What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

Bebe Rexha
I’m Gonna Show You Crazy

20131107-131103.jpgTaking a little break from the indie scene this week for a little pop jam that’s been stuck in my head for the past few weeks! The studio where I go for pole dancing recently had a Student Showcase as part of a community days event in the township it is located in. I didn’t participate because I still feel like I’m so new at everything, but I did go and support the studio and the students who performed. There were some amazing performances, and the last one of the day was put on by our teacher, Kimmy. I’d heard this song once or twice before on Pandora but forgot about it, and her routine was to this song. I was surprised at her music choice for a community days performance, but I love the song! This artist has an EP out and the other catchy song by her that comes on my Pandora is called, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”. I remember hearing it awhile back and think the lyrics were really dumb, but the more I hear it the more I like it. However, my favorite pick off of the EP is absolutely “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy”. Hope you enjoy!

Any good new music on your radar this week?


22 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. Where do you find out about all the music in your collection? Most of the songs and artists you feature I’ve never heard of! Were you a gymnast AND a record exec AND a radio DJ in former life? Your collection is impressive!

    1. DEFINITELY not a gymnist, hahaha! Maybe a DJ though! I’ve always loved music so much. Most times, I just go directly to the Alt Nation Top 18 countdown and download whatever albums are new and interesting! I love indie rock. Sometimes, I get on the pop kick when the kids at school show me new songs! I really like anything and everything!

  2. i’ll have to look this up! i have a friend from home/college days who just moved to NYC to work for Spotify — as a new music friday guy — and i’m so stoked to get new music suggestions from him!

  3. I blasted it all day yesterday and even Katie listened to it (she’s only 10). But I warned her about the language and I told her it was just a once in a while deal, because it was just the two of us at home together (RARE) so we got out our paints and painted to emotional music. It was pretty sweet.

    1. Hahahaha! YESSSS! I’m glad you let your 10 year old hear it. #1, it encourages that crazy is okay (we are all nuts, embrace it!!) and better to hear that language at home and know it’s not a big deal – just a word and there is a time and place for it! Sounds like you and Katie had the best day ever!

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