What I’m Working Out To Wednesday

Lane Boy
twenty | one | pilots

20131107-131103.jpgtwenty one pilots has been around for quite awhile now. In fact, they formed in 2009 and have two self released albums. Their debut album came out in 2013, but their newest album (Blurryface) was just released in May. I wasn’t much of a twenty one pilots fan when they first came out, but the first song I heard on their new album had my attention. Tear in My Heart was topping the charts this summer and was often a runner up for my Wednesday playlist suggestions, but it never quite made the cut. I didn’t bother with the rest of the album right away because I just didn’t have an interest, but then I started hearing Message Man and Stressed Out. I had the whole album so I queued it up on my iPod and it’s been on repeat in my car ever since. At this point, I’m enjoying the whole Blurryface album so it looks like I need to revisit their debut album, too.

So today’s song is one of the many favorites I have on this album – but I vote that you just download the whole album because they all rock. I’ve been injured so it hasn’t come on while running, but I suspect it will be a killer tune to just rock out to on a run. Enjoy!

What music are you listening to this week? 


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