Recovery Week: 4/20-4/26

When I evaluate my training schedule, my week always starts on a Monday. My coach operates the same way. So it’s kind of funny to look at this past week on paper. It’s a recovery week, but it somehow includes a marathon and (SPOILER ALERT if you missed my last post!) a half-marathon. Ha! One week post Boston, and I’m happy with the way my recovery is going. I hoped that since I was past the race I would go for my first run and find myself completely free of Achilles pain. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case but I am noticing aN improvement. If I’m feeling improvement after running a freaking marathon, then I’d say I am on the right track. I am finding that I can run easy miles without trouble, but I’m hesitant to add any speed. I shouldn’t be adding speed work anyway – the marathon was only a week ago.

Since the marathon was last Monday, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday resting.  I usually make an effort to get to the pool or on my yoga mat post marathon. I drove home after the marathon on Monday and got home late. I was completely beat. In reflecting on the day, I was up at 4am on Monday and basically spent almost 12 hours in race mode. Up at 4, at the T by 5:30, board the bus to Hopkinton, race, and travel back to my aunt’s in Brookline. By that time it was about 4 p.m. We got on the road by 5 p.m, and I was the driver. Back in our neck of the woods, I dropped my friend Ashley at her house and then finally went home. It was after 11 p.m. I took the next day off of work and spent my day sleeping and recovering. it was much needed!

As the week progressed, my coach gave me a loose plan of some workouts but we both agree that when you are recovering from a race, you just kind of have to do what you feel like doing. You spend your whole training cycle fitting in runs, cross training, strength training, stretching (in my case, also in physical therapy) and preparing for race day. Usually, I don’t turn my life completely upside down for it, but I did this time around. That always seems to happen when I’m trying to train for a marathon with an injury.

So, here’s what my week looked like:

Monday: We already covered this 🙂

imageTuesday – Rest. I slept, went for a massage, and made sure to replenish all of the calories (and probably a few extra) that I burned the day before. Walking around, I didn’t feel sore. In my massage, I noticed my quads and my right calf were the tightest areas. I went to watch our school’s track meet because I run with a few of the girls and I have a good rapport with most of the runners on the team (go figure). It was so much fun! The two girls I run with regularly ran the 4×800 and the 3200. They did well in the 4×8 but didn’t win – but in the two mile, they took 1st and 2nd.

imageWednesday – Rest. I went back to work. Many of the kids asked me about Boston, and their was a big drawing on my board from the kids tracking me with my time. It was really sweet and I was so touched! I mentioned at school on Friday to all of my classes that I would be out on Monday and I told them why, but I didn’t realize how many of them actually listened to me! Throughout the day as my classes changed and kids walked in most of them were excited to ask how it went. So sweet.

It was such a good day, and I felt pretty good and even considered doing something after work, but my couch won. I feel like I don’t get to do that too often so I just went with it.

imageThursday – An easy swim and a recovery run, and some core work. Felt great to get in the pool in the morning and get moving, and running after work actually felt sort of awesome. The trail I run on has a slight downhill grade on the way out and is a little uphill on the way back, so I actually felt like nothing had happened on the way out. The little uphill grade kicked my butt a little on the way back, ha! Interestingly enough, my Achilles felt great on the way out but somewhat achy on the way back. Still, it was better than it’s been so hopefully it will keep improving. I wasn’t so into the core work so I kind of just half-assed it – I’ll get back to it next week. I like being unstructured for a week. Thursday was also the day I did my little celebrity bartender gig for a local charity. Fun times!

Friday – I met with my coach after school to discuss Boston and the upcoming races on my schedule. I’m technically not signed up for anything, but I have a few ideas of what I want to do next. I kind of want to see how my Achilles responds to my recovery before I spend money on anything. I got asked to pace a half marathon for Sunday, and I agreed because the pace group was 1:50. The 1:40 pacer wanted me to switch with him and I considered it, but I don’t want to aggravate my Achilles AND Boston was less than a week ago so I decided to stick with 1:50. After meeting with my coach, I headed to Lehigh Parkway to run the hilly part of the course and see how my legs felt holding the pace necessary to accomplish a 1:50 finish time. It felt great!

imageSaturday – I got invited to go to our local news studio to talk about running in Boston! I didn’t realize I’d be the only runner there. The guy said it was my 3rd Boston and a PR, but in reality it was my 5th Boston and just a PR for that course – I was about 8 minutes off my marathon PR! I had no idea what I agreed to when I got asked to do this and thought I’d be among other marathoners so I felt a little weird. Being in the studio was really exciting! At any rate, here it is (I tried embedding the video into my blog but not sure how well it worked out!):

After my 15 minutes of “fame” (LOL I felt sooooo awkward!) I headed out on my bike for an “easy” bike ride that turned out to be anything BUT easy! Emily and I rode 30 miles, which is usually not a problem. But I haven’t been out on my bike much this year, and the route was SO hilly! The first 10 miles of the ride were crazy climbs. I can usually keep up enough to ride side by side when it’s safe or to at least sit on her back tire but I was definitely not in the kind of cycling shape I thought I was. It was ROUGH and I was a little concerned about my Sunday pacing duties after that.

imageSunday – Ended up feeling great and successfully paced the 1:50 pace group at the St. Luke’s Half Marathon. I held an even 8:20 pace for every mile until the hills in the parkway, when I slowed to goal pace (8:24). It’s hard to keep an even pace in the parkway not because of the hills – because of the amount of people running on a small cinder path. This year seemed more crowded than ever. I held goal pace through the finish and crossed the finish line in 1:49:45! My job was to be in the neighborhood of 30 seconds under. Success! It was awesome to pace that race. I’ll post more on that soon!

How was your week? Are you recovering from any races? Did you race over the weekend? How did it go?


11 Replies to “Recovery Week: 4/20-4/26”

  1. That’s one amazing week Allison! Sounds like you’ve got some awesome students that know how cool it is to track a fast runnah on marathon Monday 🙂 so awesome to see us both coming to the end of injuries!

  2. a week after Boston.?! and pacing a half marathon, that is so awesome.! you’re a beast.
    and so cool about being on the news.! (clearly the anchor wasn’t a runner though, come on how many times you run Boston, and Pr’ing is a big deal :p )
    I’m not recovering and didn’t race recently, so my week was just another training and work week.

  3. Omg, longest Marathon Monday ever! I drove home after my last marathon, but I was only 20 minutes from my house. I can’t imagine being on the go for hours afterwards.
    I’m loving this “do whatever I feel like phase” right now. It’s so relaxing not only physically but mentally, to k

  4. Looks like we both have a habit of posting before we’re done typing, lol!
    It’s mentally relaxing to not be on the go, constantly thinking about the next workout & meal, etc, etc.
    Awesome job pacing the half!

  5. Great week, Allison! I’m super glad that recovery is going so well for you. I love the fact that not only do you run your marathons and other races but then you give back by doing such a superb pacing job! I’d love to do that one day but I need a little more consistency first 😉

    1. OMG, you could so be a pacer. The trick is that you choose paces that you are certain you can run, even on a bad day! You would make a great pacer! I had trouble getting involved with it at first – I tried reaching out to get a spot for the race I paced last winter and they had plenty of people. But they passed my name on to another race director, and that’s how I got to do it! Once you get a time slot at a race, most people don’t want to give it up. Email the race directors of races semi-local to you and they would keep you in mind – you never know who needs help and it is SO much fun!!!

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