Recovery Week 2: 11/16-11/22

Another week of R&R in the books! My main goal was to do something everyday, and not to do anything that I didn’t feel like doing. Success!

Monday, 11/16: 1600 Meter Swim + Core + Pole Fitness

I felt much better in the pool on Monday, and even started my swim with a 500 meter warm up! I still didn’t get there early enough to do more, but I got in a mile and got to sit in the hot tub. After work, I did core and headed to pole. It was a pretty successful night and we worked on a lot of new combos, and I learned a move called an Iron Crucifix:


It was pretty tough but once I figured out where your legs need to hit your arms, I got it! I was able to lift right back up into my Ayesha from it. I was really excited!

Tuesday, 11/17: Core + PT + Strength

A rough day on Tuesday. After pole class on Monday one of my kitty cats, Zola, seemed a little off and not like her usual self. I woke up Tuesday and she just seemed worse. I took off of work and took my poor little girl to the vet. Turns out they think she has some sort of liver infection! How does that even happen? I let them do blood work, give her shots of vitamin B12 and vitamin K, and a round of sub cutaneous IV fluids to make sure she was hydrated. I took her home with two antibiotics but she just did not seem well. I spent the day feeding her baby food, water, and unflavored Pedialyte through a syringe. She is only three years old. She is not her usual perky self at all, and she is so mad at me because all I do is shove food and medicine into her mouth right now. Ugh!

She looks so angry at me!! Poor baby.

So, after feeding her I went to the gym and lifted my legs and did core. I needed to get out of the house and leave her alone to digest to see if she kept the food and meds down. She did, but no improvement. It was definitely a crappy day!

Wednesday, 11/18: 4 Mile Recovery RUN!!!! + Core + Pole Fitness + Vineyasa Yoga

I got up super early so I could get my run in before work. Yup, a run. I gave myself a 10 day time out from running post Indy to try to heal up my calf. I want this thing 100% HEALED for Boston training! I was so nervous to go because I was afraid I would make it a mile only to have my calf pain resurface. I reluctantly got dressed, grabbed my headlamp since it was before 5am, and headed out. Four miles! No pain! Now, I’m fairly certain that my legs already forgot that I used to be a runner just 10 days ago but other than that, I ran! Overall pace, 8:42. My legs were also wondering why I thought it would be a good day to start lifting legs again the day before my first run back. They were pretty sore and confused. It also felt like someone removed the stick up my ass. I get cranky when I can’t run.

I did some core when I got home, including a 6:40 plank. I headed to pole class and yoga. Both were fun but relatively uneventful.

Thursday, 11/19: 1600 Meter Swim + Core + Pole Fitness 

Between waking up just a little late and having to feed my poor sick kitty, I almost didn’t make it to the pool. I made it with enough time to get about a mile in, which was fine by me. I did some core after work before heading off to pole class.

Pole class was awesome – we learned something called an Icarus, which is done on spin pole and it’s so pretty!


Friday, 11/20: 5 Mile Recovery Run + Pole Fitness 

I wanted to run before work so I could go to pole after work, so that meant an early morning. I felt exhausted and tired but it was decent weather outside and knew I could wear shorts and a t-shirt. I don’t know how many more days we’ll have like that, so I took advantage of it and headed out. I felt much better running on Friday, and averaged 8:19 for the run.

I headed to pole class, and I finally got my Fleur Di Lis! I could do it on static and on spin pole, which was exciting because it looks so pretty on spin pole. This one took a few classes to master:


Saturday, 11/21: Pole Fitness

My body felt tired and beat up, so I slept in and met my sister in law for pole. We were both pretty beat up from the amount of classes we took all week so we worked on some different moves that we learned recently but never spent much time on. We both finally got this tricky leg hang spin (no idea what it’s really called) that we learned about two weeks ago but never had enough time to master. I had really good intentions of going out for a bike ride, but I just didn’t feel like it. I embraced laziness in the spirit of recovery and chose Nextflix and Thai food instead.

Sunday: 11/22: General Aerobic Run, 7 miles

I still felt pretty tired and lazy, so it took everything in my power to get out the door and run. Once I got out, I felt pretty good. I ended up doing my longest run of the week and my overall pace was 7:52. It felt nice to just go and run and not worry about pace – I just ran whatever felt comfortable and didn’t worry about it being too fast or too slow. I really didn’t need my watch, but I’m a nerd and like to upload my miles into my Garmin Connect so I wore it.

It was about 48 degrees and overcast, so I wore a t-shirt and shorts. I was perfectly comfortable and actually sweaty by the time I finished, but I went running at a local park and every single person I passed running was bundled up. Cold gear, hats, gloves, jackets. One guy was wearing shorts, but he had on a winter jacket, hat and gloves. I was so confused because I didn’t think it was that cold out! It was overcast and a bit breezy, but totally fine once you were moving.

I didn’t go back to yoga on Sunday morning, but mostly because I wanted to go to church and out for breakfast with my husband. We don’t get to do that often during marathon training. Normally, I’m running long really early on Sunday and go to a later mass instead. It was nice to just go with the flow. I was also more interested in getting out for a run and didn’t feel the need for a double workout. I was tired and I felt like spending the afternoon cooking dinner and being lazy, so I did!

Swim:  3200 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 16 miles

I still want to be doing 5-6 days of core work and at least two days of strength training, but I wasn’t really feeling it. My main goal right now is really just to do something everyday, so I’m not forcing myself to do things that I just don’t feel like doing right now. It’s a nice change of pace!

Ever deal with a sick pet? What do you wear running when it’s in the 40s? Am I the weirdo?


54 Replies to “Recovery Week 2: 11/16-11/22”

  1. This time of year it is so tricky to figure out what to wear running… it really depends on the wind and if the sun is out. 40s and no wind and sunny, you definitely want to go with shorts and maybe even short sleeves. But if it’s windy or cloudy you want to wear more clothes.

    It looks like you had a great recovery week and I’m glad you’re back to running! I hope Zola will feel better soon and return to her perky self 🙂

  2. Yay to the pain-free running! I’m so glad it seems that rest has really paid off 🙂 I had an absolutely lazy week this week which is so uncharacteristic of me now but I only ran twice – yikes! I have to find my motivation again this week.
    I hope Zola feels better soon. It’s so scary when animals get sick :/

    1. Sometimes we just need a lazy week!! I seem to be going pretty strong through Thursday and fading once the weekend hits. I’m just kind of going with it! I hope she feels better soon too 😦 My poor little girl!

      1. I’m the opposite! I tend to start off the week lazy because I have a busy weekend (at least lately anyway). Then I feel like I have to play catch-up throughout the week…only this week, I just didn’t play catch-up haha.

  3. Oh, your poor kitty! She’s absolutely adorable, though. I love her coloring. I hope she feels better soon. I’m always shocked at how bundled up people are when running. It was sunny and in the mid-30s for my long run this week, and I was wearing capris and a short sleeve shirt. I probably should have been wearing a long sleeve shirt, but everyone I passed had on jackets, ear warmers, gloves, etc. So many clothes… I would roast if I wore all of that!

    1. Thank you! She is really the sweetest little kitty, too. Such a sweet temperament, I love her! Oh, I would be pouring sweat with all of those clothes! I do what you do int he 30s – capris, or even shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. It’s when it dips below 30 that I start breaking out the winter stuff, and in moderation! I hate being cold and sweaty at the end of a run. I feel like I can’t warm up when that happens!

  4. Ohhhh, poor Zola. She looks so under the weather. Awe. I’m really glad you were able to get some running in last week! And I don’t even understand how good you are at that pole thing. I can’t even wrap my mind around how you get your body to do that stuff!

    1. Thank you!! She is starting to look a little better, but maybe more angry since she is getting some energy back and I keep force feeding her. She is usually so feisty but being sick has made her lethargic. I noticed some of her spunk coming back over the past day or so!

  5. I hope your kitty is ok! We have 2 kitties and thankfully haven’t had any major health issues yet. They’re our little babies, and I don’t know what I’d do if one of them got really sick.

    1. Thank you, I hope she is too! She was a feral cat that I rescued from a farm. I got when she was a tiny kitten, and it was her and her brother that came home with me. They were both never healthy. Her brother was this sweet black cat. He was sick from the start – limping, runny nose, watery eyes and was always just very lethargic. He lived until he was 2, and died of cardiomyopathy – so sad and sudden, but at the same time we knew he was never well. His sister, Zola, has been sick at least once per year. She had a UTI, and then last year had some sort of bug around the time her brother died (so I feel like that was stress induced) and now this. She can’t catch a break! She seems to be perking up, but she is still not totally better.

  6. Aw poor little kitty. I hope she is feeling better soon.

    Congrats on your first run back! So happy to hear that you didn’t have any calf pain. That is awesome. 40s, especially 48, is definitely still shorts weather. I might throw on a long sleeve instead of a t-shirt (especially if it is windy). But definitely not pants.

  7. Aww hope your kitty gets better soon her face looks so sad!!!
    Every pole fitness pic I’m like ‘wow’ I always wanted to try it but can’t imagine my body ever managing to do that!!

  8. Poor Zola – I hope she feels better! Giving medicine to pets is already hard enough, but then they make such heartbreaking faces. My puggle has had bad ear infections before and they’re so hard to deal with – pets can’t just tell you what their symptoms are or anything.
    I’m glad to hear your calf is feeling better – you were so smart to give it all that rest, and yay for being back to running now! You are so crazy flexible it amazes me every week. I can totally see the Fleur de Lis in that pose!

  9. Oh, I am so sorry to hear your cat is not feeling well! I am a mess when my animals don’t feel well. It’s harder with cats, they can get so pissy when you are trying to help them. Especially when it comes to giving them medicine. Mine usually try to find the energy to fight me when I do.
    That’s great that you were able to get in some pain free miles! That must have been so exciting! I am a baby when it comes to the cold, so the 40’s usually mean a long sleeve to me. And an ear warmer, cold ears make me miserable. But I saw someone running here the other day in full pants, a jacket and a hood. It was in the mid 60’s. What? That’s not cold!

    1. I know – I am a total mess when my animals aren’t feeling well! The communication barrier really does make it tricky when giving her meds. She’s been really good about letting me feed her via syringe, but I have to wrap her in a towel (like a straight jacket) to make her not fight me. I hate it!!

  10. I am more like you- 48 degrees and sunny I would DEF be in shorts and either a short sleeve or a thin long sleeve that I would eventually roll up. I do like my gloves though! I will were shorts, short sleeves and GLOVES 🙂 This morning was the very first morning (or afternoon for that matter) that I put on running tights. It was sad. And COLD.

    I am so sorry your kitty is not feeling well! Yes we have dealt with sick cats before and it is the WORST because obviously you can’t talk to them and reassure them… or have them talk to you. Very sorry she is not feeling well. I am sure you know from visiting my blog that we loooooove our cats so I feel sad when any kitty is suffering. I am sure you are giving her lots of love and helping her!

    1. Ohh yes I love my gloves! I’ve run marathons in 30 degree weather with a tank, shorts and gloves!! And yes, I know you guys are cat people too – it is soooo sad when they are sick! She is getting lots of love (along with her antibiotics) from us!!

  11. So many pole fitness classes this week! 🙂 It’s awesome that you’re having fun just doing whatever you want to – soak in all the relaxation you can before you dive into Boston Marathon training! I’m sorry your kitty isn’t feelin’ so hot, she really does look pissed at you in that picture lol. Hope she makes a quick recovery!

  12. Sorry to hear about your sick cat, that’s never fun. My dog was sick last year and it was rough for a few days but she got better. Walking up stairs with a cone on her head wasn’t easy 😉
    Enjoy the next few weeks before Boston training!

  13. Aw, we had a sick pup last week too. Too much peanut butter for his training 😳 how’s your kitty now?? I tell my family all the time I’m never having kids but I seriously felt like a Mom this past week being up all night with him!

    Glad to hear your calf is doing better! I hope it stays that way!

    1. She is getting better everyday. I feel like I have been MIA on here because all I’ve been doing is dealing with her and making sure she is getting her meds, nutrition, and staying hydrated! It’s like a full time job! I agree – I think a sick pet is enough and having kids might be out of the question! I’m so sorry to hear your pup was sick 😦 I hope he is feeling better!

  14. Good on you for getting up at silly o’clock and running! I’m absolutely useless now the mornings are super dark. And I reallly wanna give pole fitness a try! It looks really strenuous and exactly the kind of workout I need.

  15. Nice recovery week!! Like how you stayed active. That’s a great way to recover verses sitting around. Kudos!! I will totally run in shorts 40 degrees * I’ve never dealt with a sick kitty but I do know cats can be fickle creatures lol I loved my cat but she was very particular about when and where she wanted to cuddle. Lol

    1. Thank you!! My kitty is actually a big cuddler so lately it works if I give her meds and force her to eat if I snuggle her after. She seems to know it’s coming so she sucks it up and takes it like a champ! Poor thing is getting better, but not 100% yet!

  16. A 6:40 plank? Girl, that is nuts! I take pride in doing eight 1 minute planks every morning. I swear they have really helped me get my abs back post baby. I was just thinking today I might even be willing to wear a bikini in February at my brother’s destination wedding. But seriously, 6:40?!

  17. I have a million comments but I’ll stick to 3.
    1. I am Queen of the Sick Pet. And I am so sorry your little stinky cute cat is feeling under the weather. How is she? Drunk Otis, Evil Beagle and Leon James send their love. Well actually only Drunk Otis. The other two would eat her.
    2. I am THRILLED to hear your calf is being compliant. Nice. Work. And ten days of not running?? BRAVO. I’m still stunned at the 6:40 plank. I’m up to 4 minutes. But now that I feel like my bloated belly will hold me up, I’m gonna shoot for 5 tonight. You’re my idol.
    3. Your pole pictures. SICK. I’m in awe. You inspire me.

    1. Awwww thank you so much Drunk Otis! LOL. She is getting better – I am still feeding her via syringe but her temperament has improved and she has been taking bites of food on her own lately. Seems like it might be a long road. After my 10 days of not running and a successful week back, I came down with THE NASTIEST cold (what did you name yours? I think I got his twin) and have not run. It’s been cold and rainy so I figured I’m going to get better before I run in the rain. Ugh! My 6:40 plank is a thing of two weeks ago now that I’ve been sicky!!!! Did you hit your 5 min??? My Thanksgiving belly might weigh me down if I tried a long plank like that today 🙂

      1. Doug. My nasty conjoined twin of a cold sore was Doug. And he was a cramp in the proverbial ASS. I fell off the plank wagon. However I am back up to 4. And the moment I stop drinking copious amounts of beer, I predict I shall zero in on 5. xoxo

      2. Yeah. Well, I had Dougs cousin over Thanksgiving. I’m off the wagon with planks myself at this point! I’ll fix it all starting 1/1. I did start Hansons this week and I thought of you often, like on my RestFuckingDay 🙂

      3. YES!!! I fell off the blogging bus last week. I’ll hop back on this week FO SHO. Work is currently sucking the life out of me which is contributing to my lack o blogging. I can not WAIT to hear what you think of Hansons! I actually miss it. Sick. I know.

        And RestFuckingDay is the BEST DAY EVER!!! Xo

      4. I’ve been off the blogging bus for a few weeks now. I’ve been trying to sort of post, and then try to catch up with everyone else on here. I promise to get back on SOON!

      5. Dude. No worries. I’m on the same bus. Actually, I’m running behind it. Don’t think I’ve abandoned our friendship! I’m just swamped at work, behind on Christmas, late, drunk and a hot mess! CHEERS, FRIEND!!! XOXO

      6. Ahhh I got off the blogging bus again myself. I swear I am back this time. Hope you had a GREAT HOLIDAY. Dude. Hansons is no joke. Did you have trouble hitting your speed paces in the beginning? On my list to day is to read the beginning of your blog posts with the whole ordeal. I think I started following you a few weeks into your training. I either lost some fitness or thought I was a lot faster than I really am…because these Hanson people might be on drugs if they think I can hit the paces I’m supposed to be hitting!!!

      7. I had a lot of trouble hitting my paces in the very beginning. So much so, that I doubted I could hold it for 26.2. It lasted 2 weeks where I struggled. Then it clicked. I think they say if you can’t hold it for 3 weeks you should think about adjusting your goal??? I might be wrong on that, so check it out. Either way, I don’t think you’re going to have trouble. That training is a beast. Your body will get used to it. At that time I was also cycling because I had a 200 mile ride in August. It shakes out. Watch…. Ok. Blogging bus! I’m back on it!! Xoxo

      8. Week 1 & 2 were fine, and then week 3 was a huge shit show because I was really sick (again! what the actual fuck). Week 4 was my first week back to normal SINCE being sick, so I struggled but I think part was because of being sick. This week has been better but still hard. I have my dreaded tempo today and I am hoping to feel better than I did last week. I could not nail it last week but I wasn’t TOO far off. We’ll see.

        Back on the blogging bus for me too. I missed everyone!!! I am trying like hell this week to catch up on everyone’s lives and get back into my blog routine!!!!

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