Weekly Update: 5/4-5/10

imageHaha. Happy Monday. That was a gift from one of my fellow weekend running buddies. Totally appropriate for my weekly update post! Overall, it was a pretty good week. It was the first week that I added some speed back to my workouts. I had some good runs, some ugly runs, and some decent cross training sessions. I’m not going to go through my whole checklist of areas I’m trying to improve on, but I will say that I was successful in being more consistent.

  • Monday2500 Meter Swim + Strength/Core/PT/Stretching
    I only have a limited amount of time to swim in the morning, so it was impossible to fit in more than 2500 meters before I had to get ready for work. It was uneventful and felt good on my body to be in the water. After work, I headed back to the gym for a strength session. I like beginning the week with a swim and strength workout – after whatever volume I run on the weekend, it’s like taking a little breather.
  • TuesdayYoga + 6 Mile Progression Run
    It felt amazing to get up and practice yoga for about an hour! I haven’t made the time to do that in a long time. I practiced the Primary Series: I warmed up with some sun salutations, completed the standing sequence, worked through as many seated postures as I had time for, and then went to some closing postures. After work, I headed to a trail near work and warmed up with some form drills. My goal was to run six miles: two at 7:30 pace, two at 7:15 pace, two at 7:00 pace.

I was stressing about this run all day because I was so scared it was going to aggravate my Achilles. Besides Boston, I hadn’t done any faster paced running like that since…who knows when. I began running and as I suspected, it felt HARD. Starting with the first step I took, I really had to work for this one. It was hot and humid, and it felt like I couldn’t breathe. My legs felt sluggish, and I had to fight for every single mile. But I got it done: 7:23, 7:20, 7:12, 7:07, 6:54, 6:52. Overall pace was a 7:08. Before this whole Achilles thing, that run would be hard, but not as hard as it was on Tuesday. The best part? My Achilles felt totally normal – the WHOLE TIME. It was slightly tender to the touch after the run (which is completely “normal” at this point) after. Something must be helping so I was even more motivated to come home, do my MYRTL routine, abs, a 1:30 plank, foam roll and stretch.

  • Wednesday5 Mile Recovery Run + Yoga/Core
    Woke up and ran before work. Just as I suspected, my legs were deaaaddddd! Normally a speedy six miler like Tuesday’s would make them a little sore or stiff, but my legs were just really fatigued. Rough. But that’s how it goes – not every single day is going to feel good. I did my form drills before, and my MYRTLs afterwards. I got on my foam roller for a few minutes before I had to get to work.

My original plan was to bike for about an hour after work. My coach didn’t tell me to, but earlier in the week it looked like the weather would be great for it. But I left work and it was raining, and I was still feeling pretty exhausted. I decided on a nice yoga practice and some core work. It was a the right choice – I started the practice feeling fatigued and worn out, but finished feeling fresh and energized.

  • Thursday Core + 10 Mile General Aerobic Run
    I warmed up with my form drills and realized it was extremely hot out – the first day I’d be running that far in summer weather this year. My run was supposed to be five miles at 7:30, followed up by 5 miles at 7:00 pace. I know when it warms up that I often struggle with faster paced afternoon runs (the school year can’t end fast enough at this point!). Oh, the struggle was real on this one. I was lucky if I could keep the pace around an 8:00 mile and averaged 8:04 for the run – a far cry from the workout I was supposed to complete. My stomach was a mess, I felt lightheaded and dizzy and had to stop a few times because I thought I was going to pass out. The heat definitely played a factor in why this run felt so awful, and I’ll get used to it as the weeks go on. I spent all day getting ready for the run: staying off my feet when I could, eating bland foods (I had a plain sweet potato, six ounces of plain roasted chicken for lunch, and a banana for lunch) but no luck. My legs felt like lead on top of it all. After the run, I went home and sulked a little…but then I did my MYRTLs, core, foam rolling and stretching and felt a lot better.
  • Friday2500 Meter Swim + Strength/Core/PT/Stretching
    Another uneventful AM swim/pmstrength day. I was still feeling a little rough from Thursday’s 10 miler and it took me a good 1600 meters to get warmed up…and I only fit in 2500 in the time I had so more than half the swim was a bit of a struggle.
  • Saturday16 mile Run + 16 Mile Ride + Stretching/Core
    Though it wasn’t as fast as last week’s 14 miler, I was able to manage a 7:39 pace and felt very comfortable. It’s possible that I could have cranked it out a little faster but I felt good at that pace and really, all of my runs in the heat all week left me so drained that I just didn’t want to feel that way again. I met the speedy crew of Cassie, Danielle and Jon at Sand Island in Bethlehem for a good old loop around the city. I hadn’t run with that crew through Bethlehem in a long time – since well before my Achilles crap. It was such a fun run! They were running 12, I had 16 so we did a loop through the north side of the city until we reached close to 10 miles and were back at our cars. They continued on the towpath, which is a nice flat trail in between the canal and river, but I still had six miles to go and wasn’t in the mood for the out and back deal. Instead, I finished the run on the roads and crossed the bridge to do a loop in south Bethlehem.After my run, I did my MYRTLs, and some core work. I finished the day off with about an hour(ish) easy bike ride, covering about 17 miles. It felt great to spin out my legs after all that, and even better to relax on the couch and eat sushi that night!
  • Sunday8 Mile Recovery Run + 47 Mile Ride + Stretching/Core
    It was Mother’s Day and my family was coming for brunch, so I was out running super early to fit it in. I’ve never run that far the day after a long run, so I was conscious to keep the pace conservative and in my recovery zone. I ran in Lehigh Parkway, and felt surprisingly good but resisted speeding up. I felt extremely fortunate that I could run the intensity and volume that I did all weekend with out my Achilles flaring up, so I held back. I did my form drills before the run and my MYRTLs after. I saw my buddy, Bart Yasso, running that morning in the same area. He lives in the Lehigh Valley (like five minutes from my house) and he’s become a good friend over the past few years. He really gets to know the local running community and when he’s not travelling, he’s spending time with local runners. You feel a little cool and giddy when you are passing a group of runners and Yasso yells to you, “Hey Allison, I’ve been meaning to text you to get together for a bike ride soon!”Later in the day when brunch was over and everyone was gone, I headed out on my bike. My husband was actually out of town for the weekend so I didn’t have much to do at home, so I wasn’t sure how far I’d go. I was either going to do my one hour loop from Saturday with a few options to add on if I felt like I wanted to keep going. I packed a few snacks and before I knew it, I was nearing the 30 mile mark and still a good distance from home! I tried a whole bunch of new roads – some awesome, and some super challenging. It was sooo super hilly – the total ascent for my ride was 2,800 feet! Check out the crazy elevation chart:Untitled-1

Swim: 5000 meters ♥ Bike: 65 miles ♥  Run: 46 miles

I didn’t take any good pictures running this weekend, but here’s one from Sunday’s ride. It was at the top of one of the huge climbs, but it’s amazing how it looks like absolutely nothing!


How was your week/weekend? Did you run any races? Is the heat impacting you and your training?

14 Replies to “Weekly Update: 5/4-5/10”

  1. Weather effecting runs …. yeppers Allison. Temps for the next 7 days here in Florida have the highs at 89 or better with rising dew points which means higher humidity which means harder breathing which messes with your pacing … ugh!

    1. I was in Florida visiting family a few years ago and I remember running 10 miles and feeling like it was the hardest thing EVER…you are freaking incredible doing that all of the time!

  2. Wow, great week!! It is getting really hot here in NC… we are supposed to hit 90 tomorrow. I always run in the evenings after work so it’s been tough the past week or so. I’m doing a half marathon Sunday and the high is going to be 85, so I’m just considering it part of my training 🙂

  3. Great job on that Progressive run.! that sounds super intense, and I can’t even imagine in the heat. augh that would be killer. I haven’t had to deal with the heat at all yet. Today is raining actually.. lol

    1. I do soooo poorly in the afternoon heat! It was super hot on Saturday and Sunday but I could run in the early AM hours so it didn’t affect me. You are so lucky that you haven’t had to deal with it yet! I’m jealousssss!

  4. Great week of training, Allison! I’m glad your Achilles has been holding up well enough 🙂
    I could tell the heat/humidity played a factor in my long run pace this weekend, but I didn’t do too many hard runs this week and those probably would have been AWFUL. I’m still trying to research a good running spot for the 23/24 as well. Hopefully it’s not so humid 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad it’s holding up, every single time I get ready to run I get so nervous that it’s going to go back to how it was over the winter…which is why I am always going on and on about it. Ha! I’ve been thinking about that too – we will figure something out!! I think I have a 20 miler that weekend!

  5. Sounds like a solid week of training! I’ve never heard of MYRTL’s before – but I sure do a lot of them 🙂 Thanks for sharing. So glad you had “normal” pain with your Achilles – it’s sad when we are at this stage of normal pain! I’m confident we will be pain free some day!

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