Weekly Update: 5/18 to 5/24

My run mileage has been going up and I had a solid month of increasing everything – swim, bike, run – so I cut back on my swim and bike miles this week. I could feel the bike mileage catching up with me by Thursday, and my right calf started feeling a little weird on Saturday. My coach doesn’t really give me bike workouts – I add those in myself because I find they help increase my endurance and make me stronger when running hills. I hadn’t had an easier week in quite awhile and I know I have about two more weeks of peak run training before the taper begins, so I dropped a bike and a swim workout this week.

Monday2600 Meter Swim + Strength/Core/PT/Stretching
Not much going on here – just an easy swim and some lifting to recover from the weekend workouts.

TuesdayYoga/Core + 11 General Aerobic Run
My morning yoga practice felt great, but I’m going to start naming Tuesdays “Terrible Tuesdays” because my Tuesday run has sucked every single week for the past three weeks. My coach wanted me to do 10 miles with negative splits. Ha. I called my splits that day “survival” splits. It was humid and awful out. Moving on…

Wednesday 10 miles w/Hill Sprints and Tempo + Yoga/Core
Ahhhhh MUCH better! Tuesdays might suck lately, but I feel like a new person on Wednesday. My legs should have sucked even more since I did the longish run the day before. I was supposed to warm up for 2 miles, do 6×2 minute hill sprints with jog recoveries (about 2 miles), followed by 2 miles @ 7:30-7:45, and a 2 mile cooldown. Should have been around 8 miles. What I really did:

  • 2 mile warm up
  • 3 miles of hill sprints. I was just sprinting for 2 minutes and I kept trying to fit in more distance on each sprint. It was fun!
  • Two tempo miles @ 6:59, 7:08 🙂
  • Cooldown, 3 miles
  • Total miles, 10. Oops!

Instead of the terrible hot weather that we’ve been having, it was 64 and breezy. Gorgeous. I made my way down the cinder trail to cool down from the hill sprints and wanted to keep going. I turned off on the road instead of running back on the trail because I knew it was a little longer and would add about a mile. I couldn’t help it!

I started the run with my form drills and ended with my MYRTLs. When I got home, I popped dinner in the oven (had it all ready to go!) and unrolled my yoga mat while it cooked and did about an hour of yoga and foam rolled. Felt amazing to stretch out.

Thursday 7 Mile Recovery Run + 16 mile Ride + Kickball Tournament
I was so confused yesterday when my legs felt decent on my run. I fully expected to have dead legs and just feel like crap in general. Well, that came on Thursday instead. I did an easy paced (though it felt anything but easy!) seven mile run before work. My legs didn’t hurt – nothing concerning – they just felt like I was running through mud! Yup, my peak marathon training weeks are here!

After work, I was playing in a kickball tournament but wasn’t playing until 5:00. I help out with a club at the school, DECA (it’s basically a business/marketing club) and the kids were holding a tournament. The teachers that chaperone the events put together a team (we were called the Old Farts, haha!) and played. Our day is over at 2:30, and most of the other teachers were going home to grab their kids or run errands. I strapped my bike on the back of my car to squeeze in a quick ride before the game. It was cool, cloudy and a bit windy…one of my friends was coming out of the school and nearly fell over laughing at my cliche biking attire:

We got completely destroyed by the kids playing kickball, but here we are ready to play (totally got photobombed!):


imageThey picked me to be the first batter because I run, so they expected me to get on base. However, they completely underestimated my lack of team sports skills. Yep, give me a pair of running sneakers, a bike, or a bathing suit and I can hold my own. Tell me to play a sport where I have to score points or goals and I’m screwed. Just as I expected, I suck at kickball! I got to kick twice and didn’t get on base either time – I had these girly kicks that flew in the air that the kids caught. We got destroyed – it was something like 7-1, ha! So fun. Great group of kids!

I woke up and was supposed to swim, but I stayed in bed and thought I’d go after work. After kickball on Thursday, I ended up going out for dinner with my husband and I got in pretty late. I went to work, and I had to sit and listen to graduation projects all day long. The kids that are in their junior year have to do a project on a variety of topics (career research, job shadowing, cultural studies, etc) and present. The teaching staff are put in teams and listen to a bunch of the projects and pass or fail them. Most of them try to bribe us with food so we pass them (and honestly, it often works). So Fridays are already always my “cheat” day anyway, so that worked well.

By the end of the day, I was really feeling exhausted and completely run down. I realized that it was exactly one month since I actually had a rest day. I took two days off after Boston, and resumed and haven’t had one day off since. I also knew I had a long run on the schedule for super early in the morning. I was scheduled to meet my group at 6:30 am. If I worked out, I’d have less than 12 hours of recovery in between workouts which is not ideal before a long, difficult run.  I couldn’t tell if I was being lazy or if I really did need a rest, so I asked my coach his thoughts. He told me to rest and nap – don’t have to tell me twice! I spent a glorious night on the couch eating pizza and sleeping. It was wonderful and much needed.

Saturday20 mile Run + 21 Mile Ride + Stretching/Core
I got out of bed and everything still felt “eh”. I slept as long as I possibly could, got up and ate my bagel/almond butter, coffee and GU brew. My friends like to meet early, and while I like to run early, 6:30 on a Saturday is rough. On the other hand, I never mind the early mornings at the end of the run, because it’s still early and the hardest part of my weekend is over. So we began our run…and I felt awesome. After the shitty run on Tuesday and the dead legs on Thursday, I needed to feel awesome. We averaged a 7:26 pace for 20 miles, and I was the one pushing the pace! I haven’t felt that good on a long run in months. I probably won’t feel that good on a long run for another few months…but man, it was great.

I did my form drills, MYRTLs, and core when I got home. After some lunch and some chores around my house, I headed out on my bike. It was an absolutely gorgeous day but I wasn’t sure I felt like riding – until I got out. I had intentions on doing my normal 16 mile route but did an extra loop to make it a little longer! I ended up with 21 miles. My pace was pretty slow because I was just kind of cruising and spinning my legs out. My right calf felt a little weird on my bike so I hit up my foam roller when I got home.

Sunday9 Mile Recovery Run + Stretching/Core
I headed back up to the Trexler Game Preserve for another Sunday trail run! I made a wrong turn and added a little distance, but I was surprised how my legs actually felt decent at all. I ran with Jo, one of the girls that runs cross country and track at the school where I teach. She’s a junior and a badass runner – was running 5Ks in the 18s by the end of the cross country season, and just finished up with track. I was so excited to show her the game preserve because I feel like she’s going to be into trail running someday. Just as I thought, she loved it there. We had a great run. I skipped my long bike and did some stretching, foam rolling and core. My right calf still felt tweaky when I ran. Not bad, just a pinchy feeling. I strained my calf last summer so I know what a calf strain feels like and this doesn’t feel like that. I just know it was aggravated when I biked on Saturday, so I thought I should cool it with the bike miles. It was a shame because it was a really beautiful day outside. So to enjoy the weather, I stretched and foam rolled poolside, and since the water was freezing I soaked my legs in it!



We have an old farmhouse that was built in 1890, complete with our own barn. The whole ordeal (barn, house, etc) needs work and we’ve been restoring it for the past three years. We haven’t started any work on the barn since we’ve been focusing on the house, but it makes a great backdrop for the pool!

Swim: 2600 meters ♥ Bike:  36 miles ♥  Run: 57 miles

It was a good week volume wise, and just an okay week based on how I felt. I’m concerned about my calf, but I am going to stay positive and keep just keep my eye on it. Two more tough weeks, then TAPER TIME!

How was your week/weekend? Any fun training runs or races?


23 Replies to “Weekly Update: 5/18 to 5/24”

  1. Ohhhh kick ball was my jam in elementary school Allison haha! 🙂 and I still love it … The sport that will never die lol

  2. AH-MAZ-ING week!!! Nicely done and that is so cool that you got to play in a kickball tourney. I don’t think I’ve played kickball since like 8th grade and it was always my favorite! You are incredible and I can’t wait to watch you kill that marathon. 🙂

  3. You absolutely killed it. If I even attempted the week you just had I would be sleeping for YEARS. And eating all the things. I am so excited for you. Taper will feel amazing!!! Hope you have a great week : )

  4. This holiday weekend totally threw me off and I’m STILL trying to catch up with everyone’s updates! I love that picture of you on the bike! So awesome!
    I’m glad you had a wonderful 20-miler too. Looks like we’re both headed in a good direction for our marathon. (I really hope the weather cooperates for it and it’s not hot and humid!) Hope your calf has been better this week!

    1. OMG it’s Thursday and I feel like I am still trying to catch my breath from the weekend! Fingers crossed, I didn’t do a long bike ride on Sunday and that seems to have helped! I did my track workout last night (8×1 mile repeats…I think my coach was drunk when he wrote that workout or something) and it didn’t act up! I am PRAYING for good weather but if it isn’t, at least we have been busting our asses in this nasty stuff so we should be prepared…I hope…!!!

      1. 8 x 1 mile repeats?!?! That’s crazy talk!! I think the most I’ve ever done is 4 maybe 5…can’t remember exactly. I’m planning on doing mile repeats next week though and I’m hoping to do 5. If I went for 8, I’d have to slow them down to make it through alive!

      2. I wanted to cry – I was so tired before I even started because I went after work. By the 6th one, it started torrential downpours and thundering. I was so not stopping after going that far. In all fairness, he wasn’t having me do them at 5K pace – it was more like 10K pace. So it wasn’t completely unreasonable but my legs were beat from an 11 miler the day before, it was a million degrees and humid – so sunny when I began and the clouds rolled in fast before the rain hit. But my calf held up…so we’ll see! Good luck with your repeats!! Do 5 – you can do it!!!!!!

      3. Yup, I’m planning on Wednesday next week so we’ll see! My legs have been pretty tired this week but in all fairness it’s because I’ve probably been overdoing it with the new strength class I’m taking. I get two weeks of unlimited classes so my muscles are a bit fatigued from two classes already – nothing hurts though just sore so I’m embracing it! It’s actually making hills seem easier so far 🙂

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