Indianapolis Monumental Training, Week 19: The End.

Well, let’s just get right to it, shall we? Besides Indianapolis

  • Monday, 10/19 – 1100 Meter Swim + Strength/PT + Pole Fitness 
  • Tuesday, 10/20 – Rest
  • Wednesday, 10/21 – Pole Fitness + Vineyasa Yoga
  • Thursday, 10/22 – Rest
  • Friday, 10/23Rest
  • Saturday, 10/24 –  Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
  • Sunday, 10/25 – Rest

I’m going to do a whole post on Indy, but there is no surprise reveal here – it was an ugly day, but I got it done and brought it in under the 4 hour mark. And I’m definitely feeling strange about the whole thing, so I’ll elaborate more in my race recap. But, I finished and got to spend a weekend with some great friends:

imageI basically spent the whole week blocking out the fact that I had this marathon looming in the distance. Even when I got in the pool on Monday, I swam for 20 minutes and got bored. Mostly because it was too much like running (you know, cardio, endurance sport) and I was avoiding running. So, I cut it short and did some strength instead. It felt good to be in the pool, but weird.

Pole classes and yoga felt great. Not so much on Monday, though. I don’t know what was up with me on Monday, but everything I did felt so tiring and so hard, including pole. I still had fun, but I didn’t accomplish too much. By Wednesday, however, I felt better and had a blast. I was going to skip it in light of the upcoming marathon, but I was mentally blocking it out so I showed up at pole and took yoga afterward, which felt great. I learned a new pose, called Le Poisson:

And also another one that doesn’t look that cool in my pictures – I need to take a better one – called a double brass monkey:

imageWe also played around with the one handed butterfly from the week before and I got a pretty cool shot of it:

imageIt was our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday, so instead of eating my usual marathon foods I headed out to a really nice local gastropub, The Trapp Door, with my husband for an amazing dinner.


Before dinner, when I was driving home from work, I stopped at Wegmans for some food for the upcoming trip and picked up some fancy desserts for us to have after dinner. Well, my husband had the same exact idea and we ended up with quite the spread of sweets:

imageAt the end of the weekend, when I returned home from Indianapolis, I found that one of my other friends, Zafer (we call him Z), had stopped over and dropped off a gift for us:


He DREW that with PENCIL! I knew that he loved to draw, but I had no idea that he had this kind of talent! I had made that picture my profile picture for awhile over the summer, and I guess it came up in his news feed and he liked it and thought it would make a nice drawing. He told my husband (in his adorable Syrian accent), “I didn’t know what to draw anymore, so I decided to draw my friends”! I was so very touched by this amazingly heartfelt gift. I think I want to hang it in my new kitchen, when it’s done. I posted about it once before, but we are completely gutting a section of our house and building our new kitchen. I have a temporary kitchen set up in my sun room so I can cook while this is going on. But I need this picture to go in the room where I know I will be spending the most time. It is so special!

It also put a lot of things into perspective. Yeah, I didn’t run the marathon I’d hoped to run. It was a long, arduous day. But at the end of the day, I have more than a marathon PR. Running has brought some of the most wonderful people in my life – like Z. Besides my husband, the friends I talk to on a daily basis and the people who get me are the friends I made through running. They’ve not only become friends that I share miles and races with, but true friends who are there for you, no matter what time of day. From the beginning, running has always been about the people. Not the PRs. When Missy inspired me to sign up for my first race, I did it because it was something to do with a friend. While training for that very first race eight years ago, I met wonderful people and great friends that are still in my life today. When I began trying to go for my 50 state marathon goal, I started it because I could travel with my friends. It’s how I met my wonderful friend, Z – he traveled with me and our group to the Marshall Marathon in 2013.

Over the past few years, the best races I’ve run were the ones I got to share with others. Yes, I need a minute to sulk about the race this weekend. I put in a long, tough training block and it didn’t go AT ALL how I expected. But it makes it a lot easier knowing that I got more out of this weekend than a new PR. I got to spend quality time with my people.

Swim:  1100 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 26.2 miles

How was your week? Run any races? Have you ever received a surprise homemade gift from someone?


53 Replies to “Indianapolis Monumental Training, Week 19: The End.”

  1. Love that drawing so much – your friend is talented! Glad you had fun celebrating your anniversary ❤
    I'm eager to hear about your marathon. I was tracking you and knew it wasn't going the way you'd hoped but I'm so proud of you for sticking it out. You're done with 30 states girl!! And you still pulled off a sub-4 with an injury! That is so much awesome right there. Not to mention I'm sure you must've had fun afterwards celebrating your friend's accomplishments too 😀 Time to rest up now because 2016 will be your best year yet!!

  2. Congratulations on Monumental! I was thinking about you last night and wondering if you ran, deferred, switched to the half, etc- so it’s good to see the update.

    I hate that your marathon didn’t go as well as you planned, but at least you knocked out another state and you finished it. You ran a great marathon a few weeks ago and you should be proud of all the training you’ve done. Training is NEVER lost or wasted and it will pay off once you are over the injury.

    You are right that in the end, what matters with running is the people we meet and the love of the sport. Times will always go up and down but if you enjoy it, that’s what counts and keeps you moving forward. That picture is amazing too- your friend has so much talent :).

    1. Thanks, Amy!! Having a good marathon a few weeks ago helped so much in my race this weekend because I didn’t feel as much pressure to push myself. I didn’t push and walked a lot so I could make sure I didn’t do more damage to my calf. I didn’t want to tear it and need surgery and be out for the spring. Plus, I wasn’t totally messed up at the end so I could enjoy the rest of the trip and the time with my friends! And like you said – another state checked off the list. It was a good weekend. I did almost switch to the half, but I stuck it out. Post coming soon! Thanks for thinking of me and for the kind words!!!

  3. UGH the suspense. I was hoping for a recap, ha! I’m glad to see 26.2 on race day though and not something like 22.4 or some other not-26.2 number. Happy anniversary and glad you’re still in good spirits after the race!

  4. What a wonderful drawing! Your friend is very talented.

    I’m glad to hear that you made it through the race without making your injury worse and that you were able to finish the race and cross another state off of your list. I’m looking forward to your race recap.

    1. Thanks, Heather! He is pretty amazing. I did make it through the race – no battle wounds, other than a slightly bruised ego, haha. But seriously, I am just glad I finished the race. It was a great course!

  5. You finished and you did great!! And I love your attitude about the whole thing. With this sport there is so much more to appreciate than just running the races. That drawing is amazing and so special. My mom is an artist so we get surprise gifts all the time, but nothing so detailed and intricate! Love it!

    1. I have never received something so thoughtful in my life. I can’t imagine how much time he spent on that. I am so touched! The race was not the day I planned for but I got it DONE! Is yours this coming weekend???

  6. Such a wonderful gift from your friend, very sweet! Glad to hear you finished the marathon and are in a good head space after. It might not have been what you wanted but sounds like you still got a lot out of it in different ways

  7. That drawing is so incredible. I love homemade gifts the very best! My sister is always good at those. She always makes me feel special. Your perspective is very mature, you know, about the whole marathon thing. We have the rest of our lives to run that sub-3, but our friends and family are all here right now. Oh, and I have no idea how you’re able to hold onto that pole without falling on your head! You are one STRONG woman, yo.

    1. Thank you Suzy!! I don’t know how mature I reacted during the race, ha! But, you are right. We have our whole lives for the sub-3, and that was why the race played out the way it did. I just was unwilling to mess up my spring, so I backed off. And then blew up, lol. What a day. Moving on… 🙂

  8. What a beautiful gift!

    When you break it down, most of use run just for the sheer joy. Of course PRs are nice. But I swear we learn something from every single race. We learn just as much from a tough day as we learn from a PR. And it is nice to reflect and appreciate ALL of our running accomplishments and the relationships we formed along the way. The fact that you can do that means you get so much more from running than just PRs. Yes, your PRs are super impressive but that doesn’t top just loving the sport! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Meg! You are so right. Yesterday, I wanted to run. I didn’t because I promised a break, but it was nice out and I wanted to run. I’m not training for anything, I just wanted those moments of joy – and that’s what it’s all about. I opted for my bike instead 🙂

  9. 1) The pencil drawing is AMAZING! And totally a fantastic touching gift.
    2) I love Talenti.
    3) Congrats on your anniversary!
    4) You had a hard day at Indy, but you finished. Finishing a marathon always deserves congrats.

    1. Thank you! OMG I am obsessed with Talenti. It doesn’t last long at my house! Thanks for the shout out post – I am still trying to get caught up in the blog world but I did see it. You are so thoughtful!

  10. The drawing is incredible – your friend is so remarkably talented! Happy 10th anniversary to you and your husband! Congrats on finishing the marathon – you’ve got such a positive and true perspective, that sometimes the race is about so much more than the finish time. Finishing those tough races always gives us so much more strength and sense of accomplishment, I feel – and makes us tougher for the future!

    1. I had no idea just how talented he was until he showed up at my house with that! I’d like to say I was super positive about my race while it was happening, but that attitude took a little while to shine through. LOL. I was not quite as positive at mile 20, that’s for sure 🙂

  11. Having done pole, I’m beyond impressed with your poses. I could barely sit on the pole! That collection of dessert looks AMAZING, and the pencil drawing is so cool!!

    Indy may have been hard, but you still kicked butt. Anytime you can say you completed a marathon, you should celebrate. Even a terrible marathon is still a freaking marathon!

    1. Thank you! Ahhhh another poler, yay! Isn’t it fun?! You should definitely go back – I bet you could sit and do more than you think. It took a few times until I could get used to the pain and the bruising, lol! You are so right – any marathon deserves a celebration. So I think I will celebrate with more dessert!

  12. I love the one handed butterfly, beautiful! Also, that dessert pile makes me so hungry, that all looks amazing.
    I’m glad you ran the marathon and even though it wasn’t as fast as you had hoped it was still a great experience. Running is tricky like that, making you think all the fast times are important or one race is the penultimate but you got it right knowing it’s all of it smooshed together making running worthwhile. Hope your calf is feeling better!

    1. Ahhh one handed butterfly is my favorite right now! Calf feels better every day and I am mostly just thankful running the marathon didn’t make it worse. It was a disaster of a race, but my calf survived so I call that a win!

  13. It’s hard not to feel disappointed when you’ve worked so hard towards something and had your heart set on it for so long, but you’re right to try to look on the bright side. It really is incredible all the things running has brought you (I know it’s brought me some pretty awesome experiences!). Enjoy your break from marathon training, you’ve earned your relaxation by this point!

  14. That drawing is fantastic- what a thoughtful gift! I’m bummed to hear that your race didn’t go as well as hoped. But it sounds like you still enjoyed the race and the weekend. Sometimes that can be better than a great race time. Congrats on your race and checking another state off your list!

  15. What a special gift. I absolutely love it! My brother in law is a journalist and for our one year anniversary he took some of our wedding pics and had a guy in the photography department make it into a blown up front page of the paper. I just love it. By the way, Rock and I signed up for a marathon in PA for this spring 🙂 Sorry you had a rough go this time but I love that you always have such a positive outlook on everything.

      1. No WAY! That is literally like 30 min from my house. I’ve run it twice and LOVE it. I usually visit our family lake house in Vermont that weekend, but if I’m home I will ABSOLUTELY come cheer. I have so many friends that run that one. You guys will LOVE IT!

      1. Oh man, I do love that race! Peer pressure! Now I am TOTALLY going to try to schedule our spring lake house getaway for a different weekend. I want to come hang with you guys in the Poconos! It is an awesome course.

  16. It’s so amazing to me how flexible you are with all the running you do!!!! Seriously, how do you do it girl? The more I run the less flexible I am and I do way less running than you and am waaaaay less flexible hahaha. You are my hero. Is it natural or is it because of the yoga you do?
    On another note I LOVE homemade gifts! They are the best! My bestie made me a beautiful photo collage frame for my bday and I’m obsessed with it 🙂

    1. I am actually not very flexible anymore! I used to be super flexy. With pole fitness, you can really fake it in a lot of poses with flexibility. My hamstrings are so tight. For example, last night every single pose we learned I really looked terrible in because my hamstrings are so tight. It was still super fun, though!

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