Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Run

Yesterday, Jess over at Flying Feet in Faith posted about five reasons why she runs – so here’s my post!! Check her blog out, she’s super speedy and fun to follow!

  1. It’s all about me. When I run, I can leave my phone at home and just unplug. I get to pick where, when, how far, how fast, etc. Do I want music, or do I want to just zone out? It’s all up to me. Whether I get to run for two miles or 20 miles, it’s time that I get on my own terms. It gives me time to take a breath, be a little selfish, enjoy life and being outdoors.
  2. Or, it’s all about me and my friends. I’ve made so many amazing friendships just because of this sport. Most of my closest friends are people I’ve met by showing up at races, group runs, and being part of the running community. I’ve made friends all over the country that I stay in touch with. Running introduced me to people to run with, since we all share the same passion. I’ve made friends that will travel to races with me because they have the same crazy goals. I’ve made friends to cross train with, and just hang out. I couldn’t imagine my life without these people!
  3. Oh, the places you’ll go. I love to travel – probably as much as I love to run. So when I began running, I also saw the potential to travel while accomplishing a big goal. Trying to accomplish the whole 50 state marathon goal has already taken me to places I never imagined I’d experience. Like Alaska. The places I’ve gotten to see and experience up to this point have been nothing short of incredible.
  4. A license to mow food. Also something I probably just as much as running is eating. There’s really no food that I don’t like. I particularly enjoy pizza (…in large quantities…every single Friday night…). And dessert…any dessert. Major sweet tooth here. While I do try to make good food choices, it’s nice to know that because I am consistently running I can relax a little.
  5. A lesson in life and a sense of accomplishment. Running doesn’t come easy to me. I was not that girl that could qualify for Boston on my first try. My first marathon was a 4:52:14, a far cry from my current 3:06 PR or my recent 3:14 at Boston. It took me five marathons to qualify for Boston – and even then, it was only by 11 seconds (and under the old standards, when women under 34 needed a 3:40!). I put in a lot of time and I have to work for every single second. Regardless of what I do (or don’t do), I get injured often. I’m always beginning the process of building back up (both miles and speed) time and time again. But it’s taught me not to quit, and that accomplishing your goals is worth fighting even the hardest battles for. Running has taught me about perseverance, commitment and consistency. Any PR I hit or goal I accomplish serves as a reminder that if you want something badly enough, you will move mountains to get it. I feel like all of these lessons translate over into life in general and will hopefully shape me to being a better person in general.

    Why do you run?


25 Replies to “Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Run”

  1. You are amazing and so inspiring, Allison! I love following your journey and learning from you because you’ve accomplished so much by fighting through the tough stuff. Also, knowing where you started at and how far you’ve come gives me so much hope that I can keep getting faster and faster too!!!
    I run for many of the same reasons – the sense of accomplishment, the me time, the camaraderie, the feeling of flying!…And of course the pizza addiction is REAL!! LOL

  2. I just laughed out loud at “a license to mow food”, but that could not be more truthful for me. I love to eat. 🙂
    It is absolutely amazing how much you’ve accomplished. You are a true inspiration to me!

  3. Love those reasons Allison!!! #1 is a no-brainer and your #4 … you are soooo my sista’ from another motha’ fo’ sho’ haha! 😉 Run all the miles eat all the food right lol. Your reasons are very similar to my own. The only other thing I would add to my own list is the fact that I run for those who can’t and to out run the bad family genetics I’ve been dealt … yep! Running has literally saved my life and will continue to keep me alive. 🙂

  4. Great reasons.! I love how running is all about you. I love “my time” to run also. and ooh the food. that is a major plus. Eating so many calories never feels as good as after a hard run. lol

  5. I definitely like looking and feeling fit! And I like trying to set PRs – I think I’ll be frustrated with running when I start going the other direction LOL and I love the food. There are so many good snacks out there and they all need me to eat them 🙂

  6. Thanks for the shoutout! You’re too sweet!! I LOVE LOVE your list! You mentioned things I totally forgot about. Like travel, I have traveled to all my marathons for that very reason! I’ve seen the ocean, the mountains, and the cities. Best way to explore America I think. Only 46 more states to go 😉 have a beautiful weekend girl!

    1. Of course!!! I meant to post it yesterday but the day got away from me! Marathons are absolutely the best way to explore our beautiful country! Maybe one of these days one of our races will overlap and we will get to meet while crossing states off of our lists!

  7. Love this! From a 4:52 to a 3:06, you are seriously a rock star! Ye shall be my inspiration as I try to chip away at my own marathon PR en route to a BQ!

    It’s hard for me to express why I run, because I’m not really sure I can pinpoint a definitive reason. I think because it’s an outlet for me to be competitive with myself, and it’s completely merit-based and objective unlike so many other areas of life. The winner of a race isn’t the person who has the most money, or best looks, or the one who is just more charming and well-networked – it’s the person who gets there the fastest. That simple. No matter who you are or what your background/personality is, if you put in the work you get the results. It’s so refreshing.

    1. Eeeeek soooo not a rock star but thank you!! You will get that BQ, no doubt!!! I love your reason for running. How you have to put in the work to get results. I completely agree and love that aspect!

  8. Love it! I also enjoy mowing the food too! You ran in Alaska??? I’ve been there twice but don’t talk about it much because it was too impressive and massive beautiful to describe!
    All great reasons here, I completely agree!!!! Way to go!

    1. Alaska was amazing!!! I’ve only been there once, but it was for two weeks and I ran the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage. I want to get back and do it (or another one) again! Anchorage itself was just okay – but we went to Seward and Denali while visiting the state…I would move there in heartbeat if I could!!

      1. Ooooh, I also went to Seward! I started to drive to Denali, but it was taking too long. Ha. I also did a cruise from Vancouver up through glacier bay and stops at Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway…was incredible!

      2. That sounds AMAZING! I really want to go back. So funny because I left from Vancouver, BC – I was visiting a friend that lived there and we took a flight to Anchorage from there! What an amazing place to see!

    1. It’s so much fun to do that! I try to take a few trips per year to see new places and run. I haven’t done as many destination races so far this year…but it’s only April!!

  9. Yes, yes, yes! All great reasons. With running you get what you put in. There is no hiding! For me, I love the feeling of accomplishment from completing a training schedule and running a race -> and you can do it over and over again – there is always room for growth and adventure.

  10. Mowing food? I’m there! Total pizza addict here too. One thing I love about running is that anyone can do it. When you go to a race there are people of all skills and abilities out there to accomplish the same goal. It’s such a community!

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