Recovery Week 2: 4/27-5/3

Before this week began, I sat down with my coach and went over ideas for what I wanted to do now that Boston is over. Mostly, the races I’m planning for are in the fall. But there are a few spring/summer events pending on the schedule. Possibly a 5K in May, hopefully Grandma’s Marathon in June, an open water swim in July, and either an Olympic or 70.3 triathlon in August. Ultimately, my one major goal is to break three hours in a marathon. I know I still have a lot of work to do, and my Achilles still isn’t cooperating with me. The whole injury thing was certainly a set back, but I’m not going to abandon my goal. For someone like me, these things don’t happen overnight and require time and hard work. It might mean more set backs, and it might take me years. Just getting to where I am now took me years. I’m okay with that.

The other part of my goal is to finally be able to enjoy training throughout the summer. I’m a teacher and I’m off all summer, and last year I spent it dealing with a bum calf. I want to be able to go to the track, do tempo runs, trail runs, long bike rides and whatever else I feel like doing without aggravating whatever injury is currently plaguing me.

Since I’m considering heading to Duluth for Grandma’s, I wanted to see how I responded to some distance over the past week. I also wanted to keep most of the effort easy as I’m still in recovery mode from Boston. I had a great plan – and then ended up with this weird fever on Monday. By Tuesday night, I was completely fine, like it never happened at all. It was strange. So my week got a little messed up at first, but I got it done:

  • Monday & Tuesday – Rest. I literally slept from Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning with just a few little breaks. I felt terrible and had a 101 fever!
  • Wednesday – 6 mile recovery run,  and tried out some form drills before the run (post coming soon!), completed my MYRTL routine, 20 minutes of foam rolling/stretching, 20 minutes of abs, and a 1 minute plank. I felt pretty weak running but it was so gorgeous out that I just took my time and enjoyed the weather. I kept my pace easy, right in my recovery zone.
  • Thursday – 2,800 meter swim, running form drills, 8 mile general aerobic run, MYRTL routine, 20 minutes of foam rolling/stretching, 15 minutes of abs, and a 1:10 minute plank. I actually felt pretty terrible on my run. The workout was to warm up and cool down for a mile each, and to do 6 miles @ 7:45 in the middle. Normally, this would be fine. I got it done and was on pace, but I was SO GLAD when it was over! My Achilles ached, and it was warm out – which is great, but I think I’m still getting used to it. Oh well. They can’t all feel good, right?
  • Friday – 2,700 meter swim, running form drills, 4 mile recovery run, MYRTL routine, 20 minutes of foam rolling/stretching, 15 minutes of abs, and a 1:20 minute plank. Ended up hitting Lehigh Parkway with Emily for a nice easy run. We kept the pace comfortable and even though I was a little sore from the past few days, I felt much better than the day before.
  • Saturday – Form drills, 14 mile long run, MYRTL routine, Strength/Core at the gym, 50 minute bike ride, 40 minutes of foam rolling/stretching, 1:20 minute plank. My legs were sore before I began running, but once I warmed up I felt pretty good. I ran with two speedy friends from my area and we had a blast! It felt good to run long with a group again. I really enjoyed the solo running time I had while injured, but it was a nice change to grind out some miles with the girls! We held a pretty aggressive pace and it was much faster than my Thursday run and my Achilles felt decent. So confusing since I thought maybe the pace was what aggravated it on Thursday.
  • Sunday – Form drills, 6 mile recovery run with Brooke, MYRTL routine, 35 mile bike ride, 15 minutes of core, 1:20 minute plank. I fully expected to start running and for my Achilles to feel pretty aggravated after Saturday, but to my surprise it was no worse for the wear. Still a little achy, but not exacerbated by the run. On the bike ride, I forgot to stop my watch when I stopped to eat my snack so I only have a little idea about what kind of pace I was doing. I knew the first 16 miles were pretty hilly and that I could let it fly in the second half so I just relaxed and didn’t push until I got to the top of my final climb. I tried out a new route that took me over to a local ski resort that has some surrounding roads with notorious climbs:Untitled-1It was so worth the climbing when I got to come flying down the mountain around mile 16. I felt like I could ride forever. I almost extended the ride and made it closer to 40-45 miler, but I remembered I needed to get home and do a million things around my house. Just a few more weeks of school and then I’ll have more time to enjoy being outside! I even got a little sunburn from riding – summer is coming!

Swim: 5,500 meters ♥ Bike: 48 miles ♥  Run: 38 miles

Last week, I posted about seven areas that I wanted to begin to integrate into my training – some old habits, some new ones. Here’s how that went:

  1. Yoga: I didn’t get on my mat for a formal yoga practice but I knew that wasn’t going to be an option last week since I was playing catch up with my workouts from being sick on Monday and Tuesday. However, I did get on my mat for 15-20 minutes to stretch/foam roll and I incorporated yoga poses into that. I spent twice that amount of time on Saturday since I ran longer and pushed the pace. My goal for the current week is to complete two one hour yoga sessions where I focus on just practicing yoga.
  2. Core: Once I was back at it again, I did some form of core every single day. Whether it was something from my coach or something of my own, I did made sure to just do something.
  3. Foam Rolling – Some days I focused more on foam rolling, but I used my foam roller every day.
  4. MYRTLs – Completed after each run.
  5. Form Drills – Completed before each run. I tried something new every day and came up with a routine of my own that works for me.
  6. Diet – I cleaned things up pretty nicely and didn’t lie to my Fitness Pal app at all. I consider that a win. I have some new recipes to try this week and I’m looking forward to using my new grill.
  7. Physical Therapy – I only got to strength train once (usually I go twice each week) and I did some of my PT that day, but I’ll be focusing on incorporating this over the next week.

I was also diligent with icing, Epsom salt baths, and utilizing my night splint. I haven’t really spent time icing my Achilles so I used an ice pack each night regardless of whether it ached or not. I took Epsom salt baths several times this week, and slept with my night splint that I used when I had plantar fasciitis. It keeps the Achilles tendon in a flexed state while sleeping. I figured something has to help, and hopefully anyone going through this same thing might get some benefit from hearing my possible solutions. This didn’t happen overnight, and I went through a good period of time where I was just going to PT and that was it. I realize that I will need to work at fixing this.

Some eye candy from my running and biking adventures this week…

How was your weekend? Have any good training runs or races? How was the weather by you?

12 Replies to “Recovery Week 2: 4/27-5/3”

  1. Those are definitely some amazing views Allison!!! I definitely get you on the frustration with Achilles. The how I feel about my glute right now it’s been nagging me since December. It’s loads better I’m at about 90% now but it still is annoying enough to prevent me from my full potential. You did have a solid recovery though! Way to get after it! 🙂

  2. Your recovery weeks look like my hard core weeks! lol you’re awesome! I loooove the Epsom salt baths! And wow. Sub-3 marathon. I’m def following along on your journey and cheering you on! I’m like you, it takes my butt HARD work to get to where I want to be. Sometimes even years. Three years later I finally got my sub-4 marathon. 🙂 here’s to a fun summer!’

    1. It definitely takes me awhile to make progress but when I do, I feel like it’s so worth it!! It’s hard for me to get into ice baths sometimes because I know how good those Epsom baths can feel…they are THE BEST! And YOU are awesome too, sister!!!

  3. I don’t know how you do so much and still add more to your daily routine! That takes a lot of good time management and discipline. Hope your Achilles soreness lets up soon!

  4. Good job on your workouts.! and also good job on sticking with those habits that you wanted to improve on. Sounds like it’s already going good.!
    Very nice pictures : ) the weather here looked just like that.! it was gorgeous out

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