Recovery Week 3: 11/23-11/29

Soooo late in posting this, but better late than never. I have been fighting the worst cold since last Monday! It’s getting to the point where I wake up everyday and wonder how I can still feel like such crap. I resisted resting for a hot minute last Monday, but by Tuesday morning I was like “screw this” and tried the lay on the couch approach. A few days of that with no relief, I decided to try to get myself off the couch and do something to try to trick my body back to health! I feel like I have a fever, but no fever. I’m sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy and my body feels like it’s been run over by a truck. Yuck! Thanks to some cold medicine, I still had a decent Thanksgiving. I couldn’t taste much, but I still packed away a disgusting amount of food.

Anyway, even with the cold I had a fun week (though not much running to report on) so instead of recapping my workouts, I will recap my third recovery week with pictures! Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. Besides the cold, I have a good reason for my absence. Post on that coming soon!! For now, I will try to catch you guys up and get caught up on your lives!

Monday was pole class, and I made myself go even though I felt the shit storm brewing. By Tuesday, I was heading to the store before work and my breakfast of champions looked like this:


It was also spirit day at school and we had a pep rally. Our school colors are black and orange so my friends and I all dressed in school colors. We all kind of matched so we figured a picture was necessary. You can just see the nasty congestion on my face. I tried to cover it with an excessive amount of makeup.


I drugged myself up and dragged myself to pole on Wednesday in a feeble attempt to tell my body to get it’s shit together. I didn’t stay for yoga after because I felt crappy, but I did learn something called a Twisted Butterfly, so it wasn’t a total loss. It’s not the most photographic pose but I got an okay picture of it:


On Thanksgiving, I had really good intentions of going for a run but I still felt nasty. My poor kitty, Zola, is still feeling under the weather (showing improvement though!), so after shoving antibiotics into her poor little mouth, I chose to snuggle her instead. I figured we could both be sicky and pathetic together. I have to wrap her in a towel like a straight jacket so I can get her drugs down. She’s pretty much accepted that this is our normal routine now, twice per day for an indefinite amount of time:

I drugged myself up with more cold medicine, and headed off to Starbucks before going to my parents’ house. They are also huge coffee freaks like me (safe to assume my coffee addiction is genetic), so I figured I could at least be the coffee fairy because I didn’t know how helpful I would be. My in-laws and my parents both live close. My husband is one of TEN brothers and sisters, but there is only me and my brother in my family. So, my husband dropped me at my parents house so I could help my mom cook while he visited his family. They are really understanding about me not coming for Thanksgiving since I have a small family. My husband came back after hanging out as his parents’ house for a few hours to help us cook. While my mom and I cooked all of the side dishes, the guys successfully deep fried our turkey! We did one last year, too. It is SO YUM. As an added bonus, our chefs (my dad on the left, my husband frying the turkey and my brother on the right) didn’t burn my parent’s house down:


image imageimageimageimage

We ended up deep frying a whole bunch of stuff while the oil was hot, and managed to put together a pretty nice spread of food:


This is my parent’s cat, Bootz, playing hide and seek with me while we were cleaning up:

On Saturday, I was still feeling like ass but my friend, Missy, had an extra ticket to see Andrew McMahon in concert and invited me! I’ve seen him once before – when he was with Jack’s Mannequin. I loved when he was with Something Corporate, but his newest album (the one that features Ceclia I’m Your Satellite) is not my favorite. I am so glad I went to the show – he did mostly stuff from Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate! He always puts on a great show, regardless – he is so freaking cute! OHHH ANNND the opening band? New Politics!! Love love love them!!

New Politics:


imageAndrew McMahon, railing on his piano. Also notice the dude with the amazing beard on his right. He really took No Shave November to a new level.

On Sunday, we got our Christmas tree! 


I live in an 1890s farmhouse that we are gutting and renovating, but we are currently working on the kitchen…our living room hasn’t been touched (besides replacing the windows when we moved in) so ignore the room, but here’s the tree:image
And my lovely sister in law is a hairdresser and does nails, so she gave me a holiday manicure to get me in the spirit of the season:


Those were the highlights of my week. There were pole classes and a few trips to the gym sprinkled in, but nothing solid worth mentioning. I’m not super concerned about being a little more inactive than I’d hoped – I have a few weeks until I start Boston training and I think it’s good to get the rest and recovery out of my system. I want to begin training healthy and refreshed!

How was your Thanksgiving? 

46 Replies to “Recovery Week 3: 11/23-11/29”

  1. Ooh! I actually love the Christmas tree in the non-renovated living room. The combination looks super old-fashioned and classic in a way that really appeals to me for Christmas-y stuff.

      1. That’s so cool! I’m a little jealous. I love the idea of renovating an old home like that, but I think I like the idea more than the reality of the process, so it’s probably not something I’ll seek out unless something changes for me. It’s very cool that you guys are actually doing it!

  2. get your rest and feel better soon! good to hear you’re listening to your body and taking care of yourself. omg your hubs has a huge fam ahhhh! mine’s also just me and my bro so we like having a quiet family Thanksgiving as well. you with those poses…girl, you are amazingggg. i think i’d die on a pole haha. there’s a bar called Mr H at the Mondrian Hotel in SoHo and they have pole dancers and every time i’m there i’m like, “i could do that!” (bc i’m drinking and clearly delusional), but YOU really could! 🙂 the nails are SO cute and festive, love that you live in a farmhouse (i grew up in an awesome old house as well and so miss it) and love the Something Corporate show!! i’ve only heard a few of his solo songs but was always a SC fan and still have some of their stuff on my phone and running lists!

  3. Bootz reminds me of Meghan’s batcat picture. Did you ever see that? From Clean Eats Fast Feets. It’s on Instagram somewhere. I saw the turkey deep frying picture and was insanely jealous. I have never had a deep fried turkey before and I want to try it so bad!!!! Hope you and your kitty feel better soon. Poor things.

  4. Ugh a nasty cold has been sweeping through my office the past few weeks. Fortunately (wait, what?) I got it early enough to be feeling mostly better by Thanksgiving. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon!

    1. I sit in my classroom and hear the kids sneezing and coughing and I’m tempted to wear a face mask, haha! Seriously though, I think I get sick a lot because of my job. I’m always touching the kids computers and helping them – it’s hard not to!

  5. I hope you and Zola feel better soon! Your manicure is so pretty – I love the festive nail polish colors that come out this time of year. As silly as it sounds, a pretty manicure always makes me feel a bit better when I’m sick – even if the rest of me looks awful, at least my hands look nice!

  6. Ohmigosh when I’m teaching, I ALWAYS am sick this time of year…..which is no fun since it’s concert season!! Last year I lost my voice for 4 out of 5 my concerts…..I hope you feel better soon. Will you still be at Christmas city next week? I’m 99% sure I’m brining my baby girl so we can visit the Santa in the Main Street commons afterwards 🙂

    1. I totally blame the kids for me getting sick! Ugh! I am pretty sure I will be passing on Christmas City. I really think I need this time to just rest and recharge. I was considering the Shiver by the River series, though! Only problem is, it’s the same weekend as the 5 miler, so if I’m going to race I’d rather do the 5 miler. Decisions! If I go, we will definitely meet up!

  7. I love your new blog look because it’s very festive for the holidays!

    I hope you have a speedy recovery from the cold. I don’t blame you not to run while sick and think it’s good you took a break. I’m glad you still got to go to pole but it sounds like you were busy with other fun things like the holidays and the concert, which looks really exciting too. Definitely get a break in before the hardcore Boston training begins!

  8. Big bummer on you not feeling well. Still, who kicks out killer pole moves like you even sick? Dang! Hope you shake it off soon. I was just counting my weeks back an my marathon training starts Dec 20th! I was thinking it was going to be January. Yikes! Love your nails. They are so very festive!!

    1. Thank you! I am so not girly but my sister in law is, and she is always fixing me when she thinks my hair and nails are starting to get offensive, haha! I can’t believe how soon we are all going to be back at it, your training is coming up fast too!!

  9. You still manage to do alot even when you’re sick!! Have you ever taken more than 2 days in a row off from any type of activity? Maybe you really just need more full-on lie on the couch days with your kitty 😉 Hope you finally feel better soon!! I’ve been feeling the start of a cold coming on, but I’m trying my best to ward it off because my half is this weekend!
    Your Thanksgiving looked fun. I’ve never deep-fried a turkey but I bet it tastes soooo good! Now seriously – rest up and get better!!!

    1. LOL! I just took off way more than two days in a row, ha! Although I did force myself to go to pole class but mostly because I wanted to hang with my sister in laws. You should DEFINITELY try deep frying a turkey one year. Easier than you think, way faster cook time, super fun and delish. Hope you and Oliver had a great Thanksgiving! Bear with me as I get caught up here, haha!

  10. Hand sanitizer is standard issue in our desks and office supply cabinets but I work on a hospital campus…sounds like a pretty active week considering how bad you were feeling…I’m not sure I would have made it off the couch. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you! We have these huge containers of hand sanitizer in our classrooms. Before the holiday week, I was grading projects and I was at every single kids computer – touching their keyboards and mice. I thought I was so conscious about not touching my face and sanitizing the crap out of my hands when I was done, but apparently I was not quite as careful as I thought! Yuck!

  11. I am sick, too! Sounds just like yours. I even have some of the same medicines lined up on my kitchen counter. I started feeling groggy on Saturday getting the tree put up, and it’s been down hill ever since. Horrible time sleeping, felt dizzy, feverish, etc… Ugh, always once a year and this is my time.

  12. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I swear EVERYONE went to that Andrew McMahon and New Politics show EXCEPT ME. I mean, not that specific one since we’re all in separate parts of the state and country, but you get what I mean. Totally jealous. I’m sad you and your kitty are sick now — feel better soon! 😦 😦

    1. OMG it was a really good show!!! They ended their tour in Philly, which was the show I saw – it was a really fun show! Apparently Lolo and The Griswolds opened for both of them and we didn’t get their in time. I was bummed to miss that but so excited that we got there for New Politics. That singer is CUTE!

    1. They LOVE deep frying the turkey – my dad is so cute and I swear he waits all year to do it! And thanks – I woke up today and felt slightly less crappy, and I am a week and a half into this. I am going to try for a run today, but we’ll see how I feel by the end of the day. Rough times!

  13. Being sick sucks but maybe this means you can have a healthy, happy Christmas! You rock for just getting to pole class, I tend to turn into a big slug with a head cold. I am actually not a huge fan of turkey but have wanted to try one that was fried instead. However I am not daring enough to actually attempt it. 🙂 Hope you and your cat feel better soon!

  14. Being sick over the holidays is the worst! I hope that you are feeling better. We got to go home to PA for Thanksgiving, so that was nice. I ran a Turkey Trot with my husband and brother-in-law. Maybe a new tradition for us? I love your Christmas tree and festive manicure. 🙂

      1. I’m from a small town called Cambridge Springs. My husband is from Erie which more people are familiar with. I love running around Presque Isle when we are home.

  15. Andrew MacMahon! so awesome! I remember seeing him in Something Corporate waaaay back in the day when The Format (currently Fun.) opened. I haven’t seen him since, but i do love his new music. Also—We deep fry a turkey every year, such a man thing to do!

    1. Yeah, I really love Cecilia I’m Your Satellite and High Dive off his new album! The rest is just okay, but he played such a great mix of songs. Great performer! I loved The Format! I also like Fun – they need something new soon!

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