What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

Brand New
The Quiet Things


Not a new song or a new band by any means, but I was running last week and this came on my iPod’s rotation. It’s another one of those songs that’s been on my iPod and comes on regularly yet I never skip it.

Brand New has been around since about 2000, and has several phenomenal albums. This particular jam comes from one of my favorite albums, Deja Entendu. The whole album is outstanding, but this one always goes over well on my running playlist. The message is a bit dark, but most of their music is like that. If you like them, I recommend checking out all of their albums…and if you can get to see them in concert, you should ABSOLUTELY do that. I saw them in Philly last summer and had a blast!

Any good new music on your radar this week?

18 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. Seriously feeling Disclosure’s song Latch (featuring Sam Smith). I heard it about a couple of weeks ago on Apple Radio (I forget what station I was listening to!). I don’t even know if it’s new or old, but I love it!!

    Apple Radio has some great tunes, new and old…I am enjoying it!!

  2. get outtttt i used to listen to Brand New in college alllll the time. i still have a bunch of their songs on my computer! loved their first two albums and saw them in Albany yearssss ago. so fun that you still listen to them! i was so into that scene…the whole friend rivalry with TBS…haha awwww youth.

  3. I admit I forgot all about them! Oops. Funny thing- I subscribe to this daily financial newsletter and it always starts with a little story. Today’s little story was about Chvrches. I’d never heard of them before your post but now twice in two weeks!

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