What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

Could Have Been Me
The Struts

20131107-131103.jpgThis week’s song is added to my rotation (and maybe to yours) courtesy of my husband! And no, he is not a member of The Struts. He plays the drums in a band with his brothers and some friends and they play this song. I’d heard of The Struts before but was completely unfamiliar with their music. He was walking around the house a few weeks ago singing this song, and I asked him what it was. Actually, I asked him if it was one of his new songs, since his band does have a few jams of their own. He couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard it before and that he knew some music before I did! I forgot about the song and it came on in the local dive bar that we frequent the other night when we were eating dinner. I downloaded it, and it’s been on repeat ever since. Just a warning, the video is pretty fun but the music doesn’t actually start until about 1:22.

“Don’t wanna live as an untold story
Rather go out in a blaze of glory?”

What music are you listening to this week? 


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