston training will be here before I know it!

How was your week? 


47 Replies to “Recovery Week 4: 11/30-12/6”

  1. Love that all that clothing can fit in that small bag! Sorry to hear about your friends rough year. I’m sure she loved the pick me up party 🙂
    Last week was my first week back to regular workouts and it felt great.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend, but I’m sure the party was helpful to cheer her up. That’s pretty funny that all that clothing fit into such a small bag. I enjoyed a nice trail run on Friday while getting an oil change. The weather has been great for this time of year. I’m so used to already having snow in PA.

  3. How the heck do you even hold yourself up in a move like that?? One of the managers at work here (lol typed mangers at first hahahah) her niece owns a pole studio here I found out. I’m so tempted to find somebody who isn’t chicken shit to go with me. I’m chicken shit, that’s for sure.

    Snow days are what I miss most about teaching. Okay, not most but pretty close. I had 3 days off during student teaching and it was great hahahah. Schools close so much quicker now than when I was in school …

    1. AHHHH GO!! Even if you go alone. Just go! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. That Iron X is tricky because there is another move that I am solid in called an Ayesha. It’s very similar yet the Iron X is so much harder. So in my head, because I can do the Ayesha I should be able to do the Iron X. Nope.

      Schools close so much easier these days! We have so many snow days and late starts. I am feeling like this winter will be more mild, and that makes me sad! LOL!

  4. So glad you are feeling better. I live farm houses. Rock and I recently looked at a few but I think the amount of repairs scared us away. We just spent three years redoing our lake house and I think we are exhausted! What a fun project though!

    1. The farm house thing is a huge ordeal! My husband is a union electrician and a gifted craftsman. We could not afford to do this if it wasn’t for him doing the work himself! It’s such a slow process but little by little, we get things done. After the kitchen is done, I am hoping we work on the front porch. It’s a beautiful wrap around porch but its scary looking. The wood is rotting and it isn’t very safe to walk on, let alone use. I could go on for hours about it. I do love it, even as crazy as it looks now!

  5. Those Jell-O shots look so amazing. If it wasn’t currently 10:30 am I would totally say I could go for some…

    Glad you’re feeling better, it seems like everyone in the world was sick this past week!

    1. Thank you – I feel so much better!! 10:30 is not too early for Jell-O shots 🙂 🙂 Although, I’m a teacher so I feel like drinking by 10am most days during this time of year – the kids want to do less than nothing!!

    1. Thank you so much! We do love the house but it is a HUGE mess. We got it on a foreclosure and it was abandoned for three years before we bought it. It’s crazy how hard that Iron X is! I screwed up my arm last week because I was trying it so much. I am hoping I can try again later this week!

  6. I’m glad you are beginning to feel better. That’s good news! We should plan just a dinner date or something. Maybe in Philly or king of Prussia?

    I’m the same way about melting pot…I don’t love it, although my husband does.

  7. Your house is awesome! I love the candles in all the windows. Simple stuff like that is the best. I can’t believe your friend’s bad luck in Costa Rica. What a nightmare! I’m glad you guys had fun this weekend.

  8. Sorry to hear about your friend’s rough year – that is so incredibly sweet of you and your friends to throw her that party! I bet it meant the world to her. Your house is so beautiful with all of the candles in the windows. An old farmhouse is pretty much the house of my dreams, especially if it’s near the mountains.

  9. That’s so sweet of you to throw your friend a party, I bet it really meant a lot to her. Also, I’m glad I waited until after lunch to read this because I’ve been starving all morning and those sushi pics would have sent me over the edge, lol.

    I always get hopeful for “adult” snow days but of course it never happens. We work in tandem with a City department so we only close when the City of Milwaukee shuts down and that rarely happens. I guess that’s what I get for living in a place that has its shit together when it comes to winter weather management. But the schools, however, close down at the drop of a hat and I get so bitter seeing all the teachers who are like “I had such a warm, cozy, productive snow day!” Oh shut the hell up, all of you!

    Love the candles in the windows!

    1. Hahah! Don’t worry, you will NEVER see me post anything on social media bragging about snow days. It’s one of the perks of my job, but most of my friends have to trudge to work in the snow and still get there on time regardless of the conditions! I would feel so badly posting that knowing people actually have to function in the snow!

  10. Ooooh, snow!!!! I do miss the magic of seeing the first snowfall. Otherwise I don’t miss the north much.

    I seriously wonder how women look so relaxed and calm on pole. Knowing how much it hurts and how much strength and concentration is takes…it’s just truly amazing that they can look so lovely. That move must take a ton of core strength!

    1. It really takes me a few tries with a lot of the pole moves before I don’t look like I’m being tortured! It hurts your skin and causes some nasty bruises. After awhile, I think you get less sensitive to it, but it still doesn’t always feel great!

  11. Your poor friend, I can’t even imagine. I love that you conspired with her husband to surprise her with a party. It sounds like she could definitely use the cheering up.

    Our first snowfall was the week before Thanksgiving. 8 inches of snow followed by a rainy week where it melted as quickly as it arrived. Doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing snow anytime soon either.

    1. Her husband was so cute – super excited to help us make it work! Ahhhh you got 8 inches of snow!! Sooooo jealous! I am anxiously awaiting our first real snowfall that sticks and accumulates!

  12. Great that you are feeling better but you still manage to stay so active! Way cool on your house that you guys are remodeling…those skills are way above my limited handyman skills, though next year our deck and storage building may actually collapse if I don’t do something about it…they’ve been on the list for 2-3 years so maybe next year! Cool on the party too, though hangover days are just brutal! Have a great training week!

    1. Thank you!!! We are loving the remodeling, it’s just a lot of work and I feel like it might take the rest of our lives to renovate the whole thing. I feel like I am living the movie “The Money Pit”!

  13. Your poor friend! It’s so nice of you to cheer her up!
    I love hearing about your pole classes. I can imagine it being an amazing form of strength training.
    My week found me on the injured list and so it goes…. lol

  14. It looks like you had a fun week. Glad you are feeling a bit better, sounds like that was a really terrible cold you had! But you got some pole classes and runs in, so that’s what matters. It sounds like your friend had a really rough past few months, so it was fun that you threw her a party. It sounds like you had a lot of parties and life fun this week and that is sooo important when you’re not training (and when you are, but it’s neat that you can cut lose and just enjoy life w/o training too!)

  15. Your house looks beautiful! I love old houses, I grew up in one. More pictures please!

    I also love snow days, but more so, early dismissals or two hour delays because we don’t have to make those up. 🙂

    My week was okay… I am feeling all kinds of little niggles because I am tapering before my half on Sunday. And I take taper seriously… I ran today and I will run Wed but then that is IT!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I will do a post with some kitchen progress soon. It’s been a fun process!!! I agree, early dismissals and 2 hour delays are best because of that reason – but I love the surprise days off! I do hate making them up come June, though…oh, the struggle! LOL!

  16. Ooph, running hungover will NEVER be something I’m good at! 😉 I’m impressed you managed it, although the weather seriously was awesome. I’m always really impatient for colds to go away when I have them, but I’m sure you are on the mend, and will be feeling better in plenty of time to begin training for Boston!!!! So exciting! 🙂

  17. The candles in the window look great! I have no idea how she is holding that pose, her bottom hand looks likes it barely on the pole. That bag pic reminds of the time I ordered a friend a wedding dress online…from China (long story) but it came in the tiniest bag. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  18. Your house is beautiful from what I can tell. I think older homes are hold so much charm and character!! Remodeling and fixing up will come with time. I don’t have much going on in my life either since it’s not all marathon training crazy! I’m just trying to stay fit and run short occasionally. But, I’m having lateral to have MCL knee issues?! I’m beginning to think its my beloved Mizuno wave prophecys… So I just ordered a new pair of shoes. Altra. Totally different brand! Here goes.. Lol I feel just –wow– your poor dear friend!! That is so rough. Hopefully 2016 for her and her husband will be amazingly perfect!

    1. Thank you! We love the house, it’s just a ton of work. We have a huge, old barn in the backyard that I love, but we mainly use it for storage right now. So sorry to hear about your knee issues. I hear Altras are great – I haven’t tried them yet. Zero drop!! Woohoo!

  19. i also ran 8 miles on Sunday morning (twinning!) but oddly enough felt like i hadn’t even had a single drink even though i’d had a few the night before, so that was lucky. the house w/ the candles looks beautiful.

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