Hot Mess

WARNING: If you aren’t in the mood to hear a cranky, whiny, ranting post then you should definitely stop reading now. You also might want to reconsider reading if you are eating – or planning to eat – in the next few hours. There’s some nasty shit in here.

I’m having one of those weeks – I’m a hot mess. I woke up feeling particularly irritable today. My blisters from last weekend’s trail race are KILLING me – I am SO SICK OF THEM. I need to go for a run soon and I just can’t handle the thought of putting my stupid foot in my sneakers again. I’ve suffered through a few runs/hikes this week where I bandaged up my feet pretty good (like 5 band-aids to try to cover and minimize the pain) only to still be in rough shape. UGHHH. There are three blisters, but the one that sucks the most is on my pinkie toe. I don’t even care about how gross my feet look…or the fact that there is still residue from the band-aid all over my toe. I just need to share the misery of this blister with you:

imageAnd I mentioned hiking. A few of my friends and I hiked part of the Appalachian Trail on Wednesday. It was an awesome day but guess who has something itchy all over her arm now? I don’t know if it’s poison ivy, oak, or sumac but I don’t really care. It itches, and I hate it. This was yesterday, when I first looked down and saw the lovely rash developing on my arm:

imageI’m also not a hypochondriac or one to get too worried about things, but here in PA we have this crazy Lymes Disease epidemic going on – and a TON of my family and friends have been affected. Most recently, my brother-in-law got hit with it and they caught it right away, which is good – but you know what isn’t good? The part where he’s on doxycycline for like EVER right now and CAN’T GO OUT IN THE SUN. AND HE CAN’T EAT FOR TWO HOURS AFTER HE TAKES THE DOXY. I sprayed the shit out of myself with bug spray before hiking on Wednesday but I’m still scared shitless that I’m going to get Lymes anyway. Why is there no vaccine for that yet? There used to be. Where did it go? I was also concerned about getting some sort of poison, and I got that. FML.

On top of it all, there’s something up with my middle finger. On my right hand. It’s swollen. I think I did something to it in pole class…or who knows what I did. It hurts. I tried to take a picture of that, too – but taking a picture of your hands is really hard when you need them to take the picture. The fun part of this is when I get to show my finger to people because I get to give them the finger. Can you tell how mature I am?

I have a wedding to go to tonight. It’s going to be awesome to try to look cute in a strapless dress when I’m covered in poison and calamine lotion. Also, the dress I’m wearing – I am not much for dressing up but I do have the perfect shoes to go with the dress. Only problem is, they HURT MY BLISTER AND I CAN’T WALK. I guess I could go buy new shoes. But I don’t get dressed up that often and would really prefer to spend my money on running sneakers, not dress shoes.

Rant complete. On a more positive note, it’s a gorgeous day outside. Happy Friday.

34 Replies to “Hot Mess”

  1. Awww girl it sounds like you have had a crazy week for sure!! So sorry to hear you are feeling so icky! I totally understand the need for a rant post every now and then- I am writing my own right now haha.
    That blister is gnarly!! Have you got any blister plasters like these?

    Us kiwis call band aids plasters haha. I had horrific blisters when I started waitressing again after two months off and these bad boys saved my life 🙂

    1. I honestly haven’t had too many terrible blisters before this, but I am totally stopping at the drug store on my on my way out to find those “plasters”. OMG…I hope they help!!! I’m not much of a ranter, normally. I like reading rants but don’t usually write them, but I couldn’t hold back today!!! Hope you have a nice weekend!!!

      1. Aw I hope you feel better anyway! Sometimes a good rant is pretty healthy! Of course I say that studying therapy though haha. Good luck finding those plasters, they act like a second skin and really make a difference! xx

  2. Aw, I’m sorry you’re having a tough week. Have you tried toe caps or moleskin for your blister? I have also used Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape with varying degrees of success. After my first half, I had AWFUL blisters that took forever to heal, and the tape helped a lot. Now I’ve got calluses again so I don’t need it.

    1. So far, all I’ve tried are band aids. I’m going to the drugstore this AM to see what I can find to help. I never really had bad blisters that prevented me from running regularly before! Yesterday, I ran 11 miles and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t pick up the pace. Sure, it hurt but whatever – I tried to run normally and ignore it. After, when I was doing some drills I realized I couldn’t even put weight on it normally – so it was like I was running with just my left leg the whole time (I know how weird that sounds) and the right one was just along for the ride! It’s terrible! I keep trying to repeat my mantra…this too shall pass!

  3. You poor thing!! That blister looks like it would hurt your whole foot!! It looks like you have some good advice. I’d head to the store and whip out toe at the Pharmacy and see what they suggest. Lyme is running rampant here too. I’m hearing more and more people are getting it and it terrifies me. Hope your weekend is a good one!

  4. Geez what did you do, because Mother Nature is MAD at you lately!! I’m jk, jk, jk. I’m sorry you’re dealing with all that nonsense. When it rains, it pours, eh?

    I hope you find something for your blisters! I’ve never had bad ones so I’m not really much help, but the comments above me have some pretty solid sounding suggestions! Lyme disease is scary, I really hope you don’t have it! I don’t live in an area where it’s very common but I’m still petrified of getting it. Just remember to always check yourself after you’ve been outside and get in the shower ASAP once you come home from being on the trails or in the grass.

    If it makes you feel any better I haven’t been feeling great this week either. I’ve had random aches and stiffness since my Tuesday run that just won’t go away. Maybe it’s a full moon or something, LOL.

    1. I think Mother Nature is PISSED at me for something! WHAT THE HELL! LOL! I never get blisters either, that’s why this is all new territory for me!. I checked myself pretty decently for ticks and got in my pool when I got home for a good soak – I should really be better about showering but in the summer, I joke that I take “pool showers” hahahah. I’m so gross.You’d think the chlorine would have killed the poison whatever I have. Hoping for the best with the Lymes. I have no reason to believe I have it, just being out in the woods scares me!

  5. Oh, your poor little toesie!!! That blister looks angry. And your rash is making me sit here and scratch my own arms. Lyme Disease is freaky. I don’t think we have that much over here, even though we’re surrounded by forests and stuff. I don’t know much about it. You’re totally allowed to bitch and complain. Those are legit reasons to freak out!

  6. Ugh blisters are the worst… and don’t get me on poison ivy… I HATE feeling itchy. I had a pretty blah day on Wednesday for no apparent reason and sometime it just helps to complain a bit : ) Hope you feel better soon and have a fabulous weekend!!

  7. Oh your poor pinky toe! Blisters hurt so bad when trying to squeeze them into running shoes! Maybe you can be a barefoot runner for a couple days? JK, I promise. 🙂

    I haaaaaate poison. Every couple years I get it pretty bad, usually from my own garden/backyard. I hope yours heals up soon and is only a minor annoyance!

  8. Blisters are painful. I’m sorry you are having a rough week and I know you’ll be able to come out of it on top. I always found that with my higher arches and instep I needed a higher cut shoe. I hope you are able to get to the bottom of your blisters!

    1. Thanks! Mine was from a trail race I did last Sunday. I knew I should have stopped and fixed my socks – I felt them while racing – but I am so stubborn and in the moment said “I’ll deal with it later”. It’s later, and it hurts LOL!

  9. I hope next week improves. I have had the worst blister, like those, before and I don’t wish them on anyone. I’ve also had bad cases of poison Ivey, another thing I don’t wish on anyone. I hope you have fun at the wedding

  10. I hope you feel better soon! That blister is a monster. And I don’t blame you for worrying about Lyme Disease (though I am sure you’re fine); it’s not all that uncommon and it really can wreak havoc on people’s lives.

  11. I’m sorry that you’re having a rough week. I hate blisters and yours looks so painful. I have one now that won’t go away, but it’s not nearly that bad. I also prefer to spend my money on running sneakers, not dress shoes. I hope that you are able to have fun at the wedding.

  12. Ugh I hate blisters. My knee is legit killing me right now and I’m all paranoid it’s not going to heal. It is this gaping wound and I want to just rip my knee off! I always get eaten by bugs on summer hikes..and I ALWAYS forget to bring a repellent. I get all kinds of angry when they swarm.

  13. Ouch!! That blister looks gnarly! Toe caps can work if you adjust to the odd spongy feel. But I have always had trouble finding them. Lyme disease freaks me out. My dad was hiking a few months back and ended up covered in ticks. It was scary and sent the family into a panic. Hopefully you have a better weekend!

  14. Ranting is totally acceptable! Those poor toes!! I feel your pain, my pinkie toe has taken a beating recently. I hope it heals up soon! You’re one tough chick for getting through this week !!

  15. You’re falling apart!! 😦 I’m sorry you’re having a rough week, but if there is a place to rant about it, it’s definitely your blog. 🙂 That blister does look terrible, I hope it heals up quick for you! I feel your pain with the rash – for some reason, I always get this big itchy rash on my thigh in the warmer months and I’m getting it right now and I’m trying to survive on calamine lotion too. I hope the weekend turns around for you!

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