Hartford Marathon Training: Week 7, 8/10-8/16

After coming home from Babcock Lake and competing in the Steelman Triathlon last Sunday, I took a look at what I had planned for this week. I thought it would be a good idea to run a half marathon the week after Steelman – in theory, it’s a great idea. But it meant another week of front-loading miles if I didn’t want to taper for it – which I definitely didn’t. This was not my goal half marathon and is extremely hilly, so I was using it as a hard training run and went into the run with no pace expectations. With all of this in mind, my goals for the week were:

  • Pacing: Keep pace on all runs slow and easy – everything on the slower end of the prescribed pace range
  • Terrain: Since I ran hills all last week and had a hilly half coming up, run some flats to let my legs recover
  • Cross-Training: Minimal biking and swimming since the triathlon is over – would be unnecessary fatigue this week

As for the cross training, I am not giving up on biking and swimming by any means. With the way my week was panning out, I didn’t want to bike towards the end of the week since it was close to the race and tends to tire out my legs. After my disastrous swim at the tri, I wasn’t too excited to get in the pool anyway.

Monday, 8/10 – 18 Mile Long Run + Yin Yoga/Core

I woke up with the intention of doing my long run but not sure how it would go. It was rainy and dreary, and I was a little sore from the triathlon the previous day. Somehow I got myself motivated to leave the house and I drove to a flat trail in the area. All I did was run hills the previous week so I figured I might as well enjoy the flats while recovering. It was an uneventful run – once I warmed up, I felt tired and had no drive to push myself to run harder, but I felt good considering what I did the day before. It was my goal to be on the slower side of my McMillian long run pace range, which is 7:18-8:33. While this was not my fastest long run to date, it was successful. Overall, I ran the second half much faster than the first half so it was somewhat of a progression. I say somewhat because every single mile was not a perfect progression, but overall I was slower in the beginning (8+ minutes per mile) and faster on the second half (under 8 minute miles). I also was able to manage a fast finish mile at a 7:24 pace. Overall pace for the run, 8:09. After the previous week and the tri the day before with a 10K PR, I was more than happy with this run and how it unfolded.

Normally, I’d head to the gym and lift or do an hour on my bike but I went home and did drills, MYRTLs, abs, and yin yoga. I figured if I wasn’t able to take the day off because of the upcoming half marathon, I would at least cut out any extra, unnecessary cross training. I posted this link in my yoga post last week, but this was the stretch I did post run:

Yin Yoga for Hips

Tuesday, 8/11 –  6 Mile Recovery Run + Pole Fitness + Strength/Core + Yin Yoga

Enter the fatigue. NOW I was feeling tired and sore for SURE! I was happy for the delayed onset since I already got my long run done the day before. I went to the Plainfield trail for another flat run, and kept it in my recovery range (8:20-9:01). It felt really hard, but I figured the past week weeks were going to catch up with me at some point. Overall pace, 8:50. Easy means easy.

Pole class was rough and I didn’t accomplish much of anything, so I headed to the gym. I changed a few things up with my lifting routine this week. As my weekly run mileage continues to climb, I’m not feeling as motivated to go and do the current full body routine that I do. Between arms, legs, abs, and the PT exercises I do, it takes upwards of two hours. As the new school year approaches, I know I won’t have that kind of time (or motivation) while running long miles. I use my Nike Training Club app for abs pretty often, so I turned to their full body workouts. I completed a 30 minute speed drill session – Zoom Fast – with all kinds of speed drills for runners and a 30 minute full body routine. I liked it, and I’m going to keep playing around with the app and still incorporate my current routine every so often to keep it fresh. I finished up the day with this yin yoga session (also one I posted last week):

Yin Yoga for Hips and Thighs

Wednesday, 8/12Ladder Interval Workout + Recovery Run + Core + Pole Fitness

I didn’t know I was running the upcoming half when I planned my schedule out, but I couldn’t have picked a more perfect track workout for the week. I modified the warm up and cool down to shorten the workout and accommodate the recovery run (it was the day I ran with David Willey at Runner’s World) but the actual interval work itself went exactly as planned. It’s a shorter track workout and it comes from my Run Faster From the 5K to the Marathon book. It’s a shorter track workout that I’ve always really enjoyed. It’s a warm up, then your intervals are 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3 minutes at 3K-10K pace with equal duration active recoveries. I ran a mile to warm up, and then my interval paces were as follows:

  • 1 minute – 6:10 pace
  • 2 minute – 5:54 pace
  • 3 minute – 5:50 pace
  • 2 minute – 5:41 pace
  • 1 minute – 5:26 pace
  • 2 minute – 5:54 pace
  • 3 minute – 5:55 pace

I know they were short distances, but I never had so many intervals under a 6 minute pace in my life – and they didn’t feel awful! Since these are short intervals (3 minutes is about an 800 for me, and there were only two of those), I told myself to run “comfortably hard”. I expected to be closer to 10K pace (my shiny new 6:16/mile PR!), but was pleasantly surprised that faster felt comfortable. The only reason I didn’t have a fast finish was because I was using the track at Lehigh University, and one of the sports teams showed up and started doing something right at the end. They didn’t kick me off, but for the last two intervals I used the other half of the track and just ran back and forth for a 200 meter stretch until the interval was over. It was hard to get my pace faster since I had to keep turning around, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to be in the way and I’m so fortunate to live so close to a track that is open to the public, and I would never want to jeopardize that.

I did run my warm up and cooldown super slow, and I walked my recoveries so my overall pace for the run was 8:45. It’s all about the intervals. I did drills, MYRTLs, and core at home while waiting for Kathy to come pick me up and head over to Runner’s World. I didn’t know how far we were going to run when we went to Runner’s World, but I’d assumed anywhere from 3-7 miles. I’d hoped to be around 4 miles, we did 5. Perfect. You can read all about my day at Runner’s World and our run here. Overall pace, 8:30. We unintentionally did this run as a progression run, starting around a 9 minute pace and our final mile being a 7:32, meaning we also managed a fast finish!

That night, I joined my friends at pole class. I expected to feel pretty jacked up and accomplish nothing, but we we worked on a pose called Sea Monkey and I was able to get both variations of it:

Thursday, 8/1312 Mile Medium Long Run + Strength/Core + Yin Yoga

I had zero desire to do this run. I was so angry about it for some reason. I already decided early in the week that I would keep this run on the slower side of my general aerobic range (7:14-8:14) but I still didn’t want to do it. I considered skipping it – I mean, I could really justify making this week a recovery week with the way I beat myself up the past two weeks and the upcoming half marathon. I resolved to go to the same trail I ran on Monday and just start running – maybe cut it short but not completely skip it. Once I got started, I won’t say I felt awesome by any means, but it wasn’t really bad until the last three miles. I was ready to be DONE. I had run out and back on one section of the trail and was approaching my car around mile 10 and it literally took every single fiber of my being not to run to my car and drive home. I sucked it up and finished with a fast finish mile, 7:27. Overall pace was 8:01. Right where I wanted to be, but it was absolute torture.

I headed to the gym and did drills, MYRTLs, a quick Nike Circuit for arms, and abs. I headed over to my massage therapist for a MUCH needed massage. I don’t get to go very often, but I really needed it this week. I didn’t care about the upcoming half – I told her to get in there and fix me! Usually, if I go to her pre-race it’s more of a gentle massage to flush everything out. Since I wasn’t tapering for this race, I didn’t want her to treat the massage as a pre-race massage. It felt glorious.

Later that night, I did a 45 minute yin yoga practice. Might be my favorite one yet:

Yin Yoga for a Deep Stretch

Friday, 8/142300 Meter Swim + Strength/Core + Yin Yoga

I slept in and was tempted to take a rest day, but I only have one more week left to enjoy the summer so when I finally felt like moving, I headed to the gym. Felt surprisingly good in the pool, and did a Nike circuit plus abs and physical therapy. Headed home and did two yin yoga sessions since my legs were still feeling pretty jacked up:

1 Hour Full Class
Yoga for Runners – Getting into the IT band (not Yin, I just really like this instructor’s classes and decided to check it out – plus it’s only 16 minutes long!)

Saturday, 8/8 – 4 Mile Run + Abs + Yin Yoga

I slept in and woke up whenever my body felt ready and made some Paleo waffles for breakfast!  Met Emily at the Parkway for an easy shakeout run. We walked about a half mile before and after starting the run, which was really nice – especially since I took the day off of running the day before. We kept the pace comfortable and easy, 8:36. After our run, we headed back to my house to sit by my pool and do some abs and yin yoga (another link I’ve shared before):

Yin Yoga for Runners – Hips and Hamstrings

Sunday, 8/9 – Perk Up Half Marathon + Yin Yoga

Race report coming soon…spoiler alert:


And then this, which was much needed:

Yin Yoga for a Deep Stretch (same one from earlier this week)…with lots of props to ease into deep stretches:


Lots of long/slow miles, some speed/races, and yoga this week! I’m glad I raced Steelman and Perk Up, but I’m glad I don’t have any other races on the schedule until September. I need a few weeks where I don’t have to organize my workouts to accommodate a race so I can also do some real speed work, and run some marathon paced miles on my long run. Overall, I’m happy with the way things went this week and my miles are steadily creeping up!

Swim:  2300 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 63 miles

How was your week? Run any races? Good long runs to tell me about?


47 Replies to “Hartford Marathon Training: Week 7, 8/10-8/16”

  1. Do you ever take a rest day, ha ha! Way to go on your half – that’s fantastic! Last week was a great one for me – not sure if I can pull it off again but I’m hoping my long run this week goes way better then last week 😉

    1. I do take rest days – but not so much during the summer! Only because I am a teacher and I am off – so I use summer as my season to go hard, haha! I hope you have another great week this week!!!

  2. I can’t even believe you ran (and won) two races on consecutive weekends, all while pushing yourself hard in between with long runs and track work! You are SO strong. Such an inspiration to me. I am so so glad I found you on here! I absolutely love it.

  3. Your training is totally inspiring!! Well done, congrats on the Half!

    I read your post about yoga, what would you recommend for someone who has never done yoga but wants to give it a try? 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I would try any of those videos I recommended in my previous posts. There is nothing too tricky and you hold the postures for a pretty long time so you have the chance to figure out what feels good for you. But Yin Yoga is veryyyy slow moving and not meant to be a workout – it’s restorative. So if you are looking for more of a workout and less of a stretch, let me know and I’ll find some good youtube videos that are more workout oriented for you 🙂

      1. Thank you so much, I think I’m gonna try one of the videos you posted and see how it goes. 🙂

  4. Nice job on the half! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do on a less grueling course because I think you should be able to blow that time (I saw it on your FB) out of the water!

    Nice week! You are gaining so much momentum! Good things are ahead for you this fall! And those intervals – holy wow!!!

  5. Blimey! Do you ever stop moving? 🙂 This is exhausting just to read!… but also a total joy to follow what you’re doing. I’m going to take a proper look at the yoga video later. Don’t have anything here with me (at sister’s house) so might have to improvise on the props… I’m sure there’s a house brick somewhere… and my son’s swimming “woggle”?… 😉 …and well done on the race!

    1. You could totally improvise on props – I don’t have what the serious yogis call a “bolster” so I just use pillows off of my living room couch! Sadly, I will log less time training starting on Monday when school begins 😦 I go a little crazy in the summer…lots of time to fit in so many fun activities!!

      1. Aha! That’s just what I’ve been thinking about tonight. Totally appreciate making the most of having the time while you have it.(and yes- I also used cushions when i did the hamstring set tonight 🙂

  6. You look so badass in your pole fitness pics! Love it!!!

    And, it sounds like you had a killer week!

    I had a 9-mike long run on Saturday and was feeling a bit nervous and anxious about it, but went out and gave it my all and felt AWESOME afterwards!

  7. I don’t even know where to start. All the miles, that sea monkey pose, the trophy- so many things! Your mileage is freaking amazing. You run in a week what I have been averaging a month these days. Even when you’re tired! I seriously need to take a page from your book. Not a chapter, just a page, I know my limits. 🙂 Congrats on your half marathon win, that’s awesome! My goal this week is to click on some of those yoga links.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH! It’s taken a long time to get comfortable with the mileage. The last time my weekly mileage was this high consistently was two years ago, and I got hurt so I am really monitoring my mileage increases and being diligent about stretching and foam rolling! Let me know if you try some yoga!!!

  8. Seriously how do you do it?! First you run a 10k PR in the middle of a triathlon, then the next day you head out for an 18 mile run? My legs would be so toasted. But that isn’t even half of your awesomeness since you managed to end the week by winning a half marathon! You are having one hell of a summer!

    1. Thanks, Heather!! Honestly I think my body knew that if I didn’t do that 18 miler on Monday, it wouldn’t happen or it would be too close to the half marathon and I wouldn’t have run well. Because when I ran last Tuesday, I felt every single step and my legs felt like CRAP through Thursday!!! I’m glad it all worked out!

  9. Wow – amazing week of training, and you’re so fast! Congrats on the half marathon win – I’m excited to read your recap. I’m super motivated to add some more yin and recovery yoga to my routine after reading this post. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much!! OMG you will be logging long runs again soon!!! I can’t imagine how antsy you must be to run BUT you have that adorable new little one to squeeze in the meantime…which I think is so much better!!!! ❤

  10. KILLING IT! I can’t believe how active you were the during the week after your triathlon! You’re making me miss yoga SO MUCH! Time to find some good videos or something…

    1. Thank you! I’m totally loving yin right now – I was always an Ashtanga girl but I think that’s too powerful for me right now with running higher mileage! Check it out and let me know what you think!

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