Indianapolis Monumental Training, Week 18: 10/26-11/1

Besides the calf muscle issue, my allergies have been bothering me on a whole new level. It seems like everyone in my neck of the woods is just as miserable as me in that department. The good news is that I ran more miles than last week and I was able to pace a half marathon. The bad news is, my calf still isn’t awesome. It’s showing improvement, but I just have to make it through this week, figure out what I want to do about my marathon, and then go through my recovery period.

  • Monday, 10/19 – 4 Mile Recovery Run + Strength/PT + Pole Fitness 
  • Tuesday, 10/20 – Rest
  • Wednesday, 10/21 – Pole Fitness + Vineyasa Yoga
  • Thursday, 10/22 – Pole Fitness
  • Friday, 10/234 Mile Recovery Run + Pole Fitness 
  • Saturday, 10/24 –  Rest
  • Sunday, 10/25 – D&L Half Marathon, 1:45 pacer

Monday’s four miler was bittersweet. It began pain free and I thought I was out of the woods, but by the time I got one mile away from my house my calf felt achy. Like a dumbass, I continued away from my house for another mile, meaning I had no choice but to run back. And I really did have to run or I would have been late for work. It was frustrating and painful. After work I headed right to the gym to try some of my PT exercises, and then to a quick 30 minute massage on my legs. It felt better, but I decided to test the waters again on Friday and not run all week long.

I went to bed Monday night and woke up with gross stuff dripping down my throat from my allergies, but I made it through the day and just came home and tried sleeping it off. By Wednesday, I still felt crappy but made it to pole class anyway. I stayed for the yoga class afterwards and it was really nice – the teacher was good, the class was relaxing and felt really good on my calf. Thursday was also uneventful but by Friday, I’d had enough of feeling like total shit in the morning so I took the day off of work.

I woke up Friday morning and headed to the running store because the shoes I ordered came in. I wanted to take them out on the Bethlehem Towpath to test out the shoes and my calf. I got the Brooks Pure Cadence because they are discontinuing my favorite shoe, the Brooks Pure Connect. I’m bummed because I love the Connect, but seriously how pretty are these:

I started running down the towpath and I felt fine. I wanted to run four miles at the pace I was supposed to do for Sunday’s half (an 8 minute mile), but as I began running I thought, if I get to the two mile point and I’m pain free, I’m going to go an extra half mile to a mile to make it a five or six miler. Well, right around the two mile point my calf started to feel cranky so I turned around. I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to pace the half and I held the pace no problem on the towpath, but it wasn’t without some discomfort.

I noticed after the run that my calf recovered much more quickly than it did on Monday. It was achy after my run, but it felt better as the day went on. I decided to run the half for two reasons: I made the commitment to do it and had several people relying on me, but ultimately I wanted to see what my calf would do in a half marathon before I drove nine hours away to run a full marathon.

I’ll write a race recap for the race itself, but I successfully paced the 1:45 crew and we crossed the finish in 1:44:47. There was a REALLY big hill in the second mile, but had that not been there I think my calf would have been okay. It was on the hill that I felt it begin to ache and it did bother me for the rest of the race. After the race, it was painful but as the day went on it felt better. I’m sitting here typing this today and it was much achier after my four mile run last Monday morning than it is today. I absolutely felt like I hadn’t run (much) in two weeks during the race but I survived.

I’m torn as to what to do for the marathon. On one had, I want to go. I have two friends going, and it would be such a fun trip and who knows? I could have a great race (you know, a miracle or some shit). On the other hand, I had a decent fall marathon already. While I’d hoped to run another one to try to PR before Boston to better my corral and chances for being in wave 1, I was looking forward to running this race hard. I don’t want to miss out on the trip with my friends, but I can’t justify going if I am not running the race. I’m so torn. One thing I do know: I’m excited for five weeks of cross training, pole fitness, strength training and yoga to reset my system after this marathon.

Pole classes were fun this week. I learned a few new moves and worked on some new combinations. I planned to also go on Saturday but I was looking like a battered woman and couldn’t imagine even climbing a little bit up the pole.

The first two poses are variations of a butterfly. A butterfly was one of the first inversions I learned once I could get upside down. There are several variations that are super challenging to try once you are solid in a traditional butterfly.

One handed butterfly:


No handed butterfly:


My sister in law and I didn’t plan the coordinated outfits so a picture had to happen, of course:


And lastly, an Allegra. My pole instructor actually broke her ribs doing this pose before, so I was scared to try it. I ended up loving it! I need to get a better shot to Instagram where it looks like my ass isn’t eating my shorts, but I loved this one. The grip is on your inner thigh and it feels like you’re getting an Indian sunburn until you are actually in it.

imageAnd on Saturday, I skipped the 10:15 pole class because I was just looking a little too beat up and bruised to do anything:


Are these not the cutest Jell-O shots you ever did see?


I made these for a Halloween party that I went to on Friday night and they were a huge hit! There’s actual candy corn in the bottom, but the alcohol dissolved it after they sat overnight. I served them the same day, so the people at the party got to enjoy it before it dissolved. Still tasted great – it was mango and island pineapple Jell-O with a layer of sweetened condensed milk. The dissolved candy corn made the bottom layer the right color, which was cool! I used Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka because I wanted to use it up (I’m not a big Pinnacle fan) and it actually worked really well in these shots. I might actually keep a bottle on hand because the flavor was really good!

It was nice to just do whatever felt good this week but I’ll enjoy that a lot more after this marathon is behind me. I am desperately looking forward to recovery, rebuilding and beginning again in a few weeks when I feel fresh, rested and uninjured!

Swim:  0 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 21 miles

How was your week? Did you go to any Halloween parties?

61 Replies to “Indianapolis Monumental Training, Week 18: 10/26-11/1”

  1. Have you ever posted a video of the pole fitness? I’d love to see how you get into those poses. They are amazing!
    I’m with you on the marathon debate. I was hoping to sneak in a stellar PR/BQ marathon this upcoming weekend (because heck, you plan on all of them ending that way, right??) but with my piriformis issue going on I have to admit that it’s just not going to happen and I’ll just end up with a painful race that won’t meet my ultimate goal. Waaa. Sucks when you have to make that decision! I was wondering what you had decided… I’ll stay tuned! 🙂

    1. I have a few videos on Instagram! I have this one cool combo I did but the video is 2 minutes because I am slow at changing positions…once it’s smoother I would create a YouTube channel!! I’m still planning to go to the race. It just might be a looooonnng day for me that day! Eeeek. Injuries SUCKKKKK!

      1. I will check the videos out! I had to remind myself of last time I tried to better my time at this same marathon and ended up going 28 mins longer than hoped. That’s a long day for sure. Hope yours turns out much better!!

      2. I hope! Running injured stinks so badly. In February I ran a marathon in the height of my Achilles injury and I finished in 3:43, walking the race in…my goal was 3:05. So, that was not a fun day (lots of pain) but I think I’m prepared for what could happen after that experience!

  2. Ahh, those bruises look painful 😦 Way to kick ass pacing the half, despite your calf pain. As for the Monumental, you still have all week to think it over. Have you considered stepping down to the half? That way, you can justify the long drive and enjoy the trip with friends. You could also just go for the full and see what happens – you might be pleasantly surprised, especially with plenty of rest this week. No matter what, you’re awesome! Good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Molly! I did consider stepping down to the half. I was also curious if they allowed you to defer but I haven’t looked that closely yet! I am probably going to go and suffer through the full either way and pray for a miracle. But the half would be the smart way to go…ahhh so torn!!!

  3. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better from the allergies and managed to run a bit, including pacing the half marathon. That’s a big step. You were a great pacer and hooray for being so close to 1:45 but not going over (pacing is like the Price is Right of running…). Take care of yourself and those pole bruises, and good luck deciding on what to do about the marathon!

  4. Cute Jell-o shots! My boyfriend and I put on a fun little Halloween get-together. We got a projector and watched movies in the garage while carving pumpkins with some of his friends from work. It was super fun. Then on Saturday, we went and watched some of his buddies in a cycle cross race, and everyone was wearing costumes because it was Halloween, so that was fun too. The winner of the women’s race did the whole thing in a Top Gun flight suit.

      1. It is really fun to watch! Watching sand pits and barriers are my favorites. Our friend keeps trying to get me to try it out, and I’m always like, “Ummmm, it takes me 30 seconds to clip in when a stoplight turns green…” But it looks so cool, it’s a little tempting,

      2. Hahahaha omg I suck at clipping in at stop lights. How many miles do I have to ride before that becomes easy? Two half ironmans and several Olympic tris later and I still look like a total noob!

  5. Pole fitness looks ridiculously hard, you are a bad ass. I’d offer some sort of advice for your marathon dilemma but let’s be real — it doesn’t matter what any of us say, you’re probably going to see how it goes anyways since you have plenty of time to recover… Amiright? 😉

    1. Hahahah omg as I was writing this I was thinking…I know everyone is going to recommend passing it up…I know I’m going to line up at the start on Saturday…who am I kidding? You cracked me up as I read your comment!

  6. Well based on your comments, I’ll just go ahead and say good luck on Saturday! Even if the race doesn’t go your way, I hope you are able to enjoy the race and remember that you had an awesome marathon just a few weeks ago.

    Perfect job pacing that 1:45 group. I’ve never paced a race before, so I’m looking forward to reading your recap. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Heather! I’m still not totally sold that I’m going to go but…it is highly likely. And very stupid. LOL. Pacing is so fun. It was such a gratifying experience, especially in the height of my dumb calf being a pain in the butt!!

  7. Girl you are SO BENDY!!! 🙂

    I am glad you had a successful pacing at the half! I understand your confusion about whether to run the marathon or not. It’s a tough one! I know you will make the right decision, or at least the one you can be at peace with!

  8. I wish I knew what to advise you for the marathon…but I’m gonna trust you to listen to your body! Just remember that there are a LOT more miles and marathons in your future and you don’t want to miss out on those for the possibility of “a miracle or some shit.” So, even though you’ll totally show up to the race, take it easy on yourself if/when you need!

    Also, I’ve totally fallen off the blogging wagon but I ran a 3:11:27 on Saturday at my marathon! I was so under 3:10 until mile 22, but I can’t complain about a 7+ minute PR.

    Also also, I was writing races on my calendar for the next few months and made sure to mark the Louisville marathon just in case 😉 (though I’d likely just do the half; my coach and I agree I need to work on speed and strength through the spring)!!!

    1. Is it super creepy that I looked it up and saw that you won?!?! My good friend Bill was the 3:20 pacer and his posts reminded me you were running and I had to look. CONGRATS ON YOUR HUGE PR AND CONGRATS ON YOUR HUGE WIN!!! You told me about your PR but dude. YOU WON A MARATHON. I am so in awe. I hope you run KY! OMG we would have such a blast hanging out. Ahhhh!

      As for this weekend, I am thinking I am going to go but if I have to take it SUPER easy well, I will. I did 8 min miles this weekend for 13 and it was okay. So worst case scenario I walk/run it in. Or even DNF and go back and run the course again when I’m healthy. I am mentally prepared for this. It’s frustrating. But I had a good fall marathon and a bunch of great fall races, and now I want to recover and get ready for SPRING! I am not going to let myself stay cranky over it anymore!!

      1. Haha thanks- and is the good kind of creepy! It feels so weird, but it was a neat experience having my own bike escorts and stuff and I also feel like a jackass for being a little disappointed in my time considering!

        At worst you have a last long run before your break and that’s no bad thing. Just get it healthy before you come back, yeah? Is it the same leg as the Achilles injury earlier in the year? And like you said, you had a kick ass fall with a ton of under distance PRs and the spring is gonna be awesome!

      2. I was so excited for you – you seriously smoked the rest of the female field! I can’t remember but I feel like 2nd place was 3:18? You were MOVING! You are also not a jackass. I know what it’s like to run an AWESOME time (because dude. 3:11. SICK) and not feel thrilled. There are people who would be over the moon happy with the times we throw down and are not 100% happy with. So I get it. BUT 7 MINUTES. AND YOU WON. I am so beyond happy for you!!! I so hope that Louisville works out 🙂

  9. Sorry to hear the calf is still giving you issues. Best of luck figuring out what to do for the marathon. What a tough decision. Did they change the D&L course besides just reverse it? I can’t recall any big hills from the last 2 years running it…..did you actually start in town? If so, that’s a shame. The end in lehigh gap was the best part!! I guess it would be hard to start there….
    No Halloween parties this year….I actually started my Christmas city costume (tutu) after the baby went to bed. Those Jell-O shots look& sound awesome though!!!! I’ll have to remember them for the future.

    1. Thanks Laura! They reversed the course and it started at Northern Lehigh HS. The course starts with a HUGE downhill followed by a HUGE uphill. It wasn’t like that in past years. It was still a lot of fun. We ended in Northampton. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was so pretty!!

  10. Great job on pacing the half marathon! I’m sorry to hear your calf is still hurting you. Hopefully it feels better this week so you can decide what to do for Indy!
    As soon as you mentioned the Pure Connects being discontinued, I panicked (they’re my favorite shoe right now) and checked the Brooks site – they have a few still for $70! SO bummed about them discontinuing those, though – they’re such a great shoe.

    1. Thank you! I hope I start to feel better soon too. I put the Pure Connects on every single Christmas list I made – I don’t care if I get 10 pairs, lol! I did really like the Pure Cadence, though. I wore them for the half on Sunday and I thought they felt good!

  11. I’m happy to read you were able to successfully pave the half marathon and paced pretty darn perfectly!! I’m ridiculously boring and did no Halloween party. Im the girl in pjs by 9 pm. We did the trick or treating thing with the kid then went home and watched scary movies eating way too much homemade popcorn. 🙂 I’m praying you can run your marathon! I know how crushing it can be to sign up, train, and fall short not being able to go… Cmon calve! Get your act together!! Those bruises from the pole class?! Ouch!!

    1. I would MUCH rather being in my PJs by 9pm! I had fun hanging with my friend but I would much rather be on my couch relaxing on Friday night. Thanks for the prayers, lady!!! Much appreciated ❤

  12. How are you THAT FLEXIBLE?! Were you a gymnast or something? Crazyyyyyy! Crappy about your calf although it sounds like it’s doing way better. I wish you could go to that marathon tho. Life blows sometimes.

  13. What a tough decision. I say run it and see how you feel in the first half or so and determine from there how you want to finish–pull in the reins if you’re not feeling to hot, keep it going if you are.
    Those shoes are beauts!!!
    And I’m always in awe of your poses. Badassness there.

  14. ughhh total bummer about your calf still being obnoxious but great job pacing the half. you’re such a rock star. and those pole moves!!! i have SUCH ENVY OVER HERE!

  15. Oh, I have been drooling over those PureCadence for a while now. Sorry to hear your calf is still a pain, but nice work on pacing the half. As for the marathon, I’m one of those crazies who runs every race even when I probably shouldn’t. 😃. Holy bruises! Are those from the pole?

  16. Love love love the new shoes!! I just ordered a new pair for myself and I’m so excited to get them. 🙂 I’m sorry things are still pretty rough with your calf. I would try to rest up as much as possible and stretch, and then just go for it on race day! If you feel good, you can try to be aggressive and if not, just have fun and enjoy the race with your friends! Good luck, I’ll be rooting for you!

  17. Love the shoes. I saw a couple women wearing them at the race I just did, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Too bad Brooks don’t work for me.

    I really hope your calf gets better. How else can I live vicariously through your speedy race times?

  18. Your pole work is so beautiful. As a former figure skater, I can really appreciate the flexibility – and the bruises! I really do hope your calf issue resolves soon. It sounds like you just need a few more easy days before you feel better!

  19. Boo, I’m sorry to hear that the calf is still bugging you. I don’t have a lot of advice about the marathon situation other than to listen to your body. You’ve been kicking ass this year and have had some great races recently, so you don’t need to let this one missed race ruin your mojo.

    1. Thanks Rae! I’m strangely in a calm place about the calf thing – a little bummed and stressed but overall, I have the attitude that I just need to make it through this weekend. I promised my body a nice long recovery period anyway!

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