What I’m Working Out to Wednesday


20131107-131103.jpgAt the beginning of the summer, I downloaded as many albums as I could (some were not released yet) from AltNation’s Alt-18 Countdown list. I don’t have satellite radio anymore, but when I did I LOVED AltNation and still frequently keep my iTunes library up to date by visiting their countdown.

One of the albums I downloaded was VHS by X-Ambassadors. I’m still making my way through the album, but I’m totally loving their hit song from the album! It’s not like it’s the most upbeat jam ever, but I like cruising to it while I’m running for sure. The rest of the album is definitely catchy, and worth a listen!

What music is on your radar this week?


29 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. Great song! I started running with the Spotify Running app… while I really like it, they need a bit more depth to their music selection… I found a lot of songs were repeating on a longer (60+ minute) run.

    1. Thank you! I do also love to eat but I feel like I sometimes forget to take pictures unless I did a nice job plating it. Usually I just stuff my face too fast to do that. But music – that I can post about for sure!

    1. I usually ending up adding music to my shuffle but can’t seem to remove the stuff I don’t want. I get so mad when it gets full! I don’t get why, I end up skipping through half of it as I’m running. I can’t part with music!

  2. I LOVE that song!!! I listen to it over and over on my run! Check out my running with tunes post… It’s super similar to your post here!! I am following you now since we both love the same song and have similar posts!

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