Goodbye August and Back to School!

If I seem to be a little all over the place over the next few weeks, please bear with me. The kids came back to school on Monday so it might take me some time before I can get in a routine and stay on top of the blog world 🙂 Every time I get a free minute I’ve tried reading what you guys are all up to or responding to your comments, but it’s only Tuesday and I’m feeling a little frazzled. Yesterday, I left my house at 6:20 am and didn’t get home until 8:15pm. So while I try to get my crap together, this will be my view…

The crazy heat wave we are having here in northeastern PA isn’t making my first week back at school with the kids any easier. I had a decent number of miles to run yesterday and they happened at a snail’s pace after the long day, high temps, and extreme humidity. When I left the pole studio last night after the sun went down, I walked outside and still couldn’t believe how warm it was out there. I really can’t believe today is the beginning of September. If you step into the sauna outdoors, you’d think we’re really somewhere in mid-July. It’s messing with my head, which keeps insisting that it must be mid-July and can’t really be back to work already. I don’t mind my job or going to work, but it always seems very surreal at the start of the school year. Like I’m going to wake up any second and find that I still have a few weeks of summer left before I have to really go back to work.

As for August, it was overall a good month:

  1. Total run miles: 261
  2. Longest run: 20 miles
  3. Number of races: 2

I went back and tried to compare where I was last August versus this August. Last year, I was recovering from an injury and wasn’t running nearly as many miles, but the miles I ran were fast. Too fast – especially my recovery runs – were all stupid fast. I was also training for a half Ironman last year, so I had many more bike miles on the schedule. I guess you can’t really compare since I was lucky to hit 30-ish miles/week last year, versus the 60-ish/week I averaged in August this year.

Today kicks off September, and I have a lot to look forward to. Three weeks of high miles (if the heat doesn’t kill me first), a half marathon, and a 10K. Once I hit the half marathon, I begin my taper for Hartford. How is that right around the corner already?

I hope everyone has a great week!



44 Replies to “Goodbye August and Back to School!”

  1. I just started typing up my August summary and I pretty pumped because it was my highest mileage month ever! I can’t believe it is already September. I work at a university library, so I work year round, but the students are coming back this week and I know my job is about to get crazy busy.

    Now if only we had some cooler temps to go with the start of the school year…

  2. Hang in there! Things will get back to normal soon!

    Ugh I know what you mean about the heat this week. It is HOT here too – and getting hotter 😦 I’m running a 10K on Sunday and the high is 90 with 78% humidity. Ugh! Luckily I didn’t want to race this one, because it’s probably going to be the hottest races I’ve ever run!

    You are going to KILL at Hartford and I can’t wait to hear about it!

    Have you ever done a full Ironman? If not, is it on your radar for some day? Just curious! 🙂

    1. WOW those temps sound BRUTAL by you, too! Good luck on Sunday! I think you are going to enjoy running a different distance, even if you choose not to race it. I really had a ton of fun with that this summer and it took a lot of pressure off. I would LOVE to do a full Ironman. It’s absolutely on my radar. I have a few in particular that I’m interested in, too. But as much as I love my bike, I think I would need a new one before training for something like that…and I can’t buy one while we are renovating our kitchen! Someday though. I love the half Ironman distance!

  3. Good luck with training and adjusting back to school. Give yourself some grace because the kids are way important and as a teacher, you mean a lot to them even if it means a crummy run or two, or a few weeks of being tired (isn’t the beginning and end of the semester always the worse!?!?!). You’ll do great at Hartford and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I’ve definitely been cutting myself some slack and have backed off of the cross training volume already from the summer. I’ve been making myself sleep a little in the morning rather than get up and work out until I adjust to the schedule again! Like you said – the kids are way important and I want to make sure I give off a good impression to start the year off right 🙂

  4. Welcome back! Rock and I run a sports program in NYC in the fall and the spring. I was always so shocked in the fall when we would get back and get started at how exhausted I was for the first two weeks. For someone who is so active all of the time, it is crazy how those little ones can take it out of you so fast. I hope you are able to get some rest.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Kids totally take your energy out of you! I have 9-12th graders and they are pretty nice kids so far, but WOW am I tired by the end of the day. I crashed hard the last two nights! I will adjust soon. Good luck with your sports program, that sounds AWESOME! When does that begin?

  5. It does not feel like September. The weather is way to hot. I cannot believe school is starting again so soon. It sounds like you had a great month and hopefully September brings you just as great of a month!

  6. The first couple weeks back are always rough. I have been having trouble performing as well as I would like at dark o’clock in the morning. Summer is so much nicer… lounging around, fueling up, and then working out when ya FEEL like it. Oh the rough life we lead!! 😉 What do you teach? It looks like something technology related but with all these integrated classrooms I am not sure!

    1. So rough! I ran this morning at dark o’clock and it totally felt like a struggle. We are so fortunate for those summer months to get to work out at our leisure, not based on a schedule. I teach Web Design and Photoshop- it’s super fun! How about you??

      1. Music – even better! The thing I like about subjects like ours (music, business, art, etc) is that we are electives so at least at my level, the kids sort of want to be there so it takes some of the classroom management stuff out of the way. I would assume the kids at an elementary level are pretty into music, too!

  7. That’s got to be so frustrating about the hot temperatures – the last heat wave always seems to happen during the first few weeks of school! Your mileage is seriously impressive and you are no doubt going to run an amazing race at Hartford (and your upcoming half and 10K this month)!

    1. Thank you so much! The heat is really frustrating this week. It hasn’t been lower than 90 degrees with blazing hot sun for any of my workouts this week, and I have a tempo run today that I’m dreading because of the heat. I’m half considering the treadmill!! I just don’t know how much more I can take, haha! Oh well, hopefully it’s the last heat wave!

  8. I just noticed on your blog that you are racing on Sept 13th too. I’ll be running the Erie marathon that day! But, my Google Maps investigative skills has told me that Allentown is far away from Presque Isle and Erie. I was hoping you could give me an early, happy, race day forecast! I’m thinking it’s going to be warm (big surprise). Hope your half goes great and we both have some great weather in PA!!

    1. Ohh yeah, we are clear across the state (and I think Allentown is further south, too!) but I have heard GREAT things about the Erie race. I was actually considered it but when I chose Hartford, I knew VIA was the perfect timing for a tune up which made my decision! At least in Allentown, the temps look pretty good for a race…I hope the same holds true for you! I’ll be sending you good vibes that day!

    1. It’s just an awkward time – no one knows each other, you want the kids to like you but not walk all over you, etc. The heat isn’t making the transition any easier! It will all settle down in a few weeks, though!

  9. Sounds like it is so hot there right now! It’s still pretty cold here (for Australia) but we are coming in to spring now! 🙂 can’t wait to read about your upcoming races, so inspiring! 🙂 hope you get a moment for yourself with the busyness of the return to school!

  10. Holy August mileage!! You ran almost twice as many miles as I did 🙂 LOL. You are doing amazing and I have no doubt your transition back to school will go well (even if it is tough!). xoxo

  11. I think you took really strong advantage of time off in the summer months and put in the work. It’s okay to back down a little to adjust back to teaching – you don’t want to wear yourself out right now! What do you teach? Technology of some sort?

    1. Yes, I teach Photoshop and Web Design! It’s fun. I’ve let up on the cross training a LOT! The first few weeks adjusting are always tough, but once September is over it’s usually a lot better!

  12. Wow, great training cycle so far!! I took a similar approach this summer with higher mileage at a moderate pace. Last year I went too hard on all of my training runs and was super injured/exhausted by race day. Funny, my August mileage was 260.1! I hit my highest mileage at 75 this week and starting my three-week taper tmw. (I really wish I had a couple more weeks in the 70s under my belt, though.) It’s awesome that you’ve incorporated so much cross training into your routine, that’s definitely lacking on my end since I have to choose between that and getting the mileage in w my work schedule. Sounds like you’ve set yourself up well for a great race season, enjoy it!!!! Hope to see you at a race this fall!

    1. Thanks, lady! Hope all is well with you – what are you running this fall? Last summer was a train wreck for me – I came off of my PR at Charlevoix and never really recovered. Then I started working with a coach who just hammered on intensity but gave me low mileage. I would be running 40ish miles per week but all of them were FAST. By the time I got to the starting line of my races I was injured and burned out. In several marathons, I had zero energy by mile 10. It was terrible. I used to run high miles but less emphasis on pace and it seemed to work better – we’ll see! You are going to have an awesome fall!! I hope our schedules overlap somewhere!!!

      1. I’m getting realllly excited to race again, Boston seems like it was so long ago! Hopefully the hard work over the summer will pay off for both of us!
        Dave and I are running Clarence deMar and Rehoboth this fall, plus I’m squeezing the NYC marathon in between just for fun (or torture). I’m also planning to do the Runner’s World 10k. What do you have lined up?

      2. I did Grandma’s in June – it wasn’t my day, so I’m antsy to run another marathon for redemption! I just think my former coach’s approach didn’t work for me, and I had a rough spring! Clarence DeMar – I went out wayyyyy too fast there and paid for it that day, but if you can hold back in the beginning, it’s a great course! I did Rehoboth a few years back and didn’t race it, just ran for fun and loved it! I still need to get in on NYC one of these years. I will come cheer for the RW races but I’m not participating – it’s a week after Hartford, which is my first marathon of the season! Then I’m running Indianapolis Monumental. For shorter distances, I have the VIA half this weekend and a 1oK at the end of September. I’m also pacing the D&L Half (1:45) in November! I’m not tapering for VIA this weekend so it might be ugly!!!

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