Hartford Marathon Training: Week 11, 9/7-9/13

I can feel the cumulative fatigue in my legs for sure at this point! When my run doesn’t have a specific focus (like track work, tempo runs, etc), I’ve keeping the pace on the slower end of my aerobic or recovery zone. In the beginning, when I was running less mileage, it was more feasible to log faster paces on all of my runs but right now, my legs are tired! I have one more week of this and then, taper time! I can do this. I can do this. I just need to say it out loud. It’s not that I don’t want to be running – I do – but the highest mileage weeks happened to fall right at the beginning of the new school year and during an awful heat wave. I know, I know. You’re probably sick of hearing me whine about it. I’m sick of hearing me whine about it!

Monday, 9/7 – 8.5 Mile Recovery Run + 10 x 10 Second Hill Sprints + Pole Fit

This workout was the day after my Labor Day bash. Even though I barely drank at all, I felt exhausted and hung over. I slept in and cleaned up from the party so I didn’t run until about noon, which was dumb because it was really hot. By the time I finished this torturous run, it was in the 90s. I managed a fast finish mile, and I forced myself to do my hill sprints since I was parked by an ideal hill. I haven’t incorporated mini hill sprints like these since I lived at my old house, because I had the perfect hill to do them on. It’s hard to find a good hill for these! Kept the overall pace for the run in my recovery zone, 8:39. After the run, I did drills, MYRTLs, and core at home. At night, I headed to pole class, which was fun, but uneventful. I was so tired all day!

Tuesday, 9/8 – Specific Endurance Intervals: 10×1000 (Total Distance, 12 miles) + Core

Well, skipping it wasn’t an option and neither was moving it to a different day because I wanted as much distance between this workout and the half marathon but…

imageI didn’t even consider running outside because I wanted to really hit these intervals hard. I wasn’t even mad or cranky about it, I just drove to the gym and got it done. The goal for the run was to run the 10x1000s fast and with a very short recovery between each one – one minute active recoveries. I actually had a great run and really enjoyed the workout. It was nice to be on the treadmill for this because I was able to sort of negative split my run by default because I could control the pace. I say “sort of” because 1000 is about .62 of a mile, so a few times I zoned out and lost track of when I actually started the interval. My recorded times seem to be all over the place because of that, but I increased the pace with each interval so technically, I did run a negative split. I would use the stopwatch and lap button on my phone to record my interval times, and I made sure to start at the slow end of my range. For 1000s, McMillian gives me a range of 3:41-4:00 per interval. 3:41 is about a 5:55 pace, and 4:00 is a 6:26 pace. My intervals ended up as 4:00, 3:47, 3:53, 3:51, 3:45, 3:44, 3:44, 3:49, 3:46, 3:41. I walked/jogged my 1 minute recoveries, and I ran the cool down for an overall pace of 7:58. I wasn’t spent by the end so maybe I could have started faster. Either way, I was happy with the workout and I had enough energy at the end to do drills, MYRTLs, and a 15 minute weighted ab circuit before leaving the gym.

Wednesday, 9/9 – Strength/PT + 9 Mile General Aerobic Run + Pole Fitness

I got up and went to the gym before work, and got in about 45 minutes of lifting, PT and abs. Nothing too eventful there, but I was glad to get a strength session in. I went to work and found this awesome email waiting for me:image

Ahhhhhh! I’m going to use my time from Chicago last fall when I register so I can sign up on Monday. It’s a rolling entry process where it opens on Monday for anyone who beat their BQ time by 20 minutes or more. It opens again on Wednesday for those who beat their time by 10 minutes or more, and then Friday for those who beat it by five minutes or more. The following Monday, it reopens once again for all qualifiers regardless of how many minutes you beat your time by. I ran a 3:08 in Chicago, so I’m good for Monday but I hope one of my fall marathons can get me a little faster of a time for better seeding on race day. Last year was the first year I ever got to start in wave 1, and I loved it! I think the cutoff for wave 1 is usually around 3:11 or something, so fingers crossed the 3:08 does the trick regardless of what happens at Hartford or Indianapolis (yup, a second marathon on the horizon! I keep forgetting I signed up for that) a few weeks later.

After work, it was another shit show run in the awful heat where I just barely avoided crapping my pants – pace wise, it was good. I even managed my last mile to be a fast finish mile and significantly faster than the rest of the run. Overall pace, 8:01. I felt like garbage when I was done and headed to pole class – my sister in laws took one look at me and asked what I was so cranky about. I just needed a minute since I felt like I almost died from heat exhaustion, but other than that I had a great class!

Thursday, 9/10 – 15 Mile Medium Long Run

All week, I anxiously awaited this day since the weather was showing low 70s and CLOUDY! But it also showed rain. I didn’t care. I was running outside. But as the day wore on, the flash flood warnings came through and it was seriously pouring. Even Weather Kitty was all “WTF”:

imageWhatever. Just whatever, Mother Nature. Let’s be clear about something: I run in the rain. Actually, I really enjoy it. But after fighting the heat and the elements lately, I just didn’t have it in me. Plus, I wanted to run on flat terrain because of the half on Sunday. I was planning to do this run on a cinder trail next to a creek, and with all of the flooding I figured it might be a huge muddy mess. So I logged my longest run ever on a treadmill. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…I think I used the treadmill the same amount of times in the past two weeks as I have for the entire winter. Maybe I’m exaggerating. Who knows. Either way, I’m sick of fighting the weather so I just didn’t. I separated this run into five 5Ks and made it my goal to run each one faster, but still conservative. The first 5K I warmed up and set the treadmill at an 8:12 pace, the second was set to an 8 minute pace, third was set to 7:53, fourth was 7:47 and the last one began at a 7:42 and I increased the pace every quarter mile until I was just around half marathon pace. It felt pretty good. I started slowing down and bringing my pace down over the last half mile. Overall pace, 7:56. I rewarded myself with Thai takeout after that and convinced myself I could start carbo loading for the half.

Friday, 9/11Double Recovery Run: 4 miles AM, 4 miles PM + Core/PT

I know, I know, I planned to make Fridays (or at least one day) my rest day but the absence of a 20 miler this week, there was no way for me to hit that 70 mile mark and I really wanted to log a few weeks of those before my taper. The morning run was rough, and I kept it easy (I’d like to say I had to “try” to keep the pace easy, but that would be a lie): 8:59 pace. I felt much better in the afternoon and averaged 8:38 for the second four miler. I felt pretty motivated so I went to the gym directly after and spent a little over an hour doing drills, PT, lifting arms and abs. I did make it home for another pizza date and couch time with my hubby, too.

Saturday, 9/12 –  5 Mile Shakeout Run + Pole + Core

I headed down to the Plainfield trail for a relaxed and easy shakeout run, 8:41 pace. It was humid, but it was 66 and overcast so I didn’t care about the humidity. My legs felt tired but I felt like I could go faster, but I kept reining myself in because I knew the half was on Sunday and I had several weeks of long miles on my legs. I headed to pole class after my run (the studio is literally five minutes from the trail I run on so it’s hard for me to pass up a class if I’m over there) and had a great class! I’ve been trying this pose called a Janeiro lately but haven’t had any luck. I watched the instructor do it again, and it just sort of clicked. I was also working in a sweet combination and git a video of it…one day I’ll figure out what to do with those on here. The Janeiro is on the top left, and the other two are called the Reverse Ayesha and a variation of it:

Sunday, 9/13 – VIA Half Marathon (plus a short warm up)

Hehe. You’re going to have to wait for the race report for this one, or you can get a spoiler by following me on Instagram! 🙂 🙂

Swim:  0 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 71 miles

How was your week? Any races/long runs that rocked your world?

50 Replies to “Hartford Marathon Training: Week 11, 9/7-9/13”

  1. Great week, Allison!! And weekend 😉 It was so hot this week – I did more treadmill runs than usual too. Actually I think all my weekday runs were on the treadmill yikes! Those 15 miles though – that’s hardcore and was definitely the right choice in order to not tire out your legs too much for the half!! However I have no idea how you set the treadmill on one speed and just did that for a whole 5k. I know I’m not normal for actually enjoying my treadmill runs, but in order for me to enjoy them I change the speed/incline every minute or two to keep things interesting. (Usually there’s a pattern I follow: increase speed in 0.1 increments for a certain number of minutes then decrease, etc). I would not be able to handle going one speed for that long! LOL. And my race and long run were good this week too 🙂 ALSO, cooler temperatures are finally coming! It was actually really chilly out this morning. That makes me even more excited for our marathons 😀

    1. Thanks, sister 😉 LOL you know what got me through the 5Ks? I would set the treadmill, and start an episode of Greys Anatomy. I know Season 12 is starting soon and I started watching it all the way back from Season 1. I could do just about two 5Ks per episode, hehe. I covered the distance up with a towel and try to forget what I was doing until about halfway through the episode when I would “peek” and then bump it up. I was bored of that so the last 5K I did a bit of speed play like you mentioned. I agree, it’s SO hard to set the stupid thing and just run. It’s torture! Netflix did help a bit though 🙂 Can’t wait to read your recap of your weekend 5K, long run, etc. I was so on cloud 9 yesterday that I didn’t ask how your long run was!!! 13 miles, right? You are so right, it was chilly when I left my house today so I hope my afternoon run isn’t awful!

      1. I guess Netflix would help! I still need an iPad to be able to watch movies while running. All I’ve got is music for now. Just posted my recap of the 5k! Mileage update coming later…it was a good long run though and I felt so good I tacked on a mile 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever willingly done that before in a long run. And enjoy your afternoon run today! Here at least, the high is only supposed to be like 78 🙂

        Oh also, with the videos… I’ve looked into it. You can only link to Youtube videos. If you want to post your own videos, you have to pay for the premium blog use stuff. Otherwise you can’t post them :/

      2. I should try my ipad on the treadmill. I can get wi-fi at my gym but it’s a bit spotty – but it would probably be a game changer and maybe I wouldn’t totally hate life when I have to use the treadmill! I’m so proud of you for adding in an extra mile! That is AWESOME! Ugh, I suspect a much with the YouTube thing – I know you mentioned that before – while I don’t mind my pole stuff on here, it’s another thing to put it all on YouTube! I guess there really isn’t much of a difference. Hmmmm.

  2. such a great week, girl, despite the crazy heat/humidity! i have had some long runs in the past month where i started too late and ended at noon in the 90s too –>brutal. but sometimes you just neeeed to sleep in til 9 on a Saturday! i have serious envy over your pole moves – you look amazingggg. i also don’t mind rain runs, if it’s warm enough out — you just commit and laugh through it and hopefully feel cooled off! i remember it started raining around mile 9 for me of the Brooklyn half this past year and it was glorious.

    1. Thanks, lady! That was my problem – the rain was happening (pouring buckets) before I even began. I LOVE when it starts raining mid run but thttps://widgets.wp.com/notifications/2053374165#he whole starting in the rain? I wasn’t digging it! You should definitely come visit me in the Lehigh Valley one of these days and take a pole class! After marathon season is over!!!!

  3. I love reading your updates. I too love running in the rain but someday it just wears on you. The decrease in humidity has been awesome. I finally had a 7 mile run yesterday at my old pace. It was awesome!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!! How is that sweet little baby – Mary, right? I’ve been all over the place with trying to stay up to date with the blog world but the beginning of this school year is really kicking my butt! I’ll get into a groove at some point. Ahhhh that makes me so happy to hear that you are getting back to your old pace!! Do you have any races on the horizon??

  4. I live in the northwest and I know the rain is coming for me. I ran a race in a downpour yesterday and it was a little annoying at first but such a nice change of pace from the usual we’ve been having. I know I will definitely be changing my tune after a few straight months of it and head back to the treadmill, but I’m trying to enjoy it while I can. Weather is so frustrating! I think it just depends on what we are used to and can trick ourselves into tolerating. And what we have the gear for 🙂 Can’t wait for the race recap! You are a champ for even thinking about running in some of those high temps!

    1. Thank you! The temps were rough but it was chilly as I left my house this AM so I’m hopeful for a good run today! Can’t wait to read your race recap, too!! I need to get caught up in the blog world!!!

  5. The weather finally broke here too, but like you, we’re getting rain with the cooler temps. No crazy downpours or flooding, but just enough that I’m like, “Hmm, do I really want to run outside?”

  6. Last week was miserable! I was coming off of a tough race the previous weekend and entering a step back week in my training plan, so I focused on yoga, stretching, and taking it easy. Couldn’t have timed it better. This week is looking seriously amazing – the temps are going to be perfect!!! You had another boss week of training as usual. Can’t wait to read your race recap.

  7. Wow, great week! Last week wasn’t stellar for me; lots of slow and low km runs with my foot taped. I did however get to hand out medals at the race where I was supposed to run my half! It was a great experience! I’m dying for a long run but have to wait until my foot is better.

  8. Sweet baby jeebuz, your week was incredible. I wish I could train with you! You’d help me get faster and stronger in no time. I feel like such a donkey out there sometimes. Congrats on that Half! I won’t ruin the surprise for anyone. Can’t wait to hear all the deets. YOU ARE MY IDOL.

    1. Ahhhhhh Suzy I think the exact same thing about you every freaking time I read your blog. If you are every wondering why you get a massive amount of comments from me at once, it’s because your posts for some reason don’t show up in my reader (I’ve tried to figure out why I’m so dumb so many times now) so I end up binging on your posts.I have to catch up but CONGRATS ON YOUR MARATHON!!! I freaking can’t wait to read all about it. I’m waiting until my free period when I have no kids interrupting me!!!!

  9. I’m totally with you on the cumulative fatigue… I’m just overall tired (heavy legs especially) these days! I have a few runs that feel good, but they are usually after slower runs or rest days. We’re finally at peak training time! Only a few more weeks to go!! And YAY for Boston!!!

  10. Another great week in AllisonLand!! 🙂 You are so good at pushing through!! Can’t wait to hear about your half (I can’t believe I missed the Insta post!) All your hard, crazy, intense, and oh-so-very-inspiring hard work is paying off ❤

    1. Thanks Helly!!! I’ll be posting about it tomorrow 🙂 🙂 I don’t know, I might push through but I am extremely whiney while doing it! And really, you are the one in the freaking EXTREME TEMPS…so I have no business complaining! Honestly. How do you do it? Seriously, you are my hero. I think of you on every single hot run and wonder how the hell you do it!

    1. You don’t need excuses in this heat, sister – that IS the excuse! It seems better this week but I’m telling you that from inside my building. I’ll let you know when I get outside if it still feels like a hell dimension.

  11. Congrats again on the half! Your mileage is so impressive, and it is clearly working out really well for you! I’m excited to read your race recap!
    I almost signed up for Indianapolis but settled on Portland instead, which is good because I ended up moving to Seattle and Indy is just a bit too far away from here! I’ve heard such great things about that race – my thesis advisor ran it, BQ’d, and said it was better than Chicago – so I bet it’ll be a really great race for you.

    1. Eeeeeee I am actually more excited for Indy than Hartford. Though I am targeting my training and tapering for Hartford, I really want to try to let it fly at Indy if I am feeling good. Last marathon of the season, all out! I think Portland sounds WAY cooler than going to Indiana, though!

  12. Ahh you’re killing me with the teaser on your half marathon!!! So mean! Haha, can’t wait to read about it later in the week. Congrats on another Boston Marathon entrance, I will have to cheer you on this year since I’m moving much closer to Boston! 🙂

  13. Another awesome week! The temp was ridiculous here last week, if I’d pulled off what I had planned most of it would have been on the treadmill. But 15 miles on the treadmill?! Bad ass! I couldn’t have done it. Your pole class looks awesome as always- someday we’ll get more options around here. 🙂

    1. Hahah, except my stats have been zero in those disciplines lately!!!! Next week is my first taper so I’m hoping to get in the pool or maybe out on my bike at least once to enjoy it until before winter hits. I’m a fair weather cyclist!

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