Weekly Update: 6/8 – 6/14

This time around, I did a two week taper, so this was the first week. I love the taper. Most people hate it. Not me!!! I’m like, where’s my couch? What can I binge watch? Oh and perfect timing: Taper + school being out for summer + Season 3 of Orange is the New Black = bliss! I don’t always love how I feel while tapering, but I am generally happy to change things up a bit. I’m usually ready. I’m usually tired. I’m usually kind of sick of running, too. Mostly because I just had some high mileage weeks with some intensity and I’m ready to let my body heal and put all of my training to good use…at Grandma’s Marathon!

Monday, 6/8 – 2500 Swim + Strength/Core/PT
Other than the fact that I felt surprisingly good on Monday, it was uneventful. I’ve been really feeling good in my Monday swims. When I did my strength training after work, I also did my form drills and my MYRTLs since I slacked a few times last week.

Tuesday, 6/2 8 Mile Marathon Paced Run
Yup, Terrible Tuesdays are officially no longer terrible! Got to run over my lunch break and was supposed to do 8 miles, 7-7:15 pace. I did 8 miles @ 6:56! Even though I could go running around 11 am instead of after work, it was hot, hot, HOT and humid! I was drenched. But I felt so good!!

imageWednesday 5 Mile Recovery Run
It was the last day of school and I basically hosted Teacher-palooza after work by my pool. I ran 5 miles @ 8:22 pace before work. My legs were a little tired but not terrible. That was all for the day since it’s taper time and I was busy with Mojitos and Jell-O shots poolside (they were mango melon!).

Thursday10 Miles (2 mile warm up and cool down, 6 mile progression in the middle) + Core
I wasn’t so sure about this run. I don’t really drink, but I was drinking the night before and had a slight headache in the morning. I prefer early morning runs but I wanted to sleep a little on my first day of summer, so I didn’t get out until about 11:30 am. It was 92 degrees and humid. I did a perfect progression, but it took me about half of the run to warm up! I was groggy and tired from the festivities the day before. I was able to progress down to marathon pace and then cooled down. I felt okay and actually really enjoyed the run by the end. My overall average was a 7:59 pace since I took my warm up and cool down super easy. No need to push on the warm up and cool down miles, I just focused my effort on the progressive tempo in the middle. I also did drills, core, and MYRTLs.

Friday2500 Swim + Strength/Core/PT
It was nice to go swimming and lifting in the morning, but not at the crack of dawn! I did another round of drills and MYRTLs while I was there to make up for missing them on Wednesday.

Saturday8 mile Run + Core
Ran with Kathy a little later in the morning, and it was hot. I didn’t eat before the run so I felt a little drained when I first started, but a few miles in I started to feel pretty good. When I looked back at the splits, half of them were marathon paced and we were chatting the whole time! That was encouraging. Overall pace, 7:10.

Sunday –  6 Mile Marathon Paced Run + Core
I wasn’t sure how this would go since we pushed the pace the day before. I’m not going to say it felt easy, and I did go a little later in the morning since I got up and went to church with my husband first. It was hot, and I knew I was going to feel rough so I drove back to the Plainfield Trail to do this run. I had a good run there last week so I figured the location would give me a good mental boost on tackling this run. It felt harder than Saturday’s run, but I got it done. 6 miles, 6:54 pace.

Even in the heat, I had a few amazing workouts this week that effectively boosted my confidence. However, this is the lowest I’ve dropped my mileage during the first week of a taper in a long time. I typically do 10-15 miles as a long run the week before a marathon, and this was much less. I’m not sure if it will make a difference either way. Usually, anything you do inside the 10 day window of the marathon won’t do too much to increase aerobic capacity and help you be more physically prepared. At that point of your training, it’s quite the opposite: anything you do inside the 10 day window can hurt you more than it can help you, so less is more.

Normally, I’d be opposed to trying something new before a marathon that I want to go out and really race. After some consideration and reflection on the past 10 weeks, lowering my mileage was a necessity this time around. I’ve been fortunate enough to put in a decent block of training, and this was the first time in about a year that I could say that. It was only about 10 weeks, but it was the most I’ve been able to string together since a significant calf injury last June that I believe was the catalyst for every injury that followed.

I haven’t had one recovery week since Boston, so my weekly mileage has been consistently climbing. I hit my highest run volume week in two years, and I’ve had long runs every single weekend. I’ve asked a lot of my body over the past 10 weeks, all while I was recovering from a significant Achilles injury. I am happy to give my body some recovery before I ask it to take on it’s hardest task yet!

Swim: 5000 meters ♥ Bike: 0 miles ♥  Run: 37 miles

34 Replies to “Weekly Update: 6/8 – 6/14”

  1. I think those are the fanciest jello shots I have ever seen.

    Enjoy the rest of your taper. Since you’ve been running hard since Boston, you definitely deserve the break! And like you said, at this point less is more.

  2. This all sounds so encouraging. Your paces, especially in this heat, are a great indicator that you’re going to nail this marathon. You’ve trained hard and smart, now enjoy the TV binge!

  3. Wow, what a speedy week Allison!!! And there were some super hot humid days too. I had to push really hard on days when I wanted my pace to be a little better lol. But I think it’ll help us out a lot that we’ve now experienced some awful heat and Grandma’s will be much cooler 😀 I’m amazed at how much mileage you do even in taper – 37 miles geez!!! Can’t wait to see you again! 😀 (Oh, btw, I’ve been going through the new season of Orange is the New Black too! what a riot!)

    1. Ahhhh so glad you are watching!! I’m only on episode 4 or something…but I have a huuuugggeee pile of laundry that is easily two episodes worth of folding! Haha. It was soooo humid this week! Excited to hang with you in Minnesota SOON! What’s the deal with your family friend? Are you staying with them or at the college?

      1. Ahh yes, she got back to me so I’ll be staying with her 😀 I gotta look on a map to see where that is now in reference to all the buses! lol…I’m only on episode 4 too…or maybe 5? Can’t remember exactly. I got distracted by other things all weekend

  4. Congrats on a fabulous first week of taper! Your body is definitely absolutely ready to kill it!! So excited for you! Have a fabulous start to race week : )

  5. Amazing week! I like to think these runs we’re having where we are hitting goal paces is a good sign, right? Our bodies telling us they are ready? Hehe let’s hope so!

    It’s good to hear you say that about the 10 day window. Even though I know that’s true it’s so hard not to overanalyze every little thing lately. I’m starting to flip flop from my original feelings and now worry that I’m not doing enough! Even though I know at this point – as you told me – the hay is in the barn! Plus, I like to err on the side of rest anyway. Having a little too much rest probably won’ t be nearly as bad as not having enough.

    Eeeee 5 more days!! Can’t wait to meet you!

    1. YESSS – we are READY! Nothing to do now but to just take care of ourselves and get ready to lay down the hammer! Just go for a few short runs with a few speed bursts this week and you will be ready to RIP!! Wooohoo! See you in a few dayyysss! Eeeeeeee!

    1. Thank you!! OMG mojitos, me too! I made mint infused simple syrup for those. I had some leftover and I swear if I wasn’t holding myself back I would go and drink it. Hahahaha. I have such a sweet tooth!

  6. Enjoy the rest of your taper! Those jell-o shots look amazing and I want one! You definitely had a great week even with the heat. Those paces are awesome!

  7. Great week ( even though you should be tapering😉). Tapering goals should be finishing Orange is the New Black and enjoying more of those Jell-O shots. Those were definitely adult jello shooters – so pretty! In college they were always in tiny plastic cups (Pinterest wasn’t around yet I guess) You are going to do so great at Grandma’s!

  8. Love what you say about the taper, i am sure I would have no problem binge watching TV and resting too! Aka what I do on a day off from work/uni! 🙂 have a great day little flowers! 🙂

  9. I think lowering your mileage like that was a good call. You know your body best, and sounds like it was time to rest.!!
    Enjoy the taper girl.! Because you are soo ready for this Marathon 🙂

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