What I’m Working Out to Wednesday

20131107-131103.jpgSo yesterday I had to do a marathon paced run in the heat and humidity. As I was cruising down the trail, sweating my face off, and just straight rocking out a song came on my shuffle that I forgot I had on there. Not only did it get me pumped and helped me hang on for dear life for the rest of the run, it made me laugh since I’ve really posted some girly music lately.

So this week, I bring to you the exact opposite: A Day to Remember covering The Fray, Over My Head. Love the original, love the cover…hopefully you will too! The screaming does get a little crazy, but whatever. It makes me laugh and it’s usually a change from whatever else I’m digging at the current moment. In other music news, Of Monsters and Men came out with their new album today, Beneath the Skin. You can bet that a few of those songs will probably be posted over the next few weeks! They are the opposite of my genre today, so stay tuned!

A Day to Remember
Over My Head (Originally by the Fray)

What are you working out to this week? Any good new albums coming out that I should check out?

19 Replies to “What I’m Working Out to Wednesday”

  1. Haha finding a “new” old song on your iPod is about the best thing that can happen during a run. That’s occurred to me a few times and I’m always like YESSSS whenever I hear it! I’ve been running to Brandon Flowers a bit… keeping the runs a bit easier. He has some awesome music – he’s the lead singer of the Killers, but released a solo album not too long ago.

  2. Great song. It’s such a gooder. The other day I charged up my old iPhone to check my notes section and I found all this music on it and it felt like such a rush when I ran to it that day. I have a really old MP3 player that I used to qualify for Boston in 2009. It requires an AAA battery. I’m thinking that I really need to listen to that thing and see what’s on there!!

  3. Oh jeebus, the Fray version of that song is basically like a time machine to my freshman year of college. That and “How to Save a Life” were HUGE in 05-06! I never really liked “Over My Head” though…sorry :-/

    1. LOL! I always liked the Fray because it reminds me of my first summer post college and I HATED my job (I wasn’t a teacher yet!) and would jam out to it on my way to work. I think I would have appreciated the angrier version that I posted back then, ha!

  4. I like the Fray – got to see them a few years ago when that album came out…I can’t believe it’s already time for it to be covered.
    Do you know the Old 97’s? They’re from here, but they tour nationally. They are always a fun time and they seem to come out with music pretty regularly.

    1. I saw The Fray last summer, they came and played locally and I thought, why not. They were good! But no, I don’t know the Old 97s but I definitely have to look them up for sure! I love having new stuff to listen. Thanks!!

  5. I haven’t been listening to much new music. I’ve been listening to classic rock stations and primarily podcasts lately. I like that cover though. Have you heard Prevail’s cover of “Blank Space”? It’s pretty good!

  6. That’s a great cover! im going to add that to my playlist. I recently added some songs I’ve forgotten about, Enter Sandman and Bombs Over Bagdad were the most recent additions. I’ve really enjoyed some new Fall Out Boy songs lately though – Phoenix and Centuries are good ones.

  7. i have so many “old” songs that throw me back to college or my early 20s that i still get so excited to hear when they pop up! the ol’ Anberlin/Taking Back Sunday/Mae days…so good. hmm i’m currently really into a variety of stuff that i’ve been finding on Spotify, so my running playlist is quite varied and i’m loving that!

    1. I love Anberlin and Taking Back Sunday! I saw Taking Back Sunday in concert a few years back. So fun. I really need to get into Spotify, that’s one app I have not used too much of!

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