What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

Lana Del Rey
High by the Beach


LANA!!!! Her new album dropped on September 18th. I love her. Love love love love. Love!!! Her voice is so pretty, but her lyrics can just be so dark or crude…which I adore. The combination of the dark lyrics and her voice is just fabulous. She is an all around stunning person – I admit that I have a total girl crush on her. I remember when I first heard her song, “Video Games” (which wasn’t her first hit or her first album, but it was what I heard first). It was summer, and I stopped whatever I was doing and downloaded the whole album – Born to Die. I honestly don’t know one song that she sings that I don’t like. Recently, one of the students at the pole studio actually did a routine to “Young and Beautiful”. It was incredible – the song combined with her moves was so gorgeous! Anyway, I’ve been anticipating this album all summer long, and her hit single, “High by the Beach”, definitely exceeds my expectations. I listened to it in my car on repeat a few times, and it is going to make an excellent addition to my running playlist. I’m currently making my way through the rest of the album. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Any good new music on your radar this week?


20 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. FINALLY i disagree with your music!! 😉 I can’t stand Lana Del Ray. I’ve, for some reason, been listening to the “Romantic Dinner” playlist on spotify, specifically John Legend’s Ordinary People. Oh man. I sing it oooover and over.

  2. I’ve heard of her as an artist, but I haven’t heard any of her music. That’s twice you’ve mentioned…NOW I have to listen to her!!!

    I’m feeling “Not Letting Go” by Tinie Tempah featuring Jess Glynne (who by the way is my new girl crush!!!!)

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