What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

Florence + The Machine
Ship to Wreck


There’s a lot of great new music out there right now, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t pay some homage to my girl Florence, of the incredible Florence + The Machine. They released their new album at the end of May, but I’ve been digging “What Kind of Man” since they dropped that single in February.

I had the opportunity to see them in concert back in 2012 – we drove to Atlantic City, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended (I think say that about every concert I go to…but I mean it!). If you ever have a chance to check them out in concert, it’s not an act to miss.

I’m still making my way through their album, but I’m noticing a religious theme here – lots of mention of saints and bible references. But “Ship to Wreck” is a song speaks to me personally because it’s all about how you can be your own worst enemy. In fact, when Florence Welch wrote the song and was asked about it, she was quoted:

“I was thinking about my own self-destructive side, and how you can make something only to tear it down,” Welch said in a statement on the new song. “When you’re in that whirlwind, you often end up breaking the thing you love the most.”

I think we all have a tendency to do that. I know I do. If anything, it makes a great upbeat addition to a summer playlist!

Enjoy! xo

14 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. I love her. Her quote reminds me of the scene from Tommy Boy where Chris Farley destroys his dinner bun at the diner. He’s all, “oh I love my little pet, I poke it, I love it, I kiss it, and then I DESTROY IT!” and bun goes flying everywhere. Sometimes we just overdo stuff. Well, I do anyway. I totally relate to self-destruction.

  2. I love that song too.!! and definitely a band I have on my “go to concert” list. I used to love going to concerts, but I haven’t gone in yearsss.

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